Thursday, February 19, 2015

The Beaten Edge of Senselessness

The match between Gail and Kaylee was ending in a clinch. Gail, older and slightly taller, was mostly supporting the twenty-five year old blond. Kaylee sagged against the short haired brunette, her face nearly buried in Gail's cleavage, The only proof that Kaylee was still awake were the "oooommmfffs!" and "uuuuhhhsss!" the beaten fighter emitted when Gail sporadically beat her mid section.
Both women were topless. That was how Gail wanted it.
"You in sleepy land?" asked Gail, after slugging Kaylee in the belly. She felt Kaylee's lips press against her left tit and, in turn, Gail kissed the scalp beneath the pile of chemical yellow hair resting under her chin.
Slowly, Kaylee raised her face to Gail's, the older woman she started dating three weeks ago. Gail wanted sex with Kaylee the moment they met in the women's locker room of the Amazonia Boxing Club. When Gail spotted the black roots of the blonde's hair, she knew Kaylee had to be her punching bag before she became anything else.

"I own you, sweetie, you understand?" Gail asked. Kaylee couldn't answer through the waves of haze sloshing in her skull. Knifing pain rattled Kaylee when Gail drove a fist into the younger girl's belly button. "You understand?"
Kaylee's head rolled from side to side. She was on the beaten edge of senselessness.
Balancing the blonde's swaying head on the edge of her left glove, Gail pitched her right behind her back and let it fly forward.
Kaylee let out a sharp "oooohhhfff!" after the impact lifted her into outer space. Stars glowed everywhere as Kaylee floated contentedly and she was out cold.

Sitting beside her prone lover, Gail began the ten count, slow and soft, whispering each number to Kaylee, as she removed her own gloves.
"Ten!...You're out!..." Gail murmured in Kaylee's ear and kissed the sleeping beauty. Gently, Gail caressed Kaylee's breasts, reveling in their smooth fullness.
Gail carried the completely limp Kaylee to her dressing room, where they made love when Kaylee came around five minutes later.

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Jasmine Knocks Him Out

When fighting a guy, Jasmine always boxed topless. She felt that was fair.
"Since every guy I fight sleeps on the canvas," she explained to friends. "It's only right they have something nice to dream about!"
Jasmine went mostly with girls, but if she knew her male opponent well enough, she would spend the night with him after the bout. Hector had been friends with Jasmine for a year before she began wondering out loud how good a fighter he was.
She was playful and flirty about her seduction, keeping the tone deceptively light-hearted. Jasmine saw early in their friendship that sex had originally drawn Hector to her. She learned later that no matter what his intentions, Hector was always going to be a gentleman.

"I've seen you fight girls," chirped Jasmine at Hector, keeping her body, especially her melon-like breasts, as close as suggestively possible to Hector, who quickly achieved the reaction she expected and wanted.
The male boxer seemed to hesitate. "I might hurt you, Jazz." he said, not certain the statement was even partially accurate.
Jasmine, her nose almost touching Hector's, whispered," You'll never hurt me!"

 Watching Jasmine in her corner, throwing rapid upper cuts in the air, her bare breasts bouncing along with the motion of her arms, Hector was speechless. Jasmine walked toward him slowly, firing punches at her opponent.
"You like them, Hector?"
The raven haired goddess stopped Hector's breath for a moment. "Oh...yes..."
Two sudden punches flashed in his face, followed by "POW!" "POW!" from Jasmine. A quick upper cut clipped Hector's chin, staggering him slightly.
"You ready?"
"I am!" Hector answered.
"Oh...and one thing, Hector?"
"Sweet dreams!"
Hector felt himself drop lightly to the canvas, landing on his stomach at Jasmine's feet, his lips just touching her toes. He wanted to kiss those feet so badly, demonstrate his devotion. He settled down into a deep knockout.

They spent that weekend together. The bruise on Hector's jaw was like a stamp of ownership to Jasmine, which made him even sexier to her.

