Saturday, June 25, 2016

Maria's Rules

Maria was what most men termed "plus size," but her full thighs and tits made her very attractive, especially to the guy standing across the ring. She wasn't upset at Eddie for challenging her to a boxing match simply because he wanted to fuck her. From other men, Maria had learned such opponests were blind to the contradiction of wanting to make love to and box the same woman. The two impulses were one desire for them, so Maria defused the situation by knocking them out cold. The opponents who realized, post KO, that they were "screwed up," Maria spent the night with. But no relationship came of these pairings. Maria wanted another sort of mate.

"Here's my rules, Eddie, so we have no misunderstanding!"
Eddie, medium height, in good shape, average looks, nodded. "Go ahead."
"We're both here because you want to get with me and I'm willing to give you a chance. We clear so far?"
Eddie was disoriented by Maria's directness, but admitted he understood.
"So this will be simple: If you knock me out, we're a couple. But if I put you down, you're back at square one."
The challenger surveyed Maria's biceps. "I can try again if I lose?"
"Sure. As often as you want. I like you. So you're clear about the parameters?"
"Yes!" Eddie enthused.
The third punch actually put Eddie to sleep, which made Maria sad. She didn't want such a nice guy to hurt too much.
She gave Eddie a slow ten count, but the felled warrior never stirred after his face down landing.
Planting the same affectionate kiss on Eddie she gave all her victims, Maria collected her stuff and left.

She didn't hear from Eddie for a month, which was longer than she expected. Gossip in the women's locker room at the Amazonia Boxing Club said Eddie had hooked up with a few, twenty something gym bunnies since his defeat.
"Well, are those sluts there for any other reason?" Maria told her friend, Jasmine.
Maria assumed Eddie had given up in search of easier women, until she received a text, asking for a rematch.

This time the bout lasted three rounds. Maria let it go that long and found Eddie was good fighter, if you didn't sucker punch him in the opening seconds of the fight.
But in time...
The lone upper cut lifted Eddie a few inches in the air. Maria was pleased to see his eyes close in mid flight. Maria rolled Eddie on his back. He had a smile on his lips, despite being unconscious. That's more like it, Maria thought. Pulling down the front of his trunks, she gently fingered his erection.
"Just like I expected," she murmured, putting the waistband back in place. "Let's give Eddie a taste to whet his appetite!"

Maria spent the night with Eddie a week later. He described her to his friends as "a powerhouse fuck" and the "best in years," which it was.
Eddie wanted more, but Maria did not reply to cell phone calls, emails or text messages.  Total silence. Eddie was in love and completely cut off.
When he started seeing bouts between Maria and other men, most of them ending with the male carried from the ring, Eddie went from frustrated to angry. He demanded a second date with Maria, but the meeting place would be a boxing ring.

"I've been busy," Maria explained when she finally faced Eddie.
"So I saw." Eddie replied. Maria thought his pissed off tone was just right. "The rules are the same, got it?"
"Got it!"
Eddie was aggressive this time, but not careless. Each round that went by, he maneuvered Maria closer to a corner until the fifth, when he fixed her on a turnbuckle and opened up.
Maria made only a brief defense against Eddie's onslaught. Pain exploded all over her body until she began to slump.
Even though her vision was blurring, Maria felt the barrage of fists diminish and become more precise.
Yes! Now! she implored Eddie, consciousness drifting away. The punches became a song that she followed until darkness took her in a lover's embrace.

Maria awoke to Eddie calling her name desperately. Sitting upright against the ropes where she had fallen after succumbing to the knock out, she smiled at her new lover.

Wednesday, June 15, 2016


After two years of auditions and bit parts, Kiki's acting career was moving. Commercial directors had taken a liking to her devilish sexuality to sell products as varied as lingerie and sports cars. As a result, Kiki took on Suli as a partner in her session work. The new girl, 32 year old, took up the work instantly. The Asian-American body builder had a personal passion for beating up men, especially potential boyfriends and seized the chance to earn a good living doing it.
Much of the client contact happened at The Amazonia Boxing Club, where Suli met up with Gordy. As with a lot men wired like Gordy, Suli found him to be sweet- natured and intelligent. The clincher for Suli was the way Gordy looked at her breasts - like he wanted to fight a woman and lose.

