Sunday, January 31, 2016

Some Girls

Reclining on his bed, Mark watched Susanna, a brunette, and bottle blond Kaylee, take turns using the bathroom. While one got dressed, the other girl cleaned up the kitchen. When Mark had a woman (or women) to his townhouse, he kept things just a little messy. Nine times out ten, his guests instinctively straigntened the disarray.
The two women were wearing the lose shorts and tops they wore at the Amazonia Boxing Club, where Mark had met them the evening before.
He was content and relaxed, it had been a great Friday night. Looking over Kaylee's fine, round ass as she picked up her overnight bag, Mark hoped the pair would stay and fuck for at least another hour.
"Ladies, hold up," he said, sliding off the bed and pulling on pajama bottoms. "You don't have run yet, it's only 7 a.m."
Both Kaylee and Susana stood in the doorway. Susanna was also toting her travel bag. The ample breasted blond took the lead.
"Should we stay? Really?" There was a trace of anger in her kupie doll voice.
Mark had been cultivating both women for this night. He didn't want it to end this suddenly.
"Should we, Susanna?"
Both girls dropped their bags at their feet.
"We could?" Susanna speculated. "Do you really want us?"
At least an hour more! thought Mark, greedily. "Of course! When I said I only wanted you two, that is what I meant."
A large part of convincing the female boxers to be part of a three way was assuring them he was only a two woman man. Marcus put it over, at least with Kaylee, who enjoyed the idea of being naked with women and men.
"Really?" Kaylee asked, punching her voice higher.
"Sure! With you ladies, I've found the soul mates I've craved all my life!"
"Soul mates?!" Susanna laughed, removing a black iPhone from her pocket. Holding it high enough for all three to see it, she added, "Look familiar?"
"That's mine." stated Mark.

Susanna lightly touched the screen, opening a message. " 'Marcus, got your message late last night, will be there at 3 on Saturday afternoon. I hope those two will be gone by then! Love, Nadia.' "
Kaylee unzipped the two over night bags. "You shouldn't leave your electronic devices unattended, Mark!"
Mark nervously scanned his mental file of all occasions excuses and found nothing.
"Uhm...that's a ...wrong number...a different Mark....oh damn...!"
From each bag, Kaylee removed one red boxing glove, handing one to Susana. In unison, the pair put them on their extended right fists.
"I believed you!" accused Kaylee.
"I knew it was too good to be real!" Susanna followed. Stepping in unison, the girls walked toward Mark, pressing him to the wall. "Do you have any last minute groveling you'd like us to ignore?"
Desperate, Mark looked around, but realized he couldn't make it to the door without getting jumped by Kaylee and Susanna.
"Look, Kaylee...Susanna..this has all been a mistake..."
Kaylee's right hook slammed him into the wall.
Shit, they're pissed! was Mark's last complete thought.
Susanna's left put Mark out on his feet. She could tell nothing registering in his brain.
"Let's finish this, Kaylee!"
They pressed close to each other and kissed their boxing gloves. "Good night, honey stick!" they said aloud. Both girls launched their fists at their lover's chin.
The impact made  Mark sleep instantly, out before he hit the floor.
Kaylee liked how vulnerable Mark looked lying against the wall. "When am I going to find a man who isn't a jerk?!" she asked.
Susanna remembered that Kaylee had just finished an unpleasant divorce. "You need to be patient, sweetheart.  He's out there..."
"Yeah." the blond responded. "And Mark was such a great fuck!"
"Yep, he was!" Susanna admitted. "But he'll have such a headache when he comes to that he won't be able to fuck the little slut this afternoon."
"That's true!" Kaylee laughed and felt better.

