Monday, December 8, 2014

The Cougars' Tales - Sam Goes Down for Donna

There were two certainties about stepping in the ring with Donna.
One: You are getting knocked out. No guy whoever fought Donna didn't need to be carried out after the ten count.
Two: You were getting laid. Donna only boxed men, usually the ones she wanted to fuck. Putting the male opponenet she craved on the canvas was just emphatic foreplay for Donna.
On the day of her forty-third birthday, she decided to give herself a present and picked Sam from the few men at the Amazonia Boxing Club she had not had sex with. Besides being handsome and good-natured, he was the type she liked to beat on.
Sam accpeted with no hesitation, as Donna figured he would. He was known to have nailed a string of the twenty-something gym bunnies that crowded the Amazonia, but it was obvious that the recent college graduate was a cub in search of his Mama Cougar.
They were the best, Donna believed.

Though her body was in fighting trim and her tits round and firm, Donna wore her gold, one piece bathing suit for the match. Other suits flattered her figure much more, but this one highlighted her considerable sluty vibe. Sam picked up on it immediately after climbing between the ropes for their "knockouts only" bout.
"Come on, boy, you might do it!" Donna taunted after the automatic buzzer sounded.
"No man has ever koed you!"
"That's right!"
Donna began swinging at her intended, with Sam falling in right after her. She kept in close, taking whatever punches of his that connected, some of which stung.
You just want to fight your mama, thought Donna as she slammed a punch to each side of Sam's skull.
The ring flipped upside down and Sam traveled with it. Through the complete chaos in his central nervous system, Sam felt a third punch explode in his belly. Then he was falling and felt nothing.

When Sam opened his eyes again, Donna was seated by his side, just taking her eyes away from the moster erection in his trunks to greet the reviving fighter.
"You were nighty-night for awhile there!"
Donna kissed her semi conscious victim and slowly pulled down his trunks. Still wearing her boxing gloves, Donna clasped Sam's cock and rubbed it against her face, smiling when the tip touched her lips. A wave of pleasure rippled through the prone fighter.
"I like it, Sam," Donna chirped and kissed the top of the penis. Letting it slip, Donna leaned in Sam's face, right fist raised. "I like it a lot. We're going to be good friends! But first things first...."
Sam watched as the fist went back and sail at him. There was a loud "THWAP!" and Sam felt sleep cover him like a warm blanket.

Donna was seated on a wooden stool in her corner, naked, right leg crossed on the left. Her still gloved fists rested on the middle ropes of the turn buckle she rested against. Sam was already standing up, waking from his second knock out five minutes earlier. His eyes were wide and vision cleared abruptly when he saw Donna seated regally.
Donna took her leg down, revealing her perfect, brown haired pussy. A boxing glove slipped from the ropes and came to rest on her flat stomach.
Sam was on his feet, swiftly put his face into Donna's pubic hair, his tongue beginning to stimulate her clit. Donna pushed the back of Sam's head with her both her gloves and began, between moans, tell Sam how good he was doing.
For the next hour, the couple fucked against the ropes and turn buckles. Sam never faltered, giving his lover every orgasm she needed.
After she came the last time, Donna smiled predatorily at Sam.
"Let's go back to my place, okay?"
"Yes!" Sam was able to mumble, nearly out of breath.
Two bare knuckled fists hit Sam on the jaw. The young man went stiff for a moment, then slowly swayed, sideways, eyes closing and a smile forming on his lips. Donna caught him across her right shoulder and carried Sam out to her car.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Desiree: A Love Story

Manic energy radiated from Desiree, especially from her bright, liquid brown eyes. She had what I call "IT" and what other guys at the Amazonia Boxing Club termed "The Crazies."
You could say she was skinny girl, but training had built up her arms, legs and hips, increasing and not diminishing her femininity. As we discussed the knock outs only match she challenged me to, her eyes held me. Desiree looked at you as if she were deciding whether to fuck you or knock you out. I couldn't say if Desiree was sure herself.
I accepted, but with hesitation. Everyone told me Desiree and her husband, Peter, were happy together and with their two small daughters.  Desiree also kept multiple female lovers in short term relationships, a fact that did not upset Peter in the least.
"Why ruin all that?" Emma the Ref asked me. "They've been a couple for nearly ten years, like each other's missing pieces."
"How would fighting me ruin anything?"
"Desiree stopped boxing men after Peter and her met."
I found out later that Desiree had scheduled our match for a weekend Peter and the children would be out of town.

