Saturday, June 16, 2018

Boxing Isn't Sex

Joan could barely admit it to herself. She wanted Jon Amur because he knocked out women in the ring.  Being well built and darkly handsome, with blue eyes that resembled a tiger's, fired lust in a lot of women at the Amazonia Boxing Club. But standing ringside, match after match, thoroughly stoked Joan's sexual fascination. Even watching her ex girlfriend Anna hit the canvas, spark out cold, didn't upset her. Joan was exhilarated.

Amur had Joan a week before their scheduled bout. Joan knew better, she'd been fighting since her days on the woman's boxing team at Blake Mitchell University. Now at age twenty-four, she thought herself accomplished. Amur's intense eyes penetrated her soul and Joan was on her back pretty fast.
"You know you're going down for the count next Friday," Amur told Joan. Joan rested on her back, enjoying the afterglow of multiple orgasms. Sunrise flooded the room.
"Why?" she asked, with giddy surprise. "Wasn't this great?"
"It was fantastic!" replied Jon Amur in all honesty. He pulled on his pants and kissed Joan. "But boxing isn't fucking."
Joan grinned in response. "Yes it is!"

Jon Amur admitted to his friend Peter, the Amazonia's chief trainer, that Joan was great in bed.
"If I wanted a steady woman in my life," he elaborated. "It could easily be Joan."
There were, however, a lot of other women to sleep with, so Amur put Joan out in round three.
The deciding punch came in under Joan's radar. The female boxer had battled Amur steadily and that impressed him.
Hitting Amur was like punching a solid wall. When the female boxer showed signs of fatigue, Amur caught her in a clinch, whispering in her ear, "Sleep, pretty one!"
The force of the right upper cut briefly took Joan from her feet. Her brain was confused by the way the entire gym was moving away from her. Without warning, darkness consumed her. Joan dreamed of the contentment she knew being in Jon Amur's embrace.

Emerging minutes later from sleep, Joan saw Emma the Ref shining a small flash light in her eyes. Emma turned to the right and said, "No concussion that I see."
"Hey, Joan, honey, speak to us!?"
Joan followed the second voice to its source, Summer, her current girlfriend.
"Summer...I....feel..." Joan trailed off, looking at Amur standing across the ring, being worshipfully toweled down by two big chested blonds. "...think you're....beautiful..."
Emma and Summer finally got Joan on her feet. As they walked her to the dressing room, Joan watched Amur leave the ring, escorted by the blonds. There are other men, Joan thought.

Picture from Hit TheMats

Monday, June 4, 2018

Learn Your Place

I still have no clue of how I managed it, but No Kaut was unconscious on her bed, gloriously naked.
She was a "friend with benefits" I made at the Amazonia Boxing Club. I possess a serious jones for muscles girls, though "body builder" is the preferred term. Our first date was in a boxing ring.  It was over quickly.
No Kaut launched straight at me after the second round bell clanged. Bobbing from side to side in front of me, throwing out punches, she teased, "You want it, boy? You want it from a big girl? Do you?"
I remember the "THWACK!" of her glove on my face. As I slept on the canvas, I dreamed  of Josie, who I'd been with the week before. Standing naked in my bedroom, flashing her bright smile, Josie repeated No Kaut's taunt, "You want it, boy!?" I took Josie in my arms, whispering "Yes!" in her ear.
"He's coming around!"
Emma the Ref's voice greeted my return to consciousness. She and No Kaut were carrying me from the ring. My arms were draped over both their shoulders, my feet dragging on the canvas.
"Josie...?" I babbled.
"Josie's not here," I heard No Kaut say in her eastern European accent. "Just me!"
Both women set me down on a bed in the recovery room. "Feel better?" No Kaut purred.
"Yeah, I'll be good,"  I finally noticed she had nice blond hair.
"You looked so cute on your back, out like a light," she went on. "That's my favorite position for a man!"
"Oh yeah?"
"Yep! Which do you like better for dinner: beef or fish?"
"Fish." I replied.

No Kaut didn't want a full time man in her life.
"I only want what he can do for me," she explained.
We became good friends, however, and started doing all kinds of things together. I even met her parents and sisters at holidays. But always No Kaut maintained an emotional barrier I could never break through.
She liked to wrestle with her partners. We'd make love for an hour and suddenly she demanded a wrestling session. No matter how I struggled, No Kaut would apply an inescapable sleeper hold and out would go my lights. When I revived, we were both hungry for more sex.

One sunny Spring afternoon we were entwined on my bed. I managed to break No Kaut's hold and slip behind her, snaking my arm around her neck. She knew exactly what I was about to do and began elbowing my upper body. I didn't know how to execute a sleeper, so I removed my arm from under her chin and delivered a lighting fast neck chop.
My girl let out a pained groan and collapsed against me, completely out. I rested her head on the pillows and found my iPhone.
Holy shit! I shouted to myself as I took pictures of my KOed girlfriend. She's out cold, fucking stunning!
No Kaut woke quickly, barely giving me time to stash the phone. Looking around the room as her head cleared, her eyes settled on her prone, naked body.
No Kaut was perplexed and angry.
"I just gave you a little love tap," I stammered.
She rose from the matrress and walked toward me. "Love tap?"
"Yeah, that was all!"
No Kaut forcibly grabbed my arms and shifted me to the edge of my bed.
"This is a love tap, boy!"
Her fist put a sharp pain through my chin, lifting me in the air...then sweet oblivion!
I stumbled into the bathroom when I woke a long while later. Written on the mirror in bright red lip stick was "Come See Me When You Learn Your Place!" The print of a pair of lips was on my right cheek.