Emma the Ref was the only person in the ring when Suli and Gordy squared off at the Amazonia. Judging by the aggressive smirk on the woman's face and the longing in Gordy's blue eyes, Emma knew this wasn't going to take much of her time. As she waved the combatants together, Emma marvelled at the different varieties of fore play there were.
"You ready to sleep, Gordy?" asked Suli, who was a few inches taller than Gordy. This provided Gordy the thrill of her sharp brown eyes burning into him.
From the start of Round One, Suli taunted Gordy, keeping away from his punches. Gordy swung fast and wide, as if he were attempting to embrace or cop a feel from Suli, instead of actually fighting.
His dick is out ahead of his brain, Suli thought. In the next round, she went to work in earnest.

At first they were just taps on the face and chest, to get him more worked up than he already was. Then Suli turned up the force behind her fists and saw Gordy falter from the progressive battering.
As the match continued, Suli informed Gordy of what his duties were going to be when he came around.
"After smooching my ass cheeks, which I know you're dying to do!" Suli declared between hammering Gordy's skull. "You're going to give me the best cunny you know how until I tell you to stop!"
The vision of Suli's dark haired pussy made Gordy want the fight over immediately.
Within in a minute, Suli made his desire a reality.
The amazon put one hard punch in Gordy's midsection, leaving him unable to breath. A flash upper cut spun the ring in circles for the male fighter, giving Suli a moment to enjoy his comic stumbling. When her target lurched forward, limbs flying, Suli made sure it was directly into a double body shot. Pain made Gordy groan loudly and blinded him to the left-right combination hurtling at his jaw.
Gordy briefly opened his eyes. He was on his back, arms and legs filled with lead. Emma the Ref was calling out numbers. Suli was yelling,"He's fucking out cold! This pussy is sleeping!"
Gordy knew he'd been knocked out.

He was nearly standing when he woke, being supported by Suli's strong arms. She lead him to his corner and hooked his arms over the top ropes. Random stars still burst in multicolored explosions around his lolling head. Emma the Ref was gone from the ring.
"Eyes on me, Gordy!"
Gordy saw Suli was removing her boxing gloves slowly.  Hands free, she unlaced her boots, then pulled off her top and tight shorts, followed by her panties.  Gordy smiled dreamily. The naked Suli was exactly what he expected: muscular, with big round tits and pussy nested between powerful thighs.
"I'm going to let you kiss it," she promised. "But I have a present for you first."
Gordy watched Suli put her gloves back on and flex her biceps in his face.
"These muscles are going to knock you out in a minute. And not for a cat nap like you just took. When I hit a man like you, they're out for the night!"
She ordered Gordy to kiss her biceps which he did, lovingly.
"Good boy! Lights out, banana dick!"
Hard pain rammed Gordy's skull. He fell limp and senseless across Suli's shoulder.

Potent erotic dreams crowded his sleeping brain - the time he wrestled his ex girlfriend Jasmine, boxing Kerry Washington and making it with a gym bunny named Cathy. Suli informed Gordy later that he creamed himself three times on the ride back to his apartment.

When Gordy recovered from the second knockout, he and Suli fucked. She was his first muscle girl and Gordy gave in without a struggle to her body and personality.

"Come here, Gordy!"
Gordy sat up on his bed, half zonked despite having slept late. Suli opened her overnight bag and removed a right hand, white boxing glove. Gordy's heart raced.
"Our session was great!" she purred, pulling on the glove. "I have to go now...and so do you..."
Suli looked at the glove and then at Gordy with seductive menace. "Come on...get up!"
without realizing it, Gordy was on his feet. Suli kissed her client one last time.
"I'll see you in my dreams, Gordy!"
The uppercut's force flung Gordy on the mattress. After she dressed, Suli kissed the unconscious male, called him an "asshole" and went home.

