Saturday, July 15, 2017

Ariana's Win

I know what this match is for, Ariana thought. Someone wants to get laid and doesn't know how to ask politely. Or want to.
This realization occurred to a lot of women at the Amazonia Boxing Club, who comprised eighty-percent of the membership. Most guys at the Club needed to box a woman to be truly aroused.
In her heart, Ariana knew it was their foreplay and she was happy to reciprocate. Smacking a male opponent senseless got her going, too.

Larry caught himself admiring Ariana's body when Emma the Ref ordered them to touch gloves. He loved her bare shoulders and arms and powerful thighs. Think about fighting, not fucking he urged himself, aware of how much he loved athletic women.
"Box!" Emma the Ref shouted.
Ariana hit him immediately, grinning at the sensation of her fists striking Larry's body. Larry defended and counter punched because the sting of Ariana's head and body shots fired his need to get with Ariana.
"I know what kind of man you are!" Ariana told Larry during a fourth round clinch. "You want what you see in front of you! It's your 'thing'! And this is what your kind gets!"
Larry felt the punch clear and sharp.  Nothing followed the impact but total silence and a beaming Ariana, walking away as Larry went dizzy.

"That's right, boy, sweet dreams!!" Ariana shouted as Emma the Ref pushed her away from the supine fighter. "Get my punching bag to the hospital!"
Ariana joyously circled the ring, gloved fists raised in the euphoria of victory. Over her shoulder, she glanced Larry's seconds, Paula and Kaylee, place the inert boxer on a gurney and remove him from the ring. A rush of excitement propelled  the brown skinned girl onto the middle ropes of a turnbuckle, reenacting the upper cut that finished the match. Ariana pointed in the direction of her victim and joined her gloves into a pillow, on which she rested her head, eyes closed and smiling as if she had been knocked out.
The all female crowd screamed. Ariana leaped down to canvas and strutted from the ring to her dressing room.

In ten minutes, Ariana cleaned up and put on freshly laundered sweet pants and a T-shirt. She found Larry still out cold in his dressing room, his chest rising and falling gently.
"Lover boy still in dreamland?" she asked Kaylee. Paula went to find smelling salts.
"Yeah.." Kaylee answered, tenderly brushing the locks of Larry's dirty blond hair. It occurred to Ariana that Kaylee and Larry were intimates. Competition, Ariana told herself. There's always competition.
"Why don't you see what's keeping Paula," Ariana told Kaylee. "I'll watch over him."
Kaylee said Ariana wasn't so bad after all and dashed out of the room. Ariana yanked down Larry's trunks and fondled his erection. Still solid, God bless him! she thought, beginning to jerk him off. As his body approached climax, Larry's hips began to swivel and moans filled the room until he ejaculated.
Larry sat upright, gasping for air, groggy but conscious.
Ariana pulled his trunks back up and cleaned the cum from her hand with a nearby towel.
"Okay, Larry, next Friday..dinner, your treat!" After a kiss, she added "And I won't tell Kaylee."

Thursday, July 6, 2017

Andrea and Keri

I wanted to do the mother and daughter together, a nice three-way. It worked out, but not exactly the way I wanted, but I won't complain.
Andrea and Keri Mitchell appeared one afternoon at the Amazonia Boxing Club, after I finished a sparring session with my friend, Desiree. She noticed the pair first as they talked to Desiree's husband Peter, the Club's head trainer.
"What do you think?" I asked Desiree as we both leaned on the top rope of the ring, cooling down.
She looked them over quickly but thoroughly.
"I'm not wasting my time with the young one, got straight girl written all over. But the mother..."
Desiree inclined to older women as sex partners outside her marriage. I half hoped she would distract the mother so I could move on the daughter.
Peter had filled her in the night before at dinner about his newest pupils. Keri, the daughter, was finishing a graduate degree in education. She was busty and slender. The parent, Andrea, had won the battle with age and retained a figure almost identical to Keri's, but her workout had given her much better defined biceps and thighs.
"If you nail the mother before I do, find out the situation regarding men."
"Peter said the mom mentioned a recent divorce," Desiree flashed an evil, lust driven smile.
"So she hates men...?"
"The smile was suddenly turned on me. "We'll see!"

