Sunday, April 15, 2018

Kaylee and the Old Man

"Don't let him beat you like that!" Cathy told Kaylee, who sat in a folding chair in the corner of a boxing in the Amzonia Boxing Club.
Kaylee nodded, trying to catch her breath, not removing her eyes from Harlan, her opponent. Through the last three rounds, Kaylee had struggled against feeling overwhelmed by his presence. She felt it stir in her again as she awaited the fifth round bell. This emotion she didn't share with Cathy or Sonia, her other corner person.
"I know, keep moving, he'll tire out." Kaylee recited.
"He's an old man," Sonia chimed in. "Knock him the fuck out!"
Kaylee nodded again just in time for the bell's clang. She leaped from her chair.

Harlan, a tall, handsome man in his late forties threw punches at Kaylee when they were in mid ring. Then Kaylee back peddled, providing Harlan quarry to pursue.
All right!, Harlan decided, pressing Kaylee to the ropes. Time for Goldilocks to go Nighty-Night!
Connecting four effortless punches ended the match.
The first two, punishing body shots, immobilized the blond for the follow up, a right hook that drastically dimmed the lights in Kaylee's head. Kaylee's glassy eyes scouted listlessly for Harlan's fists.
He' out, drifted through her brain. He'
A right upper cut lifted the girl boxer inches from the ground. Kaylee went to sleep.
While Emma the Ref administered the ten count, Kaylee slumbered tranquilly on her back, one glove rising and falling with her ample chest. from a neutral corner, Harlan observed the count confidently.
A week earlier to the day, in the same ring, he transformed Jasmine, a friend of Kaylee's into Sleeping Beauty. A few days before that, Harlan did the same to his first challenger, Paula.

Emma the Ref felt a curious satisfaction seeing the loser removed from the ring to the recovery room. She had taken a serious disliking to Kaylee since her blatant attempt to steal Emma's boyfriend, Wes. Wes evaded capture, proving again he was one of the few men at the Amazonia who could be trusted.
"Nice job!" Emma told Harlan, who was removing his gloves. "I think she'll be out for the night!"
"Thanks." said Harlan. "It was easy."
"What are you doing tomorrow night?"
"Not much, Emma. Got any plans for me?"
"Like Italian?"
"Sure do!"

With her naked body pressed on Harlan's, Emma explained that their night together wouldn't be repeated. Harlan admired how Emma kept her three-way relationship with Wes and Katie going happily, but he was disappointed.
Emma felt right for Harlan. The Amazonia Boxing Club's full time referee was intelligent, easy going, in great shape, and had exactly the kind of ass that gave Harlan wood.

Since joining the Amazonia, Harlan had enjoyed many twenty something girls, the "Gym Bunnies." They found his paternal good looks impossible to resist. It struck Harlan that the Gym Bunnies were in competition to accumulate the most orgasms in one night.
The women in his age bracket (forty to fifty), who comprised the Cougar Clique, endlessly appreciated the experience Harlan brought to love making and the fact he could string two sentences together. But they wanted younger men for the same reason Harlan loved the Gym Bunnies: both groups wanted sex with older partners.
As they dressed, discussing where to go for breakfast, Harlan wondered, if the menage a trois was so tight, why did Emma fuck him all night like a crazy woman?

"You going to give Kaylee a try?" asked Emma.
The couple drank coffee while waiting for breakfast to arrive.
"Sure. If she wants to go again, I'll put her down for another nap."
"No, I meant are you going to try to fuck her?"
Harlan let out a resigned laugh. "I don't think I'll get far there. I beat her up before I knocked her cold."
"You don't know Kaylee, she's crazy as a cork screw."
"No doubt," agreed Harlan. "But most of the Amazonia's membership is crazy someway."
Emma laughed cynically. "Try it."
"That would take a serious pair on my part to even propose it?"
They were both momentarily silent as they waitress set breakfast in front of them. Emma began shaking pepper on her spinach omelette. "And I know that you've got them."

