Sunday, April 13, 2014

Aysia's Big Surprise

We were in the tie-breaker of our best of three knock-outs bout and I decided to make things interesting.
"Let's fight out this last match naked?" I suggested to Aysia.
I always thought Aysia was incredibly attractive- a tall, lithe, brown skinned girl in her late 20s. Her breasts were a little small, but Aysia's round, pretty face and serious, long legs more than made up for that.
"Why not? It will be a fun challenge, see if you can defeat me despite the...distraction."
Aysia gave me a pitying laugh. "Are we full of ourselves?" she asked, mockingly. But I could tell she was looking me over.
"We're both adults..." I began.
"Well, I am." Aysia broke in.
"...and I'll be a gentleman while you're unconscious."
"Me? I'll be KOed? After our last round?"
Aysia had a point. In our last encounter, an hour before, Aysia had pursued me into a corner, pounding away at me for few minutes, until a phantom punch put out my lights. I woke when Aysia waved smelling salts under my nose. She was sweet enough to make sure I was completely recovered before we started our final round.
"Remember who made you say "Good-night" in round one."
Laughing again, Aysia replied, "That was just luck!"
Once again, she had a good point.
I only scored my first win not from superior fighting skills, but from Aysia's carelessness. She threw a straight right, which I ducked under. Aysia's jaw was exposed a few seconds longer than it should have been and I landed a left hook-right upper cut combination, that put her slumbering on the canvas for three minutes.
"Come, let's try it! It will be a fun way to end this!"
Aysia still looked skeptical.
"If your claims are true, then you'll have the pleasure of knocking out a naked man."
Aysia abruptly changed her mind and agreed. We went to our lockers to undress.
Aysia was stunningly beautiful, wearing nothing but her boxing gloves. The training at the Amazonia Boxing Club had created a smooth, toned figure, especially the strong hips and calf muscles. Through the waves of lust that engulfed me, I saw she was stronger than I was. A good thing I brought my insurance policy.
In the empty mens locker room, I switched my gloves with an identical pair that were loaded with sand.
"You're a handsome man!" Aysia nodded with appreciation. "When you wake up, sweet heart, we should be better..."
"Yes, indeed!"
Aysia gazed at the erection I had since I stepped back in the ring. Her expression was far from fearful.
"Aysia?" I asked.
The impact of my sudden, from the hip upper cut staggered Aysia. Glassy eyed and out on her feet, Aysia swayed like a reed in the breeze, sighed contentedly and dropped face down on the canvas.
I didn't bother with a count.
Flat on her stomach, arms at her sides, gloves turned palms up- Aysia was serene and lovely. I rolled her over on her back and slipped a folded towel under her head. I placed another, larger towel over her torso. I kissed her smiling lips and waited for to come around, which only took a few minutes.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Fighting Femdom

Fighting Femdom is a HD 3D art site created by Stephanie Park. Her work covers a number of subjects, including mixed wrestling, mixed boxing, ballbusting, facesitting, CFNM and other fetishes.

Sunday, April 6, 2014


He would never admit it to anyone, even his girlfriend, Jasmine. Not only was Louis dying to fuck Tinga from the moment he saw her, but he desperately wanted the black haired amazon to knock him out in a match.
When he was alone, Louis would jerk off to a mental movie of Tinga working him over against a turnbuckle in a boxing ring, until a final upper cut puts him unconscious at her feet. Louis loved Jasmine, but watching Tinga move during a fight, landing hard punches and jabs on her opponent, made him painfully horny.

Tinga had been fighting since she turned eleven, when her grandfather started her on boxing lessons. It was clear to her abuelo that his granddaughter would become a strong woman, physically and emotionally and that was not a formula for happiness. Boxing, he decided, would be the best outlet for his nieta.
And the old man guessed correctly. Tinga grew to be a fighter, with great strength in her waist and legs. Normal concepts of beauty didn't apply to the boxeadora, whose face always veered away, just on time, from ugly and became genuinely attractive. Radiating from Tinga was female strength, intensely attractive to men like Louis.
Before she agreed to fight Louis, Tinga got to know her challenger away from Jasmine and most of his friends. What she found was that Louis was intelligent, with a sweet, appealing personality - traits in a man that aroused Tinga to the point where she needed to beat Louis up.