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

The Quartet of Crime

In the pitch dark hall way, Ethan and Jake waited for Lady Puma. The long time agent of Justice force had pursued the two members of the The Quartet of Crime to their safe house after foiling their attempted bank robbery. Now Ethan and Jake were ready to spring a trap.
Lady Puma, statuesquely fit with long black hair, moved with caution into the passage she had seen the two men disappear into. They were in the darkness ahead of her, somewhere. Hesitating for a moment, Lady Puma steadied herself and walked with confidence into the darkness.
Emerging from the dark hallway, Lady Puma carried Jake and Ethan, one over each shoulder, their arms and legs dangling. Neither of the crooks knew what hit them.
Lady Puma's instincts had been correct: two punches each were all that was needed to send the attackers to dreamland.
Lady Puma dumped the criminals on a nearby couch and thumbed their eyelids. There was nothing but whites. "Now just a light sedative to make sure you two are out for while!"
Lady Puma curled her right hand into a fist.
Starting with Ethan, she slugged both men on the jaw. They groaned softly and sank into a deep knockout.
"Perfect," declared Lady Puma. "Now I just need to find your girlfriends."
"We're right here!" said a sweet, almost Kewpie doll like voice from right behind Lady Puma.
Lady Puma heard an explosion and saw a stream of colors and bright lights and was out for the count before hitting the carpet.
What Lady Puma really enjoyed most about this clobbering was the stars. The twinkled brightly in her sleeping brain. Watching them allowed Lady Puma to relax completely and think about the men she'd been with in the last two months.
There weren't many, but each of them had given her so much pleasure, especially Chandler, who had knocked her out in a match at the Amazonia Boxing Club. The pair later spent the weekend together and so drunk on love was Lady Puma that she begged Chandler to marry her.
I need to get laid, Lady Puma reminded herself as she emerged from unconsciousness.

"That was what you get for beating up on our men!"
The words banged around in Lady Puma's skull as the crime fighter opened her eyes to see Lady Gwen and Cleopatra, the other half of the Quartet of Crime, staring down at her. The speaker was Gwen, who had black jacked the crime fighter. Dressed in a harlequin body suit, Gwen gave the prisoner a threatening grin.
"Let me knock her back out!"
Cleopatra, an African-American amazon and retired boxer, raised her fist to smack Lady Puma. "She left my Jake bruised and broken!"
Gwen pulled down Cleopatra's arm. "Calm, Cleo, calm! You can work Miss Goody Two Shoes over later! We need her for interrogation at headquarters."
"Fine!" Cleopatra grunted.
"Are your men okay?" asked lady Puma.
"They were moved to a hospital." answered Lady Gwen.
Good just these two, thought Lady Puma, exploring the room for a path of escape. She saw a large iron horse shoe loosely nailed over the doorway. 
"I'll get the transport in the back so we can get her out of here," said Lady Gwen as she walked out of the room.
The amazon began informing Lady Puma, in detail, about the pain she was going to feel after the questioning was over. Cleopatra paced around the room, moving closer and closer to the doorway. Lady Puma slowly removed the sonic disruptor from her utility belt and aimed the device at the horse shoe.
When Cleopatra stepped directly under the sill, Lady Puma triggered the disruptor.
"And when I'm done with that pretty face of yours, I'm going to work on your big..."
The horse shoe, pulled away from the nail, bounced loudly off Cleopatra's head. The amazon's features relaxed abruptly and her eyes began to close. as she swayed like a drunken ballerina.
"Ga...nigh...da...di..." slipped from Cleopatra's lips and she hit the floor.
Lady Puma lifted the senseless girl to the couch, where she secured her wrists and ankles with security ties.
"Alright, Cleo, the transport is ready!" announced Lady Gwen as she reentered the room.
The punch threw Lady Gwen backward into a large leather chair. Lady Puma hit the bottle - blond twice on the jaw and pulled her to her feet.
"Gonna knock you out! Anything to say before you see stars like your partner?"
Lady Gwen did her best to focus on her tormentor, but failed, her brain was elsewhere.
Lady Puma delivered an upper cut. The harlequin girl never felt the impact of the hard floor.
Lady Puma never felt so alive.

