Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Romancing Sleeping Beauty

For the first time in a long while, Karen was in love. There were other men, many she encountered at the Amazonia Boxing Club, but she felt no emotion for them. But Will was the real thing, so she challenged him, as affectionately as she could, to a KOs only bout in the finished gym she had in the basement of her house.
Karen's body changed for Will when she aggressively confronted him, wearing her favorite red boxing gloves. Will knew he didn't come near his new girlfriend as a fighter, but he wasn't concerned. They already had sex. In addition, he loved her warrioress' legs, ample chest, and the way her eyes gleamed when Karen smiled. Will wanted Karen more when she smacked him around.
The knock out punch was the third upper cut to his chin as he clumped on the ropes. Will wsn't out immediately, but stood motionless and groggy before Karen, her left fist poised at chin level, ready to slug Will once more. Among Will's scattering thoughts, the memory of Karen's lips from their kiss before the match surged through Will as he went to sleep.

The ten count went slowly. Karen undid her gloves, flipped her lover on his back and kissed him before reaching "Ten!"
A harsh orgasm rattled through Karen's being, eyes rolling up, her open mouth gasping "I love you!"
Lovingly, she slipped the unconscious man's erection and brought him to orgasm with her right hand. She was toweling her hand clean when Paula stepped into the ring.
The leggy brunette was shorter and slighter than Karen. The women had been lovers a few years ago, until Paula was distracted by a guy named Max. Instead of being angry, Karen followed Paula's example and began sampling different men, starting with Max. To Karen's surprise, males were physically pleasing. And while Paula wanted to be dominated by men, Karen wanted them more submissive.
"One of those guys I can knock out with my tits!" she confessed to a friend. "The kind that struggle and lose!"
She had correctly figured Will for "that kind" long before they stepped into the ring. It was the way he looked at her bare chest the first time they fucked that clinched it for Karen.

"Is this him?" Paula asked, standing beside her friend. "He's cute. Are you going to test him out?'
"No, already taken care of. Will passed with straight A's."
Hefting the unconscious male to his feet, the two girls let his limp arms dangle on their shoulders and carried him to the chair in his corner.
"He's gonna have a shiner by tomorrow morning," Karen mentioned.
"Oh yeah?" Paula's voice went chirpy, like an excited bird. "Do you think he'll....?"
"We will see."
Karen had invited Paula to the match because she knew Will was exactly the kind of man both were looking for.

Paula was never the sexual aggressor with her new friend, the way Karen was. So it was month before they had sex, initiated by Will, who was fascinated by Paula's holding back. She told Will that she liked it best when the man was on top.
They boxed a week later in a private ring at the Amazonia, with Karen as referee.
For a moment, before the first punch was thrown, Paula felt that she was happily back in Will's bedroom again, as Will raised his gloves in her face. She wondered how many punches she would get in before being knocked out.
Will didn't engage much in the first round. Instead, he watched Paula's body as she boxed, waiting for the right moment.
Midway through round four Paula left a gap, exposing her jaw.
"Okay, Paula, see you in a few..." Will whispered.
"A few what?"
The hook was sharp and sudden.
Even Karen thought it was cruel of Will to hit Paula like that and Karen was dying to see her old girlfriend go out for the count.
There was an "Ohhhh!" from Paula as she stumbled sideways and then danced forward, her eyes glassy. She fell silently into dreamland.
Will was stunned by the unconscious Paula and never heard Karen deliver the ten count. He was speechless.
"She's out, Will," Karen congratulated him. "I mean out cold!" The blonde was close enough to Will to hear his shortened breathing.
"She's beautiful, isn't she? You made her that way!"
Will watched the graceful rise and fall of Paula's chest.
"Reminds me of when Paula and I were together." Karen stated. "Need me to..?"
Karen waited. Will's feet were bolted to the floor. "No, of course not!" she said, as Will removed his gloves and tested Paula's pulse. Karen took the smart phone from Will's gym bag and handed it to him. He began photographing Paula, mostly head shots with her inert boxing gloves by her ears.
"I imagine Paula is so happy right now," Karen told Will. "You're a fing perv."
They lifted Paula from the canvas after Will stowed the smart phone and carried her to the dressing room.
"Remember the rules," Karen reminded. "You're mine and she is yours!"
Paula let out an affirmative groan.


