Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Jo By a Knockout

Jo was one of those women who went from pretty to beautiful when she smiled.

According to Desiree, my friend Peter's wife, Jo had started acting weird, asking about me out of the blue.
"She did have a match recently with Lynn." speculated Desiree. I watched that bout one Sunday afternoon a month earlier. Jo got beat up thoroughly until Lynn finished her off.
"Jo was asleep for five minutes. Maybe some mental gears rattled lose?" Desiree added.
A week after that defeat, Jo started quizzing the women I slept with about me. The questions started off with "Did you guys have fun?" and quickly evolved to "Is Jim a nice guy?" and "Did he make you happy?" More than one of the women said she talked like an excited high school girl who just discovered boys.

Standing in her trunks and sleeveless top, Jo was about medium height and breasts that were, as we say at the Amazonia Boxing Club, a generous handful. Before putting on her boxing gloves, Jo striped off the top and let her trunks fall to her feet, then stepping out of them.
"I hope it a distraction if I fight you in my undies? I feel so much...wilder like this!"
I was speechless. She wore a skimpy black lace bra and panties fastened to her smooth waist by skinny strings. It all set off perfectly against Jo's chocolate-brown skin.
"" I jabbered. " all!"
Jo nodded as she walked up to me, flinging her tied up gloves over her right shoulder.
"Do you think it's right for a man to hit a woman?" she asked me. "I do. And I think she should hit back...hard!"
Jo gave me a long kiss. "And I'm going to knock you.." Jo pressed her lips to my ear. "...Out!"
She undid the strings of her gloves and tossed the gloves at my chest. "Put them on me!" ordered Jo, holding up her hands. I carefully fitted on each glove and tied them up.
"Good boy!"  Jo kissed me again and whispered, "I love you, Jim! Sweet dreams!"
I couldn't breath as I watched Jo stalk back to her corner.

In the ring, Jo was pretty aggressive, taking the fight to me, but rarely leaving herself open to attack. I managed to knock her down in round two, but she was up quickly, complimenting me on the combination of head shots that floored her. I could see she was unsteady.
 Later, I faked a right to Jo's head. She moved to block, leaving me a two second gap in her defense. I battered her belly with a pair of left-right combinations. My right hook sent Jo sprawling onto the nearby ropes. I stepped in and landed another right, this time to Jo's jaw.
The punch spun her along the top rope. By the time I saw her face, she was already knocked out, eyes closed and mouth falling open. Gravity took over and Jo landed on her back.
Except for the gentle rising and falling of her chest and the rhythmic twitching of her hands inside the gloves, Jo slumbered peacefully.
Holy shit! I put her out!, I thought as I pulled off my boxing gloves, looking over the curves of Jo's lovely body, supine on the canvas. An icy chill riveted me awake.
"Jo!Jo!" I shouted, kneeling down to check her eyes, which were rolled up in their sockets. "Wake up, sweet heart! Come on!"
I anxiously slapped her face, calling her name, until her eyes fluttered open.
Groaning loudly, Jo leaned on one elbow and slowly sat up.
"Damn, Jim! That was great!"
"What was great?"
"Your knockout punch! I didn't see it or feel it! I was fighting you and then nothing!"
I wrapped my arms around Jo's shoulders, getting her standing, while she detailed the fragmented dreams she had while on the canvas. We tried walking to her corner chair, but Jo faltered and slumped against my chest.
"Hold me, Jim? Please?"
I did. Jo shifted herself to face me, looking deeply into my eyes."They're so blue..."
"Jo, are you going to be okay?"
"As long as you hold me..." We fell into a kiss.
An explosion detonated on my chin and spiraled all over. I turned to jelly and melted into darkness.

I came to in her bed about an hour later. We were both naked.
"I told you I'd knock you out!" teased Jo, throwing a leg over my hips. Soon we were both smiling.

Sunday, March 5, 2017


All men needed a beating. That was how Arianna approached guys inside and outside the Amazonia Boxing Club, but she only admitted it to her girl friends, who all agreed.
This never encumbered Arianna's sex life. The desire to fuck a man was fueled by her need to punch him. "No one ever leaves the ring on his own power after going up against me!" was her article of faith. If there were hard feelings afterward, she knew how to smooth them over.