Their bout was on a Saturday afternoon at the Amazonia Boxing Club. Jasmine stood in one corner with Louis, massaging his shoulders as she advised him on defeating the amazon, who sat across the canvas, calmly smiling at Louis.
"Hurt her!...a lot!" Jasmine whispered, using the same tone she did when she needed sex.
Emma was the referee. She had already reserved bed space in the Club's recovery room.
Tinga kept close to Louis in the opening rounds, pressing onto him, her arms moving with piston-like deliberation. This was foreplay for Louis, Tinga knew, and a direct provocation to Jasmine.
At the bell for round five, Tinga waded into her male adversary, fixing him to the ropes with a furious pummeling. Tinga wanted Louis to know she cared, to be sure he felt every blow.
Louis wobbled on his feet when Tinga let up on the beating. He saw nothing through his barely opened eyes and his foe's verbal insults were just faint shouting. An orgasm began in his weakened frame, causing Louis to progressively groan louder as he grinned.
"It's coming, isn't amante, mi debilucho?" Tinga taunted. "Your slut never got you off like this!"
The orgasm hit, harsh and fast, making Louis gasp in short bursts, until he gave one long sigh. Tinga finished him with a right to the jaw. Louis landed on his back.
Emma the Ref gave a rapid ten count, as both Tinga and Jasmine stood anxiously waiting; Tinga to be declared the victor and Jasmine to tend to her injured lover.
"TEN! Winner by a total knockout....Tinga!"
Jasmine checked Louis' pulse, which was normal, and his eyes, which were rolled up their sockets.
"He enjoyed every moment of that beating!" Tinga commented, snidely.
"Fuck you!" spat Jasmine.
"Look at him!" Tinga pointed to the erection struggling against the front of Louis' trunks. "You could hang ornaments on the Christmas tree he's sporting and he's out of it!"
Emma the Ref signaled for a stretcher, which was carried in by two Asian girls. They commented to each other in Mandarin about Louis' boner. Emma remained behind as the victim was carried to the recovery room, seeing the tension between the two other women was about to climax.
"When my papa was teaching me how to fight, he said I'd run into men like Louis."
"Yeah?" Jasmine's voice went up an octave.
"And he told me the best way to deal with them was knock their pathetic asses out...!"
"Yeah!" Jasmine was now in Tinga's face.
"It's what they really need from their woman!"
Jasmine's fist swung up at Tinga, only to be halted by Emma the Ref.
"Enough ladies, the fight is over!" Emma pulled Jasmine back and told her to go to Louis.
"Tinga, I know you're going to sleep with Louis, you both want it," Emma explained. "But don't make trouble between them. Jasmine is very territorial!"
Tinga merely grunted dismissively, recalling her grandfather's final remark, that she didn't throw at Jasmine: "A man like that will be your man."

Within the month, Tinga and Louis had fucked. Louis was stupid in love afterward and Jasmine knew why.
Confronting Tinga at the Amazonia Boxing Club, she told Tinga to leave her man alone. That got a snort of laughter from from the Latina boxer.
"If you were giving him what he needed, I wouldn't have nailed him three times!"
Tinga had spent only one night with Louis, but she wanted to insult Jasmine.
"Bitch!" Jasmine took another, pointless, swing at Tinga, who slugged her on the chin. Jasmine dropped effortless to the floor, life less.
"Pera." said Tinga, stepping over Jasmine and walking away.