I approached Keri directly a few days later, telling her how impressive she looked in the ring.
"You move like a natural."
Keri almost blushed. "I have a ways to go. Do you have a sparring partner?"
"No one permanent."
"I met Peter's wife, Dez..something..."
"Yes. She said you're a good partner. Said you'd fit me perfectly!"
"Of course she did."

"This your first time in the ring with a guy?"
Keri nodded affirmatively. Trunks and boxing gloves suited Keri perfectly.
"Okay. We'll go slow till you get used to this. Remember everything Peter taught you and you'll be fine."
Hesitant at first, Keri sparred exactly as she'd been instructed. Peter did his usual good job as a trainer, Keri blocked, jabbed and counter punched effortlessly.
Five minutes in, I decided to throw the dice. Like a lot of beginners, Keri followed a predictable routine. Extending her right arm to land a punch, her jaw was exposed a few seconds than was a good idea.
My right clipped where her chin and jaw met. Keri dropped, landing heavily on her back, legs sprawled wide. She was out, stone cold.
I captured a few digital memories of the blond knocked out, nipples like unshelled peanuts. I carefully sat Keri up, supporting her in my arms as she came around.
"Hey...Garry!?....Come on, I need it bad....What happened?"
"I'm so sorry, Keri!' I blurted in hollow repentance. "I didn't mean to!"
"Mean to what?"
"I put too much force into a punch and I knocked you out. How do you feel?"
I raised Keri slowly to her feet and walked her to the recovery room. Until her head cleared, she kept calling me "Gary." 
 Three days later I took Keri out to dinner to make up for my "mistake."  Keri admitted she was unable to stop thinking about me since our session.
I've never gotten over the sheer beauty of smiling woman, naked on a bed, propped up on her elbows.
When Keri asked me the next morning if I loved her, I said yes.

Andrea was more of a problem.
True to her prediction, Desiree get herself involved with the 45 year old woman, so I had to wait for that affair to run its course. A month went by when I heard Desire and Andrea had been in the ring. The next day, I saw Desiree with  black eye.
A second wrinkle: Andrea didn't spar with guys. She had matches, KOs only. I'm a gentleman, so I agreed. I'd stretch the fight to the third round and then uncork my right on the dimple of her pert little chin.

She entered the ring showing a lot of skin, dressed in tight black shorts and top and gloves.
"This is nothing personal, but I'm going to knock you out, hammer dick! I mean out cold!"
 That voice was aggressively silky.
"Maybe you'll be sleeping when this is over!" I countered.
Andrea banged her black gloves together loudly as the first round bell sounded.  "Maybe..." Andrea purred.
Emma the Ref told me I did pretty well at the start. I don't remember clearly. Andrea moved faster and hit harder than her daughter and I wanted to fuck her badly.
In round three, I was in a corner, looking for an exit when a double shot to my chin turned off the lights. Emma said I was out instantly and went to the canvas like a bag of sledge hammers.
 A cold, liquid slap hit me in the face. I was slumped in my corner folding chair, where Emma and Andrea had put me. Gasping and spitting water, I could see a worried Emma holding an empty plastic bucket, drops hanging from the rim. Andrea was leaned on a top rope, laughing out loud.
"You okay?" Emma asked me.
"Uh...who...?" I replied, absently looking at Andrea's bare thighs.
"Hey banana dick!" Andrea began playfully slapping me back to full consciousness.  "You're not the first twenty something I've put to sleep in the ring. Get his other arm, Emma!"
Andrea waited a few days and then took me on our first date.

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Cat Girl Got Me Again

There was a gentle tapping on my shoulder. When I turned, I heard a sweet female voice say, "Cat Nap!"
For a few seconds I saw Cat Girl, dressed in her tight black body suit and cat's ears cowl, throw a punch at me.
I was in blackness.

 The darkness lifted and I was in the passenger seat of a large car. I heard myself groan.
"You awake?" the voice chirped to me with sharp seductiveness adding. "Not now!"
Cat Girl leveled a small aerosol can a few inches from my nose. The jet of pink gas engulfed my face and I was gone again. For hours.