Saturday, January 23, 2016

She Hulk and Rick

Art by Tom Burgos text and colors by THE-Darcsyde

Rick finally got punched out by She Hulk.
Around the Amazonia Boxing Club, Rick was known as the "Body Suit Groupie," a guy with a fetish for female crime fighters in body suits.
So far his record had been good. Of the twelve super heroines he boxed, all of them knocked Rick out for the count. Half of those women slept with him afterward and found the "Groupie" was a very satisfying lover. Lady Puma, whose left hook put Rick to sleep in round four, enjoyed sex with her victim, despite being in a committed relationship with another woman. The next day Lady Puma gave men another try.
He wanted She Hulk, a.k.a. Jennifer Walters, because she was tall, muscular and beautiful. He knew one punch from her might lead to a hospital stay, but that made him want her more. She Hulk knew Rick and what he wanted as she climbed down from the ring after a sparring match.
"Think you can fight me?" she replied to his challenge . "I'm not certain I'm the right girl for you."
 "I know you're the one!" Rick said, sounding as persuasive.
"Yeah? Do you?" asked She Hulk and clouted the side of Rick's skull with her fist.
He staggered comically, looking into nothing. Rick hit the hard floor, out cold.
She Hulk mercifully carried him to an unused dressing room, sitting him on an old leather sofa.
"Sweet dreams!" she whispered in his ear before kissing his cheek.

Besides thinking about how to knock She Hulk out, Rick daydreamed about her breasts.
"Hey, look at me!"
 Emma the Ref distracted Rick long enough to review the rules for the match and remind him that he was going to get knocked out.
"Most guys are upset by that news." she remarked when Rick nodded vaguely and went back to staring across the ring.
Emma the Ref walked over to She Hulk.
"Jenny, be a lady and make it quick."
The green crime fighter glared at her friend. "Why? Rick is my punching bag!"
The blessed union of souls, Emma thought and started the bout.
She Hulk was always a lady, but took her time. For round one, she flirted with the "Punching Bag" in between smacking him around the ring, providing a taste of her punching power.
From the start of round two, She Hulk worked Rick over, fixing him on the ropes, as her fists wore him down.
Seeing he was ready to go under, She Hulk kissed Rick, whispered "Dream about my pussy, horn dog!" in his face, and landed a brutal upper cut. In the short interval between impact and blackness, Rick wanted to tell She Hulk what a stunning body she had, especially her tits. But the words scattered from his lips as he went to sleep.
She Hulk waited in her corner as Emma the Ref gave the inert male fighter a slow ten count. She wanted Rick to have every chance to recover, but he was out for the night.
"Are you going to fuck him?" Emma asked She Hulk as they carried Rick to the recovery room and settled him on a bed.
"Yes, but not yet." She Hulk answered, putting her hand down Rick's trunks. "Got major wood." The super heroine kissed Rick. "Some men are born ready and some still need.....tenderizing.  


A month elapsed before She Hulk asked Rick to meet her again. Assuming, correctly, that Emma the Ref told Rick about She Hulk’s plans to fuck him, the green Amazon decided to give Rick some time to grow his expectations. By the time the lovers were reunited in a private boxing ring, Rink was ready to explode.
“God, you are so damn handsome!” observed She Hulk, walking toward her mark, enjoying the sight of the fading black ring around his right eye.  Rick only took a few steps before She Hulk was on top of him, banging her gloves together loudly.  Tilting her face downward to Rick, she purred “I’m going to love knocking you out cold!”
The overwhelmed male swallowed hard. He noticed She Hulk’s lips were covered in glowing white lipstick. “And you’re going to love it, too!”
Rick struggled to breath.
“I figure you’ll be out all night!...wake up tomorrow morning in a hospital bed…you’d love that, Rick!”
“God yes!” he gasped.
“And when you wake up on the canvas, I’ll be long gone! By then, your left eye will be a perfect match for your right!”
With her left glove, She Hulk pinned the chump by his chest to the ropes. “In less than a minute sweetheart it’s gonna be lights…OUT!”
She held her right fist in Rick’s face. “You deserve everything you get! But first…you get a kiss good night!”
Rick desperately wanted to smouch the black leather of the boxing glove, but She Hulk pursed her mouth on the front of the glove, leaving luminous white lip print.
“Good night!”
As She Hulk’s right fist slowly cocked seductively behind her head, Ricked wanted to fuck her so bad he could scream. She Hulk fired.
Rick would always savor how the punch felt: hard and mean against his face and then the lights snapped off. He was in love with She Hulk.
The green goddess gave Rick a ten count. The sight of an unconscious male sprawled before her, sporting a massive erection thrilled She Hulk. Hefting Rick over her shoulder, she carried him home. 

