Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Hope and Sonia - Part One

It was Hope's idea to challenge Marcus Apted.
The game Hope and Sonia played was simple. A male fighter would first take on Hope and, if he won, Sonia. A few guys managed to get through the first round of the two against one, KOs only match, but they fell to Sonia's merciless fists.
Both girls were twenty-four and graduated from Blake Mitchell University, where they were members of the women's boxing team. Sonia was the better fighter of the two. The same idea prompted them to join the Amazonia Boxing Club, but they differed about priorities.
Getting laid edged out beating a man senseless for Hope. The reverse applied to Sonia. The girls found Apted an  attractive prospect because he was twenty-five years older than they were. Tall, fit, and handsome, Apted was adored by all the women at the Amazonia.
"When he smiles, I just can't say no! Ever!"  a former girlfriend told Sonia. Often that seductive smile was the last thing many female opponents saw before the impact of Apted's powerful right put them out for the count.
Unknown to most of his friends, Marcus Apted was a professional thief. Apted never admitted it, but his lover and protege in crime, Paula, was the most important woman in his life. He wanted a woman he could train in his profession and sleep with. Paula knew that and recognized what the challenge match with Hope and Sonia was: an attempt to steal what belonged to her.

Hope stepped through the ropes first, throwing punches in the air, pretending to ignore Apted. Across the ring, he sized her up and decided to end it quickly. Hope was slender, with smallish breasts and short hair, half dyed white.
"How fast are you going to put her down?" Paula whispered in Apted's ear. Hope wasn't very threatening to her.
"I don't know," replied Apted. He was already mentally removing Hope's clothing. "A tap on the chin will put her away."
At the bell, Apted and Hope came out, gloves up. The brief waltz before the punches landed gave Apted a chance to really lust for his opponent, who was already doing the same herself. Hope loved how much bigger and taller Apted seemed, how he towered over her. When they started trading leather, Hope got off on accepting the force of each punch like they were lover's caresses.
Apted liked women with more in the chest, like Paula, but Hope would be fine. Recognizing the wide-eyed awe she radiated when they were fighting close, Apted became more aggressive. He pinned Hope on the ropes in round two, punishing her yielding body.

"Hope! Sweetheart?" Apted said, tenderly, letting up on the punches. Hope looked around for who was calling her name. Apted pushed up her pert chin with his glove until Hope was looking up at him. "Nighty-night!"
The punch hurled Hope down a bright tunnel of shinny, multi colored stars and swirling pinwheels. Then she went to sleep on the canvas, her skull teeming with stars and explosions of color. Emma the Ref thumbed the slumbering girl's eyes after finishing the ten count.
"She's stone out cold," Emma said, waving in Cathy and Kaylee, who set a stretcher next to Hope. They lifted the skinny girl onto the stretcher, covering her gloved hands on her crotch.
An expression of real concern crept over Sonia's face as her partner was carried past on her way to the recovery room.
"Hope will be fine! It was just a love tap!" Apted joked to Sonia. "She'll be okay when she comes back from dreamland, just like you'll be!"

Hope and Sonia - Part Two

Thirty minutes after Apted knocked Hope out cold, Sonia stood in the ring. She went with Hope as the blond fighter was carried to the recovery room. Using smelling salts, the incapacitated girl was brought back to consciousness, but at first she didn't recognize Sonia and believed Apted had proposed to her while she was unconscious.
"I'm certain he did!"  insisted Hope, dreamily.
"Marcus Apted knocked you out for the count, which you slept through!" Sonia explained. "And then Apted and his slut Paula laughed while you were carried off!"
Sonia knew the truth would hurt, but Hope needed to hear it from a friend.
"Why can't I get laid?!" Hope complained.
You get laid plenty, Sonia decided after leaving Hope to be examined by a nurse.