"I fought this guy, one time," Desiree told me, talking over Emma the Ref' reciting the fight rules. "He was like you, really good looking. In the fourth round...POW!"
Desiree smacked her gloves together. "I knocked him spark out!"
"Not surprised to hear that!" said Emma, looking askance at her friend. "You two ready?"
"Sure am!" Desiree declared.
"Yeah!" I said.
I started slowly, just moving along with Desiree, figuring it was best to let the shorter fighter be the aggressor.
"Come on, hit me! You're dying to!" Desiree shouted, her eyes burning into me. "Now! Do it! You wan..."
The punch put Desiree on her back, motionless, eyes closed. For a long moment, Emma the Ref and I stared at the girl on the canvas, who finally stirred and groaned. Desiree sat up, tenderly caressing the spot on her jaw where my fist had impacted. Words began to slip from Desiree's mouth.
"Oooff...that... do like me..."
Emma the Ref rolled her eyes and pulled Desiree up. "Dez, don't embarrass yourself!"
"What?" Desiree asked, with sudden sharpness. "He doesn't...?"
I interrupted. "Maybe she should sit down a bit before we start again?"
"No, I can...."
Desiree went jelly-legged when she leaned against Emma. "No, not yet, you can't!"
I watched Emma guide Desiree back to her folding chair, wondering at the chances of a three way. I dismissed it immediately. Emma was very attractive, but Desiree was the end game.

Desiree came out strong and moved fast, trying to be a moving target too mobile to pin down. I waited, taking my punches like a gentleman, counter punching hard at her midsection to wear her down.
After three rounds, Desiree was looking spent. Weariness clouded her eyes. When she fired an over hand right at my head, I ducked in close and slugged Desiree on the chin. She landed on the ropes, which cradled my opponent long enough for me to close in.
With her arms dangling by her side, Desiree;'s body was wide open. I smiled at her flat, smooth belly and pounded home a harsh left-right combo, that forced out what little air Desiree had been able to breath in. I caught her as she dropped to her knees, propping Desiree on the ropes.
I held my right fist in her face. "You see it, girl? This is the glove that's going to knock you straight out!"
Desiree made a slow nod.
"Kiss it!"
Tilting her head slightly, Desiree pressed her lips to the leather of my glove. Her lips then parted with an audible "SMACK."
"I..need.." she began to whisper.
The right upper cut detonated on Desiree's jaw. In a slow, graceful movement, Desiree's head jerked back and her limbs turned to water. She flopped on the canvas.

You'd think after the way I belted her off to Dreamland, Desiree wouldn't speak to me.
Emma and I carried the completely limp girl boxer to the recovery room. She was out cold for ten minutes. After she came to, Desiree grinned at me like a hunch she had was confirmed.

That night, Desiree and I fucked for hours in a hotel room.
The next morning we ate the breakfast I cobbled together from the lobby and Desiree handed me the single boxing glove she had brought along.
"This was a great weekend, thank you." She gave me a long, affectionate kiss as we stood by the bed. Desiree wore nothing but red silk panties. "One more time before you go?"
When Desiree pulled the glove over my right hand, I looked at her visibly perplexed.
"Peter would never and never will hit me. That's why I love him and had his children." Desiree kissed me again. "But part of me needs to a man who...makes me horny..."
I held up my hand, stopping Desiree's explanation. I saw that I was not Peter or one of her girlfriends or whatever random male she may have been with in the past.
I cocked my glove below my waist as far as it would go.
"Good night, pretty one!"
Desiree lifted off her feet and landed on the bed, senseless.
As I pulled off the glove, I saw inscribed on the palm "Property of Peter DeWalt. Merry Christmas!"
I placed Desiree's feet on the bed and pulled the covers over her. After I slipped two pillows under her head, I kissed Desiree good bye and closed the door quietly behind me.