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Harley Quinn's Further Adventures in Crime Fighting

Harley Quinn was a week recovering from her encounter with professional thief Marcus Apted and his protegee, Paula,  who first black jacked and later punched out Harley during her attempt to arrest the criminal duo.
Gabe, Harley's new boyfriend, came along on the mission. Paula only had to KO him once.
Scarlet Vixen, Harley's mentor in the all female crime fighting organization, Justice Force,  kept faith in the former criminal. After Harley was released from the hospital, Scarlet Vixen ordered her to bring in Apted.

"Nobody's here, Harley, I thought they'd both be home!"
Gabe's observation broke the silence in the spacious pent house apartment, inhabited by Apted and Paula, according to intelligence reports.
"Did they know we were coming?' asked Harley in a whisper.
"Maybe." Gabe responded, searching the well appointed living room. "Do you smell something funny?"
"No, Puddin, I don't."
"I do...reminds me of the dentist office for some reason."
Harley glared at her boyfriend. "You say weird things sometimes."
Gabe thought back to his dental checkup with Dr. Slaughter and his assistant, Carmella, a dark haired beauty who regularly shoved her cleavage in Gabe's face while cleaning his teeth. I wish just once Carmella would give me a quickie in that dental chair, Gabe thought, visualizing the event in detail.
"Ya know, Puddin...I do smell.." Harley was light headed. A honey like scent grew stronger. Gabe couldn't move his legs.
"Harley..I think...we're being...hit..."
Harley sniffed around her. "Knock...out...gas...whadya know...?"
Both crime fighters swayed on their feet, arms dangling, eye lids heavy. Gabe knew he could satisfy Carmella if only he could show her the...
Gabe went off his feet. Harley shifted her blurry vision to her lover.
"Yep, Puddin! You were right!" Harley's eyes closed. "Sure Gabe...of course I'll marry you..."
Harley slept beside Gabe.

"They're both out."
Paula was looking in the middle of three computer monitors located in the panic room of the pent house apartment. "What next?"
Apted joined her. "The gas will dissipate in five minutes. After that, you transport the boyfriend to the drop area. He's of no use to us."
The "drop area" was a second class motel on Route 3 in Seacaucus, N.J. Gabe would wake there in a few hours, far from home.
"And Miss Quinn?" Paula asked when she detected Apted's vision lingering on the ass and thighs of the unconscious woman.
"I'll question her. I think Miss Quinn will be very cooperative when she finds out we've relocated her paramour."
"And we sell all the information she gives us about Justice Force to the Sisterhood of Evil?" asked Paula, remembering the bottom line.
"For an obscene amount of money!"
Paula knew that, by tomorrow, they would be a few million dollars richer. Marcus' earning power was
one of the main things she loved about him. But she was suspicious of what interrogation methods Marcus planned to use on Harley Quinn. Looking at Gabe on the monitor, she thought he was very cute. She had information retrieval methods of her own.

Gabe woke in a small, neat, sun filled motel room that looked out on a very busy Route 3.  "Harley?" he asked, looking around, until he saw Paula standing next to the bed, wearing only her black lingerie. "Where's Harley?"
"She's perfectly safe and sound, don't worry. She will join us soon."
"Safe with Marcus Apted! She is not safe with the man she's supposed to arrest!"
Paula bent with one knee onto the mattress and climbed on top of Gabe. "Why don't we relax?"
"Relax? I love Harley!"
"And I love Marcus..."Paula grinned as she inventoried her thoughts. "...mostly. You know Gabe, since I clobbered you during our first encounter..."
"That was you?"
"Yep...I've wanted to get with you. I wondered about your...kick...stand!"
Their eyes were now locked together.
"Kick stand!?" asked Gabe, whose panting was just audible.
"Yeah." The pair fell into a kiss. "Gabe, start with my garters..slowly..."