Monday, January 11, 2016

Eulee's Mate

 When she first joined the Amazonia Boxing Club, Eulee only fought women, knocking every one out cold. Rumor spread quickly that Eulee was a lesbian, but when Desiree tested the waters, Eulee didn't respond.
"She's straight," Desiree told her friend and sometime lover, Kaylee. "I think she's waiting for the right guy. I guess you don't have to be a dyke to enjoy beating on women."
Desiree was accurate about one thing. The lean, black haired girl, with vulpine brown eyes was looking for her match, her "mate" as Eulee told herself when the solitude became too much.

So she went on knocking out female fighters, repeating the internal mantra "She's got him! She'll take him before I can get to him!"  The opponent would suffer an onslaught of punches until blackness ended the match.

Boxing was Eulee's passion since age eleven, when she asked her parents for lessons as a birthday present. At Blake Mitchell University, where she earned a primary education degree, she was one of the five undefeated members of the women's boxing team until her junior year. To that point, studying and training consumed Eulee so much that she hardly noticed men. Then Crevan decked her in the fourth round of a tournament with the men's team.
When she regained consciousness and could focus, Eulee asked Crevan, who was waiting nervously in her dressing room, multiple questions, including "Are you seeing anyone?"
He wasn't.


 Reynard thought of Wonder Woman the first time he saw Eulee. She was exiting the women's locker room at the Amazonia, dressed in loose sweats that displayed her curves. Immediately, Eulee went to work on the heavy bag, so Reynard waited until she finished before starting a conversation.
Eulee noticed his courtesy.
"You sure about this?" asked Eulee. "I fought guys in college, but that was..."
Eulee intentionally trailed off, letting Reynard complete her sentence.
Eulee remembered her time with Crevan. "No," she replied, smiling. "But sure, let's fight, whenever you want."

 "Having trouble?" Reynard heard Kaylee ask him as she pressed a water bottle to his lips. He exhaled loudly after two large swallows.
"I cannot win this!" he answered, candidly. His honesty made Reynard even more attractive to Kaylee than his physical presence, which always excited her. Kaylee would address this issue in the coming weeks. There was a more pressing matter. "Why not?'
"Diana Prince over there fights better than me!"
"I guess you should cheat."
 "Cheat? Now? In round five?"
"No better time." A dozen ways for Reynard to win by fighting dirty occurred to Kaylee. "Step on her toes and punch her out."
"I'm not cheating, Kaylee!"
"Fine!" she said, toweling down Reynard's shoulders. "Sweet dreams!"
The buzzer's screech hurled the fighters at each other, both throwing their hardest punches. Reynard attacked Eulee's belly, trying to slow her enough to put her down. Seeing Reynard was hitting her belly, Eulee poured on the head shots, repeating "He's mine! He's mine!" until he collapsed on the canvas, slumped, eyes wide and unfocused.
Emma the Ref sent the girl to a neutral corner and began counting Reynard out. At "SIX!" Reynard finally blinked his vision clear and hauled himself  up by the ropes. Emma checked the fighter and, when he agreed to continue, shouted "FIGHT!"
Eulee raced at her victim, who was barely lifting his gloves when she struck. Eulee pulled her right back for an upper cut and half a second later Reynard slammed her midsection with all his strength. Air gasped from Eulee's lungs. Reynard tagged her jaw twice, stunning the girl boxer on her feet.
The boxing ring spiraled around Eulee, which only momentarily worried her. Her eyelids were steadily closing. Through the congealing haze, Eulee glimpsed Reynard throwing a third punch. The impact stung for a few seconds and then the pain vanished into sleep.

Eulee slumbered on the canvas, as she had during the fight with Crevan. After Emma the Ref's ten count, Kaylee and Emma carried Eulee, limp as a rag doll, to the recovery room.
Kaylee studied the way Reynard glared with apprehension at the prone Eulee and decided to be patient about getting him in bed.


