Thursday, November 19, 2015

Karen Loves Len

Karen knew what I was when she looked at me. We were facing each other in the ring at the Amazonia Boxing Club, ready to start our match. I wanted to pull down her tight black shorts to her ankles and dive in face first. I needed to be the reason she felt pleasure.
 "Damn, you are a total Gentle!" she declared to my face, a judgmental smirk on her lips.
I loved boxing with strong women and losing, by a KO if at all possible. Those shorts I wanted so badly to remove showed off her powerful thighs and developed ass. Her breasts were big and "stand up."
It was Karen's hair, bleached almost white, held in a pony tail, and her smile, which radiated sexual aggression and contempt, that I couldn't turn away from.
"So how do you want it, Gentle Boy?" continued Karen. "I am going to knock you out for the count, so how should I do it?"
The words barely made it from my mouth. "We box...and..then you clobber me..."
"I know why you want me to put your lights out!" Karen punched my shoulder. "You think that when I see you flat on the canvas, out cold, with a woody, I'll fall in love with you!" She shoved me a second time, harder. "While you are sleeping on the canvas, you'll have wet dreams about me. I know your kind!"
She glanced at my seconds for the match, Kaylee and Desiree. "And if those sluts give me any static after I finish you, I knock them out, too!"
Karen then gave me a long kiss and pushed me away. "Sweet dreams, Gentle!"

The fight was fast, three rounds. I thought I got in some good shots, but Karen mocked every punch I threw. Her smooth thighs occupied my mind a few seconds longer than they should have and a phantom punch collided with my head. One moment I was fighting, the next, unconscious.

Waking up thirty minutes later, I saw Desiree and Kaylee sprawled on the canvas. Desiree was moaning loudly as she rejoined the conscious world. Kaylee was out cold. I guess they gave Karen static.

Two days later, Karen fucked me like she was possessed by a demon in heat. During the short breaks to catch my breath, I told the details of the erotic dream I had while I slept on the canvas. Karen admitted she had KOed my seconds just for fun.
"I want to fight you again." I told her.
"Really, Gentle Boy?" she asked.
"Send you back to dreamland? Sure!"

We arranged the rematch for the next day, since Karen was eager to beat me up again. I had no seconds this time, Desiree and Kaylee were still recovering.
"Last night was incredible, Len!" Karen told me before we started. "I wanted you to know before I flatten you!"
"Thanks. We should do that again."
"And to show you how much I enjoyed our time, I'm going to let you take one free shot." She extended her chin. "Right on the button!"
Karen set her hands behind her back.
I unloaded a right upper cut. Karen stumbled a few paces, searching the ring absentmindedly for the source of the bird's songs she was hearing. Then Karen was sitting on her ass.
Karen was already half dreaming.
I knelt beside her. "I punched you out."
I shoved her gently. "Good night, Karen!"
Karen smiled and murmured "Gha..nigh.." as she finished her journey to the canvas.

Sunday, November 1, 2015

The Body Suit Groupie

Boxing with bad girls and super heroines brought Rick to the Amazonia Boxing Club. At this particular moment, he was being worked over by Catwoman. It was the sixth round.
He could sense the knockout happening soon. The brown skinned villainess wore her famous black body suit and red boxing gloves, rained blows to Rick's head and body.
Catwoman found Rick attractive, which was why she strung out the fight so long. If Catwoman ever took on a civilian, he or she was flat on their back, slumbering, by the third round. But Rick was a "body suit" groupie, he had a fetish for strong women in body suits.
"I'm rolling up on you!" she told Rick between punches, but Catwoman doubted that he heard clearly what she said.
Rick slumped on the ropes, arms drawn up to shield his torso and face, a posture that did little good. Catwoman continually pierced the defenses, battering her challenger, whose eyes were glassy and half closed.
Rick was in pain, but he was happy.
Catwoman concentrated on the midsection, until the bell rang, ending the round. She danced back on her heels, allowing Rick a chance to stagger to his corner. Rick sighed and fell to the canvas. Catwoman laughed at the serene smile on the defeated male's face.
Emma the Ref checked Rick and confirmed he wouldn't be moving on his own power for awhile. Catwoman strutted around the ring during the ten count, throwing her fists in the air when Emma declared,"You are out!"

