Friday, September 15, 2017

Fighter in Love

Alexa was almost ready for her first MMA fight and she was certain Greg was in love with her. There weren't many outward signs. There was lust in his eyes, of course, but Alexa accepted the truth of human biology long ago. Greg, who often worked out along with Alexa at the Amazonia Boxing Club, was curious about her training, how it felt to give and take a punch, and shy she wanted to fight. His questions always sounded sincere, Greg had learned to mask his intense desire for female pugilists.
With no warning one afternoon, Alexa asked Greg if he would like to find out what she was like in the ring. That had been her test. He was rattled slightly and Alexa knew he was genuine.
A few days later, Alexa asked agin, this time with enticing affection in her voice. Greg didn't hesitate.  Alexa reserved a private ring for the following Friday night when the Amazonia would be largely empty.
"Wear those red shorts I see in sometimes," Alex told Greg, who was pleasantly surprised to hear Alexa was keeping track of what he wore.

"Ready, Greg?" she asked when they stood in the ring. "This is gonna hurt! You might get knocked out!"
The question raised possibilities for Greg he had only day dreamed about. In the five years since he joined the Amazonia, Greg had slept with a few female boxers and had been clobbered by a few, also.
But Alexa felt different to him. She was a lean and toned warrioress. Greg kept looking at her chest, feeling that he needed wanted to fall to her strength.
Excitement flared in Greg as Alexa walked toward, slowly, her fists raised. He suddenly couldn't move, which made Alexa laugh to herself.

"You fought women before, right?"  Alexa sounded as if she were asking if Greg had slept with a woman yet. "Been knocked out by a girl? More than one? Every guy who joins the Amazon has."
Three punches within seconds - all head shots - tagged Greg. Reality was scrambled instantly, leaving Greg flat footed and hazy. Alexa waited a moment and then nudged his chest with the bare heel of her right foot. A loud crash followed his impact with the canvas.
Alexa counted ten over Greg, reminded of how even the dumbest jock looked cute when he slept. At "TEN!" she told Greg he was out cold and gave him a long kiss.
Greg came out of it a few minutes later. It took a few minutes for Alexa to get him on his feet and for a few minutes she worried that Greg wasn't in the mood to go back to her apartment.

They were exhausted and content the next morning. Alexa wanted Greg around for awhile, but she knew not to crowd, at this moment, the man she wanted. Alexa was, however, compelled to act as decisively in the bedroom as she did in the ring.
"We need to do this again..." she suggested.
"Oh yes we do..." Greg fixed his mask of calm in place. "You're one strong girl."
"You enjoy that?"
"A lot!"
They embraced in a deep kiss. Greg never felt so blessed to be held by a woman.
Alexa's bare fist cracked hard on Greg's chin. As he eased into sleep, the mask shattered and Greg was in love.

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Armentia the Amazon

Mark was pulling a practical joke on Sam when he advised his friend to take on Armentia. Sam was new to the Amazonia Boxing Club and unaware that the last ten men who took on the statuesque member of the Amazon Sisterhood were carried from the ring, out stone cold. The rumor around the men's locker room was that Armentia took some of her victims as lovers, once they had recovered. Given the monogamous nature of the amazons, the story was probably untrue. But Mark told himself he was doing Sam a favor, getting him laid, even if Sam was going to get beaten senseless first.

Of course, Sam's cock did all the thinking. All her knew of the Amazon Sisterhood was that they were part of the all female, crime fighting Justice Force. What he did not know was that for generations, amazon mothers trained their daughters to fight evil and injustice, which meant, very often, beating up men. Sex with the beautiful woman was all Sam thought about when he watched Armentia fight Monique. Armentia moved like a panther in the ring, leaving Sam speechless except to murmur "Christ, she's beautiful!" Two rounds later he decided "I need her bad!!" as he saw Monique on the canvas, deeply asleep. 