Harley Quinn was dizzy for a few minutes after the KO gas wore off. When she attempted to sit up on the bed where Apted had placed her, Harley fell back.
"Just relax."
The voice sounded caring. Harley looked up at Marcus Apted and frowned in sour disappointment. "I'm really starting to not like you, Marcus Apted!"
"That's a shame. I am liking you more and more Harley." He pulled a chair to Harley's side of the bed. "You're probably wondering why I'm still here?"
"No!" answered Harley emphatically and turned her back to Apted.
"Please Harley, don't be like this."
"And NEVER call me Harley!"
"Why not? We're friends here. No one, neither you nor your pet boy Gabe, is going to get hurt."
 Harley rolled back to Apted. "Last time you KOed me twice! I was laid up for a week!"
"I am sorry, truly I am. Paula gets very jealous, thinks I have feelings for you."
The crime fighter's eyes softened.  "She you..?"
"You're a beautiful woman, Miss Quinn. I would have to be blind not to see that. I think you are a very special woman."
"Call me Harley..."
"Of course. I can see the real Harley, the girl no one ever really understood."
Harley quavered before responding and Apted swept her into a long kiss. In their embrace, Harley surrendered to him.
Apted soundlessly pulled down the zipper on the back of Harley's multicolored body suit and removed the fools cap. When he started to take off her eye mask, Harley shouted "No! Not the mask!"
Apted decided  sex with a masked woman might be fun and kissed Harley again.

Gabe was completely spent after three hours with Paula.
She had tell him twice to get dressed before Marcus arrived.
After they cleaned up, Gabe took Paula in his arms. "Let's pick up where we left off!"
"Wait, Gabe, is that your wallet on the floor?"
"Where?" Gabe searched the area at their feet, while Paula removed a small cell phone from her pocket. She held it just a few inches from Gabe's face and pressed SEND. A stream of pink gas exploded in Gabe's face.
Gabe relaxed and was heavily asleep in Paula's arms. Paula kissed his forehead and let him drop to the bed.

Marcus Apted uncorked a bottle of champagne, picked up two glasses, and brought them to Harley, who sat up on the bed, arms crossed, sulky and unresponsive.
"Let's toast what has been a wonderful afternoon!" Apted suggested, offering her a half filled glass. Harley made no effort to accept it.
The afternoon had worked out exactly as he had planned. Apted had no real plans to interrogate his captive, only seduce her into fucking him. The payment for the information gained for The Sisterhood of Evil was in fact for a art forgery Apted had executed without Paula's knowledge.
Harley hesitated to betray the trust of the man she loved, but Apted was so sympathetic and charming that Harley quickly went under his masculine spell.
Now she was frowning at a glass of Mercier 1997.
"You were the happiest blond on Earth an hour ago! What happened?"
Firing at Marcus her best "What, are you stupid?" glare, Harley said "I cheated on Gabe!"
"Yes, that's right. You'll want some of this." Marcus waved the champagne in her direction.
More sulking.
"You weren't very guilt ridden two hours ago," Marcus noted, setting down the glass.
"Fuck you!"
Marcus abruptly stifled the response "When you're ready!"  and worked on a solution.
"I'm sorry, Harley, for being so insensitive. Clearly my out of control desire made me disregard what you and Gabe have."
"Damn right! I have the guilt. I get a good man in my life and I betray him!"
Apted grunted, aware of how much Harley felt for Gabe. Like I put a gun to her head, he thought.
"Stay here Harley, I'll be right back."

"What's that?" Harley asked, panic in her voice.
"This epi pin holds the correct dose of an anterograde amnesia drug that will..."
"You're trying to roofie me!"
Apted sighed to control his temper.
"...that will erase your memory of what we did for the last three hours, without damaging any other of your mental faculties."
"Don't you understand, Apted? I've been trying to change and be good, and do good to those who love me...and Gabe loves me!"
Harley went on explaining what a horrible mistake she had made as she got into her body suit. Apted recognized the authentic remorse in her voice. When Harley bent over to pick up her jester headgear, Apted admired her ass one last time and jabbed the epi pin into her left buttock.
Harley yelled sharply and turned to Apted. "Why did you do that! You jerk! I don't want to..."
Harley's eyes glazed over and she wobbled on her feet. Apted took her in his arms and shifted her gently to the bed.
"Listen to me Harley! Are you?"
Harley felt like she was in flight even as her eyes began to close. She nodded as strongly as she could.
"You will not remember the last three hours. All you will recall is being gassed out with Gabe at your side. Do you understand?"
Harley went out, slumped against Marcus Apted, who slipped her cowl back on.

