Thursday, December 1, 2016

Liz vs. Donna

Liz was sagged on the ropes, awareness already slipping from the big breasted, yellow haired blond, even as she desperately grasped on to it. Donna had been working her over for two rounds.
"Ready to sleep, Liz? Huh?"
As an answer formed in Liz's mind, a left-right combination to the head short circuited her brain and Liz sank a little, hoping she was about collapse into oblivion. But she remained standing and open to Donna's right upper cut. The punch made Liz very sleepy.
Donna righted her victim's chin. "You hear me in there?"
Nothing registered with the dazed fighter. All Liz knew was a deep desire to be mercifully put to sleep.
"I said I was the better fighter and now we both know it!"
The lights in Liz's skull shut off and she smiled with relief as total blackness consumed her. Stepping away, Donna watched Liz fall, face first, to the canvas. Kaylee, Donna's friend, who refereed the match, began the ten count.

"Ten! You're out, Liz!" Kaylee declared, raising Donna's fist in the air. "She's fucking out!"
"Just like I planned!" Donna surveyed the prone female boxer.
"Think she's dreaming?'
"Yeah...probably some guy!" surmised Donna. She had already hooked her arms under Liz's shoulders. "Damn, I enjoyed beating her up!"
They carried Liz back to her dressing room, placing her on a small bed. Kaylee waved a tab of smelling salts under Liz's nose. The unconscious woman jerked her head sideways and let out a deep sigh.
"What are you going to do now?" asked Kaylee.
"What do you think? I'm going to fuck her boyfriend like I told her I would!"
"Bitch!" Liz moaned, slowly, still groggy. She forced herself to sit up on the bed.
"I'm going to fuck your Dave so hard, he'll beg me to marry him the next morning."
Liz struggle to her feet and stared threateningly at Donna "Not if I can help it!"
Donna was pulling on a boxing glove, which she slammed into Liz's face.
"Exactly!" Donna growled at the blonde and gave her a kiss before walking out.

Between orgasms, Donna told Dave every detail of the bout with his girlfriend, right down to how sexy Liz was sprawled on the canvas, knocked out and dreaming. This made Dave very horny. Donna was third woman over forty that Dave had fucked since graduating Blake Mitchell University and he was in love with Donna.
But Donna played rough.
At daybreak, she gave Dave a long, deep kiss. "You almost had me last night, boy!"
"What?" David was perplexed.
"I almost fell for you in between those monster orgasms you gave me. You almost KOed me the way I KOed your slut girlfriend."
"But I.."
The bare knuckled right hook tagged David hard. He slumped against Donna's naked chest, lips pressed against her cleavage. Donna shoved him away and David landed in a limp pile on the mattress.

Sunday, November 13, 2016

First Fight

This was going to be David's first fight at the Amazonia Boxing Club. The match up was against Liz, a slender, athletic yellow-blond, who was a senior member. Mostly she fought other women, but when Liz found a man attractive, she would lay him out. David qualified.

David had been successfully sponsored by Laura Frazier, a long term Amazonia member and a friend of both Liz and David's mother. Mrs. Frazier, as David had called her since he was in grade school, had been sleeping together since senior year at Blake Mitchell University, but Mrs. Frazier had recently let things cool. Other men interested Mrs. Frazier, who noticed her young lover's eye was roving to other women closer to his age. Why not let Liz have a crack at him? Liz was only a decade older than David and had never been married.

"Don't be nervous because this is your first real boxing match," Mrs. Frazier told David. She stood in her lover's corner, giving him a last minute rub down.
"I'm not..." David's increased blood pressure wasn't from apprehension.
Pleasant dreams, hammer dick! Mrs. Frazier thought.
While David danced out at the clang of the bell, jogging in semi circles, Liz strode out, fists up.
"Nap time!" she said to David.
The initial punch turned out the lights in David's head, but he remained standing just long enough for the second impact, which planted him on the canvas in a deep slumber.
Liz watched the fallen boxer as he was counted out by Emma the Ref. Mrs. Frazier had told her friend that David was submissive to women, a "gentle" was the term at the Amazonia. Liz wondered if David was going to cream his trunks because he'd been knocked out by a female.
Nothing. David lay completely still and was carried from the ring by Emma and Mrs. Frazier.