Armentia gave Sam a smile at the start of round one. The smile looked sexy and affectionate, but Sam could feel the amazon probing him. The probing continued through two rounds, exciting and worrying Sam as they fought close, exchanging hard punches.
"Okay sweetie," Armentia finally said. "I can see why you're here. Good night, lover boy!"
Sam felt a sting to his face and caught a glimpse of Armentia's dark brown thighs as he went down. He thought about Wonder Woman until smelling salts brought Sam back to the real world. Emma the Ref and Cathy were reviving him as he sat in his corner. Though his vision was hazy, Sam saw Armentia across the ring, pulling her gloves off, very pleased with herself.

There was a rematch. Sam wanted it because he had been humiliated and was deeply attracted to Armentia. She agreed because she felt sorry for the assertive male. She would smack Sam around, giving him the right to say he did his best against a superior fighter, and then flatten him. It was too bad, people told Armentia that Sam was a nice guy, which made him the perfect punching bag.
Sam struggled through the first three rounds, getting put down twice. Getting to his feet was harder each time as he watched Armentia's body, while Emma the Ref delivered the count. I can't let her win! Sam insisted. I can't!
In the fourth, the pair threw punches in a sudden out burst that neither planned. A desperate right collided with Armentia's face, dazing the fighter long enough for Sam to land a left hook.
Armentia reached out as reality slipped from her grasp. No!...she thought, tumbling in a spiral to the canvas. I can't be...
For the first time, Armentia was bested by a man.

She came to in the Club's recovery room, attended by Emma the Ref and Karen. Because of her amazon biology and training, recovery was quick.
Armentia was infuriated with herself: she could not stop thinking about the man who left her out cold, exposed for everyone to see. She could not understand why she wanted Sam so badly. Sam was average looking, in good shape and was, as she was told earlier, reputed to be a nice guy. The twentieth time Armentia heard that description, she fumed at Karen who had repeated it.
" 'Nice guys' don't knock out women in a boxing match!"
Karen shrugged. "They do in this club!"

Their third match was private, not even Emma the Ref was there.
"Armentia, it was just a luck shot! I threw it wildly..I was as shocked as you that it landed!"
Armentia looked sternly at Sam, ignoring his excuses. She stifled the intense feelings she had for this man, other matters needed to be settled.
"I've fallen for you Sam."
Sam was startled. "Oh yeah...?"
"By the rules of the Amazon Sisterhood, I cannot want the man who defeated me in single combat."
"Defeated? I said it was a mistake, a fluke..."
"Your fists knocked me out cold!" Armentia shoved a pair of gloves into Sam's hands. "Glove up!"
Watching Armentia stride back to her corner, Sam knew he was about to be unconscious.
And he was. When the buzzer sounded, the amazon came right at him. Her lovely face was in front of him and the lights switched off.
Armentia carried Sam from the ring in her arms, his head nestled on her strong, maternal shoulder.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Dawn in Love

A lot of the time, Dawn was pretty horny. Usually, it was the normal, daily arousal of interest she felt when she saw an attractive male. Every so often, desire hit Dawn like she'd stepped on a live power cable and burned her body like a high grade fever.
Ben made her feel that way when she first encountered him working on a speed bag in the main gym of the Amazonia Boxing Club. She wondered what it felt like to have him inside her. And once that question entered her mind, it never left. But Dawn waited for feedback about Ben from the other girls in the women's locker room.
Two friends, Jasmine and Marie, had been with Ben and rated him very highly. Those two should know, Dawn concluded.

They went back to Dawn's house after a few drinks. It didn't take long for Ben to notice the expression of predatory lust in his date's eyes. When Dawn asked if he wanted to the boxing ring in her newly finished basement, Ben said, "Yeah!" Boxing with women was one of the main reasons he joined the Amazonia.

