Friday, May 20, 2016

Thr Gates of Paradise - The Final Round.

I wanted the tie breaker over with quickly. After two rounds of wrestling, I was pretty worked up for Helena. I'd of fucked her in the ring if she'd let me! And I could not stop looking in her eyes, even though it was clear she was pissed off and about to do me harm.
"You ready!?" Helena shouted, moving at me swiftly, gloves raised.
"If you want what I got!"
I launched at Helena, firing at her partially exposed mid section. When she pulled down her arms defensively, I hammered her jaw.
Helena retreated, giving me the opportunity to land more body shots. When Helena toppled onto the ropes, I uncorked an upper cut on her chin.
For a few seconds, Helena was still, eyes registering nothing. She swayed slightly and then exhaled as she collapsed. I started the count immediately.
Helena wasn't asleep, but instead stared at me, blinking her eyes. At "FIVE!" her blond head jerked and wobbled side to side until she focused. "How...?" Helena sat up deliberately, still unsteady, but aware the count was coming to a finish.
" want it...okay..."she said, when she was standing in front of me, cheating defeat by one number. Helena stared at me serenely. "You want, too!"
Helena came at me again, possessed by the stare of a woman who wants to fuck. My arms went to my sides and Helena began beating me, muttering "Good boy! Good boy!"
Each direct hit I absorbed was a caress. "You feel it, Tommy!" The violent cockiness of Helena's voice drained whatever resistance I had left. I thought of her naked body, which became more and more real to me as my mind succumbed to the punches.
"You should have taken me while I was down!" yelled Helena. "Now I'm taking you!"
When her last punch did its job, I embraced the warm oblivion.

The next morning, Helena told me I was out cold for ten minutes.
 "You had a stupid grin on your face and a woody like I've never seen on a man I knocked out!" she explained as she got dressed. "I brought myself off on your face." she added from the kitchen. I woke in her dressing room at the Amazonia as Helena was whipping my face with a towel. We fucked three times before going to her apartment for the rest of the night. While we ate breakfast, Helena confessed that she wasn't sure what turned her on more: knocking me out for the count or getting her own lights put out. When she lead me back to her bedroom, I knew the truth.

Saturday, May 14, 2016

The Gates of Paradise - Round Two

When I returned to the conscious world, I was seated against a turnbuckle, my shorts at my feet and erect penis in Helena's grasp. A minute passed before I was coherent enough to speak.
"Jerking you off, Tommy!" Helena chirped. "I was just about to start ejaculation number six."
I felt sated and dopey. And angry! I wanted put one on Helena's jaw, see how she enjoys a sudden nap! Her hand picked up speed and rhythm and half a minute later I was brought to a massive orgasm. As I groaned, I wondered if I was falling for Helena.
She got a towel from a gym bag, cleaned her hands and then whipped the cum from my dick. Helena pulled my shorts to my waist and kissed me. "I'll be in my corner when you're ready for more..."
Watching her adorable little ass as she walked away, I put off the sucker punch idea indefinitely.
Scaling up the ropes carefully, I was standing and ready to give Helena some payback.
We grappled a few minutes as I struggled to position the slender blond for her sleeper. As before, she moved fast, slipping from my hold each time I had her trapped. In frustration, I ceased her arms and flung Helena into the ropes. As she stumbled back, I clothes lined her just below the chin.
Helena froze on her feet. I stepped behind her and placed my arms around her neck in a classic sleeper.
"Lights out, luscious!" I whispered in her ear, pulling my arms closer together. Helena cursed and grunted, tearing with her hands at my fore arms, while striking my shins with the soles of her feet.
"Feeling it coming on, Helena?! Darkness is about to hit you like a ton of bricks!"
The cursing was slower now, and more desperate, inhaling at longer intervals. The power in her arms and legs was draining.
Tightening the hold a little more, I lowered Helena into a sitting position between my legs. One at a time, her arms fell away, slapping against my bare thighs. 
I tilted my head forward to see Helena's mouth was partially hanging open and her eyelids fluttering. With a resigned "Ahhhhh..." Helena was out in my arms.
Carefully, I placed her on the canvas. Except for the gentle rising and falling of her petite breasts, she was motionless. Pining her shoulders back, I gave Helena a ten count and then thumbed her eyelids. Nothing but white.
"You're fucking gone!" I said to her passively sleeping face. I pulled down her white panties. I never felt so powerful the moment I looked at her pussy. Helena was beautiful, prone in front of me, completely exposed.. I sat back and smiled. Kissing her labia, my finger gently penetrated her, probing for her clit. I brought my opponent off three times. The fourth orgasm jolted her back to consciousness, disoriented and gasping for air.
"You asshole!!" she roared. Helena looked at me as if she was uncertain who I was and then pulled me into a hard kiss. She was confused again and leaped to her feet, pulling up her panties. "We're even and we're settling this with gloves!"