Sunday, December 27, 2015

A Second Chance

It was obvious that Amelia didn't see my last punch coming or even feel it. The lights in her pretty black haired head were already dimming when my head shot snapped them off. I couldn't remove my eyes from my ex girlfriend as she dropped to the canvas. She landed on her back, the hard nipples of her big tits pushing against her sports bra.

What made me take on Amelia that afternoon? I wouldn't say, exactly. I just felt the need, the desire, to score a knockout on the woman who ended our relationship weeks earlier. Watching Amelia peacefully slumber through Emma the Ref's ten count left me content, but not really triumphant. When Emma finished with "Ten! You're out!" I wanted to carry Amelia myself to the recovery room.
But Emma, and Amelia's corner people, Desiree and Jasmine, stalked over to the fallen figure, loading her onto a stretcher. All three girls glared at me threateningly, but there was a slyness to Jasmine's look. Jasmine was one of the women I slept with after Amelia ditched me and she was pleased with the fight's outcome.

"How long did I sleep?" asked Amelia, warily searching the room for familiar faces. All she saw was myself, her seconds, and Emma the Ref standing around her bed.
"Five minutes. You feeling okay?" Emma asked.
 "That long?...Every one head..." Amelia glanced at me and smiled. "I'm a good girl...daddy..."
Eyelids fluttering rapidly, Amelia plummeted backward, head mercifully landing on two stacked pillows.  Emma the Ref cursed at me, adding, "Congratulations, Jon, it's a concussion!"
While the women revived my ex, I was consumed by the unconscious girl, like I'd just discovered Sleeping Beauty. Amelia was so beautiful and exposed. I fell in love again.
Amelia was soon awake and sitting up. Now she recognized all of us. Pouting in my direction, she sneered, "Jerk!"

I checked on Amelia a few days later and found her mood improved. She was a woman who never stayed permanently angry with a guy. I drove her to her two, post KO neurological exams and we even went grocery shopping. Without much effort on my part, we were back in bed.
Over breakfast the next morning, Amelia insisted we weren't a couple and if I wanted to keep getting laid, I needed to remember that. I agreed. Being back with Amelia felt great.
For while, we both had other partners, but then we spent more and more time with each other. Our fucking became about who could exhaust the other first. Whenever I looked down at her during sex, I wanted to conquer her to her soul. When I saw the same desire in Amelia's eyes, I decided there was going to be a permanent victor between us.
I talked Amelia into a rematch.

"You know, sweetheart, I'm going to knock you out again!"
Amelia looked startled by my abrupt announcement. "You are?"
I walked to her, banging my gloves loudly, watching Amelia's brown eyes dilate. "In a few minutes, you're out cold!"
She didn't back away when I got closer. My arms slipped around her waist and I pulled her to me. "You're going to succumb after my first punch. I know what you are, Amelia!"
The last sentence was a reprimand, like a father telling a misbehaved daughter the truth about herself.  Amelia's gloves dangled at her side, her mouth slightly open.
"I'm still mad at you for walking out on me! You need discipline! I'm going to punch your lights out!"
When Amelia exhaled sharply: "Please...daddy..." I gave her a tender kiss.
The blunt upper cut sent Amelia out on her feet. Her lips slowly mouthed some words as she dropped heavily into my arms.

Monday, December 14, 2015

La Yegua

There was only eight years between them.
Sonia had just graduated Blake Mitchell University with her MBA and joined the Amazonia Boxing Club. She was petite and fast in the ring, so quick and strong Sonia earned the nick name "La Yegua" Teddy noticed Sonia at the Amazonia on the day he turned thirty. When he heard her speaking Spanish behind him, Teddy turned and was struck by her bright brown eyes and shiny auburn hair. Latinas always did it for Teddy since college, where he dated a  Colombian political science major. Watching Sonia sparring with his friend Desiree made Teddy want her more.