Thursday, December 14, 2017

Desiree Knocked Out

Desiree stared at the bright lights as best she could, but her vision was murky and soft. The punch that put her on the canvas and into a KO daze was a piston-like upper cut from Jasmine. The force of the blow lifted Desiree from her feet, stretching out straight her small, strong body in mid-air. Desiree saw blackness during flight and then the ceiling of the Amazonia Boxing Club’s main gym.

Her limbs were relaxed and unresponsive. “FOUR!” sounded in her ears and Desiree made an attempt to sit up. Smiling at Emma the Ref, Desiree knew Jasmine was waiting impatiently for validation of what she told Desiree a few days before in the women’s locker room.
“You’re my punching bag! You’re gonna sleep like a baby!”
Peter, Desiree’s boyfriend, was yelling to her, but Desiree didn’t understand. Where’s Kaylee? She asked herself. With Peter? Get up!
But Desiree’s body said “No.” and she floated in blackness.

“Ten! You’re out!” Emma yelled, pulling Jasmine to the middle of the ring, raising her right fist in the air...the first that had delivered the KO.
 “Your winner, Jasmine, by a complete knockout!!”
As the crowd around the ring cheered her victory, Jasmine looked down at her unconscious challenger and sneered,” Sleep tight, pera!”
Kaylee, a sweet natured blond, was Desiree’s female lover. She and Peter checked Desiree’s vitals and helped lift her lover onto a gurney. Jasmine watched, with great pleasure, from her corner, as Desiree was rolled from the ring. Jasmine kissed her boyfriend with anticipation.

Desiree wandered back to consciousness. A sleepy blur above her focused into Peter and Kaylee.
“Peter…Kay…?” she groaned. “Did Jasmine…?”
“Dez, you slept for five minutes,” Peter explained, kissing her lips gently. “She sank you in the seventh.”
“Sank me?”
“You’ll be okay!” Kaylee assured her, leaving a kiss as Peter had.
“I hear music…” Desiree murmured, reordering the memories of the fight now flooding her brain.


Desiree's Rematch

Desiree let herself drop to the upper rope and struggled to pull up her hands to defend her face, which Jasmine was punishing. Through the narrow space between her gloves, she saw Jasmine moving in.
The taller girl threw her fists at Desiree's body, which jerked into a crouch. Jasmine brushed away the boxing gloves that Desiree used as a feeble defense and hammered at the girl's jaw line.

The rematch was in its fifth round. Weeks earlier, Jasmine had KOed Desiree after the shorter girl challenged Jasmine to a fight at the Amazonia Boxing Club. A lot of times Desiree let her hormones get ahead of her, as her boyfriend Peter knew well.
He shared Desiree's affection with a string of female lovers and she had a propensity for partners taller than her. Unfortunately, Desiree's idea of foreplay was fighting. Sometimes that approached worked and a lot of times it didn't - like now.

Desiree staggered a few paces, but Jasmine shifted in the same direction, continuing the assault. The smaller woman barely understood that she was in pain. Numbness crept through her body and everything was slipping into darkness. Each punch chipped away at consciousness, leaving Desiree exhausted and groggy.

"You hear me in there?!" Jasmine shouted in her prey's expressionless face. Desiree gave a pitiful nod. "I'm promising you two things before I knock you out!"
Jasmine continued delivering body shots, driving the wind from Desiree in soft, pained "Ohs!"
"You are gonna wake up in a hospital bed! I guarantee that!"

There was only another groan in reaction to Jasmine's left hook. The blow put Desiree out on her feet.
"And while you're hospitalized, all bruised and battered, I'm going to fuck your boyfriend!"
The "BAP!" of leather impacting Desiree's chin thrilled Jasmine and the spectators.

Arms hanging like lead weights, Desiree felt the remains of consciousness vanish. Her mouth hung open. Jasmine barely had a chance to step out of the way when Desiree landed at her feet.
Emma the Ref's count was swift. Looking at her friend sprawled on her back, Emma knew full well she would be down for awhile.
In her brain, Desiree wanted Kaylee and Peter and felt their hands lift her. Then Desiree was completely out.