 He went with his instincts and apologized to Kaylee for roughing her up in the ring. Harlan wasn't sincere, but when Kaylee responded positively, he kept going to see what happened.
Kaylee was impressed with his strength and fighting skills.
"For a man so...mature..." she added, gently caressing the salt and pepper hair on Harlan's temples.

They fucked the next night. In the morning, Kaylee talked about a rematch.
"A lot of people think I can knock you out," Kaylee told Harlan. "Last fight, I was occupied with other things."
"So now the distraction is out of the way?"
"Pretty much!" she answered, giving him a kiss.
"Because in all honesty Kaylee, I have height and weight advantage on you. I'd probably put you out again."
"Not this time!" A bright anticipation burned in the blonde's eyes.

Harlan gave Kaylee three rounds to keep her dignity. She fought well, demonstrating what she could do. One perfectly executed shot to the blonde's chin put her to sleep in the fourth.
Standing in a neutral corner, Harlan watched Emma slowly count out Kaylee. He thought she was giving the downed fighter as much time as she could to recover and fight on. But Harlan had hammered Kaylee's sweeet spot, putting her out for five minutes at least.
The grin on Emma's face stretched as the count approached ten.
"Winer by a total knockout, Harlan!" Emma shouted, pointing Harlan's glove to the ceiling. "You made that little tramp sleep like a baby!"
"Uh...yeah!..." Harlan replied, watching the limp Kaylee carried from the ring. In his corner, Emma removed his boxing gloves.
"You were such a gentleman giving her three rounds to save face," Emma chirped. "That was so sexy!"
"Thanks, Emma."
"And then POW!! you sent her to Dreamland! I loved that part the best!" Emma's voice filled with excitement. "Are you doing anything Saturday night?"
"Gee Emma...I don't think..."
"I still love Italian!" Emma said.

Monday, April 2, 2018

Amelia and Alma

Amelia, Mark's girlfriend, was taking a beating from Alma, aged forty-nine. In his heart, Mark was aroused and elated.

He spent three rounds watching a pretty even match between the two. Now in the fourth, Alma asserted herself and set to work demolishing the much younger opponent.  Alma had Amelia pressed on the ropes, landing surgical punches. The black haired Amelia was physically spent and remained semiconscious by force of her will. If Amelia survived the next two minutes, Mark would really be impressed. She absorbed each of the recurring body shots with small, sharp grunts. Amelia felt numb from Alma's pummeling, pushing her closer to dreamland.

"Know why I'm working you over like this?" asked Alma, targeting Amelia's belly with a barrage of leather. The girl "uuff"ed softly. "Don't know? Because when I clobber a brat like you, they're useless in bed for a month!"
A right hook bounced Amelia off the ropes. The cougar steadied her victim and tilted her pert chin into the correct position. "" Amelia whispered.
Alma chuckled. "Maybe I can help Mark out during your convalescence?!"
A super nova went off in Amelia's skull, followed by a listless sigh. Amelia was out cold, but stood a few seconds before toppling at Alma's feet. Alma stared at Mark, whose eyes were wide with apprehension and lust.
"You wanna fuck her now, lover boy?!" jeered Alma. "You love Ms. Light Weight, right?"

Mark discovered older women in the summer of his junior year at Blake Mitchell University. One  night in late June, Mark participated in a monthly, all-comers mixed boxing match, conducted by his mother's best friend, Veronica Mitchell. Recently divorced, Mrs. Mitchell, as Mark knew her, selected a new boyfriend from the men she defeated in the backyard ring. She was undefeated.
Recognizing the unbridled lust in Mark's eyes, a feeling that burned in the young man since Mrs. Mitchell was his babysitter, she knocked him out directly. For the month of July, Mark spent every night making his teenage fantasies come true.
From then on, he was hooked. Mark bedded down a few more neighborhood women, in the forty and fifty age range, some married, some not. After graduation, he moved to the city, got a job and an apartment, and had a fling with Donna, who sponsored his membership with the Amazonia Boxing Club.