Sunday, March 30, 2014


"I can't decide if I should knock you out and then fuck you or fuck and then beat you up."
Either combination excited the already stimulated Louis.
Ella was turning out to be exactly what Louis had hoped for: a brown skinned amazon, ready for sex or a fight. Her mass of frizzy black hair reached her shoulders and she had great legs that were hardly covered by her silver colored shorts. Ella's powerful biceps were stretched along the top ropes of the turnbuckle that she sat against.
"But either way you're getting knocked out!" Ella concluded, shifting her thighs to give Louis a leg show.
Then she stood up. "When I fight a male, he always goes to dreamland!"
As she walked slowly toward Louis, Ella looked him over with satisfaction. It was obvious he enjoyed her trash talk, which straddled threat and seduction. Ella was going to make good her promise and Louis was very happy.
Ella agreed to the challenge match after hearing positive reviews from the other female members of the Amazonia Boxing Club. "He's got a kickstand," one woman told her. "And it doesn't know when to stop!" Another girl said Louis was not shy about cunnilingus, which always got her stoked for what came next. Praise like that left Ella with the impression that Louis was a "Gentle," a straight male who enjoys beatings from a female. And his wide eyed look when they were face to face confirmed her belief.
"Ready, Louis?"
"Hell yes!"
The round house right, sudden and brutal, threw Louis into the ropes. He bounced back in front of Ella, who had a left cocked and ready for launch.
But Louis was out on his feet, his eyes open to slits and lower jaw dangling apishly. Vague wishes to fuck Ella swirled in his clouded brain with the memories of his recent one-nighter with Kaylee earlier in the month. Ella raised her glove to Louis' forehead and nudged him gently. Louis droped backwards, landing on the canvas.
Satisfied that Louis was thoroughly exploring dreamland, Ella retrieved a notepad from her gym bag, along with a blue ribbon. After scribbling her cell number on a sheet of paper, Ella yanked down his trunks, exposing Louis' stiffy. She fastened the note to his penis and pressed her lips to his dick. Ella then kissed Louis on the lips and went to her dressing room.

As much as he was dying to fuck Ella, Louis took a few days to recover from defeat. Emma
the Ref, while opening the club the next morning at 9 am, found him prone and naked. She took a minute to admire Louis' endowment and then pulled his trunks up. Once he was awake and on his feet, Louis was taken home by Emma.
While he healed, Louis wondered if a woman like Ella fell in love. And if she did, might her emotions be as violent as her punches? That possibility didn't scare Louis.

Ella invited herself to Louis' apartment for dinner when he called, bringing a bottle of wine to go with the pasta he prepared. They got tipsy after dinner and Ella asked him how long he'd been in lovewith being knocked out by women. Louis answered "since college," but they both knew it was earlier than that.
"I was beating up guys in high school," Ella admitted with pride. "I liked the ones who wanted to date me after I won."

They had sex till three in the morning. Ella was on top most of the night, but Louis couldn't have cared less.
"Do I own you, Louis?" she asked, perched on her lover's chest. Exhausted and slightly drunk, Louis admitted he was Ella's property.
"And I can do whatever I want to you?" 
 "Of course."
A lupine grin graced Ella's face and she pulled back a tightly clinched fist.
"Wait Ella...I still want to..."
Ella relaxed her arm. "I know what you need!"
Her long arms slipped softly around his neck and pulled him into her cleavage. Louis naturally squirmed, but he fixed in place.
Ella whispered "Good night!" Her brown breasts cut off all air to his mouth and nose. She could only see his wide, panicked eyes. His shallow gasping barely reached her.  Strength escaped his limbs. Stars and black spots hit his vision and then smeared into blackness.
Ella's demented chuckle was all Louis heard before his brain shut down and he went to sleep.
Lifting her tits away, Ella gave Louis a deep kiss and slapped her breasts across his face, expecting a reaction. There was none.
"You're out!" Ella purred in his ear.
She kissed him one more time and rolled over in total satisfaction, her chin resting on his shoulder. Before drifting off, Ella decided what to make for breakfast.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