As he was carried back to his dressing room by Catwoman and Emma, Rick dreamed of Lumi. Lumi was a petite, Asian-American college girl who was into geek culture, complete with black rimmed glasses and tattoos. Rick had gone out with her a few nights earlier. They role played a number of knock out scenarios, mostly Rick KOing Lumi. Then they would fuck.
In Rick's dream, they skipped the play acting.

Rick was alone with Catwoman when he came around.
"Hey little boy, you're back!" she purred.
It took a minute, but Rick sat up, eyes blinking at Catwoman, who was slowly shedding her body suit. He removed his trunks, grateful that things were moving even faster than his over heated imagination anticipated.
For the next hour, he was mesmerized by Catwoman's jiggling breasts, her head thrown back with every orgasm. After the last climax exhausted the lovers, Catwoman finally kissed Rick.
"I was really horny and tense from knocking you out cold. But the way you fuck....WOW!"
Catwoman shifted her upper body, brushing her breasts across Rick's face. He kissed the nipples lovingly.
"Good night, bitch!" chirped Catwoman, her arms vining around her lover's throat, pulling Rick face deep into her cleavage. "Go to sleep!"
Furiously, Rick flung out his arms and legs, grabbing at nothing, kicking the air. Breathing rapidly became impossible and Rick felt reality going away, even as he enjoyed Catwoman's flesh on his face. His eyes closed, opened, and closed a final time. Rick passed out.

"Lover boy is taking a nap." Catwoman informed Emma the Ref, who was waiting in the hallway. "I was too much woman for him!"
Emma darted in the dressing room and laughed at Rick sprawled where Catwoman had left him.

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Kiki Owns Amelia

"I heard you could help me out."
Kiki was already sizing up Amelia as the young Asian girl approached her in the women's locker room.
"Probably. What do you need help with?" said Kiki encouragingly.
"What's your name?"
"Amelia." the younger girl answered.
Being a year out of college made Amelia the youngest member of the Amazonia Boxing Club and she was hesitant about approaching senior members. But Will, one of Amelia's friends-with-benefits
recommended Kiki, who did session work between acting gigs.
"So what do you want to be helped with?"
"I...want knock me out."
"Oh yeah? Who by? Wonder Woman? Want to get roughed up by a guy?"
"By you." Amelia admitted.
Kiki had a new friend. "Come here."
She lead Amelia into an empty dressing room.
"Now there is something you need to know before we go forward."
Before Amelia could ask "What?", Kiki slugged her hard on the jaw. In the few seconds of  transition to dreamland, she made two furtive steps toward Kiki, who gently took hold of the girl. Kissing Amelia on the forehead, Kiki settled Amelia on the rub down table. Kiki circled the cell phone number on her business card and wedged it gently between Amelia's demure breasts.

Sometime went by before Amelia realized Kiki had given her a free sample of what she could be done for a client. Amelia wanted more.  The session was arranged for next Saturday.
During their conversation, Amelia gave Kiki the basic details of her fantasy. "And I've always wanted an older man to punch me out."
"Okay." said Kiki casually. The sound of fingers playing on a laptop keyboard was distinct on the line. "What kind of man?"
"Older, in his forties or fifties."
"Kind of on the paternal side, but still sexy?"
A jolt of arousal hammered Amelia and she gleefully uttered, "Yes!"
"Got it. Anything else?
"After the match, when I come around, I want to..."
"Understood." Kiki gave her the price for a three hour session. Amelia agreed. "See you Saturday afternoon."