Putting on her gloves, Sonia said "Ready when you are!" to Apted as they squared off. She concealed her fear behind a mask of determination. Watching Hope get thoroughly pasted by Apted was worrying enough, but Sonia knew he was undefeated at the Amazonia Boxing Club. How was she going to be any different?
Apted immediately exchanged punches with Sonia seconds after the bell. He felt faint regret that he was about to knock out this challenger. Sonia was in better shape than her predecessor and was also a more skilled fighter. A fact Apted experienced as the rounds progressed and decided to terminate things a little earlier than he wanted. A shame, Apted thought, Sonia has dark hair and Apted really went for brunettes.
In round four, Apted moved in to finish the match. He suddenly hit Sonia hard, pounding her body, throwing head shots that rattled the fighter, making her stumble from Apted's fists.
A few more punches battered Sonia before she found herself trapped in a corner. An upper cut threw Sonia into the turnbuckle. She pushed forward, her gloves pressing on Apted's arms, holding him back.
"Wait!...Okay..." Sonia gasped. "I're about to put me to sleep...I deserve it!...but just ask something..."
"What?" asked Apted.
"Fuck me when I come to...please...?"
"Why sure..."
Marcus Apted never saw or even felt Sonia's upper cut. All her strength went into it, turning off the lights in Apted's skull. He crumpled listlessly to the canvas, sprawling on his back.
Emma the Ref began the ten count, while Paula and Sonia were both dumbstruck by what happened. For the first time in the Club's history, Apted was knocked out by a female.
As the numbers Emma shouted got close to "TEN," Sonia broke into a victory dance, which propelled her in circles around the slumbering fighter. For a chump who had been sucker punched into Dreamland, the defeated Apted looked pretty handsome to Sonia.
"Your winner in a two against one match by a total knockout," cried Emma the Ref. "Sonia!"
The victor did another orbit around the prone male, her fists in the air. Paula had flung herself to her lover and, with Emma the Ref, began checking his vitals. When she looked up, Paula saw Sonia with her back turned to them, accepting the praise of  some adoring spectators.
"Let's get Marcus to the recover room!" Emma the Ref said, placing the stretcher beside Apted. 
 "In a minute." Paula's voice was flat and determined.
Grasping Sonia by her shoulders, Paula spun the young fighter around until Sonia stood directly in front of her.
"Hey, bitch, what's wrong with you...?"
"Treacherous little...!"
With all her anger and love for Apted, Paula slugged Sonia across her jaw. The younger woman fell into the ropes, danced forward and went to the canvas, face down, landing inches from her victim.
"That was my man you fucked with!" Paula shouted in the silent ring and strode back to Emma the Ref.
They loaded Apted onto the stretcher and carried him to the recovery room.

A week after the match, Apted spent the night with Hope.


Friday, October 13, 2017

Sleep for a Month

Cynthia asked if Sam was trying to prove something.
"Maybe," said Desiree, her second. They were both in a corner, waiting for the next match to start.  "I doubt it, though."
Desiree had been intimate with Sam long before she met Peter, her husband. Desiree knew Sam very well.
"Then he's a pussy worshiper?"  Cynthia sounded genuinely curious about the next challenger. Cynthia and Desiree were now six matches into the All Comers charity event at the Amazonia Boxing Club. In two hours, four men and two women had been carried from the ring, completely knocked out.
Desiree reviewed her memories of Sam's attitudes toward women and agreed with Cynthia's assertion.
"Does he deserve to get beat up?"
"No, he doesn't..."
"You were in love, Desiree?"
As far as Cynthia knew, Desiree had multiple girlfriends and one man, Peter.
"Yeah, I was and we're still friends. Sam is a prince."
The black haired fighter shot a laugh at Desiree. "Want me to make him sleep?"
The question knifed Desiree, who vaguely nodded in agreement. Cynthia let out a second laugh and strode to mid ring to met Sam and get the rules, for the seventh time, from Emma the Ref.

The pair of idiots in line ahead of Sam bragged that they would teach Cynthia who was in charge.  As he watched both removed from the ring on a stretcher, Bob decided they had gotten all they deserved, even though he believed no one, good or bad, got what they deserved.
Sam told himself he had other reasons to take on Cynthia Zappatelli that night. His $100 donation would help the local children's hospital. Also, he loved mixed boxing matches and sex with the woman he had battled. Was Cynthia available? he wondered.
Cynthia was black haired, with eyes like rubies. Cynthia's muscular body was stunning in boxing gear, so he didn't care what she did to him.

Cynthia closed in on Sam in round two, ready to make the kill. A cute smile broke out on her face. The transformation was so abrupt that Sam stood for a moment in confusion.
"You're gonna sleep for a month!" Cynthia purred her threat.
Sam could feel Cynthia's fist through the padding of her glove when it impacted his chin. Two more punches landed somewhere on his body, but he could only feel the pain as he went backward into blackness.