The was my second "kidnapping" by villianess Car Girl. Six months ago she warned me in advance of my abduction. Cat Girl confronted me in my home a few days later, beat me up in the living room, and then fucked me all night long after I recovered.The next morning, she clobbered me again and relocated us to her secret lair. I was Cat Girl's "possession" for two months.
Then she told me how much she loved me, but that there were other men in the world. I took a short, but effective beating and woke up in an emergency room.

The KO gas wore off slowly, so I saw Cat Girl talking to me before I heard and understood her.
"I missed your kisses and the way you hold me!" I finally heard. "And other things, too!"
"Then why did you toss me out?"
Cat Girl kissed me lovingly. "I'm a bad girl, sweetie. I get all kinds of ideas and notions and...feelings all at once. But I was lonely for you!"
There were reports a few weeks earlier on the networks that a heist involving Cat Girl and members of the Sisterhood of Evil had been thwarted by Batman and Justice Force agents. Cat Girl had escaped capture, reports stated, after a prolonged brawl with the Caped Crusader.
So we took up our domestic arrangements again. I didn't even know where we were, so I wasn't going anywhere. I basically fucked Cat Girl when she wanted it, which was often.

Some nights Cat Girl vanished with no explanation, only to return the next morning with money and other valuables. A little champagne to celebrate and Cat Girl got pretty horny.
One time she stumbled home after going out only a few hours, bruised and exhausted. "Batman..he always..wins..." was her only explanation before passing out in my arms. Placing her gently on our bed, I saw her right eye had purple shiner.

When Cat Girl told me we would box Friday night, I knew my stay was coming to an end. Another guy? Maybe. Major scheme that would require her to sever all ties in the city? More likely. I wanted to stay. Since the night she's gotten that black eye, I was in love with Cat Girl. But she was stronger and a better fighter than me. I knew I'd wake up in a hospital bed like last time.
I secretly texted my friend Marc. His two girlfriends custom made specialized boxing gloves, among other things.

The right moment happened in round three. It took patience to catch it, the moment when he defenses were down long enough for me to strike. If Cat Girl landed the right punch before that, I'd be out on the canvas.
I launched a combination at Cat Girl's midsection and a hard right upper cut flush on her chin.  Cat Girl fumbled backward, utterly baffled by the violent spinning of the ring. Her sweet brown eyes were out of focus and her boxing gloves alternately swung and grabbed at what she thought was me.
I love you, Cat Girl, I thought. I really do!
My fist fired again, detonating just below her chin. Cat Girl's eyes closed as she swayed on to the ropes and struck the canvas.
Cat Girl never stirred through my ten count. I took my time, drinking in the beauty of my beloved, flat on the canvas, fists resting just above her head. I carried Cat Girl to our bed and undressed her to her panties. The loaded gloves, the one's I used to knock her out cold, I placed on her bare belly.

Two weeks later, a large gift box was delivered to my house. A small note in a pink envelope read,"YOU CHEATED! WE"RE NOT DONE YET!" Arrow pierced-Valentine hearts adorned each corner of the paper.
When I lifted the box lid, a boxing glove sprang up, colliding with my chin. Between the explosion of stars and unconsciousness, I thought of making love to Cat Girl.
I was on the floor when I woke thirty minutes later. The glove in the box was one of the one's I left on Cat Girl's belly.

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Knocking Out An Amazon

A pretty good crowd, mostly women, turned out for Lisa's match with Jon Amur, which made Amur happy. Having an audience pleased Amur when he was "fighting" girls like Lisa, smaller than him and on the slender side and determined to punch above her weight in the ring with a man. Plus, Lisa called herself "The Amazon" at the Amazonia Boxing Club. All the men at the Club seemed to like her and she liked them back. Those women cheering for Lisa, Amur knew, wanted to see her get knocked out.
Amur's punches became slower and surgically precise in the fourth round, allowing Lisa's supporters to see the painful effect of each impact. Lisa was close to being out on her feet. Numbness was crawling through her body even as she emitted short, soft "ohhhffs" after the alternating head and body shots. The battle was building to a climax.