Monday, May 2, 2016

The Gates of Paradise - First Round

Helena wanted to go best of three falls, knockouts only.
"Sleepers." she added when we talked over the match at the coffee place near the Amazonia Boxing Club.
"Sure." I answered.
I liked mixed boxing better, but wrestling with a woman like Helena? At her suggestion? I didn't care that she is a specialist with the sleeper hold. Challengers, male or female, got in the ring with Helena and each was either carried out over her shoulder or she abandoned them to wake on the canvas, head spinning. It didn't matter - I was sending her to La La Land!
"When I knock you out the second time, do you want me to carry you to your dressing room?"
Helena replied with a smirk that was more like a pout and turned her brown eyes on me in mock hostility. "I haven't decided how I'm going to put you under, Tommy." Helena purred. "Maybe I'll wrap my arms around your neck nice and tight or a leg scissors so you can explore my pussy while you're going out."
I let my imagination run with that visual.  I felt good at the prospect of Helena wrestling naked.
"Ten p.m. at the Amazonia?" she asked, peering into my eyes.
"Fine by me! Reserve a private ring for two hours?"
"Perfect." Helena pushed the check across the table to me. "Thanks for the coffee, Tom."

Helena played to her every advantage.  She was standing in her corner of the ring when I arrived. A pleasant surprise. Often female opponents made me wait five minutes before appearing. The skimpy white bra, panties and fish nets flattered her slender figure. I received the same smirk-pout from the day before as I climbed in between the ropes.
"You ready for it?' I asked, moving toward her cautiously, arms half extended.
"I'm ready for all you got!"
Helena moved fast, letting me be the pursuer. Suddenly, she turned to me in mid stride, projecting the point of her elbow into my chin.
I saw stars long enough for Helena to grab my right arm, pull me to her and hammer my solar plexus. I jack knifed in pain. Helena slammed the length of her arm under my chin. I was on my knees staring at the ceiling.
Abruptly yanking me up, Helena socked my jaw.
I was groggy, laying on the canvas, gazing up at Helena, who nodded her head with satisfaction, while unhooking the snaps from stockings and removing her panties. "Come here, boy! The Gates of Paradise are about to open for you!"
Helena flipped me on my stomach, lifting my head as she opened her thighs underneath my chin. She lowered my face into her pussy and closed her thighs around my throat. I snapped back to reality as the soft, brown hairs caress my face.
An expertly delivered sleeper hold works fast and Helena had plenty of practice. I pulled and slapped at her legs. Nothing worked. Helena constricted her quadriceps. I went light headed.
"Tommy?! Say 'nighty-night'!" Helena tenderly brushed my hair. "Just let go, lover, you're getting knocked out cold anyway!"
My brain obeyed, letting my limbs go limp. The world was quieter now. I could barely hear Helena say, "Are you going to dream about me?"
I moaned into her labia just as her thighs clinched again. My vision flickered with images of fucking my last girlfriend, Julianna. I slept face down in the Gates of Paradise.

Monday, April 25, 2016

Jenny in Dreamalnd

"Only a wuse falls for the pussy that knocked him out!"
Jenny and I were facing each other in a ring at the Amazonia Boxing Club, waiting for the bell.
A week earlier, Jenny fought me to knock out in the sixth round. I slept for five minutes. I wanted Jenny before I stepped in the ring, I woke up aching to fuck her.
Dressed in black shorts and sports bra, Jenny gave me the same leg show as she did the last time we boxed. I have a fetish for females in boxing gear and Asian women and that afternoon, Jenny was both. I kept struggling to focus.
"Maybe today will be different." I suggested, peering into Jenny's face, which was round and open. She had done her eye lids up in muted blue that blended with her midnight black hair.
"No, not really, Lewis. You're just going to sleep...again"
The bell clanged, followed by Emma the Ref's shout "Fight!"
Jenny immediately slugged me. I never felt myself sink to the canvas.