Always a gentleman in the ring, Jon's KO punches were swift and generally painless. One instant the girl was on her feet, fighting ferociously, and then on the canvas, fast asleep. Women at the Amazonia liked Jon...a lot. They were deeply satisfied by him in the bedroom, one describing him as a "mighty good man!" All the gossip aroused Arianna.

Jon surmised Arianna was going to be a challenge. A "thick" girl should never be underestimated. Even more distracting for Jon were Arianna's cantaloupe sized tits and the brilliant smile that lit up her smooth, round face. Third round, he decided. Short and sweet.
Arianna looked Jon over and gave him a sharp smile. "I'm knocking you out, boy!"
"Oh, yeah?"
The pair threw their fists up as they circled slowly toward each other.
"Yeah!...Sweet dreams, honey stick!"
Jon fired off two gut shots to Arianna, who hammered Jon's head in reply. Leather exploded everywhere and the fighters began retreating and attacking rapidly. Jon stayed with Arianna, anticipating the opening in her defense he needed to end the match.
Arianna stood her ground, blocking and counter punching, absorbing without hesitation whatever blows actually landed. She was making herself known to her opponent.
Arianna pounded Jon's solar plexus twice, which writhed him in agony. An upper cut spun the ring violently. Jon's brain was racing to catch up. Another punch made reality wobbly. Jon couldn't keep up and he tripped into blackness.

Arianna administered a ten count.
"You're out !" she yelled in Jon's face. He was dreaming of sex-boxing with a bikini clad Kaylee, who he had boxed with a few days earlier. He really admired Kaylee's ass.
"Now you are my bitch!" she added, after an affectionate kiss.

Jon came out of the dream five minutes later and slowly, painfully sat up. His vision focused on Arianna standing in her corner, naked except for her black boxing gloves, which rested on the top ropes of the ring.
"Let's go, bitch!" ordered Arianna with a bright smile. "You can tell what I want!"
Jon worked to his feet and walked slowly to Ariana. Directly in front of her, he went to his knees and pressed his face between Arianna's substantial thighs. His tongue probed her vagina lovingly.
"Yes! Jon! Yes!" Arianna shouted. "You do love me! Bitch!"
Her voice became soft and affectionate when she insulted Jon, who brought her off continually. When he stopped to catch his breath, Jon would kiss the smooth brown skin of Arianna's inner thighs, telling her that he would love her forever.
"Stand up, Jon!" Arianna commanded, softly pressing her glove in an upward motion to Jon's chin, until they looked each other in the eyes. "Want to be my full time bitch, Jon?"
His imperceptible nod signaled yes. Arianna measured out the force needed to make the final punch count.
"Go to sleep!"
A painful detonation on his chin turned out the lights in Jon's skull.

Arianna, in black lace underwear, was the first thing Jon saw when he emerged from his knock out.
"Rise and shine!"
Arianna was gently stroking his full erection. "Enjoy your nap?"
"I don't remember..."
"No? Well, you sure slept long enough." Arianna undid her bra. Jon's eyes widened happily as she straddled him and told him to remove her panties.

Arianna's ample breasts were Jon's pillows when he woke at sunrise. She kissed the top of his head. "Good morning, honey!"
"Good morning!" he answered, pressing a kiss between her tits.
Arianna leaped from the bed like a delighted school girl and vanished into the bathroom. When she reappeared, her hands were concealed behind her back.

"For me, there's no difference between the boxing ring and the bedroom."
Exhausted, content and bruised in a few spots, Jon agreed.
A gloved first shot out from Arianna's back and slammed Jon's jaw. For a long moment, he saw stars and pinwheels. His head landed on the pillows, eyes crossed, mouth gaping open.
"I love you, bitch!"
With those tender words from his new lover, Jon went out cold.

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Sonia Slumbers

Sonia was crazy to be in a boxing ring with Jon Amur. He had four inches and twenty pounds on her, all of it muscle. As she watched Amur throwing rapid punches in the air, Sonia cursed herself for being so impulsive.
It all started because Sonia wanted to sleep with Amur, which he would have agreed to in an instant. But when she stood before him in the gym of the Amazonia Boxing Club, feeling overwhelmed by his muscular presence, Sonia's legs and will melted and she challenged Amur to a match.