For this particular match, Dawn fought topless, which was an unfair advantage over Ben, who stood startled and entranced. For a few moments, Ben thought they might fuck before they boxed, but was snapped back to reality by Dawn's voice.
"Ben, you look ready!"
Dawn's full red lips parted into a smile as she surveyed her opponent below the waistband of his trunks.
"I am!"
Ben's eyes rolled up and his entire body gave way in a wave-like motion. Yes!! Dawn thought, as Ben went to the canvas, limp and senseless.
"I'm going to fuck you, boy!" she told him, banging her red boxing gloves together. "I'm gonna rub it your face and fuck like a woman in love!"
She dragged Ben from the ring and then hefted him over her shoulder. Moving him to her bedroom took no effort at all.

Dawn was sure it was love.
Usually Dawn liked to physically dominant the males she had sex with, but this time she wanted to be plowed by her lover. They woke late the next morning entwined with each other, Ben face resting on her breasts.
"I don't have to ask if you enjoyed yourself..." Dawn whispered.
"No way!" exclaimed Ben, quietly. "You know Dawn, I think you're special!"
Dawn was struck by the novelty of the statement. "Really? Are you in love with me, boy?"
"Yeah! I am!"
Ben instigated a long, deep kiss between them.
"Me, too." Dawn admitted. "But still I'm..."
The quick right put Ben out instantly. He came around an hour later in his own bedroom, his jaw aching.

Two weeks later was the rematch. Again, Dawn went into the match topless. She was in love with Ben and, looking into his eyes, she knew he felt the same way, too.
"Ready for another nap?" asked Dawn, seductively.
Ben pulled her gently, but firmly into a full embrace, diving into an kiss. Oh God! Dawn thought as their tongues danced, It's real, it's really real!
When they broke their embrace to catch their breath, Ben's left shot upward, hammering Dawn's chin. The raven-haired beauty let a soft moan and toppled onto Ben's bare chest. A big sleepy smile filled Dawn's face.
Sitting the limp fighter on the canvas, Ben thumbed both her eyelids. Her eyes were rolled up, showing only hard boiled eggs. Carefully, he eased Dawn onto her back. Ben slipped a folded up towel under Dawn's head.
He planned to abandon her there. She'd come around in a few minutes and get the message about who was in charge of the relationship, whatever that was going to be. Then Ben looked at Dawn, out for the count, and gathered her in his arms and carried her to the bed where they'd made love. He stripped off her boxing gear and pulled a blanket to her chin. He took a shower and the pair talked after Dawn came to.

Thursday, August 3, 2017

A Fight for True Love

The punches, hard and precise, landed all over Mark, who sagged on the ropes of the boxing ring. He absorbed Evie's punishment throughout rounds two and three and now in the fourth, the only thing keeping him standing was the impact of the female fighter's fists.
Evie let up momentarily and Mark stared dreamily at his opponent. A few feet away, his girlfriend, Paula, was shouting "Wake up!" Paula's voice was soothing to Mark, because of the two women he lived with, Paula actually loved him. But the effort was wasted.

Mark's consciousness was drifting and his limbs were jelly. Random visions of sex with Evie occupied what brain function he had left. She's about to knock me out, he noticed, following the arcing movement of her right fist.
"Make a wish, honey stick! Because I'm about to blow out your candles!" purred Evie.
Mark watched Evie's strong thighs in the blue and black bikini until the explosion. His head wobbled back violently and then sank forward, lower jaw hanging. Mark toppled to the canvas.

The prone boxer wasn't asleep, instead he watched Emma the Ref count him out.
"Evie you finished him!" Emma said, after declaring her the victor by a knockout. Paula shoved herself between the ref and Evie, calling to her boyfriend, who grinned idiotically.
"That horn dog?!" Evie said in Paula's direction. "He wanted in my pants so bad, what else could I do!?"
Paula and Emma stood Mark up, letting his arms dangle across their shoulders. He sagged forward, unconscious.