Jenny had a cute, girlish laugh, like all her giggles tumbled on top of each other. I heard it as I slept on my back and then as my eyes opened. Emma the Ref told me later that I mumbled like an idiot as I emerged from Dreamland, my head lolling from left to right.
Jenny got in my face as Emma guided me to the recovery room. "He's still asleep! He's dreaming! You dreaming about it, Lewis?! Want it in your face?"
Jenny's question followed me into blackness.

Emma called me stupid to expect anything more than a beating from Jenny.
"If I thought you had a chance against, I wouldn't be so critical," explained Emma, after I came around. "To be honest, she's the better boxer."
That was a fact. If I won a match or lost, I didn't care, as long as Jenny, or a girl like her, put out.
To my surprise, Jenny took me up on the offer of dinner. She seemed to think she was dominate in our relationship. She even indulged me and wore red boxing gloves to bed.
"Jen, I want to ask you a favor."
Rolling over, Jenny stretched like a cat and looked at me with dewy eyed contentment. "What, Lewis?"
"Let's have one more fight. Knockouts only!" Jenny broke out laughing. "A third try? I think all the sex I gave you last night has turned your brain to mush!"
"Come on, you won twice, you can again. You enjoyed it!"
From the gleam in Jenny's eyes I could tell she loved the idea, even though she resisted a few more minutes. I arranged for the third match that afternoon.

"I'm confused," Emma admitted to me as we watched Jenny climb into her corner. "You already fucked her, she's just going beat you up."
"How do you know we fucked?"
"Women brag, it's the thing we all have in common."
I always found Emma's acceptance of human nature refreshing, but this time she was looking at me suspiciously, like she was reading my thoughts.
The bell rang and I moved out, faster than Jenny anticipated. She retreated, raising her gloves to her face defensively. I fired at her midsection two punches. The first bounced off her elbows, but my second pounded her solar plexus. Jenny gasped in agony.  My from the hip upper cut detonated on her chin.
Jenny gaped at me, eyes surprised and then uncertain. She probably never saw anything. Jenny dropped into Emma's extended arms.
Emma stared at me. "She fucks you all night and you do this?"
"Yeah." I answered.
"It's a great thing Jenny doesn't actually like you. Get her legs."
We carried Jenny, a boxing rag doll, back to her corner. Emma thumbed her eyelids, revealing solid whites.
"She's in La La Land!"
A few minutes later, Jenny sighed and began a slow emergence from my KO punch, like a surfacing diver.

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Kidnapped by Kiki - The Finish


Both fighters were heavily aroused as they boxed. Tom, because he was trading punches with a naked woman. Kiki because she always got turned on by hitting a male, her aggression fueled by the certainty that the match would end with Tom sleeping.
It's how he wants it, she thought, landing a combination to Tom's skull.
Tom fought with a disadvantage that Kiki discovered watching him box at the Amazonia. Studying him in the ring with female opponents, Kiki saw he never cunt busted and avoided tit punching whenever possible. With the size of Kiki's chest, Tom would lean down to land shots to her torso. You keep that up, boy! Kiki thought, beginning to time how long he let himself be exposed. Then she stepped toward her opponent.
Tom was dazed by the brutal attack. He tried to raise his arms in defense, but Kiki hit too fast. After battering his midsection a few more times, Kiki unloaded on his jaw.
Tom felt himself fly upward and then crash painfully on his back. He started blinking, desperate to focus. He saw Kiki climbing on top of him, her right arm pulled back.
Then Tom was on his feet, Kiki dog walking him, saying "Just a few more steps, honey..." but he understood nothing. All he could do was let his numb body drift under Kiki's control until he came to a stop.
"Okay, Tom, this is the moment!" Kiki stated, leveling Tom's head so they saw eye to eye. "You've always wanted a big tited woman to beat you up and knock you out. Here it comes!"
Kiki retracted her right fist again, but lowered it when she saw Tom smiling. She clasped his face and gave him a long kiss, something she'd never down to a man she was fighting no matter how horny she had become.
Clarity began seeping to Tom's brain and the full effect of the kiss registered. " said..."
It was dark again for awhile.