MK Gets Clobbered

"You'll enjoy it," Max told Jena, who trusted his judgment. When they were together, he always knew which female opponents would be the biggest pleasure for Jena to beat senseless. Those victories made Jena want and love Max more. It was one of the reasons Jena regretted breaking up with Max.
"She's short, shorter than me," Jena pointed out and she and Max watched MK Skywalker sparring at the Amazonia Boxing Club. Max agreed. "But MK is strong and fast. She'll give you a good fight."
"Before I cream the bitch?"
All the qualities Max described in MK were on display at that moment, along with cockiness. He felt strongly about MK, having boxed with her a month earlier and fighting with an older man excited MK intensely. She provoked him with teasing remarks like "golden oldie" and being "an gray hair." Max allowed the fight to reach the fourth round and began working MK over. The blows were damagingly precise.
MK began clinching her adversary, but Max always pushed her away and resumed his beating. A glassy sheen, obvious to Max, shown in MK's eyes and he knew she was hoping to be knocked cold. with an abrupt shove, Max wedged MK into a corner and launched a thirty second barrage on her belly and head.
When he let up, MK barely stood up. In her eyes was the same craving he saw in women who wanted a lover's touch. "You want this, don't you?" he said.
MK nodded fitfully.
"You are going to be so knocked out, missy! I think you're about to cum!"
The from the floor upper cut jerked MK from her feet. A powerful orgasm tore through MK. After he counted her out, Max left MK fast asleep on the canvas.

A bout with Jena excited MK even more than the one with Max did. MK liked black women with melon shaped breasts and in the says leading up to the bout, she fantasied about how Jena was going to knock her out. Over and over MK rubbed into her mind was the image of  Jena's glove hurtling her across the ring on her back, like in a cartoon, skidding to a halt in her corner, out cold and smiling.

While Emma the Ref reviewed the rules thoroughly for both fighters, MK fell hard for her challenger.
"You ladies understand what I sad?"
"Yeah." said Jena, looking straight at MK.
"Yes!" the slightly shorter Asian girl affirmed.
"Hey, little girl...?"
"What?" MK answered Jena.
"Good night."
The lights switched off in MK's brain. Emma and Kaylee, MK's second, caught their friend inches from the canvas. They carried the limp girl back to her folding chair and revived her.

"Batgirl...more tongue...please..." MK sighed as her eyes opened. "Hey?! What happened?"
"Jena suckered you." Kaylee told MK, who was blinking her vision into focus. "Is the fight over?"
"Only if you want it to be." Emma suggested.
Shaking her head, MK stood up. "I have a date with this girl and I'm keeping it!"
For two rounds, Jena worked on MK, wearing her down slowly and it didn't take long for the punches to have an effect. By the end of the second, MK felt all the strength felt beat out of her. MK's reactions slowed and she could barely fend off the black girl who was roping her into a corner.
In round three, Jena slammed a right hook to MK's skull, snapping it, along with MK's body, sideways, in an almost comic stagger. Jena pushed MK's head back into target position and delivered an upper cut.
Darkness crowded MK's brain. In the interminable wait as the third punch came her way, MK loved Jena, especially her tormentor's full breasts.
MK was flung into the corner. Jena moved toward her so slowly that MK hoped, as she felt her legs begin to cave, that she would be safely on the canvas, before the big girl inflicted more punishment.
The hard left to MK's midsection crushed that hope.
Now she barely saw Jena. Nothing came from the half conscious Asian girl except 'ooofffsss" and "uuuuhhhh"s as Jena's struck with surgical precision. MK felt the knock out coming and when it arrived on a phantom left, it felt like a lover's embrace.
Landing on her knees in front of Jena, MK's eyes fluttered and closed. Her expression went blank and Mk pitched to the canvas, hitting face down, lips twisted, allowing MK's pretty pink tongue to peek out between parted teeth.

While MK recovered in the ICU, Jena gave Max the best night they ever  had, Early the next morning, as Max enjoyed his orgasm induced slumber, Jena replayed in her imagination little MK being carried from the ring after Emma the Ref declared her out cold.