At age twelve, Lisa saw a Wonder Woman rerun while listlessly channel surfing. Princess Diana was confronting a Nazi pilot about his disrespect toward women and then slugging him on the jaw. The bad guy slumped over, unconscious. The scene sent an electric shock through Lisa.
I could do that! she whispered in her soul.
Her family was already proud of their youngest and only daughter's academic achievements, especially in science and math. But when Lisa added soccer and track to that list, they praised her even more.
It was what Wonder Woman would have done, Lisa thought and she took that notion with her to the women's boxing team at Blake Mitchell University.
There Lisa discovered she liked boxing and men. She was never sure if Wonder Woman shared the second pursuit, but after her third date with Marc from the men's team, Lisa was sure what she liked.
The lovers boxed once they got "serious." Lisa replayed the scene of Wonder Woman and the pilot and fired her knock out punch. Marc toppled to the canvas, out cold.
Ecstatic to see her boyfriend unconscious, sporting a massive erection, Lisa knew she was an Amazon at last.

Lisa clung to that version of an Amazon until she encountered Jon Amur. Boyfriends came and went at yearly intervals. Lisa first made friends with the object of her desire, manipulated him into the ring, and made him sleep. Romance always followed.
Jon Amur was a big change. His presence over whelmed Lisa  with a tidal wave of horniness.
Amur possessed the blue eyes of a tiger, that most women could not ignore. After her first night with Amur, Lisa couldn't even spell the word "amazon." Not only did she voluntarily get in the ring with Jon Amur, she could not wait to do so.

"Lisa, baby, you want it? You ready?"
Lisa could hear Amur's voice and barely understand what he was asking.
Please!, echoed in her mind, take away the...
Amur's right upper cut was sudden and brutal. Lisa's head flew back, her eyes wide at the gym ceiling. Asleep on her feet, Lisa felt and heard nothing, even the shouts calling for Amur to finish her off.
He weighed his options: be cruel or be merciful? Amur decided on the second because Lisa looked was so cute when she was so defenseless.
With a gentle shove to her tits, Amur sent Lisa collapsing to the canvas, where she lay, eyes closed, body limp. Lisa was oblivious to the ten count from Emma the Ref.

Lisa was carried to the recovery room by her friends Amelia and Jasmine. The vanquished Amazon slumbered for five minutes and woke with an aching jaw. Jon Amur, in his street clothes, had just come in to check on her.
"So, you still my girl?" he asked, pulling up a chair beside Lisa.
She considered for a long moment and said "No."

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Leda in La La Land

Leda was twenty-one when we first met, just a year before she graduated from Blake Mitchell University. She was skinny, not slender, skinny, and I usually don't go for that body type.
But when I looked at her working a heavy bag at the Amazonia Boxing Club, I had to have her. I think it was her jet black hair, cut short that mixed with vivid purple eyes that caught me. Leda was small breasted, but that didn't turn me off, either. Her entire body, her whole being, radiated physical and sexual aggression, which she did not seem to be in complete control of.
A mutual friend told me Leda had fallen in love with boxing at age twelve, not long after she lost her father. Fighting was one of the few steady things in her life. Spending her teen years in aunt's house, Leda discovered bisexuality and piercing. When not in the ring, she wore a thin silver ring in her right nostril.
"Go for her," urged my friend, Sam one Saturday afternoon at a bar a block from the Amazonia. "Leda's into women her own age and does older men."
"Trying to say something, Sam?"
"Yeah, that you're forty-four. Fuck her till she calls you daddy!"
Sam's logic was irrefutable. I sent Leda a challenge.

"You're gonna fight me!"
"Why not?"
Leda's voice sounded threatening, but she smiled. "I didn't think you were so much...older!"
The night before the match I rinsed my hair to give gray strands a more paternal glow.
"Are you afraid of older men?"
"No way!" There was a healthy excitement in the way she fired back that answer. "I'm not worried, you wouldn't knock me out, anyway!"
"Oh, no?"
"Like to see you try, old man!"
My glove hooked perfectly on Leda's chin. She went stiff, arms dangling, mouth open in vacant surprise. Leda swayed and, eyes shut, fell against me, her face on my chest.
Yanking off my gloves, I gathered Leda's rag doll body in my arms and carried her to her corner, placing her gently in a folding chair.
Slumped against the turn buckle, Leda was a regular sleeping beauty. I waited a minute to see if she'd come around. When she didn't, I got my water bottle and flung its contents in Leda's face.
Sputtering back to reality, Leda jumped in her chair, blinking rapidly and spitting out water.
"I guess I can knock you out..."
She stared at me, the memories of the last few minutes replaying in her mind.
"You asshole!"
I handed her a towel, which she used to dry her face while she quietly cursed me.
"Ready to fight me now?" I asked when she pitched away the towel.
"Fuck yeah I am!"
Leda began eagerly pulling on her black gloves.

