Monday, May 18, 2015


Amelia wanted to be taken by her lover, whether male or female. "Consumed" was the word she used. In college, her experience had been with women and she was certain about her lesbianism. After graduation, she encountered Jon at the Amazonia Boxing Club. Between their two bouts, both of which ended with the Asian girl out on the canvas, they slept together. The fact that Jon sucker punched Amelia in the ring the day after such shared intimacy ought to have put her off men. Instead, she found herself wanting to submit, to be bested and dominated. When not in the arms of a lover, Amelia was worried by this tendency.
Would she end up in love with an abuser? The physical dangers of that prospect frightened her. Emotionally, she was pleased.

Scott knocked Amelia out for the count one Saturday afternoon at the Amazonia. He was a skilled boxer,but Amelia took him on with trepidation. would he KO her the way she wanted it? His thoughtful eyes moved over her body so completely that Amelia assumed he was falling for her.
No! No! she yelled to herself. Do that when I don't care!
Moments later, Scott hurled a right directly into Amelia's mid section. The girl boxer jerked forward, her face distorted by agony. Two upper cuts exploded on Amelia's chin and jaw. She staggered comically into the ropes and Scott moved in quickly. He opened up on her torso for twenty seconds, before punching the side of her face.
Black silence blanketed the girl boxer. She stood a few seconds, limbs and muscles slack, head head lolling on her right shoulder, mouth gaping and eyes shut. Amelia's knees gave out and she lay on the canvas, unmoving.
As she dreamed of Jiannah, a beautiful black woman she'd been with three nights before, Scott placed Amelia on her back and administered a ten count.


Amelia came to in the dressing room where Scott had carried her. She sat up lethargically, focusing on the male figure seated next to the bed.
"I knocked you out," Scott explained. "How  do you feel?"
Amelia thought briefly, then asked Scott if he would drive her home. While they fucked, Amelia saw the thoughtful look in Scott's eyes again. He was falling in love.

For two weeks, Amelia stayed away from Scott, even though thinking about him got her excited. She slept with some old girlfriends and some guys who resembled Scott in different ways. Very late one night Amelia woke suddenly, realizing that Scott had never called her.
Amelia waited a few more days. When nothing happened, she panicked. I saw him, she told herself multiple times. I saw him fall for me!

"Hey, Amelia, where you been?"
The male voice filled the gym around Amelia, making her jump back from the heavy bag she was using. She had tentatively given up dodging Scott and visited the Amazonia after ten pm to work out.
"Scott!" she blurted, like a little girl thrilled at her father coming home after a long absence.  "I've been here, like always."
"Good. Get in the ring!"
"I don't feel like a fight now..."
Scott clasped Amelia's bare shoulders. "I am! I'm here to knock you out!"
Stressing the last three words, Scott's voice penetrated the Asian fighter. She took hesitant steps backward toward the ring. The intruder shoved her a few times until they both stood in the ring.
"One punch is all this will take!" said Scott, slamming his gloves together "From this fist right here!" He held the red boxing glove in Amelia's face, who felt fear stab her. Scott meant his threat.
"No, okay, Scott!" Amelia began. "I'm sorry...okay?...okay...!"
He said nothing and pushed closer. Amelia retreated, pleading louder, but aware she'd be clobbered in a minute.
"I just thought we could mess around..." Amelia struggled, her voice weakening. The ropes suddenly pressed on her back. Scott's fist went back. "Good night, Amelia!"
Amelia never felt the punch or her hard landing on the canvas.

Amelia delayed introducing Scott to her parents for a month. They wanted to give her black eye a chance to fade.