Desiree was a week in the hospital as Jasmine pledged. When Jasmine called, pretending concern about Desiree's condition, she asked Peter if he wanted someone to talk to. Peter said "No!" and hung up.

Friday, December 1, 2017

Charity KO

It was December first, the beginning of Charity Match Week at the Amazonia Boxing Club. The undefeated female fighters would take on all challengers for a $500 donation to a local charity of their choice. One woman fought per night. Amy was scheduled for Friday.
"The rules are simple, gentlemen!" Amy informed the crowd encircling the Amazonia's main boxing ring. The spectators divided into two groups. The largest were the women who had come out to see if Amy could maintain her wining streak. The second was a gathering of ten men, who had, together, donated $10,000 to the local children's hospital expansion fund, to swap leather with Amy.
"All fights with me are to a knock out! No exceptions!"
Loud cheers greeted the statement. "And my record speaks for itself!"
Amy was statuesque, with shiny, raven-black hair that went down to her waist in a long pony tail. The youngest daughter of Chinese immigrants who ran a chain successful restaurants, Amy was biologist in the food preparation industry. But he real passion was boxing, taught to her when she was 12 by her father. Her favorite opponents were men, who she took a soul thrilling pleasure in beating up. The Amazonia was the perfect club for her.
"The man who, somehow, knocks me out tonight will win a date with me next week!"
"YES!" all ten men shouted in almost complete unison.
"And to the guys that I put to sleep...which will be all of you...all I can say is: 'Sweet dreams!'  Now which one of you horn dogs is first!?"
As the initial contender stepped through the ropes, Amy returned to her corner, where her seconds, Cathy and Jasmine, quickly tied on her boxing gloves.


From a folding chair just outside the ring, Mark waited his turn. He watched Amy take apart the three guys who went before him. Before any punches were thrown, Amy sized up her victim, smiled, and went to work. One man was face down within a minute of the bell. The other two had their knock outs postponed, while Amy punished them, even rubbing up against one attractive prospect while they were in a clinch.
"Those last three are sleeping like babies, lover boy," Amy taunted when she and Mark were close to touch gloves. "What have you got for me?"
"A lot!" answered Mark as the punches flew.

As they boxed, Mark realized Amy was wearing a yellow bikini, cut to display her thighs and flat stomach. But what really entranced him was her face. It was oval-like and illuminated by the frequent smiles on Amy's crimson lips. Mark would stare into her brown eyes, trying to decipher if she was aroused. Sometimes he could see that light in a woman's eyes...
Two electric jolts ripped through Mark's torso where Amy's fists landed. The right upper cut she uncorked put Mark on his back. Through a milky haze, he saw Amy standing over him, majestic and sexual. She was shouting at him with a mocking smile, but Mark didn't hear anything because he was asleep.
Four for four! exclaimed Amy to herself, watching Cathy and Emma the Ref carry Mark from the ring, after the ten count.

"You were looking at my tits the whole time!"
Amy and Mark lay in bed on a Saturday morning, the week after the charity match. Her head rested on Mark's chest as he tenderly stroked her hair.
"Among other things!" replied Mark.
"But mostly my chest."
Mark nodded in agreement.
The six men who followed Mark into the ring were also rendered unconscious, but Amy only remembered Mark the next day. Amy called him a few days after the match, apologizing for the trouncing she put him through. "I'm sorry, I just have to beat up men!" Mark's ribs ached for a few days after the bout, but he didn't mention that.
The couple went to a burger place downtown and then to a midnight showing of Girlfight. Amy gave Mark a hand job during the final fight sequence, whispering "That's us! That's you!" in his ear as Michelle Rodriguez clobbered her on screen boy friend.


"Want to do something this week?" Mark asked, casually concealing his tentativeness. Amy had just finished dressing.
"Yeah, I'd like that a lot!"
Amy leaned in and gave Mark a long kiss. "Just one thing."
"What?" Marked was apprehensive again.
"If you get in the ring with me again, I'll lay you out!"
"I mean out cold! Like last time!"
A tone of encouragement echoed in Amy's voice.
"But we're still going together?"
"Of course, Mark. Dinner at my place tomorrow."