One punch and she's asleep, decided Jon Amur. Assessing Sonia's compact, slender body, Amur wondered how some women made the choices they did. She wants to fuck, he thought, but some women have to do everything the hard way! Good thing Emma the Ref is here, because I'm not carrying her to the recovery room.
"Okay you two!" Emma the Ref  said aloud, waving the two boxers in. "Fight!"
Amur was out first, fists on the defensive. Sonia followed, desperate to conceal her fear. They circled, Sonia dodging punches until she saw Amur maneuvering her into the ropes. She panicked.
"Jon...know what's wrong with you?"
"No, what?" he replied, casually.
"You like old lady pussy!"
Sonia's body went into the upper cut, which landed dead on Jon Amur's chin. He lay on his back, looking dreamily up at Sonia, who was moving around him, stunned by delivering a KO. Emma the Ref was counting him out, all five fingers on left hand extended.
Amur looked at Sonia's long legs and blacked out.

It was true. Jon Amur was involved with two older women at the moment, Beatrice and Donna, who were both members of the 40 plus women at the Amazonia, known as the Cougar Clique. Both women had knocked Amur out in public matches a year earlier and he had enjoyed their favors on a regular basis ever since.
Amur was still sensitive about the defeats and that someone figured out his older woman fetish. Sonia had used the information to land a sucker punch defeat and Amur wanted a rematch, which Sonia had to accept or lose her Amazonia membership.

"Look Jon, she's a stupid, young kid. okay? She was acting impulsively!"
Emma could see Jon Amur wasn't listening and was staring through her to the apprehensive Sonia.
"Some women have to do things the hard way," Jon Amur told Emma.
"Fine! Just make it fast!"

Jon Amur strode from the corner, moving implacably at Sonia, who back peddled, aware of what was about to happen.
Sonia dropped against the ropes in a deep KO daze.Her wide, glazed eyes did register Amur guiding her by the hand to the middle of the ring. Senseless on her feet, Sonia yielded to Jon positioning her head for the finishing punch. Loud birds were singing in her head.
An upper cut switched off the flickering lights in the girl's brain and Sonia was stone cold unconscious.
Jon Amur waited for the ten count from Emma the Ref before hefting Sonia over his shoulder, her arms and legs dangling like a rag doll's limbs. As he started out of the ring, Emma ran after him.
"What are going to do, Jon!"
"Relax, Emma..."
Emma followed Jon Amur into the recovery room, where placed Sonia on a bed. He kissed her lips.
"When sleeping beauty wakes up, tell her we should talk." Jon said as he went out the door.

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Amazon Love

One look at the calendar and Sam knew why he'd received a challenge from Sophia, better known as the crime fighter Feline Avenger. It was two weeks in to April and the mating season of the Amazon Sisterhood was under way. He speculated about what Sophia was expecting from their post-match encounter. Part of the courtship ritual of the Amazon Sisterhood was to defeat the selected male in combat. When the loser recovered, he either mated with his opponent until she was pregnant or became her husband. However the situation worked out, Sam felt content knowing, for a fact, that a beautiful woman wanted to fuck him.

Then a drawback struck Sam: he was very likely going to get knocked out. Every perspective father chosen by an Amazon at the Amazonia Boxing Club had been carried from the ring, bruised and unconscious. Sam had watched his friend Ernie take a beating from a warrioress, who later gave birth to his twin daughters. Sam could tolerate losing a fight to a woman if it meant he got laid. But getting KOed cold in front of everyone at the Club made him hesitant.

"Don't worry, it will be over fast," Emma the Ref assured Sam in the moments before round one.
Most of the Club was present at ringside. The women, who made up most of the Amazonia's membership, had been intermittently shouting "Knock him out!" since Sophia appeared.
"Sophia likes you, Sam. After all, she picked you to be the father. The beating is just a..."
Sam knew from looking over Sophia that she was probably a better fighter and definitely stronger than he was. The Amazon carried herself with a statuesque, almost divine grace, her sable hair pulled back in a tight pony tail, that bounced off her sculpted shoulders with every movement. When they closed in on each other after the buzzer sounded, her brown eyes stabbed Sam.