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Seeing Stars

The straight right hit directly on Adrienne's chin. The impact moved like a wave through the girl's skull; sharp, rattling pain, followed by lightheaded numbness. Adrienne was unable to move.
Or hear Henry, her boyfriend, shouting. Adrienne was completely vulnerable, stunned into half consciousness, pink boxing gloves motionless at her side. The few thoughts Adrienne managed to process to completion were about the girl standing in front of her.
The black haired Latina's lips were moving, hurling insults at the dazed fighter. The words didn't register with Adrienne, only mixed around in her brain with speculation about what was happening next.
"Good night, pera!" Rosie yelled, loud enough for everyone gathered for the match to hear the insult, except Adrienne. Her senses were rapidly scattering as the ring got dark.
The upper cut took fore ever, but when it struck, Adrienne was thoroughly separated from reality. when she landed on the canvas, upturned face adorned with a smile and big tits bouncing comically, the spectacle unleashed a collective cheer. Once again, Rosie had beaten an opponent senseless.
The victor felt particular pleasure parading around the ring, fists raised to the crowd - she had put Adrienne in her place. A few weeks earlier, Rosie had flirted aggressively with Henry, saying she  wanted a fling with him. Deeply in love with Adrienne, Henry politely deflected the offer.
An angered Rosie fabricated a detailed account of sex with Henry and spread it around the Amazonia Boxing Club. The ugly rumor finally reached Adrienne, who immediately saw it for a lie. On the night Henry was purported to be cheating, he and Adrienne had dinner at her parent's house in New Jersey.
Adrienne immediately challenged Rosie to the boxing match she had just lost by a knockout.

Henry and Adrienne's sister, Lucia, revived their fighter after the ten count from Emma the Ref. It took a few waves of smelling salts under the sleeping girl's nostrils to snap her back. And even then, Adrienne was very disoriented.
They slowly walked the wobbly Adrienne to her corner, where she sat peering at Henry, trying to figure out where she had seen him before. When she finally identified her lover, Adrienne kept asking for a kiss.
"Tonight, Adrienne, not now," Henry said, when they got to the recovery room.
"Ho...kay..." Adrienne chirped. She lay down on one of the couches and went out again.

Five minutes passed before Adrienne returned from dreamland. This time she knew who the people standing over her were and what had happened in the ring before the lights went out. Emma the Ref examined Adrienne and advised her to rest.
"You got worked over, now relax."
Lucia asked Emma to stay with her sister and Henry, explaining she had business to take care of. Emma, aware that Lucia had begged her sister not to challenge Rosie, knew what that business was.

She found Rosie in the women's locker room, just getting into her street clothes.
"How's the punching bag!?" asked Rosie, when she saw the intruder.
Lucia was on top of Rosie the instant after the question was finished. hauling the dark haired beauty against the lockers. "Why did you fight my sister? You knew she had no chance against you!"
"Because I wanted to beat her up!"
"That's why you hit on Henry. He's not the kind that cheats, but Adrienne is the kind who flies out of control when she's pissed!"
"You figured it out!"
"And your sister is a big titted ditz with a glass jaw! Only a sad sack like Henry would want her!"
Lucia's right fist plunged into Rosie's solar plexus. Rosie folded in on herself, gasping violently.
"Don't worry, the pain won't be for much longer."
Lucia straightened up her intended target and slugged Rosie hard on the jaw. Rosie's body smashed the lockers loudly. Awareness drained from her eyes and her knees buckled.
Lucia gloated as Rosie slipped down to the cement floor, a brief moan signaling that consciousness was slipping away.
Lucia wanted to punch the knocked out girl one more time, but didn't. The message she wanted to communicate to the little puta would be painfully clear when she came around in an hour.