For the five minutes Mark was out cold, he had an erotic dream featuring Paula. She rolled on the bed like mountain lioness in heat, begging Mark for relief. Mark watched himself pin her to the mattress and fuck her.
Smelling salts startled Mark back to the real world, where face and limbs ached.
Paula and Emma stood over him, concern radiating from their eyes. Karen, blond and buxom, was just behind Paula. Her expression telegraphed, "This is what you get!"

The trio had begun as just Mark and Karen, who became interested in him after wanting a full time male partner. At first, Karen was not sure if Mark was the right guy, but she seduced him, anyway.
Karen roughed up her new lover for two rounds at the Amazonia Boxing Club and called him pussy seconds before punching him out cold. When Mark came around, they spent the night at at her place. The gamble paid off.

Karen kept her two girlfriends and noticed, after some time, that Mark didn't like sharing.
We need a distraction, decided Karen and made sure Mark was ringside for the fight with Paula, a brunette, shorter than Karen. Karen worked the smaller girl over in front of Mark, before sending her to dreamland.
He followed Emma and Karen as they carried the dreaming girl to the recovery room. Purple patches were already filling in beneath her right eye. When Emma ran to another room for the first aid kit, Karen handed Mark his Iphone. He greedily took six pictures of Paula, adjusting her limbs for each exposure. For the next week, Mark helped Paula with her recovery and she soon moved in with Mark and Karen.

"Mark, honey, can you hear me?" Paula asked.
"I can..." he answered after a moment and then winced. "Everything hurts..."
An aggressive grunt came from Paula. "I'm going to crush that bitch!"

 Karen tried talking Paula out of the revenge match with Evie, who had knocked out two more male challenger in the time it took for Mark to heal. Paula didn't care.
Paula issued the challenge, making it clear she was getting even for what was done to her boyfriend. "That's so sweet! I accept," chirped Evie, happily. "Since you're fighting for true love, I'll knock you out early."

"This is really stupid, Paula, you're going to get fucking knocked out!"
"No! She's getting knocked out!" insisted Paula.
"Let's hope so..."
Emma the Ref waved in the two fighters amid the cheers and hoots of the twenty female spectators.

Evie let Paula come to her, moving backward, stopping only a few seconds to let Paula take a shot, that Evie ducked or blocked. All Paula could think of the was Mark's bruised body. She was dying to hurt the woman who put him in that condition.
Near the close of round three, Evie fixed Paula on the ropes and busted a right hook to her jaw. The brunette spun on the upper rope, halting a few feet away. Evie's upper cut was ready.
The ring was spiraling around Paula and then it drained into blackness.

Emma the Ref knew a stone cold knockout when it happened. Emma stalled a few moments, making sure Evie was back in her corner and understood she should remain there. Turning back to Paula, Emma began the count. When she reached "SIX!" the bell rang, saving Paula. Karen carried the unconscious boxer back to her corner.
When Paula emerged from the knockout, she looked around the ring in confusion, calling for Mark. Karen got her friend's attention.
"Mark?" Paula answered, looking up at Karen, who held an open tab of smelling salts.
"No, its me! Karen!"
"Is the fight over or something?"
"Not unless you want to stop...the bell saved you."
Paula stared across the ring at Evie, who responded with smirk that was more of a sneer.
"All right!" said Paula. "Let's go!!"

The crowd cheered at the bell. Both fighters danced out, Paula slightly after Evie. The pair immediately fired punches. Paula's determined assault eventually forcing Evie to the defensive. A phantom hit staggered Evie and the fighter's arms fell to her side.
"Never touch my man again!" growled Paula and pounded a left-right combination to Evie's flat stomach. All Evie ever saw was Paula's fist cock behind her hips.
A curtain of sleep, velvety black, crashed down on Evie and the pain was gone.
Evie eventually answered the voice that continually called her name. Emma was searching her eyes with the beam of pen flash light.