"The deposit just arrived in the off shore account," said Paula, looking up from the display on her tablet. "Five million dollars."
"Excellent," Apted responded. "I knew Miss Quinn would provide."
"How did you get her to talk?"
"A quick shot made everything better. I assume Gabe hadn't much to say."
Paula nodded her head. "Not much talking here."
Apted grinned to himself and took out a small cell phone.
"Hello...911?..There's a couple in room 69 of the No Tell Motel on Route 3, they appear to be I don't know who they are...good.."Apted provided the exact address and Paula went out to start the car. "They seem okay..breathing is fine..I think they're I can't wait I have no name.."
Apted reconfirmed the address, said good bye and hurled the cell phone across the parking lot and onto the highway.
"Let's get dinner." he suggested to Paula. They raced down the highway to the sound of sirens approaching from the opposite direction.

Friday, May 20, 2016

Thr Gates of Paradise - The Final Round.

I wanted the tie breaker over with quickly. After two rounds of wrestling, I was pretty worked up for Helena. I'd of fucked her in the ring if she'd let me! And I could not stop looking in her eyes, even though it was clear she was pissed off and about to do me harm.
"You ready!?" Helena shouted, moving at me swiftly, gloves raised.
"If you want what I got!"
I launched at Helena, firing at her partially exposed mid section. When she pulled down her arms defensively, I hammered her jaw.
Helena retreated, giving me the opportunity to land more body shots. When Helena toppled onto the ropes, I uncorked an upper cut on her chin.
For a few seconds, Helena was still, eyes registering nothing. She swayed slightly and then exhaled as she collapsed. I started the count immediately.
Helena wasn't asleep, but instead stared at me, blinking her eyes. At "FIVE!" her blond head jerked and wobbled side to side until she focused. "How...?" Helena sat up deliberately, still unsteady, but aware the count was coming to a finish.
" want it...okay..."she said, when she was standing in front of me, cheating defeat by one number. Helena stared at me serenely. "You want, too!"
Helena came at me again, possessed by the stare of a woman who wants to fuck. My arms went to my sides and Helena began beating me, muttering "Good boy! Good boy!"
Each direct hit I absorbed was a caress. "You feel it, Tommy!" The violent cockiness of Helena's voice drained whatever resistance I had left. I thought of her naked body, which became more and more real to me as my mind succumbed to the punches.
"You should have taken me while I was down!" yelled Helena. "Now I'm taking you!"
When her last punch did its job, I embraced the warm oblivion.

The next morning, Helena told me I was out cold for ten minutes.
 "You had a stupid grin on your face and a woody like I've never seen on a man I knocked out!" she explained as she got dressed. "I brought myself off on your face." she added from the kitchen. I woke in her dressing room at the Amazonia as Helena was whipping my face with a towel. We fucked three times before going to her apartment for the rest of the night. While we ate breakfast, Helena confessed that she wasn't sure what turned her on more: knocking me out for the count or getting her own lights put out. When she lead me back to her bedroom, I knew the truth.