Watching the Justice Force medical team wheel the KOed bad girls to an ambulance, Lady Puma dialed Chandler's cell phone.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015


Not only did Tanya want to box Jon, she asked his girlfriend Cathy to referee. Jon accepted immediately, but Cathy needed convincing.
She was suspicious. Other women at the Amazonia Boxing Club attempted to steal Jon, triggering Cathy’s territorial instincts. She also noticed, without ever mentioning it, that Jon was attracted to brown skinned women and Tanya, with her Caribbean heritage, fit that description.
And Jon had a body type he liked.
Cathy had been to the Amazonia three times to see Jon fight mixed matches. The opponents, she was assured, were from the Club’s lesbian clique. The first two matches were victories for the male fighter, but in the third, Jon got knocked out. The girl who decked him was small and light on her feet, pretty and feminine, unlike the two Jon defeated. The strange pleasure Cathy got seeing her lover, bruised and senseless, startled her. There was a tent-like bulge in the front of his trunks as Jon slumbered through the ten count.
The couple had one of their best nights together after the third match.
“This fight won’t be any different from the others,” Tanya said to Jon and Cathy as all three stood in the ring. “I hope you’re ready to count out lover boy?”
Before Cathy could answer, Jon spoke up, smiling strangely.  “Tanya, I’m sending you to dreamland! Know what you’ll be doing once you arrive?!”
“No. What?”
“Dreaming about the man who sent you there!”
“I never met that guy.”
Tanya turned and walked slowly, hips swaying, back to her corner.

With the passing of each round, Cathy watched with excitement as Tanya controlled the bout. Jon held his own in rounds one and two, but in three and four, Tanya moved in and began working him over. Half way through the fifth, a right upper cut put Jon out on his feet.
Jon couldn’t see the joy in his lover’s eyes as Cathy speculated on how Tanya would finish him off.  He only looked at the dark girl’s soft brown eyes and gorgeous breasts, that he wanted badly to fondle and kiss. He glimpsed Tanya cocking back her fist, but the action didn’t register.  The gloved slammed directly into his face and darkness engulfed him.
Cathy gave her unconscious boyfriend a slow ten count, but he never stirred.
"Ten! You're out!" she declared, throwing Tanya's fist over their heads.The girl boxer spun Cathy into a long kiss. When they separated, Cathy stared at Tanya and then down at Jon.
"You fucking knocked him out!" shouted Cathy, catching her breath. Tanya kissed her again and then knelt beside the prone fighter. She kissed his parted lips and lovingly punched his erection.
Both women carried Jon to the recovery room.

They had the threesome at Jon's apartment since his bed was the widest. Jon started with Cathy while Tanya watched and then switched partners. Soon the two women were entwined and ignored Jon for awhile. Jon took both women again and the lovers were traded all night.
By ten the next morning, all were awake. Tanya lay between Jon and Cathy, telling them how great the night had gone.
"I just want to give you two one last thing to remember me by..."
"What?" asked Jon, hoping for more sex.
Tanya's fists shot out sideways, smacking Cathy and Jon on the chin. They groaned and lolled side to side in a KO daze. Jon and Cathy sighed in unison and fell back on their pillows, out for the count.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015


Mercedes was a body builder who liked men who weren't.

"There are two kinds of guys," she would tell friends. " 'Challenges' and 'No challenges'." Mercedes had been boxing since she was a teenager. "I'll fight both kinds, but I only love the second."
Eric worked out at the Amazonia Boxing Club, looking to get laid. He got in pretty good shape, but never very muscular, which made Mercedes want him even more. But she waited for Eric to notice her, which wasn't long.
"You want to fight?!" Mercedes asked Eric with a tone that mixed flirtation with violence. When Mercedes stepped closer, she added: "My eyes are up here, sweetheart!"
"Oh yeah!...I do..."
"No referee?"
Mercedes gave him a deep kiss. "I can count to ten by myself."
As Mercedes walked back to her corner to set the automatic round timer, Eric felt sure he was getting lucky that night.
"Help me with my gloves!"
Eric pulled the red boxing glove slowly over Mercedes' raised, clinched fist. "One punch from this one, Eric, and you're shattered!'
After the other glove went on her right hand, Mercedes said, "When I throw this one, it's over! You're a goner!"
Just as she flexed her hands in the gloves, the buzzer for the first round sounded.
The left fist slammed into the side of Eric's face. The right upper cut followed seconds later, jerking Eric into a knock out.
Eric lay flat on his back, seeing complete blackness, spotted with twinkling stars. He knew he was in dreamland, but still wanted to worship the biceps, eat the pussy and make love to the woman who had just clobbered him. The stars went dim and Eric was in deep slumber.