The better he knew Amy, the greater the need Mark felt for a rematch. He learned that Amy had excelled on the woman's boxing team of Blake Mitchell University, where she earned a biology degree.
"I've had men in my life," Amy explained one day. "Some of them I knocked out and a few did the same to me...but the guys laying at my feet..I really fell in love with them!"
At their four month anniversary, Mark gave in. Amy wasn't upset or surprised. She reserved a private ring at the Amazonia for the upcoming Friday night.

Amy wanted to know what Mark was waiting for. "I'm ready to kick your ass!"
Mark didn't know if he should be reassured or worried by the grin from the beautiful woman who threw rapid punches in the air a few inches from his face. He looked around to make sure they were completely alone. The two fighters touched gloves.

This was different for Mark. He was reluctant to strike Amy now that they were intimate.
"You afraid to punch the woman who's fucking you?" Amy demanded, reading her lover's thoughts. "Is that it?"
Yes! Mark thought and jumped in, launching body shots at Amy, who became more energetic and flirty now that Mark was engaged.
She kept after him as the bout continued, forcing Mark to the defensive. As he took more punches than he gave, Mark saw that Amy was the better fighter and that his knockout was inescapable.
Amy fixed him in a neutral corner and worked Mark over methodically. Her work was swift and abrupt, leaving Mark unsteady on his feet. One hard punch set Mark back. He knew the fight was about to be over.
"All right, Amy! Enough!" Mark raised his fists to block his attacker. "I give up! You are the queen! You are my Reina!"
The words touched Amy and she was flooded with tenderness for Mark's suffering. The right upper cut jerked his head sideways. Amy stepped away and watched him collapse to the canvas.
"Get up! Mark, get up!"
She repeated the order again and again as she caught her breath. Kneeling, she kissed Mark and carried him from the ring.

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Hope and Sonia - Part One

It was Hope's idea to challenge Marcus Apted.
The game Hope and Sonia played was simple. A male fighter would first take on Hope and, if he won, Sonia. A few guys managed to get through the first round of the two against one, KOs only match, but they fell to Sonia's merciless fists.
Both girls were twenty-four and graduated from Blake Mitchell University, where they were members of the women's boxing team. Sonia was the better fighter of the two. The same idea prompted them to join the Amazonia Boxing Club, but they differed about priorities.
Getting laid edged out beating a man senseless for Hope. The reverse applied to Sonia. The girls found Apted an  attractive prospect because he was twenty-five years older than they were. Tall, fit, and handsome, Apted was adored by all the women at the Amazonia.
"When he smiles, I just can't say no! Ever!"  a former girlfriend told Sonia. Often that seductive smile was the last thing many female opponents saw before the impact of Apted's powerful right put them out for the count.
Unknown to most of his friends, Marcus Apted was a professional thief. Apted never admitted it, but his lover and protege in crime, Paula, was the most important woman in his life. He wanted a woman he could train in his profession and sleep with. Paula knew that and recognized what the challenge match with Hope and Sonia was: an attempt to steal what belonged to her.

Hope stepped through the ropes first, throwing punches in the air, pretending to ignore Apted. Across the ring, he sized her up and decided to end it quickly. Hope was slender, with smallish breasts and short hair, half dyed white.
"How fast are you going to put her down?" Paula whispered in Apted's ear. Hope wasn't very threatening to her.
"I don't know," replied Apted. He was already mentally removing Hope's clothing. "A tap on the chin will put her away."
At the bell, Apted and Hope came out, gloves up. The brief waltz before the punches landed gave Apted a chance to really lust for his opponent, who was already doing the same herself. Hope loved how much bigger and taller Apted seemed, how he towered over her. When they started trading leather, Hope got off on accepting the force of each punch like they were lover's caresses.
Apted liked women with more in the chest, like Paula, but Hope would be fine. Recognizing the wide-eyed awe she radiated when they were fighting close, Apted became more aggressive. He pinned Hope on the ropes in round two, punishing her yielding body.