All Liz had to do was lazily sway her hips or call David's name with her high pitched, very feminine voice to drive him crazy. Since he'd been getting laid almost continually since their match, the manipulation didn't bother David, until he noticed small annoyances piling up.
David caught Liz appraising other men at the beach or the Amazonia with the same look she used on him. Sometimes Liz would go out with friends like Mrs. Frazier and Beatriz and not return till very late or the next morning. Her clothes were always disheveled, as if they had been pulled on carelessly.
One of those mornings, David demanded a rematch.
"Sure sweetheart," Liz answered, giving her lover a long kiss. "You're over do for another knockout!"

For two rounds, David was focused. Liz used her "bedroom eyes" on him, but he resisted and kept punching, blocking and moving. Midway through round three, a luck shot pounded Liz's midsection. She "ooouuuhh"ed painfully. David hesitated for seconds and then launched a left-right combination. An upper cut sent Liz spinning. She landed on the ropes and David opened up, working on her exposed belly. A right to the side of her skull put Liz out on her feet.

Liz stared ahead, eyes wide and glassy. Her long muscular arms made random, feeble punches in the air. David cocked his arm back like it was a sling and fired. Liz never heard or felt anything, her limp, already unconscious body simply collapsed on the canvas. David administered a ten count and digitally recorded the prone fighter. Liz returned from Dream Street five minutes later.

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Lessons from Mrs. Frazier

"The important thing, Davie, is to pay attention!"
This was Laura Frazier's advice to David, the oldest son of her best friend, Donna Malone, as they both stood at the center of the boxing ring in Frazier's paneled basement.
David was home from Blake Mitchell University on Winter break and was about to start boxing lessons with the woman who baby sat him as a child.
"I will!" answered David, staring deeply as possible into Mrs. Frazier's eyes. The tight boxing trunks and skimpy top was the least amount of clothing David had ever seen Mrs. Frazier in. He was very horny.
"Now if I'm going to sponsor your membership at the Amazonia Boxing Club after you graduate next year, you're going to have to learn how to fight," said Mrs. Frazier, a member of the Amazonia Boxing Club since her second and most recent divorce. She had been boxing since high school. "And if you're fighting women in a boxing ring you need to aware of somethings."
"Distraction. A lot of women don't fight fair. You might be in the middle of a match and your opponent keeps putting her chest in your face."
"Oh yeah?" David asked.
"Sure. Look here, Davie!"
Mrs. Frazier rested a gloved fist between her generous breasts. David stared.
The upper cut clipped David's chin, planting him on the canvas, spark out cold.

Mrs. Frazier inspected David carefully and, pulling up his trunks, she hoped he knew how to use what he had been given. Since puberty, David wanted Mrs. Frazier, a fact she was fully aware of. She always caught David staring at her a moment too long at the town pool. When David expressed an interest in the Amazonia, Mrs. Frazier knew the time had arrived.
"Come on, Davie sweetheart, wake up!"
Mrs. Frazier was gently coaxing David into sitting up as he blinked his eyes searchingly.
"Wha...what happened?"
"You got knocked out, don't you remember?"
David was still confused as Mrs. Frazier steadied him on his feet.
"Now one of the fundamental weapons for a female boxer is a right can be devastating!"
He never saw Mrs. Frazier's right fist execute a collision course with his head. David staggered on impact, instantly out on his feet. As he slept, David dreamed of Mrs. Frazier naked except for her red boxing gloves. The older woman was telling David how much she loved his cock.
"Who's Casandra, Davie?"
The question snapped David to full consciousness. This time his head rested on her bare thighs.
"You were groaning her name."
David eventually explained that Casandra, a third year exchange student from China, was his steady girlfriend at Blake Mitchell University. The word "competition" flashed to Mrs. Frazier and was automatically deleted. Plenty of  talk about "competition" had blocked Mrs. Frazier's path to the bedroom before and none of it stalled her yet. 

This needs to move along, Mrs. Frazier decided. She was getting horny a lot faster than she had expected, so she said to David, "Hit me!"
David wanted to hesitate.
"Come on, throw some punches! You're going to have to if you join the Amazonia."
So David launched a few strikes at the older woman, which she blocked, except when she let David connect. Then Mrs. Frazier began ducking out the punches and began flirting-teasing with her pupil.
"Hey Davie, you want me? You always have, right?"
The truth hit David like a brick. He felt the weird excitement of possibility.
"If you knock me'll be a gentleman, right Davie!?"
David grunted "Right!" loudly and swung, missing Mrs. Frazier.
"But you won't do that, I'm putting you out cold!"
Arousal jolted the college boy, he was never this turned on by Casandra.
A mean upper cut chipped David. He stumbled, but refocused.
"I'm singing you a lullaby, like when you were a little boy!"
Two more blows impacted David's midsection. As he retreated, two left-right combinations hammered his skull.
David was falling, drifting, unable to stay in one place. The ropes caught him, propping David up right in time for the follow through.
The ring was now blurry. David could barely hear Mrs. Frazier assure him of how popular he was going to be at the Amazonia. Liquid blackness edged his vision.
Mrs. Frazier adjusted David's chin and gave her right boxing glove a loud kiss. As the fist went back, David saw the same smile, so seductive and loving, Mrs. Frazier gave him at the pool.