Monday, April 27, 2015

The Good Girl

 Bruised and groggy, Marcus Apted, professional thief and forger, sagged on the ropes. In spite of the three round trouncing he just experienced, he didn't regret accepting Silver Fox's challengeat the Amazonia Boxing Club. He'd been anticipating it for awhile.
In the last year alone, Apted had defeated, seduced or both a large number of Silver Fox's colleagues in Justice Force, the all female crime fighting organization. One of them, Atomic Girl, took a double neck chop from Apted while she guarded a display of ancient jewelry at the Metro Museum. When Atomic Girl came to, hours later, there was a thorn less red rose resting in her ample cleavage and she knew exactly who clobbered her.
A week later, she began a four month affair with Apted. Long after she broke things off, Atomic Girl wondered how one man gave her so much pain and pleasure.
Silver Fox liked the idea of sex with Apted, but not being vulnerable. A quick study of files on Apted showed her his one weakness: a Good Girl.
Though Atomic Girl never swerved in her commitment to fighting crime, she often used underhanded tactics and possessed a dark, vaguely threatening appearance that had a seductive shade of slutty. That was good for short term flings, but men like Apted tired of it quickly. Silver Fox, with her soft, open face and cheerleader figure, looked "girl next door" perfect and she knew it. She was just the kind of girl that Apted wanted, deep in his heart, to lose a fight to.

Apted was a breast man, so Silver Fox wore a sleeveless top that showed plenty of skin. Her well toned ass and gams were highlighted by her short, tight red trunks. Apted imagined them fucking, Silver Fox on top, the moment she leaped into the ring. Silver Fox saw the lust in Apted's eyes and considered delivering a nut shot hard enough to knock him out cold. Practice had taught her to do that with swift effectiveness. Silver Fox changed her mind, she wanted to own Marcus Apted, not injure him.
"I'm going to knock you out, Marcus Apted!" Silver Fox said when they touched gloves.
"It doesn't have to be that way!" responded Apted with a sincerity that almost made Silver Fox orgasm. "We can box later...tomorrow morning..."
"Sweet dreams, Marcus Apted..." Silver Fox teased as she went back to her corner.

This little gym bunny should have kissed the canvas two rounds ago! Apted thought, midway through the sixth. His opponent had kept him entangled with her body or pinned on the ropes, talking dirty as she worked him over. Apted could feel the slow process of being worn down by the super heroine's fists.
A large explosion left Apted severely dazed on the ropes. As Silver Fox dog walked him to the middle of the ring, all Apted could think of was sex with Silver Fox.
"A Good Girl beat you up and you like it!" Silver Fox said, pressing Apted's arms to his side and tilting his head into the optimal position. "Ready to knock you out!"
A thrill rippled through Apted and then a second explosion, that turned off the lights in his brain.

After the ten count, which Apted peacefully slumbered through, Silver Fox applied a coat of bright red lipstick to her lips. First, she kissed Apted's cheek, leaving a glowing scarlet lip print. Then she pulled down his trunks and took Apted's raging erection in her mouth, leaving a smear of read on his penis.
The first number on the cell phone contacts list was "Paula," who Silver Fox knew was Apted's protegee in crime and only full time lover.
"No, this is not Marcus," Silver Fox explained to the female voice who answered after four rings. "I'm afraid he's incapacitated right now...I was too much woman for him...We're at the Amazonia Boxing, I'm afraid I can't wait for you to get here, Marcus will be waiting....that wasn't nice!"
Silver Fox snapped the cell phone shut.

A week passed before Marcus contacted Silver Fox and they had dinner at the  town house he reserved just for these meetings. It took him a few days to convince Paula of the truth: he was unconscious when the lipstick was applied to his dick. The next morning Silver Fox was pleasantly surprised to see Marcus had a black eye.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Mercedes Gets Max

Since he was a teenager, Max loved muscle girls. Stunned when he first saw, at age 13, a televised female body building competition, he could never get these women from his mind.
At Blake Mitchell University, Max dated athletic girls, even serving as volunteer equipment manager for the women's lacrosse team because his girlfriend was a member. All kinds of women were happy to beat him senseless and then fuck him stupid at the Amazonia Boxing Club. But girls like Mercedes turned his soul to water.
Max wanted to lose to Mercedes. It was intensely erotic to imagine her using her fists to put him to sleep in the ring. That Mercedes loved skinny men like Max didn't hurt his prospects, either.
Mercedes stepped into the ring in a black sports bra that highlighted her big tits. Anticipating Max's fetish, she wore black trunks, short and tight, that displayed her muscular legs. She held her boxing gloves at chest level so Max would associate them with her breasts.
He's going to be a great fuck! Mercedes thought when she looked Max over. His type always are!
"Come her!" ordered Mercedes, The pair met in the center of the ring. "Two punches and you are done!"
Max appeared calm, but his pulse ran fast.
"When I hit a guy like you, he's out till the next morning. While he's KOed, I take full advantage of his masculine attributes!"
Max smiled. "Oh yeah...?"
Mercedes kissed Max and shoved him away. "Get in your corner, boy, and wait for me to knock your ass out!"
Dumbstruck, Max stared at Mercedes' well defined ass and calves as she walked back.