And she liked fighting. Leda was pissed at being sucker punched unconscious, so she hit hard, but not recklessly. Anger gave her focus.
I considered forcing her into a corner to finish things off, but watching her dodge, block and counter punch was beautiful. Instead, I let her come after me so we could wrap our selves in an embrace of punches. The exchange sped up until...
The impact of my right lifted the skinny girl off her feet. As she arched and crashed to the canvas, I saw Leda's eyes close as she slipped back into dreamland.
I made a quick cell phone call. Emma the Ref would meet us in the recovery room.
I couldn't decide how to carry Leda there. Over the shoulder like a sailor with a guney bag or in my arms like a groom with his new bride? 

Wednesday, May 3, 2017


I gained a reputation while taking boxing lessons at the Amazonia Boxing Club. I was named "The Hammer," but not for my punching power.
It wasn't anything I bragged about. Ninety percent of the Club's membership was female and most of them were single and straight. I ended up getting laid a lot. I think athletic women are pretty hot and, I discovered quickly, a fit woman is a horny woman.
Sandy and I clicked immediately and, while we kept things "open," she and I spent a lot of time with each other.  Having just finished the training I was starting, Sandy was getting ready for her first match. The challenge came from Karen, a big chested blond in her late 30s. The official word was Karen, built like a Nordic warrior-goddess, only went with women. But a few guys around the Amazonia claimed to have been with her. I figured Karen sometimes got cravings for men.

Sandy was slender, with bright blue eyes and an outgoing manner. She was visibly excited to start her debut match.
"Let's celebrate tonight after the fight!" she told me as I stood in her corner, massaging her shoulder. Her friend Connie gave her last minute advice before the bell.
"Celebrate what?" I asked.
"I'm here!" Sandy declared, pointing to the ring.
Karen beat Sandy up thoroughly in the first two rounds, planting her on the canvas, out for the count, in the third. Emma the Ref counted ten slowly over Sandy's supine form, hoping she would come around. Connie and I lifted Sandy carefully on to a gurney and got her to the recovery room.
In two or three minutes, Sandy was brought out of it, but my girl was groggy and seeing stars. I told Sandy that I was here for her and then, without thinking, "I love you, too!" escaped my lips. Sandy returned a faint smile of comprehension and settled back on the bed, her body sore from Karen's punches.
"Hey, Jeff," Emma said, pressing me toward the door. "Sandy needs to rest, okay? When she ready to move, we'll call you." 

When I walked outside, Karen was standing a few paces from the door, still in her boxing gear, arms folded combatively.
"You're next!"
Karen came at me, shoving me into the wall. "I'm going to fuck you up, like I fucked up your little slut!"
Karen pressed her body against me, her chest on mine, her eyes boring into mine. I felt physically threatened and really aroused.
"See this, asshole?!"
A clinched fist was suddenly in my face. "See it?"
"Yea...yeah!" I murmured.
"This is going to send you to dreamland. Woman ever knock you out before? You look the type!"
I barely articulated a "No."
Karen studied me for a few silent, intense moments. "I think you'd enjoy it, cum all over yourself! Yeah!?"
When I started my answer, Karen yanked me into a long, deep kiss, which consumed me.
"I'm going to leave you KOed and dreaming, lover boy!"
I stared mindlessly at her ample breasts as my hands caressed her ass. My lips danced on her throat.
I heard Karen inhale sharply, like she had been electrocuted.
"Here's a taste, faggit!"
The fist pounded my jaw. I fell against the wall and through blackness, landing on the floor, spread legs displaying an erection.
Through a dreamy fog, I watched Karen slowly strut away, giving me a great legs and ass show.
"I'll text you the time, Marc!"
 My body shuttered from the orgasm and I blacked out.