Kiki lay next to Tom on the bed in the room next to her office. She brought herself to orgasm twice while staring at the unconscious Tom. He woke feeling dizzy, but when he was coherent, he told Kiki how beautiful she was. Kiki put one arm around Tom's shoulder, while the free hand began working his dick, which needed little encouragement.
"I bet you say that to all the girls who knock you out..."

An hour later, Tom was blissful. Kiki was not sure if she had just fallen for Tom.
"Get your money's worth?" she asked, rolling over.
"Every penny!"
Kikii sat up and reached for the panties on the floor. "Wait, Kiki, one last thing!"
Tom was on his knees in front of the fighter, placing his palms gently on her knees. Kiki hesitated, about to remind Tom the session was over. Instead, she pressed his head between her thighs. Her entire upper body arched back as Tom penetrated her with his tongue pressing on her clit. At first, only sharp gasps passed from her mouth, but quickly she caught enough breath to call her lover a "fucking slut!" until Kiki's massive orgasm erupted and she flopped on her back.
Kiki kept Tom's head in place and delivered a harsh neck chop. Tom sagged into her pussy and went to sleep.
"You'll go with any hole!" she insisted to the prone male. "As long as they glove up and fuck you up!"

Kiki carried Tom and the digital flash card that held the complete record of their bout out to her car. Thirty minutes later, she dumped him on his own bed. Leaving the flash card on kitchen table, Kiki knew she was in love with Tom.

Monday, April 4, 2016

Kidnapped by Kiki - Part One

As it was early Saturday morning, Tom answered the back door casually. When he opened the door, he immediately recognized black haired Kiki from The Amazonia Boxing Club, where they both worked out. She wore a bikini and her 34 HHH breasts seized Tom's complete attention. For a moment she stood silent, smiling, her hands behind her back.
"Good morning, Tom!"
Kiki's voice was sweet and inviting.
"Kiki!" sputtered Tom, unable to conceal his surprise and arousal. "I...good...I..."
"Good night, Tom!"
All Tom saw was Kiki's right fist stretch back behind her head as far as her arm could go. He had no memory of the thrown punch itself, just the painful impact. The he was in blackness.   
Kiki got her biggest thrill when a guy's head went back from a punch, followed by an eye roll. Tom provided all that and landed on the kitchen floor, lights out. Kiki saw no neighbors in the area, so she stepped over Tom and went inside.
Tom's brain woke slowly from the straight right to his chin. There was a cool breeze on his face from the partially open passenger side window. It felt relaxing and Tom was content for a minute.
"Oh, my jaw!" he groaned, as the physical consequences of a KO returned to his face. When his eyes opened, he saw he was in a moving car, being driven by a now topless Kiki. Christ her tits are incredible!, he thought. They'd make great pillows! His thoughts were still not organized.
Kiki glanced a few times at the groggy male, dressed in gym shorts and a white T-shirt.
"Hey, Tom, look at me, sweetie!"
The car had come to a stop at a red light. Tom swerved his head slightly.
"Good boy! Now, go back to sleep!"
The lights in Tom's brain went out again. Kiki laughed at what an easy KO Tom was. When the signal turned green, Kiki stomped on the accelerator.

Kiki tossed the still out cold Tom over her shoulder and carried him across the narrow parking lot behind the Caldor Plaza on Route 46. The stores in the strip mall had not opened, so no one saw her transport her burden inside the abandoned "Curvies" aerobics center that Kiki rented for her own use. Once inside, she moved Tom to the large windowless backroom, that housed a large boxing ring and some folding chairs. Next to bigger space, were two smaller rooms. One was her business office, the other contained a queen size bed , a first aid kit on the wall and a large mirror secured to the ceiling.

Settling Tom on a folding chair in one corner of the ring, Kiki got a small digital camera attached to a tripod from her office and positioned it facing the combat area. Assured the battery was charged, she adjusted the focus to a close up of the entire ring. Retrieving the first aid kit, she leaped through the ropes and bounded at Tom.