Two weeks later, Mark spent the night with Evie. He took the evil, satisfied smile Evie flashed him the next morning as a personal compliment.

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Ariana's Win

I know what this match is for, Ariana thought. Someone wants to get laid and doesn't know how to ask politely. Or want to.
This realization occurred to a lot of women at the Amazonia Boxing Club, who comprised eighty-percent of the membership. Most guys at the Club needed to box a woman to be truly aroused.
In her heart, Ariana knew it was their foreplay and she was happy to reciprocate. Smacking a male opponent senseless got her going, too.

Larry caught himself admiring Ariana's body when Emma the Ref ordered them to touch gloves. He loved her bare shoulders and arms and powerful thighs. Think about fighting, not fucking he urged himself, aware of how much he loved athletic women.
"Box!" Emma the Ref shouted.
Ariana hit him immediately, grinning at the sensation of her fists striking Larry's body. Larry defended and counter punched because the sting of Ariana's head and body shots fired his need to get with Ariana.
"I know what kind of man you are!" Ariana told Larry during a fourth round clinch. "You want what you see in front of you! It's your 'thing'! And this is what your kind gets!"
Larry felt the punch clear and sharp.  Nothing followed the impact but total silence and a beaming Ariana, walking away as Larry went dizzy.

"That's right, boy, sweet dreams!!" Ariana shouted as Emma the Ref pushed her away from the supine fighter. "Get my punching bag to the hospital!"
Ariana joyously circled the ring, gloved fists raised in the euphoria of victory. Over her shoulder, she glanced Larry's seconds, Paula and Kaylee, place the inert boxer on a gurney and remove him from the ring. A rush of excitement propelled  the brown skinned girl onto the middle ropes of a turnbuckle, reenacting the upper cut that finished the match. Ariana pointed in the direction of her victim and joined her gloves into a pillow, on which she rested her head, eyes closed and smiling as if she had been knocked out.
The all female crowd screamed. Ariana leaped down to canvas and strutted from the ring to her dressing room.

In ten minutes, Ariana cleaned up and put on freshly laundered sweet pants and a T-shirt. She found Larry still out cold in his dressing room, his chest rising and falling gently.
"Lover boy still in dreamland?" she asked Kaylee. Paula went to find smelling salts.
"Yeah.." Kaylee answered, tenderly brushing the locks of Larry's dirty blond hair. It occurred to Ariana that Kaylee and Larry were intimates. Competition, Ariana told herself. There's always competition.
"Why don't you see what's keeping Paula," Ariana told Kaylee. "I'll watch over him."
Kaylee said Ariana wasn't so bad after all and dashed out of the room. Ariana yanked down Larry's trunks and fondled his erection. Still solid, God bless him! she thought, beginning to jerk him off. As his body approached climax, Larry's hips began to swivel and moans filled the room until he ejaculated.
Larry sat upright, gasping for air, groggy but conscious.
Ariana pulled his trunks back up and cleaned the cum from her hand with a nearby towel.
"Okay, Larry, next Friday..dinner, your treat!" After a kiss, she added "And I won't tell Kaylee."

Thursday, July 6, 2017

Andrea and Keri

I wanted to do the mother and daughter together, a nice three-way. It worked out, but not exactly the way I wanted, but I won't complain.
Andrea and Keri Mitchell appeared one afternoon at the Amazonia Boxing Club, after I finished a sparring session with my friend, Desiree. She noticed the pair first as they talked to Desiree's husband Peter, the Club's head trainer.
"What do you think?" I asked Desiree as we both leaned on the top rope of the ring, cooling down.
She looked them over quickly but thoroughly.
"I'm not wasting my time with the young one, got straight girl written all over. But the mother..."
Desiree inclined to older women as sex partners outside her marriage. I half hoped she would distract the mother so I could move on the daughter.
Peter had filled her in the night before at dinner about his newest pupils. Keri, the daughter, was finishing a graduate degree in education. She was busty and slender. The parent, Andrea, had won the battle with age and retained a figure almost identical to Keri's, but her workout had given her much better defined biceps and thighs.
"If you nail the mother before I do, find out the situation regarding men."
"Peter said the mom mentioned a recent divorce," Desiree flashed an evil, lust driven smile.
"So she hates men...?"
"The smile was suddenly turned on me. "We'll see!"