Saturday, May 14, 2016

The Gates of Paradise - Round Two

When I returned to the conscious world, I was seated against a turnbuckle, my shorts at my feet and erect penis in Helena's grasp. A minute passed before I was coherent enough to speak.
"Jerking you off, Tommy!" Helena chirped. "I was just about to start ejaculation number six."
I felt sated and dopey. And angry! I wanted put one on Helena's jaw, see how she enjoys a sudden nap! Her hand picked up speed and rhythm and half a minute later I was brought to a massive orgasm. As I groaned, I wondered if I was falling for Helena.
She got a towel from a gym bag, cleaned her hands and then whipped the cum from my dick. Helena pulled my shorts to my waist and kissed me. "I'll be in my corner when you're ready for more..."
Watching her adorable little ass as she walked away, I put off the sucker punch idea indefinitely.
Scaling up the ropes carefully, I was standing and ready to give Helena some payback.
We grappled a few minutes as I struggled to position the slender blond for her sleeper. As before, she moved fast, slipping from my hold each time I had her trapped. In frustration, I ceased her arms and flung Helena into the ropes. As she stumbled back, I clothes lined her just below the chin.
Helena froze on her feet. I stepped behind her and placed my arms around her neck in a classic sleeper.
"Lights out, luscious!" I whispered in her ear, pulling my arms closer together. Helena cursed and grunted, tearing with her hands at my fore arms, while striking my shins with the soles of her feet.
"Feeling it coming on, Helena?! Darkness is about to hit you like a ton of bricks!"
The cursing was slower now, and more desperate, inhaling at longer intervals. The power in her arms and legs was draining.
Tightening the hold a little more, I lowered Helena into a sitting position between my legs. One at a time, her arms fell away, slapping against my bare thighs. 
I tilted my head forward to see Helena's mouth was partially hanging open and her eyelids fluttering. With a resigned "Ahhhhh..." Helena was out in my arms.
Carefully, I placed her on the canvas. Except for the gentle rising and falling of her petite breasts, she was motionless. Pining her shoulders back, I gave Helena a ten count and then thumbed her eyelids. Nothing but white.
"You're fucking gone!" I said to her passively sleeping face. I pulled down her white panties. I never felt so powerful the moment I looked at her pussy. Helena was beautiful, prone in front of me, completely exposed.. I sat back and smiled. Kissing her labia, my finger gently penetrated her, probing for her clit. I brought my opponent off three times. The fourth orgasm jolted her back to consciousness, disoriented and gasping for air.
"You asshole!!" she roared. Helena looked at me as if she was uncertain who I was and then pulled me into a hard kiss. She was confused again and leaped to her feet, pulling up her panties. "We're even and we're settling this with gloves!"

Monday, May 2, 2016

The Gates of Paradise - First Round

Helena wanted to go best of three falls, knockouts only.
"Sleepers." she added when we talked over the match at the coffee place near the Amazonia Boxing Club.
"Sure." I answered.
I liked mixed boxing better, but wrestling with a woman like Helena? At her suggestion? I didn't care that she is a specialist with the sleeper hold. Challengers, male or female, got in the ring with Helena and each was either carried out over her shoulder or she abandoned them to wake on the canvas, head spinning. It didn't matter - I was sending her to La La Land!
"When I knock you out the second time, do you want me to carry you to your dressing room?"
Helena replied with a smirk that was more like a pout and turned her brown eyes on me in mock hostility. "I haven't decided how I'm going to put you under, Tommy." Helena purred. "Maybe I'll wrap my arms around your neck nice and tight or a leg scissors so you can explore my pussy while you're going out."
I let my imagination run with that visual.  I felt good at the prospect of Helena wrestling naked.
"Ten p.m. at the Amazonia?" she asked, peering into my eyes.
"Fine by me! Reserve a private ring for two hours?"
"Perfect." Helena pushed the check across the table to me. "Thanks for the coffee, Tom."

Helena played to her every advantage.  She was standing in her corner of the ring when I arrived. A pleasant surprise. Often female opponents made me wait five minutes before appearing. The skimpy white bra, panties and fish nets flattered her slender figure. I received the same smirk-pout from the day before as I climbed in between the ropes.
"You ready for it?' I asked, moving toward her cautiously, arms half extended.
"I'm ready for all you got!"
Helena moved fast, letting me be the pursuer. Suddenly, she turned to me in mid stride, projecting the point of her elbow into my chin.
I saw stars long enough for Helena to grab my right arm, pull me to her and hammer my solar plexus. I jack knifed in pain. Helena slammed the length of her arm under my chin. I was on my knees staring at the ceiling.
Abruptly yanking me up, Helena socked my jaw.
I was groggy, laying on the canvas, gazing up at Helena, who nodded her head with satisfaction, while unhooking the snaps from stockings and removing her panties. "Come here, boy! The Gates of Paradise are about to open for you!"
Helena flipped me on my stomach, lifting my head as she opened her thighs underneath my chin. She lowered my face into her pussy and closed her thighs around my throat. I snapped back to reality as the soft, brown hairs caress my face.
An expertly delivered sleeper hold works fast and Helena had plenty of practice. I pulled and slapped at her legs. Nothing worked. Helena constricted her quadriceps. I went light headed.
"Tommy?! Say 'nighty-night'!" Helena tenderly brushed my hair. "Just let go, lover, you're getting knocked out cold anyway!"
My brain obeyed, letting my limbs go limp. The world was quieter now. I could barely hear Helena say, "Are you going to dream about me?"
I moaned into her labia just as her thighs clinched again. My vision flickered with images of fucking my last girlfriend, Julianna. I slept face down in the Gates of Paradise.