When the automatic bell rang, Max saw Mercedes charge straight at him.
He was knocked cold on his feet, jaw slack, eyes barely open.
Max was deeply in love with his attacker. Longing swelled his being as Mercedes pulled back her right fist and hurled it forward.
Max was finished.

Erotic dreams sloshed in his slumbering brain, projecting a blurry record of the women Max had boxed and loved. Waking, Max found himself in a women's bedroom.
"Hey, lover, you've been sleeping all night!"
The sweet tone of Mercedes' voice cleared away the haze. Max saw his new love wore only her boxing gloves. He was totally naked.
"You okay?" she asked.
Max sat up carefully and gave Mercedes a hard kiss. While she held him to her with her left arm, Mercedes reached her right under the covers.


Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Rosie Dreamland

"You're endowed like a horse, really gifted," Rosie observed, smiling from her corner of the ring. "It's a real shame I'm going to knock you out cold for the night!"
The private match at the Amazonia Boxing Club was my idea. Fighting naked except for our boxing gloves was Rosie's. I could not say no.
"We don't have to start fighting immediately..." I suggested. "I'm a lover at heart."
"I bet!"
Rosie had been working out at the Amazonia for the last year and her golden-brown body showed the results. In this situation, I couldn't not stare at her firm thighs and sweet, black haired pussy. But her smile, that said "Take me right now, lover!" and her liquid brown eyes warned "I'm putting you out, boy!"
Rosie banged her gloves together loudly. "Marcus, I know what you're trying. Give me some of your honey, get me worn out before I even throw a punch!"
She was right. The word from the guys who had dated her was that once Rosie got started making love, she went all night. It appeared I would have to box Rosie before I did anything else with her.
Rosie started to strut to me slowly, throwing punches in the air in front of her. "And just so you know, sweetheart, I'm sending you to Rosie Dreamland! Know what that is?"
"That's when I knock you out and you dream about me! By the time you wake up, I'll be long gone!"
With no warning, Rosie clasped my head and pulled me into a long kiss. I yanked her body against mine, hoping to get things started. Rosie pushed me back.
"Nice try!" she laughed and went back to her corner.

As expected, Rosie fought like a wildcat. Keeping close made me horny and a good target. By round three, I'd been battered pretty well and floored twice.
In the fourth, we opened up on each other, dueling punches aimed at our heads and bodies. I laid a punishing left-right to Rosie's belly and then uncorked an upper cut when there was an explosion. A right hook slammed my jaw, stars everywhere. I heard Rosie's "OOOOFFFF!" and saw nothing.
The stars were still shinning when I woke, face down in Rosie's pussy. I nuzzled into her labia. A soft moan made me look up. Between the pair of round breasts, I saw Rosie's face on its side, boxing gloves, wrists up, behind her head. A wide smile curled her lips. I had knocked Rosie out cold.
The urge to give Rosie serious cunny and more flared in my loins. I kissed her again and slipped off to Rosie Dreamland.