Sonia turned him down twice, with barely plausible excuses.
"I don't go out with guys like you," Sonia told him with a flirty insolence. This was Teddy's third attempt: a simple offer of coffee after their workout.
"What's wrong with me?"
Sonia looked at Teddy critically, the answer should be obvious. "I know what you're into."
Teddy was still thoroughly confused.
"Into what..."
"You're into old ladies!" Sonia dismissed Teddy with disdain.
After Latinas, older women were Teddy's favorite sex partners. For the last month, he had been with most of the Cougar Clique, a group of forty and older female Club members.
"I couldn't be with a guy who likes senior Donna!"
A few nights earlier, he'd gone out with Donna, a fifty-three year old, super fit bottle blond and left her purring in her sleep the next morning. Little brat, he thought, looking at Sonia.
"But I can still knock a guy like you out in the ring!" she added, sarcastically.
That was not an idle threat. In the last few weeks, Sonia fought six men and all were carried out of the ring.
"Whenever you're ready, Sonia."
Sonia became instantly fascinated by Teddy's proposal and probed further. "Oh yeah?"
"Name the time."
She half playfully punched his shoulder. "Nino de mama! I'll put you out!"
"We'll see."
Teddy was already picturing Sonia prone on the canvas, out cold, legs open in a wide "V."
She punched Teddy harder this time, in the chest. "Yeah?"
"Yeah. Tomorrow night after hours. Fight to a knock out."

In keeping with her nickname, Sonia fought in the ring like a young mare, striking Teddy hard, retreating, and attacking again. That Sonia was aware what Teddy was clear by the tight trunks and sports bra she wore. Continually she told her opponent how boxing with a man made her incredibly horny.
"And I was gonna fuck you after the match, but you're just interested in the old ladies!"
"What?!" exclaimed Teddy seconds before the upper cut struck.
Teddy was out instantly. Sonia looked at her work with deep satisfaction and turned back to her corner.
For the duration of three minutes, Teddy dreamed of Donna and the other members of the Cougar Clique, including Beatriz who used boxing as foreplay.
Teddy woke on his back, barely managing to raise his head to see Sonia's fine ass facing him. Slowly he got up and made his way to La Yegua.
The young girl turned nonchalantly just as Teddy launched his own upper cut. 
Sonia's whole body jerked and staggered. She grabbed at the ropes nearby as blackness flooded her brain. With loud groan, Sonia fell against Teddy's bare chest.
Attentively, Teddy lay the completely limp Sonia on the canvas. He checked the girl's pulse. Satisfied, he folded her gloved hands on her belly and kissed her red lips, that were curled in a smile. He rested beside her as Sonia had powerful erotic dreams of older men.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Karen Loves Len

Karen knew what I was when she looked at me. We were facing each other in the ring at the Amazonia Boxing Club, ready to start our match. I wanted to pull down her tight black shorts to her ankles and dive in face first. I needed to be the reason she felt pleasure.
 "Damn, you are a total Gentle!" she declared to my face, a judgmental smirk on her lips.
I loved boxing with strong women and losing, by a KO if at all possible. Those shorts I wanted so badly to remove showed off her powerful thighs and developed ass. Her breasts were big and "stand up."
It was Karen's hair, bleached almost white, held in a pony tail, and her smile, which radiated sexual aggression and contempt, that I couldn't turn away from.
"So how do you want it, Gentle Boy?" continued Karen. "I am going to knock you out for the count, so how should I do it?"
The words barely made it from my mouth. "We box...and..then you clobber me..."
"I know why you want me to put your lights out!" Karen punched my shoulder. "You think that when I see you flat on the canvas, out cold, with a woody, I'll fall in love with you!" She shoved me a second time, harder. "While you are sleeping on the canvas, you'll have wet dreams about me. I know your kind!"
She glanced at my seconds for the match, Kaylee and Desiree. "And if those sluts give me any static after I finish you, I knock them out, too!"
Karen then gave me a long kiss and pushed me away. "Sweet dreams, Gentle!"

The fight was fast, three rounds. I thought I got in some good shots, but Karen mocked every punch I threw. Her smooth thighs occupied my mind a few seconds longer than they should have and a phantom punch collided with my head. One moment I was fighting, the next, unconscious.

Waking up thirty minutes later, I saw Desiree and Kaylee sprawled on the canvas. Desiree was moaning loudly as she rejoined the conscious world. Kaylee was out cold. I guess they gave Karen static.