Amelia parked her car in one of the few available spaces by the entrance to Curvies, a former work out center that Kiki used for sessions. Her heart raced when she saw the door being opened by Kiki,  who decked her only a few days earlier.
"Come on in, Amelia, how are you?"
Kiki was wearing white, foxy boxing trunks, cut almost to her hips. Her melon like breasts filled out a peach-red bikini top. When Amelia handed her a wad of cash, secured by two rubber bands, Kiki guided her to a large room that housed a boxing ring. Waiting for them at one of the turnbuckles was tall, well built man in trunks. His azure eyes and salt and pepper hair were the first thing Amelia saw.
"This is Victor, an old friend of mine. He's going to help us out today."
"Hello, Amelia."
His deep voice made Amelia melt inside.  "Hello..."
"I'll take care of this," said Kiki turning to leave. "Amelia, tie up Victor's gloves."
Victor extended his arms, wrists up, to Amelia, who grasped the white laces and pulled on them hard.
"You are a pretty girl, Amelia!" Victor said when their eyes met. "Especially your eyes. Did you know that?"
Amelia pulled hard on the knot she just tied.
"Do any of the boys tell you that? How beautiful you are?"
When she finished with the second glove, Victor held it in her face.
"Say good night to Daddy!"
Amelia heard the "WHAP!" of leather striking her face and she dropped into blackness.

When the darkness was gone, Amelia was laying in the center of the ring. As she sat up, carefully, Amelia discovered she was wearing red boxing gloves when she tried to sooth the throbbing in her cheek. Then she saw she was dressed in foxing boxing trunks like Kiki's and a tight top. Strong female hands clasped her arms and moved her to her feet.
"I got you ready for the match, honey. I hope you don't mind."
It was Kiki who steadied the young girl as Amelia's vision cleared, revealing Victor walking to them from the opposite corner.
"I helped out, too." he said. Amelia felt a warm shiver. She had been unconscious and naked in Victor and Kiki's hands.
"You ready?" Victor asked. Amelia shook off the residual pain and dizziness and rasied her gloves. "I'm ready!"

Victor was gentleman about giving Amelia her heart's desire. Slow and methodical, Victor hit Amelia hard, concentrating on her body, giving her a few seconds to savor the agony, before unloading again.
Amelia felt the knock out coming faster with each blow she took. When Victor saw the sweetly exhausted look she had in her eyes in round three, he finished Amelia off.
Victor and Kiki carried the slumbering Asian girl to a bed room beside Kiki's office. They stripped off her trunks and top, but kept here boxing gloves on, folding them over her pussy. They took digital pictures of the defeated girl and left her to sleep off the KO.

Victor took Amelia when she recovered. They agreed to met that weekend for dinner. As she was leaving, Kiki asked her to wait a minute.
"You're not finished here."
"What?" Amelia sighed, still feeling the afterglow of her time with Victor.
Kiki's fist swung out from behind her back and crashed into Amelia's face. Stars detonated around Amelia. Kiki carried her to the dressing room. She'd get to know Amelia.

Friday, October 2, 2015

Muscle Girls

Muscle girls had been easy to knock out. That had been Jon's experience since joining the Amazonia Boxing Club three years ago. Maybe he fought them a little harder than other guys because Jon wasn't intimidated by "thick girls." In fact, Jon loved the amazons since he saw Wonder Woman on TV at age thirteen.
He knew that, despite their obvious size and strength advantages, muscle girls were not often the best boxers. When they did detonate the right kind of punch, the impact left Jon on the canvas, fast asleep. Most of the time, he moved faster and hit quicker, leaving the opponent floored like Fantine, who was motionless and spread eagle before Jon.
Fantine, a lawyer of Haitian background, had been body building since the start of college. Being aggressive with men thrilled Fantine and possessing a powerful body and pretty smile gave her a serious advantage in inter gender encounters. She had been over confident with Jon, who out fought and then knocked her out cold in round five. Both boxers were aroused by mixed combat, but Jon channeled all that sexual energy into punching. Jon won because he was hornier.

Opening a tab of smelling salts, Jon sat Fantine up and waved the chemicals by her nose. With a sharp jerk, Fantine was awake. Seeing she was in her challenger's arms, Fantine looked at Jon and said "fils de pute!"
"What's wrong?" asked Jon as he helped Fantine to stand. He laughed to himself at Fantine's insult. The woman boxer wobbled and Jon clasped her around the waist, encouraging her to lean against him.
"Take it slow," he urged her. "I pasted you good!"
"You sure did." the girl responded as they edged closer to her dressing room.
This had been an after hours match, so no one was around to see the man who gave Fantine her first KO defeat help her from the ring. That thought took some of the edge off her headache.