Before Eric stood his old girlfriend, Josie. She wore only skimpy tan panties and bra that contrasted so perfectly to her brown skin. Josie called Eric by name and the two made love on her bed. After a massive orgasm, Eric began giving her cunnilingus. With no warning, her thighs snapped shut around his neck and began to tighten. When she saw the scissors hold taking effect, Josie purred sweet nothings to her former lover. Eric loved the sweetness of her voice and the sensation of the familiar thighs on his face.
When Josie relaxed her calf muscles, Eric slumped gently, face-first in her bush. Smiling.

A week passed after their fight before Eric recovered. He called Mercedes and was invited to her house for a rematch.

Monday, December 29, 2014

The Cougars' Tales - Two on One

Even the chance of a three way with Anna and Donna provoked Sam into accepting the boxing match Anna proposed.
Anna had retired recently from professional female boxing and worked out regularly at the Amazonia Boxing Club. She became friends with Donna quickly. They were both Cougars, on the hunt for younger men like Sam. The men at the Amazonia called the pair "The Salt and Pepper Cougars," because Anna was black and Donna was white.
Sam was aware that Anna was a trained fighter, with a record of  twenty-five wins (9 KOs) and one loss. She had leveled every man she fought at the Amazonia. Sam had been with Donna already, both in the ring and in bed, and was open to more of both.
"No, I'm going to referee," explained Donna. "You'll get a fair fight."
Sam recalled that both his fights with Donna left him out cold. After their second night together, Sam begged Donna to marry him. She answered by knocking him out a third time.
"But we'll see how things go after the match," she added, kissing Sam warmly.

When Anna, dressed in black gloves, shorts, and top, smiled at Sam, he nearly froze in his tracks. But she kept smiling and walking across the ring to him, gently shaking her arms and shoulders to keep her muscles lose.
"Ready for you bruising?"
The question was threatening, but Anna's voice was soft and alluring, making Sam hornier than when he first climbed through the ropes.
Sam answered,"You ready to get knocked out?"
Anna smacked her gloves together. "What do you think, Donna? Knock him fucking out fast or slow?"
"Fast." Donna said, giving Sam the evil erotic smile that always gave him a jolt.
"Yeah, fast!" agreed Anna. "Let's get this going!"

Good for her word, Anna started in on Sam. Like all the men Anna fought at the Amazonia, Sam seemed more interested in fucking than fighting. Anna put him down twice in three rounds. Each time Sam was able to beat Donna's count.As he stood up after the second knock down, Sam realized that if he was going to have a three way, he was going to have to earn it.
In round five, Anna forced Sam onto the ropes and worked his mid section. The she stepped up her assault on his chin and jaw, search for his sweet spot.
"Are you getting excited, Sam?!" Anna whispered in his ear as she pounded his belly. "Got wood for me?"
A right hook tagged Sam on the chin.
"Yes!" Donna shouted, seeing Will's eyes roll up in their sockets. "Yes! Yes!"
Sam's brain went dark and then shut off. His body, going limp, pitched to the canvas at Anna's feet.
While Donna delivered the ten count, Anna quickly flipped the unconscious male on his back. He was out cold, a smile across his face."Ten! He's out!" Donna said, laughing out loud as she sat with her friend beside the prone boxer. Both women stared with anticipation at the bulge in Sam's trunks.
"Donna?" Anna invited.
"Oh no, I've done him lots of times, you go ahead."
Anna yanked down Sam's trunks and slipped her glove around his exposed erection. Rapidly, she masturbated the young man until cum sprayed from his penis.
"Okay, your turn!"  Anna said, whipping the cum from her glove on Sam's bare chest. Donna fondled the penis back to red stiffness and jerked Sam into orgasm. He let out a low happy moan.

Sam came around in the back seat of Donna's car. "Wha...happened...?"
"Look who's awake!" Donna exclaimed. She held up her right fist, enclosed by a boxing glove. Anna nodded. Donna turned around completely to see Sam. "You know you love it!" admonished Donna.
A blurry red streak came at Sam. After the explosion, it was dark.