Monday, November 10, 2014

The Cougars' Tales - Nephele the Villianess

The black jack hit Cat Girl precisely at the base of the skull. The cowl absorbed much, but not all, of the force of the blow. Tendrils of pain reached into her brain and turned off the lights.
Super criminal Nephele stood over her victim, admiring how efficiently she had KOed the young crime fighter.
"So stupid, little one, so stupid!" she whispered.
These good girls are so worked up to demonstrate what they can do, Nephele thought, dragging the inert member of Justice Force into the next room and tossing her on the couch. Cat Girl landed against her partner, Scarlet Vixen, head resting on Vixen's shoulder. Nephele secured Cat Girl's wrists and ankles with plastic security strips, as she had done ten minutes before to Scarlet Vixen. The two looked so cute next to each other, exploring Dreamland, that Nephele took digital pictures of the pair. When she returned to her lair, she would post the images at the Bad Girls website, under the tab "Good Girls Out Cold and Dreaming." She gave both super heroines a kiss.

Nephele knew there were two more Justice Force agents in her hideout. Four operatives were always sent on arrest missions: two for the collar and two for backup. And the second pair had to join their associates in La La Land.
Nephele began her career at 19 as an apprentice house breaker and, over the next twenty-eight years, rose to an executive position in the Sisterhood of Evil crime syndicate, until it was smashed by Justice Force. She had renewed success in her old profession of cat burglar, but was now looking to retire with her accumulated wealth, to a far away country.
Now Justice Force was gumming up the works by trying to bring her in.
Well, Nephele decided, spotting Justice Force agent Night Ghost down the hall, at least Justice Force made a point of fielding only earnest, strong minded, and astoundingly careless agents, complete with glass jaws.
"I can't raise either of them!" she heard Night Ghost murmur into her wrist communicator. Nephelle was standing right behind her. "I know something has happened!"
Night Ghost turned sharply when her shoulder was tapped. "Cat Girl!? Where have..."
Nephele concentrated as much spite as she could muster into the right hook to Night Ghost's chin.
Behind her mask, Night Ghost's eyes crossed and went to the hard floor, spark out.
A voice cried urgently from the wrist communicator. "Night Ghost! What was that? Are you okay, sweetheart?!"
Sweetheart? wondered Nephele. It was a male voice and Nephele liked the way it sounded.

"Justice Force is letting the eye candy out on missions!"
The handsome young man turned swiftly in response to Nephele's remark.
"In the flesh!"
"What have you done with Night Ghost and the other girls?"
"No permanent damage. They're all taking a nap." Nephele walked up to the young man and pulled him into a deeply sexual kiss. "What's your name, boy?"
"Of course. Which one of the sleeping beauties are you tapping?"
"Tapping?" Brad answered, befuddled and aroused. "Oh, yeah...Night Ghost..."
"Impressive! Our intelligence on Night Ghost said she liked sea food."
", she wanted to try men..."
"So she got a practice model." Nephele clinched her right fist behind her back.
"Let me guess. Things didn't work out with Lady Puma, so Night Ghost went looking for something different?"
"She loves me!"
"You bet! One last question before I knock you out: Brad, do you get a stiffy thinking of older women?"
Nephele interrupted Brad's reply with another kiss. "Yes, you do!"
The upper cut put Brad out on his feet. Looking her victim over, his eyes glassed and jaw hanging slack, Nephele decided she didn't want to go into retirement alone.

Nephele had measured the force of the punch precisely, hitting Brad just hard enough to leave him unconscious for an hour, just long enough to transport him to her default safe house. He started coming around very soon after she dumped him on her bed and began removing his cloths.
"Where am I?"
"In my bedroom...your dreams have all come true!"
"Where's Night Ghost and Scarlet...."
"When I left, they were all resting comfortably. By now, they're in a hospital."
Brad's vision cleared. "Whoa!"
Nephele sat on the bed at his side, completely naked. She was guiding his hand over her firm, white thighs and soft, black haired pussy. "You lost the first round by a knockout. How many rounds do you have left?"

Brad made it round 20, Nephele scored the second knockout. While her exhausted lover dreamed of her, Nephele made breakfast and completed her travel arrangements. She decided Brad was coming with her, even if she had to conk him on the head and smuggle him out in steamer trunk. But after last night, she doubted there would be any problems.
Nephele was in love.
"But I'm in love with Night Ghost and she loves me!"
This tiresome formality, Nephele thought, putting a cigarette to her lips.
"You fucked me like a champ last night, ever have that with Little Miss Can't Decide?"
Brad knew she was right. Nephele had rocked his world and he wanted more.
"I owe her..."
"Nothing!" Nephele said, igniting the cigarette and blowing pink smoke in Brad's face. The smell was light and sweet and Brad was unable to stop himself from breathing it in. Suddenly he felt heavy. Nephelle took him in a long kiss. "That's your kiss good night, Brad. We're going on a trip, you and I!'
"A nice country in South America with lots of sun, warm weather and no extradition treaties."
Another cloud of smoke collided with Brad.
Everything slowed down for the young man. He wanted to get up, but all Brad did was look dreamily at Nephele's face and melon sized tits. There was a strong desire from the base of his being to kiss Nephele's pussy, to show her how much he loved her and wanted her.
Brad's eyes drooped down steadily until the shut. Brad was out cold and on his way to a whole new life.     