David saw nothing, but he did dream of an afternoon at the pool.

When Mrs. Frazier, relined on a wide lounge chair, flashed that smile, David walked over and kissed the cougar. The kiss melted into full embrace, with David removing her bathing suit and Mrs. Frazier removing his T-shirt. David felt her lips everywhere.

Abruptly, David woke in Mrs. Frazier's bed, his head spinning. Mrs Frazier in a green- blue nightie appeared. After she kissed David, he decided the pain was worth it.

Thursday, October 27, 2016

The Muscle Girl

He challenged Kathy because he wanted sex with her. Badly. Ken had had a fetish for female body builders all his life. He lived with one named Jasmine for a few years, prior to joining the Amazonia Boxing Club.
Of course Kathy accepted the match knowing it would be over before it began. She actually thought Ken was attractive and heard chatter in the women's locker room about how good he was in bed. But Kathy held back from falling in love.

They came out at the bell. When Ken was close enough, Kathy unleashed two piston-like punches on the end of his chin, putting him out cold before Ken landed at Kathy's feet. He slumbered contentedly through the ten count.
A powerful rush overcame Kathy when she looked at the prone fighter, smiling up at her.
"God! Yes!" she shouted to herself, slamming her boxing gloves together.

They fucked all night at Ken's townhouse. Kathy was so happy the next morning that she almost didn't punch her lover's lights out.  As she dressed, Kathy looked at Ken sprawled on the bed, thinking how cute he was. She admitted to herself that she loved Ken and lay down next to him.


Saturday, October 15, 2016

The Argument

Cathy looked great in her corner, firing punches in the air that were meant for me.
If I had to call it, my Cathy was between slender and skinny. I always had a thing for her body type, slim but muscular and tall. I could see those tear-drop breasts concealed by her lose fitting top. From across the ring, Cathy's molten brown eyes always turned me on, even if they radiated anger.
Neither of us could say now what we argued over, but it was trouble enough to have to resolve it with our fists. It was just our natures and why we both joined the Amazonia Boxing Club. We liked to fuck and we liked to fight together

"We're battling to a KO!" Cathy told me when we touched gloves. Usually an order like that from Cathy was delivered with an erotic edge, but tonight she was just pissed.
"Good," I said. "You want to get roughed up a bit before I floor you?"
Cathy flinched a little at my question, aroused by the prospect.

One good thing about boxing an intimate partner is that you've learned how they move, how fast or slow. The bad thing is that she's studied the exact same facts about you.
We traded punches slowly in the beginning and then the pace quickened. I concentrated on working her body, while Cathy deflected what I threw at her and smacking me in return.
In round three, I tagged Cathy directly on the jaw. She stumbled and dropped to the canvas. My girlfriend was motionless, eyes shut and body limp until I reached "SEVEN!", when she seemed to rattle back to consciousness.
Rolling forward into a sitting position, Cathy stared at me with the determination to continue fighting, so I stopped the count. On legs of rubber, Cathy climbed to her feet. She was enraged that she'd been knocked unconscious.
Her right shot back behind her waist as she hurled at me, moving just slow enough to anticipate the punch.
"Stupid fuck!" Cathy spat at me. I aimed an upper cut at her unguarded chin. I knew a tire iron connected with my head.
I was out for at least five minutes.
Exploding stars and flashing pinwheels were dancing around me when my eyes opened. There were some soft, deep moans which weren't mine. Cathy, already sitting up on the canvas, was cradling her head in her gloves.
"You fucking asshole!" she spat at me.
I sat up myself. "I hope things are settled now...."
My girlfriend stared icily. "Yeah, we both have glass jaws and you get a woody from being punched out by a should have seen yourself laying there!"
I noticed I still had an erection and seeing Cathy that upset got me even more excited. I rose to my feet, with Cathy trailing right behind me.
"If you want to go again, I'll knock you out again!"
"Yeah?" Cathy was smiling as she stepped backward into the turnbuckle.
"Yeah! You just picked this argument so I could fuck you up!"
Cathy settled submissively in the corner.