"Hope! Sweetheart?" Apted said, tenderly, letting up on the punches. Hope looked around for who was calling her name. Apted pushed up her pert chin with his glove until Hope was looking up at him. "Nighty-night!"
The punch hurled Hope down a bright tunnel of shinny, multi colored stars and swirling pinwheels. Then she went to sleep on the canvas, her skull teeming with stars and explosions of color. Emma the Ref thumbed the slumbering girl's eyes after finishing the ten count.
"She's stone out cold," Emma said, waving in Cathy and Kaylee, who set a stretcher next to Hope. They lifted the skinny girl onto the stretcher, covering her gloved hands on her crotch.
An expression of real concern crept over Sonia's face as her partner was carried past on her way to the recovery room.
"Hope will be fine! It was just a love tap!" Apted joked to Sonia. "She'll be okay when she comes back from dreamland, just like you'll be!"

Hope and Sonia - Part Two

Thirty minutes after Apted knocked Hope out cold, Sonia stood in the ring. She went with Hope as the blond fighter was carried to the recovery room. Using smelling salts, the incapacitated girl was brought back to consciousness, but at first she didn't recognize Sonia and believed Apted had proposed to her while she was unconscious.
"I'm certain he did!"  insisted Hope, dreamily.
"Marcus Apted knocked you out for the count, which you slept through!" Sonia explained. "And then Apted and his slut Paula laughed while you were carried off!"
Sonia knew the truth would hurt, but Hope needed to hear it from a friend.
"Why can't I get laid?!" Hope complained.
You get laid plenty, Sonia decided after leaving Hope to be examined by a nurse.

Putting on her gloves, Sonia said "Ready when you are!" to Apted as they squared off. She concealed her fear behind a mask of determination. Watching Hope get thoroughly pasted by Apted was worrying enough, but Sonia knew he was undefeated at the Amazonia Boxing Club. How was she going to be any different?
Apted immediately exchanged punches with Sonia seconds after the bell. He felt faint regret that he was about to knock out this challenger. Sonia was in better shape than her predecessor and was also a more skilled fighter. A fact Apted experienced as the rounds progressed and decided to terminate things a little earlier than he wanted. A shame, Apted thought, Sonia has dark hair and Apted really went for brunettes.
In round four, Apted moved in to finish the match. He suddenly hit Sonia hard, pounding her body, throwing head shots that rattled the fighter, making her stumble from Apted's fists.
A few more punches battered Sonia before she found herself trapped in a corner. An upper cut threw Sonia into the turnbuckle. She pushed forward, her gloves pressing on Apted's arms, holding him back.
"Wait!...Okay..." Sonia gasped. "I're about to put me to sleep...I deserve it!...but just ask something..."
"What?" asked Apted.
"Fuck me when I come to...please...?"
"Why sure..."
Marcus Apted never saw or even felt Sonia's upper cut. All her strength went into it, turning off the lights in Apted's skull. He crumpled listlessly to the canvas, sprawling on his back.
Emma the Ref began the ten count, while Paula and Sonia were both dumbstruck by what happened. For the first time in the Club's history, Apted was knocked out by a female.
As the numbers Emma shouted got close to "TEN," Sonia broke into a victory dance, which propelled her in circles around the slumbering fighter. For a chump who had been sucker punched into Dreamland, the defeated Apted looked pretty handsome to Sonia.
"Your winner in a two against one match by a total knockout," cried Emma the Ref. "Sonia!"
The victor did another orbit around the prone male, her fists in the air. Paula had flung herself to her lover and, with Emma the Ref, began checking his vitals. When she looked up, Paula saw Sonia with her back turned to them, accepting the praise of  some adoring spectators.
"Let's get Marcus to the recover room!" Emma the Ref said, placing the stretcher beside Apted. 
 "In a minute." Paula's voice was flat and determined.
Grasping Sonia by her shoulders, Paula spun the young fighter around until Sonia stood directly in front of her.
"Hey, bitch, what's wrong with you...?"
"Treacherous little...!"
With all her anger and love for Apted, Paula slugged Sonia across her jaw. The younger woman fell into the ropes, danced forward and went to the canvas, face down, landing inches from her victim.
"That was my man you fucked with!" Paula shouted in the silent ring and strode back to Emma the Ref.
They loaded Apted onto the stretcher and carried him to the recovery room.

A week after the match, Apted spent the night with Hope.