Sam was worked over for three rounds.
"I've never seen a woman so in love in my life!" Emma told Sam, who was slumped in a folding chair in his corner. Worn out and bruised, he could feel the dull ache of the purple ring forming around his right eye.
"And there's only seven rounds left..." he groaned.
"In this instance, I doubt it!" Emma said and was about to wish Sam "pleasant dreams," when the fourth round began.
Sophia fixed her eyes grimly on Sam, who saw a red boxing glove slam into his face. A loud "WHAP!" in Sam's skull was followed by the rumble of his body hitting the canvas, at Sophia's bare feet.
As Sophia strutted around the ring, fists raised over her head, Emma the Ref counted out the slumbering Sam, lamenting to herself, "It's always the nice guys..."

The Amazon gave Sam a few days to recover, but not completely heal. Bruised men really turned her on, especially if her fists made the contusions.
Over the next month, Sam and Sophia spent weekends together. Each time, she felt increasingly comfortable with her new man. One night they role played, Sam as a bad guy intent on robbing a bank and Sophia, naked except for her cat's ears cowl, was the good girl crime fighter, secretly in love with Sam. After each orgasm, Sophia would "capture" Sam by KOing him with abreast smoother. when he came to, he'd be hornier than when they started.

"Sam! We're pregnant! You did it!"
Sam reacted as expected: first startled and then happy.
They had just finished Sunday morning breakfast in Sam's apartment.
"How long have you known?"
"The doctor told me Friday. I didn't want to tell you until everything was ready."
"Everything ready?"
Sam was confused.
"Sure! Ready for your trip to my home, Paradise Island."
"My trip? What are you talking about?"
"You're the father, right Sam?"
"Of course I am."
"Then it's your job to raise our child."
Gagging on his coffee, Sam spluttered," I can't raise a kid!"
"Yes you can." Sophia stated, getting to her feet and joyously sitting in Sam's lap, locking her arms around his neck and kissing him.
"Look, I'll be there in a few months to give birth, then you can be the Daddy."
"And what the hell will you be doing?!"
Sam moved to escape Sophia's embrace, but she held him in the chair.
"Back here, fighting crime with Justice Force! I have a five year agreement with them. When it expires, I'll come back to you and our child!" Sophia explained, patting her stomach maternally. "By that time I'll know if I want to marry you or not."
"And how will you make that decision?"
"I'm going to try some other suitable men, see how they make me feel compared to you. But I think you're pretty much a shoe in."
She kissed Sam again, long and deeply, she would never taste his lips for a long while. Then Sophia picked up the cell phone she had left on the table that morning.
"And don't worry, Sam, my sisters will help you with the baby and, who knows, a few might want a baby of their own."
Pointing the cell phone at Sam, she pressed "SEND." A jet of pink smoke engulfed Sam's head. It was impossible not to inhale.
"Hey!" Sam moaned, suddenly high and sleepy all at once. The kitchen rolled and Sam reached haltingly for something to catch as he fell. He resisted the pull of sleep, but it was useless. Blackness swarmed him.
Five minutes later, Sam was loaded on a gurney and then into a private ambulance that had pulled up to his front door.  As the vehicle sped off, Sophia waved with one hand, resting the other on her stomach, ready to start a new life for all three of them.


Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Kiki and Jon

"You've had wood for me since we started!"
There was a joyous mockery in Kiki's voice, as she were making a final judgement before finishing off a victim. Kiki never boxed with a man unless he was client, but she had gotten out of bed that morning with a strong desire to beat up a male. So she scanned the Amazonia Boxing Club for the right punching bag and spotted Jon, whose strong build and thick black hair got her stoked.
Jon, dangling helplessly on the ropes, wanted to tell Kikis she was right, but he was too groggy and worn out. Instead, he gurgled stupidly.
"I'm ending this, Jon! Knocking you the fuck out!"
The idea jolted lust in Jon's already burning loins.
"What do you want, a BJ or a hand job?!"
Kiki was medium height, with strong, broad shoulders that supported her 34 GG tits, currently bare in a successful effort to keep Jon distracted. Her makeup was intentionally "slutty," because she knew men like Jon wanted to be hit by a woman who looked ready for sex.
"Han...d..." mumbled Jon.
"Okay then!"
Kiki tilted his head up until they were face to face and then held her right glove in Jon's face. "See it?"
Jon nodded listlessly.
"It's going to put you out! Kiss it!"
Jon tilted his head into the front of the glove and smacked his lips on the leather.
"Nice boy! Good-night, asshole!"
Jon went out on his feet. A feeling of pure, intense intimacy with Jon flooded Kiki's soul and she laughed cruelly as Jon wobbled and collapsed, bouncing on the ropes until his ass landed on the canvas.
Kiki pulled off his trunks and shoved Jon's legs apart, revealing a purple hard on. As promised, she gave him three expert hand jobs. Jon stirred and groaned and sighed, dreaming of an encounter with a female Asian fighter, dressed in a skimpy red boxing outfit.

When she finished, Kiki cleaned her hands on Jon's bare chest and removed his boxing gloves. Lovingly, she clasped his limp fingers around his semi-flaccid penis. As she took digital pictures of her felled opponent, Kiki decided to add most of the shots to her collection and email the most humiliating to Jon.

Jon knew that between them, Kiki was the better fighter, so he borrowed a pair of gloves loaded with sand from his friend.....

Kiki strode into the ring, topless and confident, for the rematch Jon had demanded.
"Miss me?" she cooed.
"Yeah!" Jon answered, looking over her chest. "A lot!"
"Then let's get this over with, I'm dying to make you sleep again!"
"Right away, Kiki!"
It was a cheap shot, but Jon got a lot of satisfaction  from the sound of his glove impacting Kiki's lovely jaw. It was a pleasure to watch Kiki stagger, eyes turned up, searching the ceiling but seeing nothing.
Kiki grinned and slid downward. For a few seconds, Jon was going to let crash to the canvas, but caught her in his arms, setting her against the ropes as she had done to him.
"Thought you were gonna notch another KO on the lip stick case, didn't you?" Jon said, yanking down her trunks. He stared at the naked Kiki, chin resting on her slowly rising chest, legs open in a "V," marveling at her breasts, especially the hard, pink nipples. He caressed them gently, never tiring of the smooth, yielding of a women's flesh in his hands.
With his forefinger, Jon brought the unconscious girl boxer off three times, each orgasm bringing her closer to consciousness. As her head rolled on the middle rope, Kiki floated between dreams and consciousness.
Jon used his smart phone to record Kiki's first defeat. He would send her the clip.

Thursday, January 19, 2017


All Ramona needed was to be a little attracted to the guy to get in the ring with him. Jessie was medium height and lanky, just the kind of man a girl like Ramona would love.
"They're like punching bags you can have sex with!" she once told her friend Emma the Ref at the Amazonia Boxing Club.  One match with a guy built like Jessie ended seconds after it began. A straight right from Ramona and her opponent (and future boyfriend) was sprawled on his back, touring Dreamland. They were together for five months. Now Ramona was feeling the "urge" again and the with Jessie, the feeling was mutual.

The match was private by Ramona's arrangement. Jessie was thrilled with a solitary mixed boxing match, but he did his best to conceal his excitement.
"Think I want to hurt you, boy?" Ramona purred. The first round bell had sounded and the pair were circling each other.
"A little!" Jessie answered. "Maybe a lot?"
Ramona hammered Jessie twice in the midsection. Doubled over, he tried to retreat, but Ramona planted her right foot on his. The next punch exploded on the side of Jessie's face.
The black girl let him slip backward, only to smack harder in the same location. Jessie was instantly suspended on the ropes. Head ringing, it was impossible for Jessie to focus on the woman in his face.
A gut shot spread agony all through his body.
Ramona pressed her gloved on Jessie's face.
"In about a minute, you're going to be out cold! Understand? In fact, I think I'm going to hospitalize you!"
Ramona read the arousal in Jessie's eyes.
"Oh, that gets you all fired up? You like the idea of a woman using her fists to put you in the hospital!"
A barrage of punches hit Jessie as he was starting to speak. Twenty seconds later, he could barely stand.
"All ready?" she asked, coyly. "This is gonna hurt!"
Instant blackness.