"No, you don't want her!" Alma said, removing her gloves and reclining on a turnbuckle, spreading her arms on the top ropes.
Mark walked past his unconscious lover and embraced Alma. The pair kissed for a rapturous minute and pulled off their garments. Mark was oblivious to reality, except for the pleasure of fucking Alma, his hands feeling up her well exercised ass and thighs. The fire of orgasm suddenly burned through both of them.
He slumped against Alma's bare chest, gasping for air, repeating "Oh, God!", while Alma told Mark how he satisfied her. Staggering back a few paces, Mark took in Alma's beautiful body. When their eyes met, Alma smiled maliciously. The bare knuckle upper cut put Mark out instantly.
Alma slowly redressed and put Mark's shirt and jeans back on him. She left him a few feet from Amelia, who was still touring dreamland.

"I'm going to injure that bitch!" Amelia swore days after the match.
Mark wanted to settle the score for the cheap shot he took from Alma after such a powerful
Being sore from Alma's beating disinclined Amelia to sex, as the warrioress promised. Mark knew Amelia's horniness would return and consoled himself with memories of his first encounter with Amelia.
She was boxing his ex girlfriend Jasmine and losing badly. Mark stood among the spectators as Amelia weathered the punishment Jasmine was handing out, but Mark was aware of how relentless Jasmine was in the ring. The young Asian girl finally went down, unconscious, like an abandoned rag doll. The vision of Amelia so vulnerable jolted Mark into falling in love. In a few weeks, they were a couple.

Alma was pleased with herself for knocking out Mark right after their quickie. It kept him coming back for more while his girl recuperated, but discouraged him from thinking any of Alma's emotions were involved.
After I finish Ms. Babe-in-the-Woods, Alma thought, I'll clobber that two timer!
As the third round of the rematch started, Alma believed it would be the last.

Amelia had learned from experience. She kept away from the older woman, striking only when she had the best chance to do damage.
"She's strong, but she'll get tired before me," she told Mark between rounds.
When one of the openings in Alma's defense appeared, Amelia hammered at her opponent's sides multiple times before pasting her chin hard as Alma twisted in pain. She followed Alma's retreat, attacking her belly and head with lightening punches. Amelia had lost all connection to reality, intent only on putting the other fighter down.
Alma wobbled from a right to her jaw, her vision smearing out of focus. A second blow shattered reality.
"Sleep, bitch!" Amelia sneered, smacking Alma's head back and forth, finishing with an upper cut. Weakness washed through Alma's body. Amelia, inches away, hurling punches, vanished. Alma did nothing to stop her body collapsing to the canvas. Going to sleep was so pleasurable.
Emma the Ref declared Amelia winner by a total knock out. Gloves reaching for the ceiling, Amelia did a victory dance around the ring.


Wednesday, March 14, 2018

About a Girl


Rachel was on the short side for a fighter, but her compact body was powerful. So much energy propelled her legs and hips, that she seemed to spring forward when attacking an opponent.
A twenty-one year old pre-med student at Blake Mitchell University, Rachel had a pert nose and hazel eyes that burned to consume reality completely. When talking with her, people often got lost in her gaze.The five men that Rachel boxed fell into that trap and got floored.

When Marc made Rachel sleep with a fourth round right hook, he caught her as she plummeted to the canvas.
"Well, she's out!" Emma the Ref observed, pushing Marc away from the spot where he set Rachel down. Emma had gone through the count to make it official- Marc was victor by a knockout.
"You planned this, of course." Emma taunted Marc as they carried Rachel into her dressing room. "You knew you could out fight Sleeping Beauty."
"No one gets in the ring expecting to lose!"
They placed Rachel on the recovery bed and Marc watched Emma remove Rachel's boxing gloves and loosen her top slightly.
Emma divided men at the Amazonia into two groups. The ones who took knock outs and the ones who dealt them out. In spite of his good manners and kind nature, she knew Marc was in the second group.
"You gave Rach her first defeat," Emma said, waving smelling salts under the girl's nose. Her face imploded momentarily and Rachel was conscious. Marc felt disappointed.