Fantine sat in a folding chair, collecting her scattered thoughts, while Jon untied her boxing gloves.
"You are such an asshole!" she told him. "That's the correct English word for what you are, right?
Jon glanced up at her. "It sure is."
Neither spoke while they removed their gloves and Fantine was able to flex her fingers. "That's how this game works, Miss Fantine. We punch each other until one of use goes down...and out, in your case."
Jon retrieved a half filled water bottle, which he handed to Fantine, while admiring her perfect thighs and 'handful" breasts. He understood her anger. Fantine had been out maneuvered by a male opponent who read her weakness even before they stepped in the ring.
Fantine got to her feet and asked Jon if he treated his girlfriend like this.
"I'm not seeing anyone right now." he said. "But the answer would be 'No', of course."
The amazon moved closer to Jon and kissed him. As his lips ran back and forth from her throat to her mouth, Fantine began counting, letting Jon's hands move across her waist to her gluts and thighs. His hands felt so good that Fantine nearly regretted ending the moment.
 A right hook tagged Jon's jaw.
Fantine gathered him up in her arms and sat him on the rub down table.
"When you wake up, you are going to kiss the ass you groped so much! Understand?"
Jon only stared back, glassy eyed and grinning.
"Then we'll see what happens. Say good night to mama!"
The upper cut finished Jon off.


Thursday, September 24, 2015

Harley Quinn - Part Two

                                         Three hours later

She made Gabriel as comfortable as possible. When his eyes first opened, Gabriel thought he had been moved to a hospital bed. The soft blankets were tucked up to his chin and his head rested on two stacked pillows. Gabriel felt warm and relaxed.
Then his entire body ached all over all at once.
"I knew you would get off on that, Gabriel!' Harley said joyously.
Through the pain, Gabriel looked Harley in the eyes. "Get me some aspirin."
 "Sure pudding!"
Harley returned with a glass of water and the medication. "You know, Harley, I did enjoy our fight."
"You did?' Harley was surprised at the confession. She had punched her new found love pretty hard.
"It made me think."
"About what?" she asked.
Gabriel gently, but swiftly, embraced and kissed Harley Quinn. The zipper on her red and white bodysuit came down as a wave of confusion moved through Harley.
"" she murmured, as she pulled back in a panic. "You can't...I'm..."
Gabriel drew her back and the top of the suit fell away, revealing bare shoulders and arms and breasts, all of which Gabriel caressed softly. Harley removed her jester's cap and Gabriel reached to untie her black eye mask.
"NO!" she blurted, grasping his wrists. Her eyes burned into his. Then she guided his hand back to her body, where Gabriel completely removed her body suit. Harley was occupied removing his jeans.

                                      9 a.m. Saturday

When Harley woke and rolled over, she found Gabriel sleeping soundly. Kissing her lover, she played with his hair for a minute until he opened his eyes. He took her in his arms.
"Gabriel, can I ask you something?"
"Are we...friends?"
Gabriel was surprised by the question. "Yes, we are!"
"Good! Because I really enjoyed last night. I wondered if I could come over sometimes...when I feel.."
"Lonely?" asked Gabriel, gently, realizing that a notorious criminal, wearing nothing but her eye mask, had just proposed they get serious.
"Yeah...that too! And we could do stuff together...I mean, not just this."
"Of course, Harley! I like you a lot." He kissed Harley Quinn and real happiness consumed Harley for the first time in many years.
As Gabriel sat on the side of the bed, pulling on his socks, asking Harley what she wanted for breakfast, she hugged him warmly from behind. "And we can play rough, Gabriel?"
"Any time you want!"
"Great!" blurted Harley.
The first neck chop put Gabriel in a KO daze. He wasn't asleep but he was not awake when he slumped on Harley's chest. Tilting his head sideways, exposing the throat, Harley kissed a spot below his ear and delivered a second blow. Gabriel settled into prolonged knock out.
When Gabriel recovered, all traces of Harley Quinn were gone.