I accepted Karen's challenge. Maybe the KO punch rattled my brain, but I figured there was a very good chance I'd get laid, even if I got beaten...especially if I got beaten.
Karen wore the same outfit as she did at Sandy's match: black, tight fitting shorts and sleeveless top, that exhibited her tits. And the red boxing gloves! I get genuine hard wood for the right woman in the right boxing gloves!
"I should knock you out right now and go home!" taunted Karen, as we started round one. Her punches were solid and thrown with power, reminding me of how the fight could end if I wasn't careful. A right to the sweet spot on my chin and then sleeping for the rest of the night. I fought defensively, hoping my attacker would tire.
As the round flew by, Karen fought me with a vague smile, twisting her intensely set game face, like a predator closing on its prey.  
I adored Karen's breasts just a few seconds longer than I should have...
I was floating in darkness, until my eyes reopened. Karen was laughing like a delighted child, pulling me by my arm, dog walking me to the center of the ring.
"Great!" she purred and let go of my arm, which fell lifeless at my side. "That was fun, it really was, but I need to go!"
She kissed me and groaned back through the haze.
"Now you got Miss Sandy Cum Dump all in love with you, so I'm going deliver to you as a present!"
Karen's lips smacked her left glove loudly. "Sweet dreams....Hammer!"
I heard the impact of Karen's glove snapping my head sideways. I never heard my body hit the canvas. 

I never knew how long I was out. When my eyes opened, I was siting up, Sandy and Connie supporting me on each side.
"Are you okay honey?"
It was a female voice speaking, but I didn't recognize it until Connie waved smelling salts under my nose.
"And Connie's with me, we found you here, beat up and unconscious!"
"How..." I mumbled.
"I got a call from Karen saying I could find a stupid horn dog in one of the private ring at the Amazonia. That's how I knew it was you!"
My head was throbbing. "Karen?" I asked.
"You fought her for my honor, that's how she explained it."
"You challenged her for crushing me in the ring. Oh, I love you so much!'
Sandy gave me a long kiss and the two women got me up. I stumbled a few times as we walked out of the ring, so Sandy pulled me close.
"When you said you loved me, I wasn't sure," chirped Sandy, giddily. "Now I know you really do!"

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Like Heaven

I couldn't tell you how long Jo Ann and I have been at this, a year or more. When her girl, Ellie, is away, we eat out at our favorite Chinese restaurant and then go back to Jo Ann's apartment in West Paterson. Sometimes she just needs a man..
We met at the Amazonia Boxing Club, because Jo Ann is into boxing and wrestling with guys and women. Supervised by Emma the Ref, Jo Ann and I had match.
I knocked Jo Ann out cold in the fourth round, tagging her perfectly on the chin.  We joke about it now, but I was scared as hell when it happened. The punch made Jo Ann stagger in her tracks, consciousness suddenly evaporating, limbs going to jelly. I admit I was aroused seeing Jo Ann KOed, with a faint smile on her soft red lips.
"Did you really need to put her to sleep, Jon?" Emma asked me, putting the stretcher beside the inert Jo Ann.
"I didn't mean to." I argued as we lifted the felled boxer onto the stretcher and moved her to the recovery room. Jo Ann was gone for five minutes. This was the start of our relationship.

"That was as a great punch, Jon," said Jo Ann. She was spent, but smiling. "Why don't you take me out to dinner tonight to make me feel better?"
While we were eating, Jo Ann informed me, "My girlfriend, Ellie, I really lover her...she's not home tonight..."

Jo Ann and Ellie were practically married, having shared the same apartment for five years.

"I can't see myself with anyone else," Jo Ann confessed. I looked over her beautiful brown body as she lay next to me and assumed Jo Ann meant "emotionally." Long ago I stopped falling for a woman just because we slept together. Still, Jo Ann is special to me, we clicked on some level.
As we became better friends, we trained together at the Amazonia. One Friday night, after dinner, Jo Ann suggested we wrestle. I didn't know much about wrestling, but I agreed. It would make a great warm up for sex.