"What do you remember?"
"Just us fighting and then blackness, streaked with white flashes."
In the days since the match, Rachel struggled to recall how Marc had put her down. Baffled, she spoke to him about it.
"That must have been when I tagged your jaw." said Marc. "You went right out."
"Emma said you stopped me from hitting the canvas."
"Yeah..." Marc sounded modest.
"Emma said you looked at me like you were in love?"
"Yeah.. I did..."
Marc sounded less modest.

Almost nightly they fucked for three weeks at Marc's place. Most of the time, Marc didn't care where they did it, but eventually he asked Rachel if there was something wrong with her apartment.
"I've got a girlfriend!" she blurted.
Encountering bisexual women at the Amazonia Boxing Club was not out of the ordinary.
"Do I know her?" Marc asked.
"I knew it!"
Desiree was the wife of Peter, the Amazonia's chief trainer. She had only one male partner, her husband, and multiple female lovers. Judging by the glow in Rachel's eyes when she said "Desiree,"
Marc figured she was at the emotional arch of her current romance.
"Does Desiree know?"
Rachel shrugged. "She knows I've gone with men before. She's got Peter and those kids, so she's got no grounds for complaint."
Marc nodded his head in mild resignation. "No, does she know about us?"
"No, I haven't said anything. Desiree can be possessive."
This isn't going to be simple, Marc decided.

Desiree was not in a sharing mood after rumors about Rachel and Marc reached her. Desiree challenged him to ten rounds, KOs only. The loser dropped Rachel.
"All right, Dez, this is ridiculous!" Marc insisted, as the fighters stood face to face in the Amazonia's main ring. "It was just sex!"
"Yeah, you just having sex with my Rachel...that's the point!"
"Dez, you go through girlfriends like tissue paper! You're telling me that now you've fallen in love?"
"Rachel is mine!" Desiree insisted, as if explaining the obvious to a slow child.
"I ought to knock you out right here!"
Desiree snorted a laugh at Marc. "But you won't, you want Rachel enough to fight me for her!"
Desiree's skill as a fighter had increased since becoming a parent. She wanted to set an example for her daughter and son of what their mother could do, of how strong they could be. This was personal for her.
Brat! Marcus thought, watching Desiree's fine ass and toned legs, striding back to her corner.
"Peter needs to get control of you!' he called out to her.

Boxing with Desiree was actually stimulating for Marc, so he delayed the knock out he had planned until round four. For now, he thought, I'll just smack her around.
Desiree attacked early with rapid brutality, followed by retreats, leaving empty air for Marc to swing at. Rachel just outside the ring, along with ten other women, nervously watched the bout. Marc wondered who Rachel wanted win.
A phantom right collided with Marc's skull. He felt himself fall through black nothingness, landing on the canvas, collapsing through the ropes. Marc saw the ring sideways. Emma the Ref  was counting him out. Marc tried moving his limbs, but they only squirmed comically. Finally, he was able to control his arms and Marc used the ropes to slowly stand. By "EIGHT!" he was upright.
Feeling the ache in his jaw, Marc decided that Desiree was really in love with Rachel, which got him angry.

In the next round, Marc was on the offensive. He knew he was not in love with Rachel and that he was going to win her. Desiree understood Marc's goal and fought back, the feel of Rachel's naked body in her arms fueling her aggression. She blocked and counter punched, inflicting stabs of pain on Marc. He absorbed the hits. Desiree speed up her attack, desperate to bring down the wall she was battling.
Marc threw a punch into an opening between the piston-like thrusts of Desiree's arms, hitting dead center on her jaw, staggering the girl. Marc saw how much Desiree wanted to keep her eyes open. Her knees went to the canvas and Desiree spun downward. Marc stepped back from the motionless fighter as Emma the Ref started the count.
Marc looked from Desiree slumbering to a frantic Rachel, who was half inside the ring already. When Emma called out "TEN!" raised Marc's hand over his head, Rachel scrambled to her lover. Marc knew who Rachel was rooting for.