I approached Keri directly a few days later, telling her how impressive she looked in the ring.
"You move like a natural."
Keri almost blushed. "I have a ways to go. Do you have a sparring partner?"
"No one permanent."
"I met Peter's wife, Dez..something..."
"Yes. She said you're a good partner. Said you'd fit me perfectly!"
"Of course she did."

"This your first time in the ring with a guy?"
Keri nodded affirmatively. Trunks and boxing gloves suited Keri perfectly.
"Okay. We'll go slow till you get used to this. Remember everything Peter taught you and you'll be fine."
Hesitant at first, Keri sparred exactly as she'd been instructed. Peter did his usual good job as a trainer, Keri blocked, jabbed and counter punched effortlessly.
Five minutes in, I decided to throw the dice. Like a lot of beginners, Keri followed a predictable routine. Extending her right arm to land a punch, her jaw was exposed a few seconds than was a good idea.
My right clipped where her chin and jaw met. Keri dropped, landing heavily on her back, legs sprawled wide. She was out, stone cold.
I captured a few digital memories of the blond knocked out, nipples like unshelled peanuts. I carefully sat Keri up, supporting her in my arms as she came around.
"Hey...Garry!?....Come on, I need it bad....What happened?"
"I'm so sorry, Keri!' I blurted in hollow repentance. "I didn't mean to!"
"Mean to what?"
"I put too much force into a punch and I knocked you out. How do you feel?"
I raised Keri slowly to her feet and walked her to the recovery room. Until her head cleared, she kept calling me "Gary." 
 Three days later I took Keri out to dinner to make up for my "mistake."  Keri admitted she was unable to stop thinking about me since our session.
I've never gotten over the sheer beauty of smiling woman, naked on a bed, propped up on her elbows.
When Keri asked me the next morning if I loved her, I said yes.

Andrea was more of a problem.
True to her prediction, Desiree get herself involved with the 45 year old woman, so I had to wait for that affair to run its course. A month went by when I heard Desire and Andrea had been in the ring. The next day, I saw Desiree with  black eye.
A second wrinkle: Andrea didn't spar with guys. She had matches, KOs only. I'm a gentleman, so I agreed. I'd stretch the fight to the third round and then uncork my right on the dimple of her pert little chin.

She entered the ring showing a lot of skin, dressed in tight black shorts and top and gloves.
"This is nothing personal, but I'm going to knock you out, hammer dick! I mean out cold!"
 That voice was aggressively silky.
"Maybe you'll be sleeping when this is over!" I countered.
Andrea banged her black gloves together loudly as the first round bell sounded.  "Maybe..." Andrea purred.
Emma the Ref told me I did pretty well at the start. I don't remember clearly. Andrea moved faster and hit harder than her daughter and I wanted to fuck her badly.
In round three, I was in a corner, looking for an exit when a double shot to my chin turned off the lights. Emma said I was out instantly and went to the canvas like a bag of sledge hammers.
 A cold, liquid slap hit me in the face. I was slumped in my corner folding chair, where Emma and Andrea had put me. Gasping and spitting water, I could see a worried Emma holding an empty plastic bucket, drops hanging from the rim. Andrea was leaned on a top rope, laughing out loud.
"You okay?" Emma asked me.
"Uh...who...?" I replied, absently looking at Andrea's bare thighs.
"Hey banana dick!" Andrea began playfully slapping me back to full consciousness.  "You're not the first twenty something I've put to sleep in the ring. Get his other arm, Emma!"
Andrea waited a few days and then took me on our first date.