That night, Sam got his three way. Already used to having Sam in bed, Donna fucked him for an hour and then let Anna have their cub for the rest of the night. During that time, Anna fell in love with Sam.
Sam woke late and found Anna fast asleep next to him, a dreamy smile on her lips. In the kitchen, he saw Donna fully dressed and ready to leave.
"Where are you going?" he asked. sounding like an unhappy child.
"Home." Donna noticed the wistful lust in Sam's eyes. "I just wanted some sex with you, Sam. You really belong with Anna now."
"Come on, don't go yet..."
Sam took Donna in a long kiss. She savored being in his arms again, his hold made her feel warm and secure. The upper cut she landed was short and sharp. Sam slumped against her.
She carried her lover back into Anna's bedroom and sat him on the bed. Pulling away the blankets, she shifted Sam toward Anna's naked backside and nudged him forward. The unconscious male landed face first on the sleeping girl's ass cheek.
"It's where you belong, honey!" Donna said.

Monday, December 8, 2014

The Cougars' Tales - Sam Goes Down for Donna

There were two certainties about stepping in the ring with Donna.
One: You are getting knocked out. No guy whoever fought Donna didn't need to be carried out after the ten count.
Two: You were getting laid. Donna only boxed men, usually the ones she wanted to fuck. Putting the male opponenet she craved on the canvas was just emphatic foreplay for Donna.
On the day of her forty-third birthday, she decided to give herself a present and picked Sam from the few men at the Amazonia Boxing Club she had not had sex with. Besides being handsome and good-natured, he was the type she liked to beat on.
Sam accpeted with no hesitation, as Donna figured he would. He was known to have nailed a string of the twenty-something gym bunnies that crowded the Amazonia, but it was obvious that the recent college graduate was a cub in search of his Mama Cougar.
They were the best, Donna believed.

Though her body was in fighting trim and her tits round and firm, Donna wore her gold, one piece bathing suit for the match. Other suits flattered her figure much more, but this one highlighted her considerable sluty vibe. Sam picked up on it immediately after climbing between the ropes for their "knockouts only" bout.
"Come on, boy, you might do it!" Donna taunted after the automatic buzzer sounded.
"No man has ever koed you!"
"That's right!"
Donna began swinging at her intended, with Sam falling in right after her. She kept in close, taking whatever punches of his that connected, some of which stung.
You just want to fight your mama, thought Donna as she slammed a punch to each side of Sam's skull.
The ring flipped upside down and Sam traveled with it. Through the complete chaos in his central nervous system, Sam felt a third punch explode in his belly. Then he was falling and felt nothing.

When Sam opened his eyes again, Donna was seated by his side, just taking her eyes away from the moster erection in his trunks to greet the reviving fighter.
"You were nighty-night for awhile there!"
Donna kissed her semi conscious victim and slowly pulled down his trunks. Still wearing her boxing gloves, Donna clasped Sam's cock and rubbed it against her face, smiling when the tip touched her lips. A wave of pleasure rippled through the prone fighter.
"I like it, Sam," Donna chirped and kissed the top of the penis. Letting it slip, Donna leaned in Sam's face, right fist raised. "I like it a lot. We're going to be good friends! But first things first...."
Sam watched as the fist went back and sail at him. There was a loud "THWAP!" and Sam felt sleep cover him like a warm blanket.

Donna was seated on a wooden stool in her corner, naked, right leg crossed on the left. Her still gloved fists rested on the middle ropes of the turn buckle she rested against. Sam was already standing up, waking from his second knock out five minutes earlier. His eyes were wide and vision cleared abruptly when he saw Donna seated regally.
Donna took her leg down, revealing her perfect, brown haired pussy. A boxing glove slipped from the ropes and came to rest on her flat stomach.
Sam was on his feet, swiftly put his face into Donna's pubic hair, his tongue beginning to stimulate her clit. Donna pushed the back of Sam's head with her both her gloves and began, between moans, tell Sam how good he was doing.
For the next hour, the couple fucked against the ropes and turn buckles. Sam never faltered, giving his lover every orgasm she needed.
After she came the last time, Donna smiled predatorily at Sam.
"Let's go back to my place, okay?"
"Yes!" Sam was able to mumble, nearly out of breath.
Two bare knuckled fists hit Sam on the jaw. The young man went stiff for a moment, then slowly swayed, sideways, eyes closing and a smile forming on his lips. Donna caught him across her right shoulder and carried Sam out to her car.