Tuesday, March 6, 2018

A Quick One

Kiki found many clients at the Amazonia Boxing Club and she was pretty certain Will was legit, even before they had a formal talk about the session.  Still, she was careful, reading everything he said and watching where his eyes went, as they sat in a coffee shop a few blocks from the Amazonia. In this instance, straight to her ample breasts.
Will wanted what Kiki called "A Quick One," to be conducted at his apartment.
"It's not that I want it from just any woman, but one..."
Will was providing the details of the sexual fantasy he wanted made real. Kiki grinned, finding his sudden reluctance to be attractive.
"Go ahead, honey, we're fine."
"...someone built like you."
Along with a full chest, Kiki had a slender waist, that connected to thighs that could sink a battleship. Session work had taught her the right kind of make up for men like Will- red lipstick for sensual lips and midnight black eye liner. The look had the right level of "Slutty." 
"You know, Will, you're a nice guy. All the girls around the Amazonia tell me so," Kiki purred, extending an empty hand. Will placed an envelope in the palm. "And I know you're a dirty boy!"

They fucked for half an hour.
When she presented her naked self in the doorway of Will's bedroom, Will took her firmly in his arms and moved her effortlessly to his bed. Will savored each surge toward orgasm as if he were drinking a fine wine. When the 30 minute timer sounded on her iPhone, Kiki climbed off the be, pulling Will along by his arm.
"Please, Kiki, just one more?"
"No, Will, I'm exhausted...!" Kiki insisted, genially. She admitted to herself that the excuse was a half truth. "We okay?" she asked, positioning the dopey male at the edge of his bed.
Kiki looked Will over contentedly and slipped on two black boxing gloves. "Ready?"
Sleepiness was gone from Will's eyes.
"Come here, I like you..."
Their tongues danced together for a long minute. Kiki's upper cut launched Will over the bed, where he landed, already out cold.
This was the best part of a session for Kiki - knocking out a male she had just had sex with.
Removing the digital camera, which captured the entire session, from its tripod, Kiki filmed the length of Will's limp body.
"Thought you could win! Thought you could defeat me!" The camera recorded Kiki degrading Will. "See what you get!"
After getting dressed, Kiki packed up her gear. She reapplied her lipstick and kissed Will on the cheek, leaving him with a scarlet memento.


Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Atomic Girl

Atomic Girl's interference was getting tiresome. Paula and I make a living robbing people and Atomic Girl tries to stop us, often successfully. Paula loves to get even after a foiled heist.
The struggle began at Midfield Manner, the stately mansion of the very wealthy Midfield clan. Paula and I had just digitally unlocked the state of the art library wall safe, when we heard a female voice wish us "Sweet dreams, love birds!"
Paula took the first neck chop, sending her to the floor. Before I could move, I felt a stabbing pain below my ear and landed next to Paula.
Groggy, I looked up at Atomic Girl smiling down at me.
"You deserve this!" she sneered, leaning down to me. I marveled at her superb body, especially her lovely tits that dangled inches from my face. White light exploded and I was completely out.

I don't know how long we were unconscious, but we were still on the carpet when we came around. The police had not been called.
A day later I got a text that read, "The first round to Atomic Girl! Sorry I didn't fight fair, but who does in our line of work? And you and Princess Punching Bag looked so cute laying at my feet that I couldn't call the cops! Your turn!"