 As we kissed violently, we made love. Then Cathy collapsed against me, calling my name as she kissed my chest and neck. "You win! You win!" she repeated, surrendering.

Monday, October 3, 2016

A Long Way

People told me Amelia had come a long way as a fighter since she joined the Amazonia Boxing Club and I believed it. I sent her to the canvas, out for the count, by the fifth round of our last bout. A girl her size going against me was punching above her weight, but while Amelia was upright and awake, she fought well.
I won't lie. I like KOing girls like Amelia - on the short side, cute as hell, and full of determination. Amelia employed all her newly honed skills, but she ended up in a deep slumber. I so enjoyed watching her carried out to the Recovery Room, that I wanted to see her again. Many women at the Amazonia didn't take well to being put down by a man's fists. But more than one guy told me that Amelia got horny from it. Men make up only twenty percent of the Amazonia's membership, so information about our female counterparts spreads quickly.
So, with the excuse of checking on her recovery, I talked to Amelia two days after her defeat.
"You were great, Amelia! He landed some good shots on me."
Amelia, her black hair gathered in a tight pony tail, shifted her position as she worked the heavy bag in order to speak to me. "I thought I had you once or twice..." Amelia looked away shyly for a moment. " got me instead. I have a glass jaw!"
We both laughed. "Do you remember anything about our match?"
"Well, I can still see you..." Amelia went back to hitting the bag. "You were looming over me and your fists smacking me all over. Then I was gone..."
"What are you doing Friday night, Amelia?"
The rhythm of her punches on the bag increased suddenly. "I might be busy."
"I like Chinese."

As we ate our improvised breakfast Saturday morning, Amelia confessed she masturbated to the memory of her knockout losses in the ring.
"Men and women?"
"Doesn't matter from who."
"Did you think about our fight last night?"
Amelia giggled like a tree full of singing birds. "Of course! The man who demolished me in front of everyone at the Amazonia? How could I not?
Much later, Amelia admitted she thought of other men who had floored her in the past when she fucked, but that's a story for another time.
"Do you ever cum when you are knocked out?" 
"Yeah, a lot!"
"How about fighting with me?"
"My second Jasmine told me my panties were soaked when they examined me in the Recovery Room."
"Amelia you are a strange girl!"
She pulled her face in mock outrage. "It's just me, just how I am."
"I want a rematch!" I insisted.
"Bet you do!"

The rematch was a week later, after hours, just Amelia and I, in a private ring at the Amazonia.
"You know what to do!" Amelia reminded me from her corner as she slipped on a pair of red boxing gloves. I considered asking Amelia why we didn't just get to the real reason we were there, but I decided not. Every woman has her own foreplay.
Amelia was awesome, stalking from her corner, her bright brown eyes fixed on me. For a moment I wondered if I'd walked into a trap and she would KO me.
We traded shots, fast and sharp. I tried to keep close to my opponent, since I had the height and weight advantage. But small girls who fight learn to move quickly and Amelia absorbed that lesson 
thoroughly. For every combination I landed on her head or body, two other punches either clipped or missed her.
I knew Amelia was working herself up, anticipating her end game. Two rounds went by before I became aggressive, pressing Amelia to the ropes and working her body. Amelia answered the fifth round bell smiling, though her movements were slowed by fatigue.
"Give it to me!" she fired at me between punches, at first under her breath and then more audible and demanding.
The sharp "SMACK!" of my glove on Amelia's chin stopped her in mid sentence. Collapsing onto the ropes, her arms dangled at her side. The blank, glassy look in her eyes revealed that she was out on her feet. I fired two more gut shots. The upper cut that followed nearly flipped her out of the ring.
Amelia's hips jerked as a dull smile spread on her face.
"Here comes the orgasm, honey!" I said as if Amelia could hear me.
The right hook turned off the dimming lights in her skull. She groaned and crashed heavily on her back.

Amelia's body jerked a few more times and then relaxed, while I counted her out. I removed her trunks. The front of her pink panties were soaked in cum. When the panties came off, I was staggered by how beautiful her black haired pussy and smooth thighs were as she was unconscious.

In the dressing room, Amelia slept for five minutes. I redressed her in a pair of my sweatpants.
"Oh God! You did it!" Amelia purred when she fully rejoined the conscious world. "I felt every orgasm!"
When I sat beside her on the bed, Amelia pulled me into a prolonged kiss. Already a bruise marked her lower jaw and purple shiner was growing beneath her right eye.
"Don't ever leave me!' she whispered in my ear.
"Never." I promised.