Friday, October 13, 2017

Sleep for a Month

Cynthia asked if Sam was trying to prove something.
"Maybe," said Desiree, her second. They were both in a corner, waiting for the next match to start.  "I doubt it, though."
Desiree had been intimate with Sam long before she met Peter, her husband. Desiree knew Sam very well.
"Then he's a pussy worshiper?"  Cynthia sounded genuinely curious about the next challenger. Cynthia and Desiree were now six matches into the All Comers charity event at the Amazonia Boxing Club. In two hours, four men and two women had been carried from the ring, completely knocked out.
Desiree reviewed her memories of Sam's attitudes toward women and agreed with Cynthia's assertion.
"Does he deserve to get beat up?"
"No, he doesn't..."
"You were in love, Desiree?"
As far as Cynthia knew, Desiree had multiple girlfriends and one man, Peter.
"Yeah, I was and we're still friends. Sam is a prince."
The black haired fighter shot a laugh at Desiree. "Want me to make him sleep?"
The question knifed Desiree, who vaguely nodded in agreement. Cynthia let out a second laugh and strode to mid ring to met Sam and get the rules, for the seventh time, from Emma the Ref.

The pair of idiots in line ahead of Sam bragged that they would teach Cynthia who was in charge.  As he watched both removed from the ring on a stretcher, Sam decided they had gotten all they deserved, even though he believed no one, good or bad, got what they deserved.
Sam told himself he had other reasons to take on Cynthia Zappatelli that night. His $100 donation would help the local children's hospital. Also, he loved mixed boxing matches and sex with the woman he had battled. Was Cynthia available? he wondered.
Cynthia was black haired, with eyes like rubies. Cynthia's muscular body was stunning in boxing gear, so he didn't care what she did to him.

Cynthia closed in on Sam in round two, ready to make the kill. A cute smile broke out on her face. The transformation was so abrupt that Sam stood for a moment in confusion.
"You're gonna sleep for a month!" Cynthia purred her threat.
Sam could feel Cynthia's fist through the padding of her glove when it impacted his chin. Two more punches landed somewhere on his body, but he could only feel the pain as he went backward into blackness.

Cynthia watched Emma the Ref deliver the ten count. Usually she turned dismissively back to her corner to rest up for the next challenger. Watching the way her friend stared at the unconscious male, Desiree knew Cynthia had a new friend.

Sam was a gentleman, who took Cynthia to dinner twice in one week. He was also a powerhouse fuck. The muscle girl was spent and happy Saturday morning.
She asked herself "What do I do with him?" but already knew the answer. Keep him. Sam was what Cynthia wanted in a man, down to his gleaming blue eyes that excited her with a glance. And Sam was so attentive and good-natured that Cynthia thought he was pretending. But each orgasm he gave her drove home the truth - Sam was the genuine article. What aggravated her was that there were a lot of "genuine articles" in circulation and she wanted to collect them all.
Cynthia slept with three guys who resembled Sam in some way, but she could not pry him out of her skull.

Talking Sam into the ring was easy. In the four months since the charity match, Sam had pushed to get in the ring with Cynthia again, but she refused.
"You mean too much to me!" she first insisted, followed by "You'll wake up in the hospital!" and finally, "Don't you get it? It could end things!"
A few days later, Cynthia understood clearly.
She pinned Sam to a corner and worked him over, slowly and methodically. To that point, Sam was confused by the harshness of the punches, but now he was numb with pain.
"Please Sam, please understand...!"
A right upper cut.
"I've never loved anyone like I love you! I never wanted to hurt you!"
Air shot from Sam's contorted body.
"I mean it, I love you!"
The left-right combination spun Sam into a daze. His arms began to sink. Words that jumbled with groans escaped his lips.
"But I can't...I don't know how..."
Cynthia was unable to speak, staring at the man she loved. "I can't be in love! It's too much!"
A second upper cut detonated Sam's skull. His moans sounded like "Y...Y...?" Cynthia slugged him again.
"I've got to do this!"
Sam's eyes were barely open. Cynthia wound up and fired.
Sam was out cold on his feet, swaying.
"I won't be here when you wake up!" she shouted, hoping Sam could hear her. Tears were rolling from her eyes. Sam hit the canvas loudly.