Sunday, March 22, 2015


My left-right, upper cut follow through combination knocked Amelia out in round four. She said this was her first time boxing a guy and Amelia was a sweet kid. I doubt she even knew what happened. One moment Amelia, a senior at Blake Mitchell University, was giving me a pretty good fight and suddenly, nothing, flat on her back in a deep knock out.
She was cute, laying at my feet, completely conquered. Possessed of a soft, round face that you see in Asian women, Amelia looked like a girl who had recently lost weight from training at the Amazonia Boxing Club, legs really toned and biceps defined.  rumor had it that Amelia only went with women, but who could tell for sure. Early 20s is a time when females experiment and if she wanted to get in the ring with a male who was older and bigger than her, who knows what else might happen.
Amelia was already coming out of it when her seconds, Josie and Karen, lifted her from the canvas and sat her in her corner. The way Amelia groaned and blinked her eyes, you knew her journey back to reality would be protracted.
"Is she okay?" I ask after removing my gloves and pulling on a T- shirt.
"You rattled her good," Karen answered, over her shoulder, shinning a small flash light in Amelia's eyes. "She'll be okay, but you left a shiner."
Amelia suddenly noticed my presence a few feet away. "You..stars...when did you...gotta a hard...fist...." and the exhausted girl boxer sagged back to the turn buckle.

Getting flattened flipped a switch in Amelia's soul. A week after our bout, she went out her way three times to talk to me at the Amazonia. I finally asked her out for dinner and she accepted before I finished the request.
I kept the conversation focused on her: where Amelia came from, what were her plans for graduate school and a career. When I asked her why she took up boxing, Amelia got really excited.
"I love fighting, I always have since I was in grade school." I searched the delicate featured co-ed for signals of aggression and found nothing but a smile and black shoulder length hair in a tight pony tail.
"Really now?"
"Yeah! I fell in love when I was sixteen and I hit her a bunch of times."
"So the Amazonia and you are a perfect fit?"
I sat back, a little surprised by her honesty. We hadn't even slept with each other yet.
"And now?" I asked.
"I thought I'd try men, see if picking a fight with men would be fun."
"I don't know. It was a great match, but then you turned out my lights."
"How was that Amelia, was I your first man?"
Amelia smiled slowly. "Not yet."

Amelia was ready to fuck as soon as we got back to my place, so I didn't hold back.
"I can knock you out, I know I can!"
Amelia was excited to challenge me again as we lay in my bed the next morning. I just wanted more sex with her, but Amelia cut me off until I agreed. I did.

A day later we were in a private ring at the Amazonia. All decked out in her trunks and red gloves, Amelia looked very comfortable.
"You for your knockout, honey?" I asked, raising my gloves.
"Right now!" she replied.
"Just one thing, Amelia..."
My upper cut jerked Amelia's head back. For a moment, she faced the ceiling, arms dangling, mouth hanging open. Softly she fell into my arms and I lowered her to the canvas. I took a shower and when I came back, Amelia was sitting up on the canvas, shaking the stars from around her head.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Getting Even

The punch sent Adrienne across the canvas, landing her on her back.
"Damn!" exclaimed Paula, one of Adrienne's seconds. She knew exactly how much winning this match against Rex meant to her friend.
"Adrienne!" Henry shouted, leaping toward his unconscious girlfriend. Emma the Ref was already standing over the flattened girl, starting the ten count.
Adrienne's head, slack jawed, rested on her bare shoulder. The only movement was Adrienne's ample breasts rising and falling under her red sports bra and the twitching of her hands inside her boxing gloves.
A few paces away, Rex felt some tenderness for his ex, even if she wasn't as good a fighter as he was. He had spent the last two rounds of the bout steadily working Adrienne over. When Rex threw the right hook that ended things, Adrienne was already out on her feet.
"Winner by a complete knockout...Rex!!" Emma the Ref shouted after declaring Adrienne out.
Well, honey, Rex decided as his arm was raised over his head in victory, you just had to have this match!
Henry and Paula jumped between the ropes to examine Adrienne. With help from Emma, they checked her pulse and eyes.
Rex had liked Adrienne and what a great lover she was. But she never understood that I needed more than one woman. Rex shrugged his shoulders and went back to his corner, where Tish and Samantha, his current partners, were waiting to towel him off.