Friday, October 10, 2014

The Cougars' Tales Part 1

I lasted four rounds with Donna and then I was knocked out for the count. And more.
For the record, I admit that she's a better boxer than I am. Also, I get major wood for women her age, in their forties and Donna is forty-seven. She had twenty years on me! The way she looked at me from across the ring, like she was figuring how she could knock me out cold and still have me physically able to service her later, fascinated me. And I wanted to be able to hit that when I came around, also.
Donna had the look I loved in older women: the maternal blended with the whorish. Watching Donna throwing rapid punches in the air from her corner, aimed at me, I knew I was going down.
And I did just that.
Donna began pounding me during round two and I absorbed it, because I wanted as much physical closeness to Donna as I could get. Donna was serious about punishing me with her fists. I barely made it back to my corner when the automatic buzzer sounded. When it screamed again, I walked directly into a round house. I really didn't see or feel much. Donna's arm swung out like lightening, followed by an explosion of lights and blackness.
I was gone in Dreamland, so aroused and horny for Donna because she knocked me out, that I had a vivid erotic dream.
I was standing in one corner of a boxing ring as, one by one, a group of women, white, black, Asian and Latina, all of them leggy and big breasted, climbed through the ropes. Except for the boxing gloves covering their fists, all the women were naked. They wanted to take me on.
But this wasn't boxing, this was a fuck fight. I banged each one against the turnbuckle, until they had a screaming orgasm.
They thought they could take me, but I loved every woman I embraced to exhaustion.After coitus, they'd tenderly kiss me and whisper sweet nothings or fondle my prick appreciatively until they drifted off to sleep in my arms. I'd carry the women to the other side of the ring, sitting them in a row against the ropes, all of them smiling in their slumber.
Then Donna stepped into the ring. Naked, like the others, except for the red boxing gloves, she moved on me like a pantheress closing in on her prey.
"You may have fucked the sleeping beauties stupid," Donna whispered. "But I'm going to own you tonight!"
I couldn't speak as she pressed me into the turnbuckle with her left glove and cradled my erection with the other, guiding it to her vagina. We began to fuck immediately, this powerful and beautiful amazon and I!
After the devastating orgasm, I slumped against Donna's bare chest. "Who owns your ass?" Donna demanded in my ear.
"Donna." I answered, beginning to kiss her breasts.
"That's right! Say 'Night-night!' "
Donna's punch put me out where I stood. I swayed on my feet and then gently fell across Donna's shoulder. She carried me from the ring like I was a rag doll.
I snapped back to reality sitting in my corner, Donna was waving smelling salts under my nose. As I organized my scattered senses, Donna gently clasped my erection.
"Wow!" she declared. "A lot of guys I've knocked out have popped a circus tent, but not like this! Is that made of titanium?"
I made out with Donna for five minutes, before she told me. "No, just can't let that go to waste! Good night, honey!"
Just like the dream made real, I dropped across Donna's shoulder and went out for the night.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Cruel Summer