"Wake up, sweetie!" she cooed, lightly slapping Tom's face. He didn't stir, so Kiki smacked him harder. A long moan came from deep within Tom, but no movement. Kiki snapped a tab of smelling salts by Tom's nose and he jolted back to the conscious world.
"I kidnapped you, Tom. Don't you remember?"
Tom shook his head slowly. "No..."
"In fact, I knocked you out twice. Feeling horny yet?"
 The abductee groaned a second time. Kiki planted a gentle kiss where she had slugged him in the car. She began pulling boxing gloves on his hands.
"Why the hell am I here?"
"So we can fight! I've seen you boxing women at the Amazonia Boxing Club, its why you joined right? Fight a woman and maybe get laid, that's you plan, right?"
Tom nodded reluctantly. "Yeah."
"Well, now you are mine and I am going to completely fuck you up. If I knock you out, which I will, you belong to me! If by chance you put me down for the count, you're free. You walk right out that door with me flat on the canvas. Agreed?"
"Yes, but its just that.."
His captor's intense kiss interrupted Tom. "Cheer up, I'm a great fuck. I've had lots of practice! I'm going to change for the match!"

While he waited for Kiki's return, Tom contemplated the outfits he'd like to see her wearing when they boxed. He was stunned when she reappeared, wearing nothing but black boxing gloves, moving in a slow strut to the ring, banging her fists together.
"Now don't get any ideas, Tom!" 
Ideas were all Tom had.
His face dissolved into lust when he saw Kiki's bare, long legs, between which nestled the soft black hair of her pussy. Being a breast man, Tom's vision went up her flat stomach to her 44 HHH breasts, pink nipples stiff but pert.
I know you want to be knocked out by a naked woman!"
YES! Tom screamed internally, impulsively slugging Kiki, snapping her head sideways. She blinked in surprise
"Come here, you asshole!" Kiki purred and the fight erupted.

Friday, March 18, 2016

Donna and The Mare


                                               Donna Wrestling        

On the day before she turned forty-five, Donna wrestled with Will. The match was private at the Amazonia Boxing Club, attended by the two adversaries and Donna's seconds, Kaylee and Desiree. It was a knockouts only match. Donna waited five minutes before finishing Will off, spending most of that time smacking the younger man around the ring. She slugged the groggy twenty-five year old a few times and threw him into the ropes. As William stumbled back, he walked directly into Donna's clothesline, that caught him in the throat.
Kaylee was the happiest to know what was about to happen to Will. She had had an affair with him that ended after two months when he informed Kaylee, "I just have to fuck other women, that's all!"
Well, you're getting fucked right now! thought Kaylee, watching the collision short circuit Will's brain. His legs buckled and Will plunged backward to the canvas. Donna threw herself down behind the dizzy male and spread her legs wide.The few neurons in Will's brain that worked fizzled and popped, leaving him unable to comprehend that Donna had clasped a handful of his hair and hauled his head to the base of her stomach.
"Say good night to Mama!" Donna shouted as the seconds began to cheer.  Donna's naked, well developed thighs snapped around Will's throat. His eyes shot open, mind clearing instantly. Donna pressed her legs tighter.
"Gonna see stars real soon!" she told her victim as he pulled at her thighs. "You're not going anywhere but to sleep!"
Will snorted and gasped, attempting to break the leg scissor hold that was slowly rendering him unconscious. The downward tug of sleep set in, slowing his limbs until the palms of his hands settled lifelessly on Donna's thighs. Donna peered down at the face between her legs, half buried in the crotch of her black shorts and violently jerked her thigh muscles. Will grunted as he sank into complete blackness.
"Is he out?"
Donna looked up to see Kaylee standing next to her.  "You out Will?" Donna asked, snidely. "He's in dreamland, eating my pussy in his dreams!"
The victorious cougar released the hold and shoved Will into a sitting position. Shifting his head to the right, she landed a neck chop below his ear. Will grunted again, his body shook and relaxed. Kaylee and Desiree giggled aloud.  A second chop struck the opposite side, below his ear, but Will made no sound. Donna confirmed the erection in the front of his shorts and got to her feet.
 "Carry Will to the recovery room," Donna ordered the seconds. "When hammer dick comes around, tell him I'm nowhere near finished with him!"