"She's okay." Emma said, as Henry and Paula placed the stretcher next to Adrienne. "But that dick head really beat her good!"
With one careful movement, Henry and Paula lifted Adrienne on to the stretcher and carried her to the recovery room.
Smelling salts ejected Adrienne from sleep. For a few minutes, she continued to tell Henry how cute he was and if they could go out sometime. Eventually, reality shifted into place and Adrienne, aching all over, wanted to know what happened.
"Rex put you out on the canvas, sweetheart." Henry answered. Adrienne pulled her face in anger and frustration and glared at the ceiling for a silent minute.
"I'm going to destroy that bastard!"

So Adrienne started back training, telling Henry right away: no sex for the duration.
"I have to focus all my energy!" she explained.
Aware of how horny his girlfriend was in normal circumstances, Henry knew Adrienne was committed to defeating Rex. A month into preparation for the rematch, Paula felt sorry for the stoically suffering Henry and gave him an all nighter. "It's our secret." she told him.
"Why did Adrienne pick this fight with Rex to start with?" Henry asked Paula as they lay in her bed. He knew Adrienne and Rex had been together before he came along, but she had never said what had gone wrong.
"Rex was Adrienne's first real guy and she fell for his romantic bullshit act," Paula said. "It crushed her when she found out he was fucking around like a jack rabbit. When that happens, most women dust themselves off and start again. Adrienne swore revenge."

"Do you think she will win?' There was doubt in Henry's question.
"She's not going to give up until she does."

Paula saw all the advantages Rex had over Adrienne. He was bigger, better trained and he didn't fight angry. Being obsessed with vengeance handicapped Adrienne, got her over excited and prone to making mistakes in the ring. Paula decided to correct that imbalance as best she could.
"These are loaded gloves!" Adrienne said, holding the pair of red boxing gloves that Paula had just given her. They were in the women's locker room of the Amazonia Boxing Club.
"Yeah, I know. The padding has sand in it. Put the right punch on Rex and he's out!"
"This is cheating!"
"It is gives you the edge, is all. And edge you need!"
"Does Henry know about this?"
"No, he doesn't." assured Paula.
"He'll never agree to this!"
"I know. That's why you need to keep Henry and knock Rex out!" Adrienne weighed the gloves in her hands again. "Just use them!" Paula insisted.

Short and sweet, Rex told himself. Just put her to sleep nice and clean.
Rex contemplated Adrienne from his corner while Tish and Samantha rubbed his shoulders. It occurred to him, as it did when he last saw Adrienne out cold, that boxing had really improved her figure. Wouldn't mind another time with her!
"Tish? Samantha? When I finish up here, I'm giving you two the best night of your lives!"
Both girls grinned and Samantha whispered in his ear,"I want you to fucking knock her out!"
At the bell, Adrienne was the first from the corner, her sand laden gloves raised. They ducked each others punches and swings. When a blow did connect, it was quickly followed by two more, sometimes in combination and then a retreat.
Both were waiting for the moment to finish matters between them. As the rounds went by, the fighting became rougher. Adrienne was on the defensive, never giving the opening Rex needed to put her away. Knowing that the gloves were loaded balanced out Rex's advantages, Adrienne only had to wait. In round four, Rex got tired of Adrienne holding him off and dropped his guard below his chin for a few moments. Adrienne hammered his face and Rex stumbled back to the ropes, surprised at the force of the punch, but prepared for the follow up.
Assuming her former boyfriend was dazed, Adrienne threw all her strength into a hay maker. A half second later, Rex launched an upper cut.
Adrienne only saw her right glove hammer into Rex's skull, closing his eyes as he went sideways. The unseen upper cut exploded on her chin and there was blackness. Her senses reformed in her brain, but the ring and the cheering fans barely registered with the dizzy fighter. Adrienne saw Rex laying on the canvas, spark out cold and then heard "SEVEN!" Slowly, she comprehended what happened.
I fucked Rex up! she told herself.
The ring began to get dark. Adrienne saw Henry and Paula running to her and she heard bells. She hoped they were wedding bells, but Adrienne never knew for certain. She landed next to Rex and slipped off to dreamland.
A sleepy smile was on Adrienne's lips as she was carried from the ring.