Two days later, Karen fucked me like she was possessed by a demon in heat. During the short breaks to catch my breath, I told the details of the erotic dream I had while I slept on the canvas. Karen admitted she had KOed my seconds just for fun.
"I want to fight you again." I told her.
"Really, Gentle Boy?" she asked.
"Send you back to dreamland? Sure!"

We arranged the rematch for the next day, since Karen was eager to beat me up again. I had no seconds this time, Desiree and Kaylee were still recovering.
"Last night was incredible, Len!" Karen told me before we started. "I wanted you to know before I flatten you!"
"Thanks. We should do that again."
"And to show you how much I enjoyed our time, I'm going to let you take one free shot." She extended her chin. "Right on the button!"
Karen set her hands behind her back.
I unloaded a right upper cut. Karen stumbled a few paces, searching the ring absentmindedly for the source of the bird's songs she was hearing. Then Karen was sitting on her ass.
Karen was already half dreaming.
I knelt beside her. "I punched you out."
I shoved her gently. "Good night, Karen!"
Karen smiled and murmured "Gha..nigh.." as she finished her journey to the canvas.

Sunday, November 1, 2015

The Body Suit Groupie

Boxing with bad girls and super heroines brought Rick to the Amazonia Boxing Club. At this particular moment, he was being worked over by Catwoman. It was the sixth round.
He could sense the knockout happening soon. The brown skinned villainess wore her famous black body suit and red boxing gloves, rained blows to Rick's head and body.
Catwoman found Rick attractive, which was why she strung out the fight so long. If Catwoman ever took on a civilian, he or she was flat on their back, slumbering, by the third round. But Rick was a "body suit" groupie, he had a fetish for strong women in body suits.
"I'm rolling up on you!" she told Rick between punches, but Catwoman doubted that he heard clearly what she said.
Rick slumped on the ropes, arms drawn up to shield his torso and face, a posture that did little good. Catwoman continually pierced the defenses, battering her challenger, whose eyes were glassy and half closed.
Rick was in pain, but he was happy.
Catwoman concentrated on the midsection, until the bell rang, ending the round. She danced back on her heels, allowing Rick a chance to stagger to his corner. Rick sighed and fell to the canvas. Catwoman laughed at the serene smile on the defeated male's face.
Emma the Ref checked Rick and confirmed he wouldn't be moving on his own power for awhile. Catwoman strutted around the ring during the ten count, throwing her fists in the air when Emma declared,"You are out!"

As he was carried back to his dressing room by Catwoman and Emma, Rick dreamed of Lumi. Lumi was a petite, Asian-American college girl who was into geek culture, complete with black rimmed glasses and tattoos. Rick had gone out with her a few nights earlier. They role played a number of knock out scenarios, mostly Rick KOing Lumi. Then they would fuck.
In Rick's dream, they skipped the play acting.

Rick was alone with Catwoman when he came around.
"Hey little boy, you're back!" she purred.
It took a minute, but Rick sat up, eyes blinking at Catwoman, who was slowly shedding her body suit. He removed his trunks, grateful that things were moving even faster than his over heated imagination anticipated.
For the next hour, he was mesmerized by Catwoman's jiggling breasts, her head thrown back with every orgasm. After the last climax exhausted the lovers, Catwoman finally kissed Rick.
"I was really horny and tense from knocking you out cold. But the way you fuck....WOW!"
Catwoman shifted her upper body, brushing her breasts across Rick's face. He kissed the nipples lovingly.
"Good night, bitch!" chirped Catwoman, her arms vining around her lover's throat, pulling Rick face deep into her cleavage. "Go to sleep!"
Furiously, Rick flung out his arms and legs, grabbing at nothing, kicking the air. Breathing rapidly became impossible and Rick felt reality going away, even as he enjoyed Catwoman's flesh on his face. His eyes closed, opened, and closed a final time. Rick passed out.

"Lover boy is taking a nap." Catwoman informed Emma the Ref, who was waiting in the hallway. "I was too much woman for him!"
Emma darted in the dressing room and laughed at Rick sprawled where Catwoman had left him.