The late August sun flooded through the windows of the Amazonia Boxing Club, where Adrienne worked out. Most of the membership had left town on vacation, leaving behind people like Adrienne, who was on call as an emergency room doctor. Being independent in nature, the situation didn't bother Adrienne, who enjoyed the solitude, the heat and working the heavy bag.
At the beginning of the month, she had begun a fling with Rex, another exile at the Amazonia. They had had two sparring matches. Adrienne was always aroused by a skilled male fighter who hit hard, so she quickly angled Rex into bed. Adrienne wasn't in love, but she liked Rex a lot. He was single, like her, a very satisfying fuck and liked the same movies, bars and restaurants as she did.  He was nice to be around.
When the compulsion to knock her lover out swept over her one afternoon, Adrienne couldn't explain to herself. In the spare moments she had at Lincoln ICU, Adrienne daydreamed about how she could do it. Quickly, she decided a punch, preferably gloved up in the ring, would be the way. Adrienne knew she was experienced and strong enough to make KO happen and figured how to make the punch look accidental. In previous matches at the Amazonia, she made men sleep on the canvas. Recovery time from Adrienne's KOs took some time, one victim was two weeks healing. That kind of condition didn't leave a man horny for sex with the woman who hospitalized him.
Res might not want to fuck after I lay him out for the count, she thought and became very nervous.
But the desire kept nagging Adrienne. Maybe, Adrienne thought, I could just tell Rex what I want?
"Rex, I want to ask you something."
Rex was face down on Adrienne's flat, toned mid section, kissing his way slowly to the valley of her breasts. They were both enjoying the after glow of orgasm.
"Can I knock you out?"
Rex let out a laugh. "What? You want to fuck in a boxing ring now?"
"NO. I mean in a boxing match. You know...hit you so hard you go out cold..."
"Why do you want to do that?"
"I don't know..I just want to, really bad!"
Rex looked up from kissing her right nipple. "You want to end this, Adrienne?"
"No!" She sat up excited. "No! It would make the sex better...I just want to conquer you...honey....!"
"Just so we're clear...we get in the ring for a real match and you put me out and when I get out of the hospital, we go back to what we have?"
The tone of certainty in Adrienne's voice reminded Rex of what a friend had told him in college, "Give a woman cock and they go crazy! They just go completely nuts!" The last time he checked, a year ago, his friend was still married to the woman he was talking about.
Rex agreed.

They  reserved a private ring at the Amazonia just before Labor Day.
Instead of her regular shorts, Adrienne was wearing white and blue foxy boxing trunks. Rex was amazed how the change of outfit altered Adrienne. Damn, she looks like a slut!, Rex told himself.
"Hey," he asked her as they stood in the ring. "What if I knock you out?"
"It'll be okay. I expect you to try."
Yep, completely nuts, Rex thought. They both touched gloves.
The barely controlled craving to batter her lover senseless made Adrienne want to deliver the knockout as soon as she could. in previous mixed matches, she flattened her opponents with no warning. So Adrienne kept after Rex, working to corral him in a corner or against the ropes. When Adrienne fixed him in place, she began taunting him with increasing excitement.
"Let's see what kind you are!" she shouted. "The kind that needs to lose!"
Exhaustion made Rex's limbs heavy. He searched for an escape, but the was trapped.
A soaring right went through his arms, colliding with his chin. When Adrienne saw his eyes roll in their sockets, she knew the fight was over and Rex had gone to dreamland.
The warrioress staggered back, watching Rex go lifeless and spin heavily to the canvas. A sharp orgasm shattered her being and she fell on the ropes, glaring at the fallen boxer.
For a minute, her legs were wobbly and she swallowed air in large, loud gulps. Between breaths, she told Rex that he was "Fucking knocked out!"
With slow steps like a drunk, singing "Cruel Summer" by Bananarama, she went to Rex and straddled him, sitting on his chest.
Her right fist went back in the air above Rex's head.  "Thought if you just fucked me enough, I'd be yours!? Your slave!"
The force of the punch jerked Rex's skull to the left.
"Oh Rex, I love your dick! Fuck me as much as you can!" she yelled,imitating a love sick girl.
Adrienne's left fist dropped on Rex, a low moan coming from his lips. Adrienne had done enough to knock Rex out for awhile.
Pulling off her gloves, Adrienne shimmed down her lover's body and pulled away his boxing trunks. First, she rubbed his erection on the side of her mouth and then kissed it. For two minutes, Adrienne rapidly master bated the unconscious boxer until he came all over himself. Pulling his trunks back up, Adrienne dragged Rex to his corner and carefully sat him in his corner.
"Hey! Wake up!" she said, loudly, slapping his face. Rex stirred and then his eyes opened. His skull was bruised and he heard ringing, but he also felt the bliss of coitus.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