                                             6 p.m. Monday

Going straight to the Amazonia Boxing Club from work, Gabriel saw a small crowd around the front entrance, where an ambulance had backed up. Three EMTs rolled out an unconscious woman secured in a gurney. The disheveled blond hair looked familiar to Gabriel, so he got closer, only to see his ex, Kim, clad in her usual skimpy shorts and top, being loaded into the ambulance.
"What happened?" he asked his friend Peter, who was watching.
"Someone jumped Kim in the women's locker room." explained Peter. "Decked her good."
"Probably another pissed off girlfriend." Gabriel suggested.

                                             8 a.m. Thursday

Five police cars, lights flashing, were lined up by the jewelery store across from his apartment. A woman told him the store had been hit overnight.
"Cleaned it out completely," she added, wondering what Gabriel was smiling about.

                                           4 p.m. Friday

A gift box was sitting on the custodian's desk. It had been delivered for Gabriel, the door man explained
Placing it on his own desk a few minutes later, Gabriel read the note on the lid.
"This is for you, puddin!" it read. "See you at ten!"
Damn yes!, Gabriel thought, lifting away the lid.
A stream of red and white gas issued from the box, covering Gabriel's face. It was quick.
Gabriel felt very relaxed and light headed. He couldn't even fight to keep his eyes open for long. Gabriel dropped to the carpet, content and unconscious, exactly where Harley revived him four hours later.

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Harley Quinn - Part One

                                                  5 p.m. Friday

Gabriel was weary as he settled on the couch in front of the wide screen television, which he lazily turned on with a remote. Having just left work and experienced a long commuter train ride, Gabriel was in no hurry for dinner. He just wanted to relax awhile.
Harley Quinn emerged quietly from the bedroom, where she had been waiting for two hours. Resting on her shoulder was a medium sized, long handled mallet. The lady criminal was impatient for Gabriel to come home, she wanted to try out one of her choice weapons.
She stopped behind him, grinned and raised the mallet to the right height above the target's head.
"Say nighty-night!" Gabriel was told by a rough but very feminine voice that reminded him of Bennsonhurst. With the exact force required, Harley Quinn brought the hammer down on his head.
Bright stars were everywhere. Letting out a surprised groan, Gabriel slumped into a deep knockout.
Putting aside her weapon, Harley Quinn dashed around to check on her victim, who had slouched into the comfortable cushions, his body completely limp.
"That's great, Gabe!" she declared to the unconscious male after thumbing his eyelids and seeing only whites. "Now you sleep tight!"
She patted his cheek and left to get her equipment.

                                            Two hours later

Gabriel came out of dreamland, eyes opening steadily until he took in the entirety of his spacious, 12th floor apartment. A digital camera rested on a tripod, recoding everything that passed in the street below. Standing over him was a stunning woman in a red and white harlequin body suit.
"Harley? Quinn?" he asked when his head stopped swimming.
"In the flesh, cutie!" Harley replied, placing her hands firmly on her hips. "Feel better after nap time?"
For a few moments, Gabriel said nothing. Standing before him was a woman he'd seen a dozen times on the news, perpetuating some crime with her partner The Joker, and being brought to justice by Batman or Wonder Woman. The body suit revealed every contour of Harley's athletic body, especially her round breasts and well developed ass. Harley's smile, erotic and aggressive, bolted Gabriel in place while her brown eyes pierced him.
Gabriel fell completely in love.
"Hey! You okay down there?"
Gabriel shook his head. "Now that you mention it, I do have a headache."
Harley exploded in happy laughter. "You got a sense of humor! I like that! A lot of guys I conk on the head have no sense of humor when they wake up!"
Darting quickly to the camera, Harley made quick adjustments to the tripod and checked the battery power. "I'm glad you can take a joke, because we're going to be together all night!"
"Why?" Gabriel asked.
Harley went back to her prisoner. "Because I need to record the security protocols of the jewelry store across the street. And your apartment gives me the perfect place to watch!" Harley looked at Gabriel apprehensively. "What's the matter, don't you want me around?"
Gabriel realized Harley's voice belonged to an aggressive kupie doll. "No, no, I could use the company."
"Great!" Harley exclaimed. "I made a new friend! Gabriel?"
"You're cute! Pleasant dreams!"
The edge of Harley's extended right hand hammered the side of Gabriel's throat. Pain stabbed his brain and Gabriel fell heavily on the couch, out cold.