Jo Ann knew more about wrestling than I figured. Before we got started, she positioned a stand alone, rectangular full length mirror opposite her and Ellie's bed.
"You want to see yourself go out, Jon!?" she purred. "Bet that would get you hard!"
As we grappled for a hold on each other, I could see the burning, joyful arousal in Jo Ann's brown eyes. While I was distracted, she snapped up my arm, spun me against her and kicked my feet out.
"Now you're mine!" Jo Ann breathed in my ear., snaking her free arm around my neck. She released my arm and i felt her hand clamp on top of my head. I knew instantly where I was going - to sleep!
"I know what kind of man you are...and what you want!"
As she pulled the hold tighter, Jo Ann shifted me a few feet from the mirror. The knockout was coming on.
I saw me kicking the carpet and pull at her arms, but as my vision blurred, I knew it was useless. All my strength drained and black spots appeared. I wanted to speak to Jo Ann, but I managed only sighs and half words. Reality was slowing down.
Half awake, I watched Jo Ann unbutton my jeans and pull down my zipper. Her fingers danced on my penis, already purple and hard, and began jerking me off. Pleasure and sleep tumbled in my being until Jo Ann I was approaching climax. She pulled the hold tighter and I fired cum all over myself. I plummeted into deep sleep.

Jo Ann was cleaning me up with a towel when I woke.
"I brought you off a few more times" she told me. I was dopey for the few minutes it took for Jo Ann to clean up. When she came back, she was naked.
"I can help you get a rise, honey!" Jo Ann chirped, sliding next to me.

 The full length mirror that I watched myself go under in was right where we left it.
"Did you like seeing yourself get knocked out, sweetheart?" Jo Ann purred as circled and grabbed at each others arms and hips.
"Yeah, I did! I never wanted to fuck you more as I went out!"
When Jo Ann laughed, I clamped my hand around the wrist of her right arm, yanking her against me.
"What's going on, honey!? Twist my arm off?"
Jo Ann's free elbow rammed my solar plexus before I could evade it. The agony put me on the carpet, unable to breath or see. Seconds later, Jo Ann's arms were around me, shifting me to an upright position. I resisted until the pain subsided enough for me to break her embrace and throw myself behind her.
Locking my legs around her slender waist, I dragged Jo Ann directly in front of the mirror, pulling both her wrists to the small of her back.
"Now what, Jon?" taunted Jo Ann. "Dislocate my shoulders?"
"No." I whispered lovingly in her ear. "Watch the mirror Jo Ann!"
I could see her stare eagerly into the reflecting glass only a few feet away. The bottom edge of extended hand came down a few inches beneath her ear.
Pain stabbed through her. Jo Ann blurted a sharp "OHHHH!" We both saw her eyes widen with the impact and then stare ahead. I released the hands and Jo Ann's motor control of her body shut down, she slumped against my chest.

Her eyes stayed open a few seconds, demonstrating Jo Ann's drift into sleep.
I watched the serene, sleeping form in my arms and knew Jo Ann was completely devastated. Lifting her eyelids, I saw only their whites. Jo Ann let out a contented sigh when I settled her on the bed.
God!, I thought, She's so magnificent! The faint smile from our boxing match reappeared and the nipples of her compact breasts strained for the ceiling.
I sat beside her on the bed and kissed her pussy. I penetrated her labia with one finger and gently searched for her clit.  A train of murmurs and half-whispers from Jo Ann followed they rhythm of stroking her pussy, until she spurted an orgasm. "Ellie!....Ellie!....Ellliiiieeee!...." 
Jealousy surged through me, which I blotted out almost immediately.
"Sweet dreams, Jo Ann." I wished her, pulling the blankets up to her pert chin and kissing her forehead.
Jo Ann was out of it for fifteen minutes, still seeing stars and rubbing her sore neck after sitting up in bed.
"Damn, I was out!" she exclaimed. "I mean completely gone!"
"Dream of anyone?"
"Ellie...I think was like heaven..."
I was awake first early the next morning, not certain when Ellie was due to arrive.
Jo Ann said I had nothing to worry about, Ellie wouldn't return until after lunch. We fucked three more times.
"You're in love with me, aren't you, Jon?"
I hesitated, but not because I was unsure of my feelings. I was very sure. But Jo Ann was tied to Ellie, so I didn't want to complicate what we already had going.
"Yeah...but..I get it.."
"I love Ellie, but I can't do with her what we do."
"We can smack each other around and then fuck."
Jo Ann looked shocked by my directness and then, a long moment later, smiled.
"Like I said, I get it." I repeated.
I kissed Jo Ann and we made the bed together. Driving home, I wondered how long Jo Ann could balance what Ellie gave her and what she got from me.