                                               Donna Boxing

A week later they gloved up.
Will was certain he was going to be knocked out very quickly, but he didn't care. He'd woken from the sleeper hold KO deep in erotic love with Donna. As they promised, Desiree and Kaylee were on hand as Donna's seconds. They stood in her corner, rubbing her back and shoulders, taking turns whispering in her ears.
Donna possessed the strong shoulders and biceps of a woman who worked out regularly . Her breasts were smallish, but round and ample. Will knew how pleasing it would be to fondle them. Will wondered if he could pop them from out of her loose top during a clinch.
Reading the mindless expression of lust in Will's eyes, Donna went straight at him when the buzzer sounded.
Will was out on his feet, glassy eyes, smiling stupidly. Clasping his right arm, Donna dog walked Will to the center of the ring.
"Will, can you hear me?!" she asked, tilting his chin up.
Will looked to the ceiling, attempting to locate the source of the faint voice he heard amid the stars that glimmered everywhere.
Donna turned to her seconds. "Kaylee, this one's for you!"
Donna's glove lifted Will off his feet. He knew he'd just been knocked out and was so pleased as he fell into blackness.
"Eight! Nine! Ten!...You're OUT! Fuck you!" Kaylee yelled at her former lover. Donna flipped Will on his back so Desiree could check his eyes.
"Solid whites. He's out cold."
"Oh yeah?" asked Donna. yanking off her top to expose her breasts, she gave Will a long kiss. Setting her open hands by his head, Donna leaned down and slapped her tits against his face. She kept that up for a few moments. There was no response.
"Help me carry him to my car!" Donna said, pulling on her top.


For three months, Will was owned by Donna. Within a week of their first night together, he moved into Donna's house. The rules of the relationship were simple as Donna explained, "Your three piece set is mine!"
He was getting laid so much by Donna that he didn't mind the restriction. Sometimes Will needed reminding. Donna caught him glancing at the ass of a passing gym bunny at the Amazonia Boxing Club. It came naturally, without thought, but the cougar knocked out the cub right on the spot and everyone saw Will carried out, limbs dangling over her shoulder.

The lesson stuck until Sonia appeared at the Amazonia. Known as "La Yegua" for her punching strength and quick foot work, she disliked older women like Donna grabbing all the young men at the Amazonia. Sonia got friendly with Will and a week later, he asked her out for a beer.
"Sure," she answered, aware of exactly what Will was fishing for. "But we have to fight first."

Sonia, feeling very horny, worked Will over for three rounds, before making him sleep in the fifth. As Will was carried from the ring, Sonia told Emma the Ref, "We'll see who owns honey rod now!"
Stories of Will and Sonia fucking didn't take long to reach Donna, mostly because Sonia bragged non stop about her conquest. From her bitter experience with her first husband, long ago ditched, Donna learned that you dealt with the man who cheated and not the slut he cheated with. I'll take care of William after I destroy that little tail twitcher! she decided.

Up to the fourth round, Sonia was glad she accepted Donna's challenge to a public match. Every punch she connected to the older woman made her feel alive. And when the left-right, with a follow up upper cut put Donna on her ass in a daze, Sonia thought Will was all hers.
But the bell saved the cougar, who moved slowly back to her corner, shaking away the cobwebs in her brain. When her head was clear and Donna saw the smug smirk on Sonia's face, she focused. When the match restarted, Donna hung back and waited for Sonia to show fatigue. The brat hits hard and moves fast, but that takes energy, which Donna figured, she had to be using up quickly.
Donna plunged in when Sonia's gloves began hanging unsteadily at her jaw. The opening attack was blocked, but the fourth punch was a fake to the head, which Sonia moved to deflect. Donna's right slammed into Sonia's midsection and then she launched two shots to the chin. The girl sprawled on the ropes, where Donna closed in.
For thirty seconds, Donna punished her rival, then the bell rang.
Sonia was battered and shocked at how the old lady could do such damage so quickly. But she was determined to put the abuelita down in the next round.

Donna began  the next round where she left off.
It took a minute to pin Sonia in place, but Donna went to work quickly. She was methodical and slow about trouncing Sonia, she wanted everyone to see where and how each punch was delivered. Two minutes later, Sonia was a rag doll thrown on the top rope.
She could only see Donna's lips moving and not hear the insults the older woman was flinging at her. Donna's glove hurled at Sonia and the lights in the girl's head snapped off. Sonia slumbered through Emma the Ref's ten count, content that sleep had blotted the pain.

Kaylee and Desiree carried the limp Sonia past William on their way to the recovery room. He watched, mouth open, massively aroused by seeing his lover unconscious. The trance as broken by Donna, who spun him around to face her.
"You going to fuck around again?"
Will stumbled for the answer. "Huh? No! Wha? No!"
"Good boy!"
Will went out as fast as Sonia did from Donna's upper cut.