Jessie woke the next morning from a deep KO, laying in a hospital bed. Bruises covered his body and dark black swelling encircled his left eye. The pretty nurse told Jessie he was being kept over night for observation.

"Jessie? You awake?"
The sweet feminine whisper came from Ramona, who was peeking in the door.
The digital wall clock read 2:30 AM.
Ramona strutted in, wearing a white nurse's uniform that displayed her stunning thighs and breasts. She was carrying a gym bag, which she flung on the bed.
"We were scheduled for ten rounds...I have nine more coming to me!"
The lady fighter undid the uniform, letting it fall to the floor, revealing her naked body. 
 They fucked for about an hour. Ramona always got hot for any man she defeated in the ring, which was all of them.
After writing her number down for Jessie, Ramona, still straddling her lover like a jockey, unzipped the gym bag.
"My mother told me: "Ramona, never give it up on the first date.' But I could not help myself, I really like you, Jessie."
Ramona pulled out a single pink boxing glove and eased it slowly over her right hand. Jessie couldn't breathe.
"Don't forget to call me, Jessie, when you're finally released from the hospital. We're only getting started." Ramona kissed the boxing glove. "Say 'Nighty-night!' "
The round house to Jessie's jaw detonated a super nova and Jessie was back on Dream Street.
Ramona looked over her prone lover, out cold and dreaming of Serena Williams, and noticed his uninjured right eye. She kissed and then slugged him.
Jessie's body jerked, but he remained out of it.
"You deserved it!" she told Jessie.


Saturday, January 14, 2017

All Tied Up

She was pounding my body and rattling my skull. I had been taking a beating from Donna for two rounds and Donna, the 47 year old leader of the Cougar Clique, was prepping me for a knockout.
I wanted to fuck Donna since I saw her at the Amazonia Boxing Club a few days after my membership was approved. Some of the Cougars were "fleshy," but the muscles of Donna's thighs and biceps were taunt and her breasts were more than a pleasing handful. Since her second divorce, she had rotated male and female lovers, so I knew I was standing on line. Plus, she had a rule, "Want to get with me, you have to fight me!" You couldn't say no to her, Donna's eyes just said "Fuck me, now!"
So there I stood, semi-conscious, dying to grab her thighs by my hands.
I felt an enormous release in the blackness.
"You are out of it!" Donna's voice told me from a million miles above me. I slept for ten minutes.

"You should have seen yourself!"
Donna showed me a picture of myself on her digital camera. I was out like a light on my back, smiling face lolled to one side, a bulge in the front of my trunks.
I had come around a minute earlier, sat up on Donna's bed. Unconnected fragments of erotic dreams still flashed in my brain: Tina from a few nights ago, Mariah Carey and my ex Jasmine were thrown together in a mental jumble.
"Who's Tina?"
"Nobody..." I answered, sitting up. Donna helped me to my feet and we fell into a kiss.
"I know why you challenged me to match!" Donna started playing with my hair. "But now I need you to do something for me!"
Damn! I thought. Right here!
Donna threw a gym bag on the bed and took out a single boxing glove and some flexible rope.
"Knock me out cold, like I did to you!"
For a moment, I couldn't say anything. "You want to get punched out?"
"Yeah...a you!"
Donna gave me a long deep kiss and whispered the details in my ear.
"You sure?" I asked.
"Damn sure!"
Donna pitched her chin out an closed her eyes. "This way I'll never see it coming."
I looked at Donna's body, everything, her boobs, breasts, thighs and the serene smile on her face as she waited patiently, and felt I could have her right there. I think Donna read my thoughts and kept herself exposed.
"Slut!" I said, loudly.
The "THWACK" of leather hitting her chin exploded. Donna faltered, her eyes shut and mouth open.  She collapsed against me.

While Donna slumbered on her stomach, I carefully hog tied her as she instructed me and took pictures of her helpless on the bed. Donna was out cold for five minutes. When Donna woke, she had a massive orgasm.