Two weeks later, Paula learned from a source in the police department that Atomic Girl had been assigned to personally guard a shipment of uncut diamonds from Africa. Her neck still aching from our encounter with Atomic Girl, Paula wanted to serve up vengence herself.
We crawled silently through the ceiling ducts, stopping above the exact location of the diamonds
and Atomic Girl.
"Your mask on?" I whispered into the Bluetooth in my right ear.
"Check. Line secure?"
I tested the nylon rope connected to a belt around Paula's waist. A few feet ahead of me, Paula had lifted off the duct's vent cover. "Secure." I affirmed.
Paula gave a thumbs up as I pulled on my eye mask. I released the safety on the spool, lowering my partner, face first, into the storage room. On my wrist monitor, I watched Paula stop just a foot over Atomic Girl's head.
In one seamless movement, Paula retrieved a black jack from her belt, reached it down behind Atomic Girl's head, and smacked Miss Good Girl's skull with the precise amount of force.
I assume Atomic Girl heard Paula snarl "Nap time, bitch!" before stars exploded and darkness consumed her.

Atomic Girl was publicly humiliated.
Security cameras made a clear record of the city's greatest crime fighter getting cold cocked by masked intruders, who then made off with the diamonds.
The clip made it to cable news. Paula nd I toasted our triumph with champagne as we watched the knocked out cold Atomic Girl, secured to a gurney, being lifted into an ambulance. Sipping Dom PĂ©rignon, I glanced at the lap top screen, thinking that I needed to nail Atomic Girl.

Atomic Girl wanted a meeting a few days after getting out of the hospital.
"Just you," she told me. "Leave Princess Punching Bag at home to play with her dolls!"
That was unfair to my beloved Paula, who was a relatively mature twenty-four years old. I didn't tell her, however, about my meeting with Atomic Girl.
"I was in the hospital for more than week because of you!"
Atomic Girl had an "hour glass" figure, that kept nudging up close to Betty Page. Sitting opposite a senior director of Justice Force made me want sex with her even more.
"Well, it was Paula's idea. She has a strong instinct for revenge."
Casual disdain twisted Atomic Girl's face. "Why do you sleep with that gym bunny?"
"Very easily," I replied.
"She's not a real woman." Atomic Girl said dismissively. "If you had a real woman, one who knew what her man needs, you wouldn't be a criminal!"
I admired Atomic Girl's black fish net stocking clad thighs. "Know any candidates?"
"A few." Atomic Girl's expression changed instantly from confrontational to seductive. "One...maybe..."
If a good girl crime fighter has her kryptonite, its a bad guy.

We fucked most of the night at a hotel on Route 3 and never doubt it, Atomic Girl really likes men.
"I have an idea," she said to me the next morning. We were laying on our bed, completely spent.
"What's that?"
"While we were going at it last night, I had a great idea. We should settle our rivalry once and for all and in public."
"How? Where?"
"Twenty rounds of KOs only boxing at the Amazonia Boxing Club."
"That's a great idea!"
"You agree, Marcus?"
"Why not? You're the one who's taking a trip to Dreamland."
Atomic Girl clasped my hand and pressed it to her pussy. "That's what you'll be dreaming about when I'm done with you."
Quickly, we agreed to a fight next Saturday night."
"Tell me, Marcus, what was your favorite thing we did last night?"
"When I tied you up with those velvet ropes."
"My wrists behind my back...that felt..."
Atomic Girl's eyes rolled up from my bare knuckled right to her chin. She fell silently on the bed. I slipped a thorn less rose into her cleavage and kissed her good night. After I secured her wrists and ankles with the velvet ropes, I tucked the blankets around her. After all, I am a gentleman.