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Marcus Apted - the Final Installment: Marcus Gets Off

Marcus Apted was snapped back to reality by cold water hitting his face. He wrenched and gasped loudly in his folding chair.
"Good morning, Mr. Apted." Lady Donna said, pitching away a plastic bucket still dripping water.
"Bitch!" another female voice near Apted called out, that he recognized as Paula's. She was sitting directly to his right, also soaking wet. He realized they were in a boxing ring and that standing next to Lady Donna was Panther Woman.
"Marcus Apted!" Panther Woman exclaimed. "Do you recall what I said I'd do if I ever saw your two-timing ass again!"
"Hi, Janie..." Apted said, knowing exactly what Janie had in mind. "Beat me up?"
"For a start!"
"Now, I wanted to turn you two over to the police, but Panther Woman talked me out it. Apparently, there is unsettled business between you and Panther Woman."
Panther Woman looked at Paula. "And this one, did you pick her up at cheerleader tryouts at Blake Mitchell University?"
Paula swung wildly at Panther Girl, who leaned out of the way and landed a hard punch to Paula's jaw. This was the first time Apted saw that all four of them were in boxing gear.
The apprentice thief toppled backward, caught by the quick moving Lady Donna, who placed the unconscious girl back in her chair.
"Instead, we're going to beat both of you up. I'll be getting my cardio workout with...?"
"Paula." Apted said.
"And I will deal with you!" Panther Woman declared.
When Janie Hawkins joined Justice Force, she encountered Marcus Apted while foiling his plot to heist the Kendrick Diamonds. Apted did manage to seduce Janie into a two year affair, strictly against Justice Force regulations. Apted knew the breakup was all his doing. Accurate rumors of his sexual conquests at the Amazonia Boxing Club got back to Janie, who launched a vase at her lover's head. Apted ducked, grabbed Janie's arm and pulled her into a farewell kiss. He slugged the crime fighter on the jaw, putting her out cold. He was long gone when she woke up on the couch, a red rose by her side.
The actual fight didn't last long.
Standing in one corner with Panther Woman working him over, Apted knew his just deserts were being served. On the other side of the ring, Lady Donna was trouncing a helpless Paula, but was taking her time.
"Janie, I admit I fucked around," explained Apted when Panther Woman let up on her assault. "I just need other women!"
Panther Woman adjusted her right fist, like she was sighting a cannon.
"I knew...I was a bad guy going in..."
When Apted's head cleared, he was in the middle of the ring, standing back to back with Paula. She made soft "uuufffs" each time Lady Donna hit her.
"How about it, Donna?" Panther woman called out.
"In a minute," Donna replied and planted a long kiss on Paula's lips. "Okay!"
Apted watched as Panther Woman measured out the knock out punch. "Janie...I..."
"Be quiet Marcus! I've been waiting a long time for this! Let's do it, Donna!"
The blows stretched the thieves out stiff. They drifted slowly to the canvas, legs giving way until Paula and Apted were slumped back to back, heads lolling, out cold.
Apted spent the night with Panther Woman and Lady Donna introduced Paula to the marvels of girl love.
Panther Woman's body consumed Apted. She would never admit to it then, but Janie was happy to have his cock in her again. The slow, strong build up to orgasm flashed through her body. His embrace felt like home.
Late the next morning, Paula and Apted were roused from deep sleep and brought to Lady Donna's office.
"We've decided you've paid your dues for this crime, so we won't be turning you two in." Lady Donna said. "But I need to ask you both a question."
Apted pulled his face in aggravation. He knew what the question was going to be. Paula only smiled wildly at Lady Donna.
"Have you two seen the error of your ways?"
Apted stared blankly at Lady Donna. "Yes, I know what I did was wrong..."
"Oh yes I have!!!" chirped Paula, with newly found devotion.
"That's what I figured. We have to keep the location of this safe house a secret, so to ensure that...Panther Girl?"
Panther Girl raised a black jack behind Paula and Apted. "Good night, love birds!"
Apted dropped to the floor, unmoving. Paula remained standing, out on her feet.
" Just one more light tap, Janie." suggested Lady Donna.
Panther Girl brushed hair away from the back of Paula's right ear and gently thumped the area with her black jack. Paula lay on the floor next to Apted.
Lady Donna and Panther Woman carried the unconscious pair to Apted's bedroom and dumped them on his bed.
"Think we should have turned them in?" Lady Donna asked.
"No," Panther Woman responded. "The sex was worth it."
"It sure was," Lady Donna agreed, pulling the blanket over the out cold crooks.