Cynthia watched Emma the Ref deliver the ten count. Usually she turned dismissively back to her corner to rest up for the next challenger. Watching the way her friend stared at the unconscious male, Desiree knew Cynthia had a new friend.

Sam was a gentleman, who took Cynthia to dinner twice in one week. He was also a powerhouse fuck. The muscle girl was spent and happy Saturday morning.
She asked herself "What do I do with him?" but already knew the answer. Keep him. Sam was what Cynthia wanted in a man, down to his gleaming blue eyes that excited her with a glance. And Sam was so attentive and good-natured that Cynthia thought he was pretending. But each orgasm he gave her drove home the truth - Sam was the genuine article. What aggravated her was that there were a lot of "genuine articles" in circulation and she wanted to collect them all.
Cynthia slept with three guys who resembled Sam in some way, but she could not pry him out of her skull.

Talking Sam into the ring was easy. In the four months since the charity match, Sam had pushed to get in the ring with Cynthia again, but she refused.
"You mean too much to me!" she first insisted, followed by "You'll wake up in the hospital!" and finally, "Don't you get it? It could end things!"
A few days later, Cynthia understood clearly.
She pinned Sam to a corner and worked him over, slowly and methodically. To that point, Sam was confused by the harshness of the punches, but now he was numb with pain.
"Please Sam, please understand...!"
A right upper cut.
"I've never loved anyone like I love you! I never wanted to hurt you!"
Air shot from Sam's contorted body.
"I mean it, I love you!"
The left-right combination spun Sam into a daze. His arms began to sink. Words that jumbled with groans escaped his lips.
"But I can't...I don't know how..."
Cynthia was unable to speak, staring at the man she loved. "I can't be in love! It's too much!"
A second upper cut detonated Sam's skull. His moans sounded like "Y...Y...?" Cynthia slugged him again.
"I've got to do this!"
Sam's eyes were barely open. Cynthia wound up and fired.
Sam was out cold on his feet, swaying.
"I won't be here when you wake up!" she shouted, hoping Sam could hear her. Tears were rolling from her eyes. Sam hit the canvas loudly.

Sunday, October 1, 2017

Weak All Over

During more thoughtful moments at the Amazonia Boxing Club, Marc wondered which outcome he wanted more. Did he like to lose or to be the one who dealt out the KOs?
It depends on the female opponent, he reminded himself. Some of them fuck you better after putting you on the canvas, while others fall hard for the victorious male.
Looking across the ring at Yoko, it was hard to tell. The investment banker from Japan, thirty years old and in stunning shape, was a guest of the Amazonia. So Marc's second, Cathy, had no intelligence from the women's locker room about the woman who challenged him to match five minutes after they met.
Well, Marc thought, getting to his feet for the first round, I'll probably get laid.

Between landing punches, the fighters flirted.
"So you only fight guys or do you go with girls?"
Yoko laughed at Marc's double meaning. "I've laid out a few girls, but men are always my first choice!" She landed a sudden left-right combination that rattled Marc. "You look ready for your knockout!"

Marc lay on his back, gawking up at his assailant, confused about what happened. When he worked it out, Marc bolted to his feet and put a gut shot on Yoko, who twisted painfully. Emma the Ref tried to block him, but she wasn't fast enough. Marc popped a solid upper cut on Yoko's pert chin and pasted her on the lower jaw.
Yoko's world shuddered and blurred. She was weak all over. Yoko went to the canvas, where for a few seconds she resisted the darkness enveloping her.
"FIVE!" echoed from a million miles away and Yoko went under.
Marc watched the slumbering beauty as Emma the Ref completed the ten count.
Maybe I won't get laid, he considered.

It was three minutes of working on her before Yoko lurched back to her senses. A little while later, she stood, but one of the seconds, her cousin Amelia, got Yoko to sit back down.
When Marc walked over to see how she was feeling, Yoko greeted him wearily.
"Now that was a good combination, my friend!" Yoko told him, still fitting her senses back together.
"You look totally spent!" observed Marc, accurately. "I didn't mean to KO you that... quickly..."
 The Asian woman laughed at Marc again, wondering how sincere he was.
Yoko stood again. With Amelia and Emma the Ref's aid, she left the ring for her dressing room.
"I'm going to destroy that shoshi!" Yoko whispered in her cousin's ear. 