Almost equal numbers of spectators from Justice Force and the Sisterhood of Evil attended the match. The Justice Force members let out a loud cheer when Atomic Girl, In red gloves and matching bikini, strode into the ring.
"Everything is in place, Marcus, sweetie!"
"Perfect. This will all be over very soon."
Atomic Girl was thoroughly pissed off by my sucker punch and made me understand that fact. I knocked her on her ass twice, once per round, but Atomic Girl always regrouped.
The third round began with Atomic Girl on the offensive, as I had guessed. I retreated, allowing myself to be manoeuvred onto the ropes. She was ready to finish me.
Abruptly, all the lights in the gym went off.
"Hey?!" went up from the spectators at once. I uncorked a hard gut shot on Atomic Girl. She "oofff"ed loudly. Guessing where her chin was, I launched a right upper cut.
The lights came up.
Atomic Girl was at my feet, legs open in a wide "V," eyes shut, headlights on high beam. A dreamy smile curled her red lips. Her only movement was the gentle rise and fall of  her ample chest.
From a neutral corner, I watched Emma the Ref count the unconscious good girl out. At "EIGHT!" the bell clanged, saving Atomic Girl from defeat.
"Paula, another plan executed perfectly," I said, exchanging a kiss with my beloved in my corner.
"The electric system was easy to hack. The power failure was easy to arrange. Looks like Atomic Girl is in La La Land!"
Scarlet Vixen and Puma Girl carried the woozy Atomic Girl back to her corner, where they worked franticly to revive her.
"She's not answering the bell," Paula assured me. "They're gonna move her out on a gurney!"
A few waves of smelling salts brought Atomic Girl back to reality. She looked around in confusion, pressing her right glove to her aching chin. Then she glared at me.
"On the other hand, maybe she will..."
Atomic Girl came right at me when the bell tolled. I remember her calling me an asshole and seeing a red glove slam into my face.
Getting knocked out stings for a few seconds and then, mercifully, you're gone. I heard Paula calling my name, but I didn't answer. I was busy going down on Atomic Girl. I finally answered when I came around in the emergency room.


Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Romancing Sleeping Beauty

For the first time in a long while, Karen was in love. There were other men, many she encountered at the Amazonia Boxing Club, but she felt no emotion for them. But Will was the real thing, so she challenged him, as affectionately as she could, to a KOs only bout in the finished gym she had in the basement of her house.
Karen's body changed for Will when she aggressively confronted him, wearing her favorite red boxing gloves. Will knew he didn't come near his new girlfriend as a fighter, but he wasn't concerned. They already had sex. In addition, he loved her warrioress' legs, ample chest, and the way her eyes gleamed when Karen smiled. Will wanted Karen more when she smacked him around.
The knock out punch was the third upper cut to his chin as he clumped on the ropes. Will wsn't out immediately, but stood motionless and groggy before Karen, her left fist poised at chin level, ready to slug Will once more. Among Will's scattering thoughts, the memory of Karen's lips from their kiss before the match surged through Will as he went to sleep.

The ten count went slowly. Karen undid her gloves, flipped her lover on his back and kissed him before reaching "Ten!"
A harsh orgasm rattled through Karen's being, eyes rolling up, her open mouth gasping "I love you!"
Lovingly, she slipped the unconscious man's erection and brought him to orgasm with her right hand. She was toweling her hand clean when Paula stepped into the ring.
The leggy brunette was shorter and slighter than Karen. The women had been lovers a few years ago, until Paula was distracted by a guy named Max. Instead of being angry, Karen followed Paula's example and began sampling different men, starting with Max. To Karen's surprise, males were physically pleasing. And while Paula wanted to be dominated by men, Karen wanted them more submissive.
"One of those guys I can knock out with my tits!" she confessed to a friend. "The kind that struggle and lose!"
She had correctly figured Will for "that kind" long before they stepped into the ring. It was the way he looked at her bare chest the first time they fucked that clinched it for Karen.

"Is this him?" Paula asked, standing beside her friend. "He's cute. Are you going to test him out?'
"No, already taken care of. Will passed with straight A's."
Hefting the unconscious male to his feet, the two girls let his limp arms dangle on their shoulders and carried him to the chair in his corner.
"He's gonna have a shiner by tomorrow morning," Karen mentioned.
"Oh yeah?" Paula's voice went chirpy, like an excited bird. "Do you think he'll....?"
"We will see."
Karen had invited Paula to the match because she knew Will was exactly the kind of man both were looking for.