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Marcus Apted Part Two - Marcus Meets an Old Girlfriend

The proposal Marcus had for Paula was simple: become his apprentice and eventual partner in crime, while maintaining their "romantic" relationship.
Paula accepted immediately. A handsome older man was going to become her full time lover and teach her to be a thief! The prospect appealed to Paula, since she hated earning a living as much as everyone else and her nature was, basically, corrupt.
First, Apted taught her physical combat techniques and then gave an extensive introduction to criminal law. "If you get caught, you'll need it!" he explained when Paula complained.
Paula moved in with Apted, which made the six month training go faster. By then, Paula was ready for her trial breaking and entry.
They cased the penthouse of multi millionaire John Baines, a steel and electronics magnate, whose wife collected rare diamond jewelry. Apted knew that if, removed from their setting, the precious stones would be untraceable and worth a fortune on the black market.
The pair struck when the Baines family was on vacation. Apted allowed Paula to gain entry to the apartment without security catching her and let him through a delivery entrance. The apprentice easily neutralized the security system.
The collection was quickly removed from its storage case. Apted then began showing Paula how to decode the combination to the electronic lock on the wall safe in Baines' study, when they heard voices outside.
"Security." whispered Apted, motioning Paula to follow him.
Finding no other escape route, the pair concealed themselves under a canvas that covered the space between two pieces of furniture. They were completely still.
The voices came from two Justice Force agents who responded when concealed censors, attached to the jewelry case, went off. They moved carefully, knowing the perps were likely still in the apartment.
Both women, one a tall blond and the other a powerfully built African American, wore the skin tight body suit uniforms of Justice Force, the all-female crime fighting organization. Ten years of experience in crime detection taught the signs of a professional break in. Protocol required they subdue such possibly violent suspects, which they were anticipating. Both women loved knocking out bad guys.
The Justice Force agents slipped quietly into the room Apted and Paula had hidden themselves. The tall blond spotted four slender, female fingers sticking out from the sheet. Signaling her partner, the blond removed a club from her utility belt. The brown skinned girl followed, her club ready.
They stood on each side of the concealed thieves and the amazon nodded a "You first!" to the blond.
The blond smiled broadly. "Pleasant dreams!" she said as the club struck Paula's head.
For a second, Paula was stiff and wide eyed. She sighed "Gah nigh Daddy!" and passed out against Apted.
Instantly, Apted recognized the voice: Lady Donna of Justice Force. Before he could move, another voice, even more familiar to him, froze him in place.
"Your turn!" the amazon chirped. "Say 'nighty-night'!"
Janie! Apted thought and the club struck his head. Stars and colorful pinwheels showered everywhere. He was dizzy, then sleepy, then nothing. Marcus Apted was out cold.
"Got 'em!!" Lady Donna exclaimed, pulling away the sheet.
Laying back to back, Apted and Paula were both in a profound knockout. Their limbs were limp as cooked spaghetti and their heads rested on each other's shoulders, looking up at the assailants with closed eyes and dreamy smiles.
"Look, a boy-girl team!" Lady Donna went on, proud of her work on Paula. "You recognize either of them, Janie?"
"Marcus?!" Janie, known as Panther Woman, shouted as if Lady Donna wasn't there.
"So you know him, then?"
Panther Girl nodded slowly. "I know him...."
"Tangled with him on a previous case?" asked Lady Donna, taking up the bag of jewelry belonging to Mrs. Baines.
"In a way..." Janie answered flatly. "We were lovers for a while."