 One hour later

The living room ceiling was the first thing Gabriel saw when he woke. Then he saw Harley's smiling face.
"Hope that didn't hurt too much? I like it a little rough, makes beating up men more fun!"
Rubbing his aching neck, Gabriel sat up. "You like doing that?"
"A lot! Guys look so sexy when they are out for the count!'
 Gabriel had heard the exact statement a number of times at the Amazonia Boxing Club, most recently from his ex girlfriend, Kim, who had knocked him out in three boxing matches.
"And how do I look?"
Harley pulled back like a snake had leaped at her. She told the truth nervously. "You are really cute."
Both were silent for a moment as Harley rechecked the surveillance equipment.
"I looked around the place while you were 'lights out.' I hope you don't mind."
"Nope. I'm your prisoner."
"Yeah, you are!' Harley was less nervous now. "I see you don't have any pictures around here. No one special in your life?"
"I have an ex," said Gabriel, settling back on the couch. She and I broke up a few weeks ago. I thought we were serious..."
"I know." Harley's face softened. "I had someone, too. You probably know him?"
For a few years, Harley Quinn had been The Joker's paramour and partner in crime. Their very public and violent separation was broadcast on all the media outlets. "He never really...loved me..."
"No, he didn't" Gabriel confirmed.
"And your girl?"
"Maybe she thought she loved me for while, but not for very long."
"What was her name?"
"Kim Caldwell. I see her at the Amazonia Boxing Club sometimes."
Harley was pleasantly surprised. "You box with women?"
Gabriel looked away, embarrassed. "Yeah, kind of...pretty often."
"Puddin, that's nothing to be ashamed of! I like fighting, too!"
Harley, thrilled at Gabriel's confession, retrieved a gym bag from her equipment, and removed a pair of white boxing gloves. She pulled them on her hands and approached Gabriel, who felt an interior fire burst out. Boxing with Kim always made sex better after a go in the ring.
"I'm going to be here til morning, so let's have some fun!" Harley declared.
As Harley threw punches in the air at Gabriel, he saw the word "SWEET"  printed in black letters on the left glove and "DREAMS" on the right. He nearly creamed.
Harley was startled but not surprised when Gabriel kissed her as they assumed fighting stances. She had guessed correctly what kind of man Gabriel was: submissive.
"I'm going to beat you senseless, sweetheart!" she said when they broke the embrace.  Harley quickly unloaded on Gabriel with quick, brutal punches. Getting worked over hurt, but Gabriel loved that the beating came from the woman he'd just held in his arms.
The glow of a growing climax was on Harley's face. The glove marked "DREAMS" caught the side of Gabriel's chin, snapping off the lights in his head. He fell heavily onto Harley's right shoulder, arms and legs dangling.
"Ahhh....thank you....Gabriel....!"
Harley Quinn took a moment to steady herself. She felt pleasurably washed out and her legs were unreliable as she carried Gabriel to his bed.

Saturday, August 29, 2015

A Happy Ending

For session work, Kiki used a space in the rear of the Caldor Plaza , off  Route 46. The year before the occupant was a Curvies fitness center, which relocated for more space. Kiki rented it cheap, the land lord was a very satisfied client she'd met at the Amazonia Boxing Club. She kept the "Curvies" over the entrance for customers to use as a landmark.
She also met Stan at the Amazonia through Will, a mutual friend. After two conversations outside the Club, Stan agreed to the two hour "Happy Ending" session. Kiki told him to take public transportation to her location, because parking was limited.
Stan protested that he could walk from wherever he found a spot, but a smile from Kiki ended the discussion.
Stan got off the bus five minutes ahead of the appointment, carrying a gym bag filled with the items Kiki instructed him to bring: shorts, a T-shirt and a pair of boxing gloves. He walked about half the alley behind the strip mall to the entrance of "Curvies." Stan glanced around the empty lane, wide enough for garbage trucks to pick up the dumpsters scattered on the chipped asphalt. Secluded he thought, and went in.