Paula was never the sexual aggressor with her new friend, the way Karen was. So it was month before they had sex, initiated by Will, who was fascinated by Paula's holding back. She told Will that she liked it best when the man was on top.
They boxed a week later in a private ring at the Amazonia, with Karen as referee.
For a moment, before the first punch was thrown, Paula felt that she was happily back in Will's bedroom again, as Will raised his gloves in her face. She wondered how many punches she would get in before being knocked out.
Will didn't engage much in the first round. Instead, he watched Paula's body as she boxed, waiting for the right moment.
Midway through round four Paula left a gap, exposing her jaw.
"Okay, Paula, see you in a few..." Will whispered.
"A few what?"
The hook was sharp and sudden.
Even Karen thought it was cruel of Will to hit Paula like that and Karen was dying to see her old girlfriend go out for the count.
There was an "Ohhhh!" from Paula as she stumbled sideways and then danced forward, her eyes glassy. She fell silently into dreamland.
Will was stunned by the unconscious Paula and never heard Karen deliver the ten count. He was speechless.
"She's out, Will," Karen congratulated him. "I mean out cold!" The blonde was close enough to Will to hear his shortened breathing.
"She's beautiful, isn't she? You made her that way!"
Will watched the graceful rise and fall of Paula's chest.
"Reminds me of when Paula and I were together." Karen stated. "Need me to..?"
Karen waited. Will's feet were bolted to the floor. "No, of course not!" she said, as Will removed his gloves and tested Paula's pulse. Karen took the smart phone from Will's gym bag and handed it to him. He began photographing Paula, mostly head shots with her inert boxing gloves by her ears.
"I imagine Paula is so happy right now," Karen told Will. "You're a fing perv."
They lifted Paula from the canvas after Will stowed the smart phone and carried her to the dressing room.
"Remember the rules," Karen reminded. "You're mine and she is yours!"
Paula let out an affirmative groan.


Thursday, December 14, 2017

Desiree Knocked Out

Desiree stared at the bright lights as best she could, but her vision was murky and soft. The punch that put her on the canvas and into a KO daze was a piston-like upper cut from Jasmine. The force of the blow lifted Desiree from her feet, stretching out straight her small, strong body in mid-air. Desiree saw blackness during flight and then the ceiling of the Amazonia Boxing Club’s main gym.

Her limbs were relaxed and unresponsive. “FOUR!” sounded in her ears and Desiree made an attempt to sit up. Smiling at Emma the Ref, Desiree knew Jasmine was waiting impatiently for validation of what she told Desiree a few days before in the women’s locker room.
“You’re my punching bag! You’re gonna sleep like a baby!”
Peter, Desiree’s boyfriend, was yelling to her, but Desiree didn’t understand. Where’s Kaylee? She asked herself. With Peter? Get up!
But Desiree’s body said “No.” and she floated in blackness.

“Ten! You’re out!” Emma yelled, pulling Jasmine to the middle of the ring, raising her right fist in the air...the first that had delivered the KO.
 “Your winner, Jasmine, by a complete knockout!!”
As the crowd around the ring cheered her victory, Jasmine looked down at her unconscious challenger and sneered,” Sleep tight, pera!”
Kaylee, a sweet natured blond, was Desiree’s female lover. She and Peter checked Desiree’s vitals and helped lift her lover onto a gurney. Jasmine watched, with great pleasure, from her corner, as Desiree was rolled from the ring. Jasmine kissed her boyfriend with anticipation.

Desiree wandered back to consciousness. A sleepy blur above her focused into Peter and Kaylee.
“Peter…Kay…?” she groaned. “Did Jasmine…?”
“Dez, you slept for five minutes,” Peter explained, kissing her lips gently. “She sank you in the seventh.”
“Sank me?”
“You’ll be okay!” Kaylee assured her, leaving a kiss as Peter had.
“I hear music…” Desiree murmured, reordering the memories of the fight now flooding her brain.