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Cat Girl Got Me Again

There was a gentle tapping on my shoulder. When I turned, I heard a sweet female voice say, "Cat Nap!"
For a few seconds I saw Cat Girl, dressed in her tight black body suit and cat's ears cowl, throw a punch at me.
I was in blackness.

 The darkness lifted and I was in the passenger seat of a large car. I heard myself groan.
"You awake?" the voice chirped to me with sharp seductiveness adding. "Not now!"
Cat Girl leveled a small aerosol can a few inches from my nose. The jet of pink gas engulfed my face and I was gone again. For hours.

The was my second "kidnapping" by villianess Car Girl. Six months ago she warned me in advance of my abduction. Cat Girl confronted me in my home a few days later, beat me up in the living room, and then fucked me all night long after I recovered.The next morning, she clobbered me again and relocated us to her secret lair. I was Cat Girl's "possession" for two months.
Then she told me how much she loved me, but that there were other men in the world. I took a short, but effective beating and woke up in an emergency room.

The KO gas wore off slowly, so I saw Cat Girl talking to me before I heard and understood her.
"I missed your kisses and the way you hold me!" I finally heard. "And other things, too!"
"Then why did you toss me out?"
Cat Girl kissed me lovingly. "I'm a bad girl, sweetie. I get all kinds of ideas and notions and...feelings all at once. But I was lonely for you!"
There were reports a few weeks earlier on the networks that a heist involving Cat Girl and members of the Sisterhood of Evil had been thwarted by Batman and Justice Force agents. Cat Girl had escaped capture, reports stated, after a prolonged brawl with the Caped Crusader.
So we took up our domestic arrangements again. I didn't even know where we were, so I wasn't going anywhere. I basically fucked Cat Girl when she wanted it, which was often.

Some nights Cat Girl vanished with no explanation, only to return the next morning with money and other valuables. A little champagne to celebrate and Cat Girl got pretty horny.
One time she stumbled home after going out only a few hours, bruised and exhausted. "Batman..he always..wins..." was her only explanation before passing out in my arms. Placing her gently on our bed, I saw her right eye had purple shiner.

When Cat Girl told me we would box Friday night, I knew my stay was coming to an end. Another guy? Maybe. Major scheme that would require her to sever all ties in the city? More likely. I wanted to stay. Since the night she's gotten that black eye, I was in love with Cat Girl. But she was stronger and a better fighter than me. I knew I'd wake up in a hospital bed like last time.
I secretly texted my friend Marc. His two girlfriends custom made specialized boxing gloves, among other things.

The right moment happened in round three. It took patience to catch it, the moment when he defenses were down long enough for me to strike. If Cat Girl landed the right punch before that, I'd be out on the canvas.
I launched a combination at Cat Girl's midsection and a hard right upper cut flush on her chin.  Cat Girl fumbled backward, utterly baffled by the violent spinning of the ring. Her sweet brown eyes were out of focus and her boxing gloves alternately swung and grabbed at what she thought was me.
I love you, Cat Girl, I thought. I really do!
My fist fired again, detonating just below her chin. Cat Girl's eyes closed as she swayed on to the ropes and struck the canvas.
Cat Girl never stirred through my ten count. I took my time, drinking in the beauty of my beloved, flat on the canvas, fists resting just above her head. I carried Cat Girl to our bed and undressed her to her panties. The loaded gloves, the one's I used to knock her out cold, I placed on her bare belly.

Two weeks later, a large gift box was delivered to my house. A small note in a pink envelope read,"YOU CHEATED! WE"RE NOT DONE YET!" Arrow pierced-Valentine hearts adorned each corner of the paper.
When I lifted the box lid, a boxing glove sprang up, colliding with my chin. Between the explosion of stars and unconsciousness, I thought of making love to Cat Girl.
I was on the floor when I woke thirty minutes later. The glove in the box was one of the one's I left on Cat Girl's belly.