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Mother and Daughter

I banged a few women from the Cougar Clique before Sherry. She wasn't as face pretty as Beatriz and Donna, the Clique leader, but Sherry had slender legs and satisfying tits. Light blue eyes illuminated her entire face, which held a maternal-whorish look to them.That magnetism doubled for me after each match I watched Sherry win at the Amazonia Boxing Club.
"Five guys took me on, five guys got carried out!" Sherry warned me the afternoon I challenged her to a match. She was being modest. The fights I witnessed all ended with the male participants badly bruised and out cold by round four. Even my friend Tommy, one of the best boxers at the Amazonia, was lifted off his feet by Sherry's upper cut.
Our fight was set for that Saturday.

An hour before the start, Sherry visited me in my dressing room just after my second, Desiree, stepped away.
"How old are you, Jon?"
Sherry was prepped for battle in short red trunks and a matching sports bra. Her thighs looked better the more I saw of them.
"Twenty-three." I replied.
"Almost perfect." purred Sherry, her arms snaking through mine and up my back, drawing me into an embrace. We kissed. "Ever been knocked out?"
"A few times..." I answered.
Sherry clasped my right hand and tenderly guided it down the front of her trunks. "Feel that, Jon?"
My fingers danced with her pussy hair and labia. We both grinned and kissed again.
With my free hand, I shifted Sherry's waist band below her hips.
"I'm gonna knock you out cold! So I'm giving you something to dream about!"
I had just started caressing Sherry's clit when she slapped my face. "Asshole! What the hell are you doing?!" she yelled violently, shoving me away. "Get ready for a serious beating, asshole!"
Sherry gave me a great leg show as she strode from the room.

Like Sherry's previous foes, I went to the canvas pretty quickly. It was my own fault. The lovely feel of her pussy on my fingers wouldn't leave me alone. A combination hammered me. The first punch sprawled me on the ropes. The second I never felt.
I know I slumbered through Emma the Ref's ten count, because when I woke I was in my corner, Desiree holding her index and middle fingers in my face.
"How many fingers, Jon?"
I concentrated, focusing on her hand.
"Christ!" Desiree rolled her eyes.
"How's he doing?" asked Emma's voice.
"Sherry knows how to pick them. Help me get him to the recovery room."
Both women pulled me up, draping my arms over their shoulders. I glimpsed Sherry accepting the adulation of the all female crowd with her fists in the air. I went back to sleep.

Two weeks after getting publicly trounced , Sherry and I met up at the No Tell, a tidy motor lodge on Route 3. Waiting for us was a woman near my age, a younger looking version of Sherry.
"This is Jon, sweetie. You heard a lot about him."
The girl looked me up and down critically.
"You put him out. Nice to finally meet you, Jon."
I struggled for a response, but my only thought was "Three way!"
"You certainly have your mother's beauty." I said, suddenly very confident.
"That's sweet! I'm Jillian!"
"It's just been my daughter and me since my husband left we share everything. Understand, Jon?"
Jillian tossed a gym bag from her shoulder on the bed and took out a pair of heavy looking boxing gloves. "Let's flip for him, Mom!"
I watched a quarter fly off Sherry's thumb. Jillian called out "Tails!" as it tumbled to the floor. George Washington stared up at us from the carpet.
Jillian kissed her mother and told me "See you later!" as she left. Sherry slowly pulled the glove on her right hand.
The older woman I wanted to fuck so much was about to give me the knock out I craved!
Sherry kissed the glove and slugged me. Landing on the bed, I was out.

The great thing about sex with an older woman is how confident they are, they do know what they want. Sherry took me in her with the sole purpose of getting laid until she was completely satisfied, which was a long time.
After 1 a.m. Jillian appeared in the room, naked as we were. More athletic than her mother, Jillian had the smooth body of a twenty-four year old. "Come here, Jon!"
She and I fell into a long kiss, that was abruptly terminated by a bare knuckled right to my chin. I remember slumping over Jillian's shoulder.
Like her mother, Jillian wanted a man to fuck her continually. She urged me on like a jockey on a through bred.

I woke late the next morning to see mother and daughter standing by the bed, decked out in tight trunks and boxing gloves. I leaped from the bed, kissing them both deeply.
"No Jon, look at us!"
Both women cocked back their right fists, saying "Nighty-night!" in unison.
I saw them smile like predators.
I came around, hours later, with headache and a black eye.