La Ninata

Britney Perez punched above her weight, so occasionally she got decked. Her nickname at the Amazonia Boxing Club was "La Ninata," because she was short and despite being 26, had retained her girlish appearance, but mostly because she was so antagonistic in the ring. Her best fights were against women her own height, Like Desiree and Desiree's girlfriend, May.
"I knocked both of those concha's out cold!" Britney told a then boyfriend and the statement was accurate. Both challengers ended their match asleep on the canvas.
Against male opponents, Britney usually held her own. She punched out a few guys who could not look away from her dusky beauty and ample tits. Most of the other mixed matches were won on points, but Will knocked Britney out cold in round five. The loss did not discourage Britney, who seduced Will a week after the fight.
The sensation of being taken by a man never happened to "La Ninata" until she encountered Marcus Apted.
Unti recently, Apted had slept with any woman he could charm the pants off of. Now he was joined romantically and professionally to Paula, his assistant in high end burglary. Paula had thrived under Apted's mentoring and was a skilled scout for wealthy targets. She was also very committed to their personal relationship. Apted would fuck another woman when Paula was out of town scouting, but these were flings. He knew he had a lucrative partnership and wasn't going to damage it.

The fight between Britney and Apted was brief, but stimulating for both participants. Britney delivered her challenge to Apted when Paula was not around, which peaked Apted's interest.
Britney hit hard and moved fast, as previous male opponents informed Apted. But he was taller ans stronger and eventually began to dominate.
At the bell for round four, they came out quickly. Britney's eyes, alive with aggression and arousal, walked into Apted's right as it arched out in a looping round house.
La Ninata only heard the explosion of leather smacking her jaw. Flashing lights obliterated everything and Britney dropped into a dreamy slumber.
Apted knew the exhilaration of watching a female boxer, limp and unconscious, loaded onto a stretcher and carried from the ring. Britney was out for an hour.

For a month after the bout, Britney felt weak in the knees when she thought of Apted. He hadn't simply put her lights out, Apted had demolished Britney. Britney remembered going out from the right not as losing consciousness, but as ecstatic surrender to Apted's masculine power. At the end of the month, Britney found herself naked and supine in Apted's bed.
The feeling Britney was consumed by could be described as "love," but that was too vague. She needed Apted all the time. This was fine for the week Paula was gone, but Paula was possessive of her mentor-lover and Apted ended things with La Ninata.
"For your own safety," he explained.
Britney was very unhappy and she told everyone in the womens locker room that she was still banging Marcus Apted every night. The gossip moved fast, reaching Paula in two days.

Paula confronted Apted, who admitted to the infidelity. Paula raged for the entire morning and then banished Apted to the couch for a month. Then she dealt with the problem.
Paula slugged Britney in the gut when La Ninata answered the doorbell. Stepping passed the girl boxer, Paula yanked her rival inside and slammed the door shut. A second punch, to the face, put Britney on the floor.
"Know who I am, Little Brat!?" demanded Paula and slugged Britney again. "Bet you can guess, Miss Cum Dump!"
Britney was clearly dazed, so Paula landed two punches to her mid section.
"Marcus Apted's penis is my personal possession! Am I clear?!"
Britney started to form a response, but Paula hammered her chin. Paula hauled her back to her feet. "Look at Marcus again and you are dead! Understood?"
Britney nodded weakly.
"Good! Say good night!"
Paula worked Britney over for a full minute. La Ninata faded quickly, her body going numb from the beating. Suddenly the room was dark and the sound was off. Amid the barrage of fists, Paula hit the sweet spot on Britney's jaw and the girl boxer went down for the count.
Hours later, sleep drained from Britney's skull. The bathroom mirror reflected Britney bruised black and blue, eyes circled with dark purple. She wasn't obsessed with Apted anymore.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Stealing Kaylee Part 2

"I think I'll have to cheat." Marty told Emma the Ref  in his apartment bedroom.
"You'll have to," replied Emma.  "Kaylee is a better fighter than you."
Emma rarely strayed from her partners Wes and Katie, but seeing Marty sprawled on the canvas, out cold, cock bulging in his trunks, from Kaylee's knockout punch, she had to sleep with him.
It wasn't difficult to make happen.
Marty woke frustrated and angry at his opponent, who he had wanted to fuck. The blond boxer had seen Marty's intentions almost instantly and, not wanting to lose her boyfriend, insisted they fight a match first. Kayle put him out in round two.
"Any ideas?" asked Emma.
"You could make sure a roofie landed in her water bottle between rounds?"
The residual pleasure of their night together caused sympathy for Marty in Emma that would have been disdain under normal circumstances.
"No. That's not it. I need something satisfying and direct."
Emma looked at the clock radio on the table by Marty's bed and then at the sunlight seeping in the windows. One more before I go, she decided, slipping her hand beneath the covers. She lovingly fondled Marty's penis back to life.
"Marc has a pair of loaded gloves filled with sand," she said and they both smiled.