Monday, May 14, 2018

The Two Sisters

The two sisters, Hatsu and Etsu, liked the same type. Marc matched their demands perfectly - tall, broad chested and dark black hair.
Since high school both women had been, as one aunt labeled them, "boy crazy." They never experienced "falling in love," but a physical lust so intense that they thought it was love.  But prior to fucking any man, Hatsu and Etsu had to beat a potential lover in the boxing ring. Joining the Amazonia Boxing Club after graduating from Blake Mitchell University gave them access to single men who would be up for such an arrangement.
Marc was one of them.
Hatsu approached Marc by herself, explaining that she and her younger sister both liked him. Was Marc interested in boxing with two girls at once?
He was taken aback at Hatsu's directness. "I'd probably knock both of you out cold," he responded.
"Maybe, but not likely." answered Hatsu.
"Why not? Have you two tried this before?" Marc went on, drinking his coffee.
"With some men yes, we try to be careful. Eventually they went down for the count!"
"Any special rules?"
"Yes. Nothing below the belt and we fight to a knock out."
Marc looked over Hatsu's exposed shoulders, slender and smooth, and her defined biceps.
"But what if I'm the one who finally puts you and your sister out for the night? I've KOed women in the ring before."
"That's true. Etsu and I have admired your skill at the Amazonia." Hatsu sipped her coffee, grinning wolfishly across the table. "But if you did, I know you'll be a gentleman."

Until the match started, Marc doubted it happening. There had to be a catch. But when he arrived at one of the Amazonia's private boxing rings, Hatsu and Etsu stood inside, arms spread on the top rope, smiling at him. The muted, but persistent hope that he'd get laid during or after the bout flickered in Marc.
"Hello Hatsu!" he said, looking at both women. "And you are?"
Shorter than her older sister, Etsu possessed the same silky black hair and intense brown eyes. The pair were too slender to have been working out as much as they claimed. Marc then remembered the mixed boxing rule: Never underestimate a skinny girl.
"Great! Are two ready to get knocked out?"
"Hatsu was right about you."
"Oh yeah? Right about what?" asked Marc.
"A lot of things!" Etsu answered.
"Can you handle two women at once?" Hatsu injected.
"Always have."
"When you're ready, then..." Hatsu said, anticipation in her voice.
"Before we start, I want to tell you two something really quick."
"What's that?" Etsu asked, raising her gloves to her chin.
"Good night."
Both of Mar's arms wind milled forward, bringing his gloved fists down on the girl's skulls.
Their eyes widened from the powerful impact. Eyes rolling up, Hatsu and Etsu  sighed and swayed on their feet. The canvas went out from under them and the girls landed ass first.
Air escaped their parted lips in a long, gentle sigh as their heads drooped forward.
"Out! Cold!" Marc commented and sat down in front of the slumbering fighters.

Etsu was first to return from Dreamland, head nodding slowly, side to side, until she looked at Marc.
"My head!" groaned Etsu. "You asshole...!"
Etsu shook her head to collect her senses. "Hey...Hatsu...wake up..." She nudged her sister with her shoulder.
Hatsu's body stirred and then she jerked awake, searching the ring listlessly.
"What...happened...?" Hatsu asked, vaguely.
"I knocked you two out ! I warned you this might happen, Hatsu!" explained Marc.
Pressing her glove to her forehead, Hatsu replied, "My"
"Do you ladies have a headache?"
Etsu curled her upper lip in a sneering response.
"What's it look like?" her sister demanded.
"I brought something that may make it better."
"What? You fucking yaro!" Hatsu snarled.

A right to Etsu's jaw, followed by a left hook to Hatsu's chin, put both women back to sleep.
Marc removed his gloves and then did the same for the senseless fighters. Tenderly, h thumbed their eyelids and rested their heads on the middle rope. Each got an affectionate kiss.
"Sweet dreams, ladies!" he said, standing up. He looked down at the slumbering Hatsu. "I told you I could handle two women."

Hatsu and Etsu woke up angry. They were pissed that the one man they both wanted to fuck had sucker punched them unconscious -Twice! The sharp blade of frustration twisted even more because they knew sex was better for them with a man they defeated.
A rematch was quickly arranged.

Marc correctly assumed the sisters wouldn't repeat the mistake of trusting him. In the first round, Marc got Etsu out of the way early with gut shot-upper cut combination which hastily put her out on the canvas. He engaged with Hatsu until the automatic bell rang.