"My cousin is mad at you." Amelia told Marc. "But she won't show it, she's a lady."
Marc rolled over and kissed Amelia. "Oh yeah? What about?"
They both broke out laughing.
Amelia was involved with Karen. but now and then she needed a man and Marc was always there. 
"She thinks you ambushed her. That body blow was sort of a cheap shot."
"Yeah, I was acting without thinking. I knocked her out fair and square."
Amelia agreed, knowing Yoko didn't care about that. "Are you going to accept the rematch challenge?"
"Of course! I'll fight Yoko whenever she wants!"
Picturing Marc punching her cousin out excited Amelia. She pressed Marc onto his back and mounted him. 
"One day we should go at it in the ring!" suggested Amelia between kisses.
"You? You wouldn't remember what hit you!"
Marc entered his partner. "We'll see!" she moaned.

There was a week left on her business trip, so Yoko scheduled the match for Thursday night. That would give her a day to rest after trouncing Marc. She didn't hate Marc or blame him for knocking her out so quickly. That was her fault, she reminded herself, for not paying attention to an opponent who only seemed floored. 
But Yoko was very determined, as she climbed into the ring with Amelia right behind her, that marc learn who was the better fighter.
They touched gloves and circled before throwing punches. The female boxer knew better to make a full on attack immediately. She let Marc show what he could do, which he demonstrated in the final minute of round two.
Yoko unleashed a left-right combination aimed at Marc's head, which he ducked. Abruptly, Yoko saw nothing. Marc's retaliatory upper cut found the weak spot on Yoko's jaw. She was on her back, blinking  at Emma the Ref calling out "SIX!" Marc was standing in his corner. Yoko could hear her cousin screaming "Wake up!!"
Again!, Yoko fumed to herself.  
She was up by "NINE!" when the bell rang.

In third,Yoko was even more set on hurting Marc, who made her feel every punch he landed. Yoko kept coming at him. A well placed right staggered the male fighter. Yoko swooped in, hammering at Marc's face and torso. He watched him physically crumble until Marc collapsed in a neutral corner. Two shots at his jaw were followed by the KO punch: a brutal right that jerked his head sideways and shut off the lights.
Marc was lifeless on the canvas through Emma's ten count. His seconds, Karin and Cathy, moved Marc to the recovery room.
The worried look on Amelia's face as Marc was carted off confirmed for Yoko that her cousin was sleeping with her opponent. 
"Amelia, don't get so emotional," Yoko advised while removing her gloves. "He's going to be fine.. eventually."
The morning she left for Japan, Yoko sent flowers and a Get Well Soon card to Marc's hospital room.

Friday, September 15, 2017

Fighter in Love

Alexa was almost ready for her first MMA fight and she was certain Greg was in love with her. There weren't many outward signs. There was lust in his eyes, of course, but Alexa accepted the truth of human biology long ago. Greg, who often worked out along with Alexa at the Amazonia Boxing Club, was curious about her training, how it felt to give and take a punch, and shy she wanted to fight. His questions always sounded sincere, Greg had learned to mask his intense desire for female pugilists.
With no warning one afternoon, Alexa asked Greg if he would like to find out what she was like in the ring. That had been her test. He was rattled slightly and Alexa knew he was genuine.
A few days later, Alexa asked agin, this time with enticing affection in her voice. Greg didn't hesitate.  Alexa reserved a private ring for the following Friday night when the Amazonia would be largely empty.
"Wear those red shorts I see in sometimes," Alex told Greg, who was pleasantly surprised to hear Alexa was keeping track of what he wore.

"Ready, Greg?" she asked when they stood in the ring. "This is gonna hurt! You might get knocked out!"
The question raised possibilities for Greg he had only day dreamed about. In the five years since he joined the Amazonia, Greg had slept with a few female boxers and had been clobbered by a few, also.
But Alexa felt different to him. She was a lean and toned warrioress. Greg kept looking at her chest, feeling that he needed wanted to fall to her strength.
Excitement flared in Greg as Alexa walked toward, slowly, her fists raised. He suddenly couldn't move, which made Alexa laugh to herself.