Marc lent Marty his "special" gloves. "Paula and Cathy made them for me when I had that match against Lynn."
Marc referred to his live in girlfriends, who conspired to help him defeat Lynn, who had knocked him out in four previous bouts.  After Lynn discovered Marc had cheated, she put him and the two girls in the hospital. Marc always left out that detail when he bragged about the incident.
Marty thought the gloves were satisfyingly heavy.

They reassembled for the rematch a week after the first fight. Right after Emma reviewed the rules, Kaylee agreed to a proposal by Marty that stunned the referee.
"I have an idea, Kaylee." Marty said.
"Oh, yeah?"
Both fighters were looking each other in the eye.
"You know why I asked you out?"
"Yep, you wanted me to fuck you behind Sam's back."
"Exactly." Marty stated. "How about if I knock you out for the count, we spend the night together?"
Kaylee didn't flinch. "Fine!"
They touched gloves in agreement.
"Are you insane, Kaylee!" demanded Emma, walking back with the blond to her corner.
"No. It was a snap putting Marty to sleep before. Why should this go be any different?"
"You're one crazy, confident young lady!"
Kaylee smiled a "thank you."
Kaylee deliberately sprang at Marty when the buzzer sounded. He dodged sideways, until he was out from behind her trap.
She's pissed at what I said, Marty thought. Good.
Waiting for Kaylee to come to him gave Marty an advantage. He stepped in as she came on, slugging Kaylee twice in the belly, hard and fast, and smacking home a sharp right before she could back away. Another right fired across Kaylee's cheek. Her head is snapped the other way by a left hook. A right upper cut burst on Kaylee's chin.
She cursed and launched an assault on Marty, hitting his midsection harder and faster. Then she unleashed a storm of blows to his head, that Marty ducked away from. He fired a roundhouse between Kaylee's punches. Her upper cut flew at Marty's jaw.
Kaylee felt her entire skull rattle. She was out before slamming to the canvas. Marty was lifted off his feet and landed on the ropes, that pitched him back. Marty's inert body spun and he landed face up beside Kaylee.
Emma the Ref stood over the unconscious fighters for a moment. A ten count was pointless. When Emma thumbed their eyes, she nothing but whites.
Looking Kaylee over, Emma thought she was very sexy, but the prone Marty evoked strong memories and Emma removed the loaded gloves. She transferred them to Kaylee and tied her gloves to Marty. Then she revived Kaylee with smelling salts.
"Hey....wha....happened..." Kaylee whispered.
Emma helped the groggy girl boxer to her corner. "You two knocked each other out."
"At exactly the same instant. Don't you recall?"
Emma went back to the center of the ring and brought Marty back from slumbers. He was just as dizzy as Kaylee and needed to be guided back to his seat.
"I knocked her out," he declared. "I won!"
"No you didn't! Kaylee flattened you, also. Kaylee..Edward..if you can handle it, I propose a tie breaker round. Whoever goes down this time is the loser."
"Yes!" Kaylee agreed, with weary determination. Marty nodded positively.
"Excellent." Emma the Ref stepped back. "Ready?,,,Fight!"
Both boxers raised themselves from their folding chairs, rising their gloves and fixing stares on each other. Marty launched a straight right, smacking Kaylee's face. Two piston blows smashed his stomach, a third stung his face. Kaylee sneered "Asshole!" and tagged Marty with a left.
"Where you going?" Kaylee yelled as Marty stumbled away. She leaped into his path and threw a hard body shot. The right upper cut shut off the lights,
Marty went to the canvas like a dead weight. Emma told Kaylee she had won.
"Who the hell did he think he was?!" Kaylee shouted. "Who did he think I was?"
Suddenly, Emma was nervous at aggressive tone in her friend's kupie-doll voice. "Go take a shower and go home. You won. I'll take care of Marty."
Kaylee spat a few more insults as she climbed out of the ring and vanished into the locker room.
Collecting both pairs of boxing gloves, Emma waved the smelling salts under Marty's nose. He jumped back to consciousness. Emma took him home and made sure he went to bed.