Monday, April 25, 2016

Jenny in Dreamalnd

"Only a wuse falls for the pussy that knocked him out!"
Jenny and I were facing each other in a ring at the Amazonia Boxing Club, waiting for the bell.
A week earlier, Jenny fought me to knock out in the sixth round. I slept for five minutes. I wanted Jenny before I stepped in the ring, I woke up aching to fuck her.
Dressed in black shorts and sports bra, Jenny gave me the same leg show as she did the last time we boxed. I have a fetish for females in boxing gear and Asian women and that afternoon, Jenny was both. I kept struggling to focus.
"Maybe today will be different." I suggested, peering into Jenny's face, which was round and open. She had done her eye lids up in muted blue that blended with her midnight black hair.
"No, not really, Lewis. You're just going to sleep...again"
The bell clanged, followed by Emma the Ref's shout "Fight!"
Jenny immediately slugged me. I never felt myself sink to the canvas.

Jenny had a cute, girlish laugh, like all her giggles tumbled on top of each other. I heard it as I slept on my back and then as my eyes opened. Emma the Ref told me later that I mumbled like an idiot as I emerged from Dreamland, my head lolling from left to right.
Jenny got in my face as Emma guided me to the recovery room. "He's still asleep! He's dreaming! You dreaming about it, Lewis?! Want it in your face?"
Jenny's question followed me into blackness.

Emma called me stupid to expect anything more than a beating from Jenny.
"If I thought you had a chance against, I wouldn't be so critical," explained Emma, after I came around. "To be honest, she's the better boxer."
That was a fact. If I won a match or lost, I didn't care, as long as Jenny, or a girl like her, put out.
To my surprise, Jenny took me up on the offer of dinner. She seemed to think she was dominate in our relationship. She even indulged me and wore red boxing gloves to bed.
"Jen, I want to ask you a favor."
Rolling over, Jenny stretched like a cat and looked at me with dewy eyed contentment. "What, Lewis?"
"Let's have one more fight. Knockouts only!" Jenny broke out laughing. "A third try? I think all the sex I gave you last night has turned your brain to mush!"
"Come on, you won twice, you can again. You enjoyed it!"
From the gleam in Jenny's eyes I could tell she loved the idea, even though she resisted a few more minutes. I arranged for the third match that afternoon.

"I'm confused," Emma admitted to me as we watched Jenny climb into her corner. "You already fucked her, she's just going beat you up."
"How do you know we fucked?"
"Women brag, it's the thing we all have in common."
I always found Emma's acceptance of human nature refreshing, but this time she was looking at me suspiciously, like she was reading my thoughts.
The bell rang and I moved out, faster than Jenny anticipated. She retreated, raising her gloves to her face defensively. I fired at her midsection two punches. The first bounced off her elbows, but my second pounded her solar plexus. Jenny gasped in agony.  My from the hip upper cut detonated on her chin.
Jenny gaped at me, eyes surprised and then uncertain. She probably never saw anything. Jenny dropped into Emma's extended arms.
Emma stared at me. "She fucks you all night and you do this?"
"Yeah." I answered.
"It's a great thing Jenny doesn't actually like you. Get her legs."
We carried Jenny, a boxing rag doll, back to her corner. Emma thumbed her eyelids, revealing solid whites.
"She's in La La Land!"
A few minutes later, Jenny sighed and began a slow emergence from my KO punch, like a surfacing diver.