"You fought women before, right?"  Alexa sounded as if she were asking if Greg had slept with a woman yet. "Been knocked out by a girl? More than one? Every guy who joins the Amazon has."
Three punches within seconds - all head shots - tagged Greg. Reality was scrambled instantly, leaving Greg flat footed and hazy. Alexa waited a moment and then nudged his chest with the bare heel of her right foot. A loud crash followed his impact with the canvas.
Alexa counted ten over Greg, reminded of how even the dumbest jock looked cute when he slept. At "TEN!" she told Greg he was out cold and gave him a long kiss.
Greg came out of it a few minutes later. It took a few minutes for Alexa to get him on his feet and for a few minutes she worried that Greg wasn't in the mood to go back to her apartment.

They were exhausted and content the next morning. Alexa wanted Greg around for awhile, but she knew not to crowd, at this moment, the man she wanted. Alexa was, however, compelled to act as decisively in the bedroom as she did in the ring.
"We need to do this again..." she suggested.
"Oh yes we do..." Greg fixed his mask of calm in place. "You're one strong girl."
"You enjoy that?"
"A lot!"
They embraced in a deep kiss. Greg never felt so blessed to be held by a woman.
Alexa's bare fist cracked hard on Greg's chin. As he eased into sleep, the mask shattered and Greg was in love.

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Armentia the Amazon

Mark was pulling a practical joke on Sam when he advised his friend to take on Armentia. Sam was new to the Amazonia Boxing Club and unaware that the last ten men who took on the statuesque member of the Amazon Sisterhood were carried from the ring, out stone cold. The rumor around the men's locker room was that Armentia took some of her victims as lovers, once they had recovered. Given the monogamous nature of the amazons, the story was probably untrue. But Mark told himself he was doing Sam a favor, getting him laid, even if Sam was going to get beaten senseless first.

Of course, Sam's cock did all the thinking. All her knew of the Amazon Sisterhood was that they were part of the all female, crime fighting Justice Force. What he did not know was that for generations, amazon mothers trained their daughters to fight evil and injustice, which meant, very often, beating up men. Sex with the beautiful woman was all Sam thought about when he watched Armentia fight Monique. Armentia moved like a panther in the ring, leaving Sam speechless except to murmur "Christ, she's beautiful!" Two rounds later he decided "I need her bad!!" as he saw Monique on the canvas, deeply asleep. 

Armentia gave Sam a smile at the start of round one. The smile looked sexy and affectionate, but Sam could feel the amazon probing him. The probing continued through two rounds, exciting and worrying Sam as they fought close, exchanging hard punches.
"Okay sweetie," Armentia finally said. "I can see why you're here. Good night, lover boy!"
Sam felt a sting to his face and caught a glimpse of Armentia's dark brown thighs as he went down. He thought about Wonder Woman until smelling salts brought Sam back to the real world. Emma the Ref and Cathy were reviving him as he sat in his corner. Though his vision was hazy, Sam saw Armentia across the ring, pulling her gloves off, very pleased with herself.

There was a rematch. Sam wanted it because he had been humiliated and was deeply attracted to Armentia. She agreed because she felt sorry for the assertive male. She would smack Sam around, giving him the right to say he did his best against a superior fighter, and then flatten him. It was too bad, people told Armentia that Sam was a nice guy, which made him the perfect punching bag.
Sam struggled through the first three rounds, getting put down twice. Getting to his feet was harder each time as he watched Armentia's body, while Emma the Ref delivered the count. I can't let her win! Sam insisted. I can't!
In the fourth, the pair threw punches in a sudden out burst that neither planned. A desperate right collided with Armentia's face, dazing the fighter long enough for Sam to land a left hook.
Armentia reached out as reality slipped from her grasp. No!...she thought, tumbling in a spiral to the canvas. I can't be...
For the first time, Armentia was bested by a man.

She came to in the Club's recovery room, attended by Emma the Ref and Karen. Because of her amazon biology and training, recovery was quick.
Armentia was infuriated with herself: she could not stop thinking about the man who left her out cold, exposed for everyone to see. She could not understand why she wanted Sam so badly. Sam was average looking, in good shape and was, as she was told earlier, reputed to be a nice guy. The twentieth time Armentia heard that description, she fumed at Karen who had repeated it.
" 'Nice guys' don't knock out women in a boxing match!"
Karen shrugged. "They do in this club!"