"Great, you found me!" Kiki chirped, stepping out from what was the fitness center's reception desk, extending an open hand to her visitor. Stan clasped Kiki's hand, pressing into it a small wad of bills.
"Be right back!" Kiki sang happily and vanished behind a door marked "Manager".
When she came back out, Stan saw she was wearing a bikini that cradled her melon like breasts and round ass. She also sported a pair of black boxing gloves.
Stan changed his clothes, as directed, in the room next to the manager's. Like the rest of the facility, the room was clean, brightly painted and carpeted. Against one wall was a neatly made up double bed.
Oh, yes! he thought, giving the bed a final glance as he rejoined Kiki.

"I'm ready!" Stan said to Kiki, who stood on what had been the wooden exercise floor, now covered wall to wall with thick blue wrestling mats.
"Let's get to it, lover boy!"
As they circled, Stan felt out Kiki with tentative punches that were efficiently blocked. He realized form the impact of her counter punches that she could hurt him. He enjoyed that show of strength.
"You know, boy, I can knock you out whenever I want!?" Kiki prodded after the exchange of leather increased.
"Doubt it!" Stan answered, finding the "THWACK" of gloves hitting skin arousing.
"There's something you need to remember, Stan!" Kiki advised him, landing a hard left-right combination to his head. "Pussy always knocks out cock!"
Stan shuck off the combination and hammered Kiki's midsection, before launching a right hook that staggered the girl. For a single instant, the girl seemed unfazed. Darkness soaked into her brain and she fell limp to the mats.
The downed fighter only slept a minute or two. When her eyes opened, Kiki felt a drowsy confusion and then panic.
"Kiki?" a male voice called to her. She felt her bikini, it was intact. "You okay? I didn't mean to hit you like that!"
The look of concern on Stan's face was authentic, he hadn't touched her.
A weird anger propelled Kiki to her feet, throwing up her fists. Stan became very apprehensive very quickly. He had seen the same steel look in Kiki's eyes in the past - seconds before taking KO in the ring with other female opponents.
"Kiki, it was an accident! I sure as hell didn't want to....OFFFFFH!"
Hearing Stan plead got Kiki fired up, triggering the gut shot. While he winced in agony, Kiki uncorked an upper cut. Stan murmured "Jasmine...?" and hit the mats like a felled tree.
Kiki gave the boxer a ten count and dragged him into the changing room.

Kiki was on top for the forty minutes they had sex. Stan tried to roll her over during breaks in copulation, but Kiki kept him in his place. After a very short time, Stan was so entranced by Kiki's huge tits and the dangerous look in her eyes, that he submitted.

"What time does the bus come by?" asked Stan when he finished dressing. Kiki, now wearing a white, one piece bathing suit, with tight black shorts, asked to see Stan's driver's license.
"Here..." he said, handing her the plastic card.
She memorized the address and handed it back. "The sex was great, Stan! Lights out!"
She pasted Stan on the chin and he fell across her shoulder, arms and legs dangling lifelessly. Grabbing his bag, she carried the unconscious male to her car, depositing him gently in the back seat, flinging his bag on his lap.
During the drive, Stan briefly woke, catching Kiki's reflection in the rear view mirror.
"How you doing back there, sweetheart?" she coyly addressed him.
Stan shifted slightly and faded back to sleep.

He woke again in his own bed, with Kiki sitting next to him. She had removed all his clothing only a few minutes earlier. She smiled at him, waiting for his head to clear completely, which took a few minutes.
"Ready for your happy ending?" Kiki asked, eyeing Stan's cock.
"Of course you are..."
Kiki began working Stan's penis into a full erection, the slow caress building him to an orgasm. Stan's eyes began to roll in his head and he gasped, louder and louder, until semen spurted all over Kiki's hand and his hips.
While Stan groaned in pleasure, telling Kiki how beautiful she was, Kiki cleaned her hand on the bed sheet and slipped one of Stan's boxing gloves on her right hand.
"That was your happy ending, Stan!' she told him. Kiki rocked her fist back a foot away from her victim's face. "And here's mine!"
The fist slammed into Stan before he could protest. He went out like a light.
Kiki kissed Stan because the afternoon had been fun for her. And, judging by the grin on his face, for Stan also.