Their third match was private, not even Emma the Ref was there.
"Armentia, it was just a luck shot! I threw it wildly..I was as shocked as you that it landed!"
Armentia looked sternly at Sam, ignoring his excuses. She stifled the intense feelings she had for this man, other matters needed to be settled.
"I've fallen for you Sam."
Sam was startled. "Oh yeah...?"
"By the rules of the Amazon Sisterhood, I cannot want the man who defeated me in single combat."
"Defeated? I said it was a mistake, a fluke..."
"Your fists knocked me out cold!" Armentia shoved a pair of gloves into Sam's hands. "Glove up!"
Watching Armentia stride back to her corner, Sam knew he was about to be unconscious.
And he was. When the buzzer sounded, the amazon came right at him. Her lovely face was in front of him and the lights switched off.
Armentia carried Sam from the ring in her arms, his head nestled on her strong, maternal shoulder.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Dawn in Love

A lot of the time, Dawn was pretty horny. Usually, it was the normal, daily arousal of interest she felt when she saw an attractive male. Every so often, desire hit Dawn like she'd stepped on a live power cable and burned her body like a high grade fever.
Ben made her feel that way when she first encountered him working on a speed bag in the main gym of the Amazonia Boxing Club. She wondered what it felt like to have him inside her. And once that question entered her mind, it never left. But Dawn waited for feedback about Ben from the other girls in the women's locker room.
Two friends, Jasmine and Marie, had been with Ben and rated him very highly. Those two should know, Dawn concluded.

They went back to Dawn's house after a few drinks. It didn't take long for Ben to notice the expression of predatory lust in his date's eyes. When Dawn asked if he wanted to the boxing ring in her newly finished basement, Ben said, "Yeah!" Boxing with women was one of the main reasons he joined the Amazonia.

For this particular match, Dawn fought topless, which was an unfair advantage over Ben, who stood startled and entranced. For a few moments, Ben thought they might fuck before they boxed, but was snapped back to reality by Dawn's voice.
"Ben, you look ready!"
Dawn's full red lips parted into a smile as she surveyed her opponent below the waistband of his trunks.
"I am!"
Ben's eyes rolled up and his entire body gave way in a wave-like motion. Yes!! Dawn thought, as Ben went to the canvas, limp and senseless.
"I'm going to fuck you, boy!" she told him, banging her red boxing gloves together. "I'm gonna rub it your face and fuck like a woman in love!"
She dragged Ben from the ring and then hefted him over her shoulder. Moving him to her bedroom took no effort at all.

Dawn was sure it was love.
Usually Dawn liked to physically dominant the males she had sex with, but this time she wanted to be plowed by her lover. They woke late the next morning entwined with each other, Ben face resting on her breasts.
"I don't have to ask if you enjoyed yourself..." Dawn whispered.
"No way!" exclaimed Ben, quietly. "You know Dawn, I think you're special!"
Dawn was struck by the novelty of the statement. "Really? Are you in love with me, boy?"
"Yeah! I am!"
Ben instigated a long, deep kiss between them.
"Me, too." Dawn admitted. "But still I'm..."
The quick right put Ben out instantly. He came around an hour later in his own bedroom, his jaw aching.

Two weeks later was the rematch. Again, Dawn went into the match topless. She was in love with Ben and, looking into his eyes, she knew he felt the same way, too.
"Ready for another nap?" asked Dawn, seductively.
Ben pulled her gently, but firmly into a full embrace, diving into an kiss. Oh God! Dawn thought as their tongues danced, It's real, it's really real!
When they broke their embrace to catch their breath, Ben's left shot upward, hammering Dawn's chin. The raven-haired beauty let a soft moan and toppled onto Ben's bare chest. A big sleepy smile filled Dawn's face.
Sitting the limp fighter on the canvas, Ben thumbed both her eyelids. Her eyes were rolled up, showing only hard boiled eggs. Carefully, he eased Dawn onto her back. Ben slipped a folded up towel under Dawn's head.
He planned to abandon her there. She'd come around in a few minutes and get the message about who was in charge of the relationship, whatever that was going to be. Then Ben looked at Dawn, out for the count, and gathered her in his arms and carried her to the bed where they'd made love. He stripped off her boxing gear and pulled a blanket to her chin. He took a shower and the pair talked after Dawn came to.