"Take your time," he told Hatsu, who as helping her now semi conscious sister get to her feet. "I'll be in my corner till you're ready to finish this."
Hatsu guided Etsu to their corner, where she checked his sister's eyes and pulse. Marc watched them whisper and nod to each other until they came out for the second round. Marc was startled by how fast they came at him, especially Etsu, who he assumed was going to sit this out.
The girls stopped short in front of their opponent. Hatsu's left fist and Etsu's right launched upward.
Something hard hit Marc on the chin and he was out.
His eyes opened to Etsu straddling his chest. Hatsu stood a few steps away, hands behind her back.
"Boy, Marc, you were really gone!" Etsu purred.
"And he looked so cute!" Hatsu added.
"How did you two...?"
Marc tried to sit up, but Etsu kept him prone.
"We figured that if you could cheat, we could, also!"
The younger sister picked up a boxing glove and shook it over her empty hand until a heavy rectangle of lead dropped out. Etsu glanced at her sister, who produced her lead bar from behind her back.
"Loaded gloves!?" Marc genuinely angered.
"That's right!" Hatsu laughed.
"Now to make things perfect...for us!" Hatsu handed her lead bar to her sister, who placed both bars in her glove.
"I like you a lot, Marc. I've com to see this in the last thirty minutes," began Etsu, slowly pulling the loaded boxing glove over her right hand. "Hatsu just thinks you're really handsome. But I actually like you!"
Etsu shifted her hand in the glove.
"I don't know, might be true love I'm feeling!"
"Etsu! Now wait a min...!" Marc begged when he saw her glove go behind her waist. Etsu let out a curt laugh and Marc saw an explosion of colors. Marc was spark out cold.

A week later they had their three way. The two sisters agreed that victory made it better.


Monday, May 7, 2018



The ring was whirling. Sagged on the top rope, Karen was unaware that her match with Liz was nearly over. But Karen was aware that her body was aching from the three round beating Liz had given it.
"Come on, you!" ordered Liz, clasping Karen's right arm and dog walked her victim to the middle of the canvas. As she stumbled forward slowly, Karen was suddenly very dizzy.
Liz positioned Karen's head so she could look the semiconscious fighter directly in her classy eyes. Liz began measuring out the KO punch.
Both women were good looking blonds, tall and athletic and skilled fighters. Nature had gifted them with long legs and big tits, but Karen's stood out more because of her slightly shorter frame. These qualities made Liz and Karen very attractive to men inside and outside the Amazonia Boxing Club, which was why this fight happened.
Liz and Karen had both slept with Adam and each decided that belonged to them only. Karen rarely fell for men, but she really enjoyed what Adam did for her in bed. The same applied to Liz, she was not into sharing. So she challenged Karen to a match for the exclusive rights to Adam.
"I'll hit the big titted tart so hard, she'll be out for the weekend!" Liz told Adam the night before the match. "And then you're all mine!"
Adam went along. He decided that being owned by either woman was a small price to pay for getting laid continually.

"You're ready!" Liz asserted, freeing Karen's arm to fall uselessly at her side. Karen smiled stupidly as Liz taunted "Sleep tight, bitch!" Karen wondered why Liz called her that name? A mortar shell detonated on her chin.
The punch sent Karen into the air. Her body arched and her eyes closed without a struggle. She was completely asleep.
An electric thrill raced through Liz - the pleasure of a rival prone at her feet. Liz knew that even Karen deserved a ten count, so Liz removed her gloves, got her iPhone and recorded the defeated Karen.
As Karen's mountainous breasts rose and fell and her hands twitched in the boxing gloves, a sleepy smile curled her red lips.
"Yeah, you like getting beat up by a woman!" said Liz, shipping the video clip of Karen to Adam. Included in the attached message was "This is how much I love you!"

Karen didn't get knocked out for the whole weekend, just ten minutes.
When she came to, alone on her back, she had a headache and a desire to injure Liz.

The first step was to exact the price from Adam, for throwing in with Liz.
Patiently, she waited for Adam to be alone at the Amazonia gym.
"I have something for you, Adam my luv!" Karen teased Adam from the doorway of an unoccupied dressing room.
"Like what?"
Adam couldn't believe his luck.
"Some candy for my favorite boy. Come here!"
The pair had a long kiss. Karen corralled Adam into the dressing room and toward the massage bed, shutting the door behind them.
No one heard the five punches it took to put the hurt on Adam or the one that sent him to dreamland. He was found thirty minutes later, slumped against the wall.

"Heard you hit a dry spell?" Karen taunted Liz in the Amazonia's women's locker room.
When Adam was found beaten senseless, he was sent to the hospital. He had no memory of the attack, which meant Karen was never charged. The rumor that Adam was out of commission sexually for a month spread around the Amazonia. For Karen, the story wasn't a rumor, it was a victory.
When Liz only sneered, Karen went on. "It's tough when your new partner has mobility issues for awhile. It's frustrating!"
"What do you want, Karen?" Liz spat across the room.
"To help you with all that pent up need a good night's sleep!"
"Name the time and place."
"Saturday night, main ring!"

Emma the Ref doubled checked that the ambulance service was on her contacts list. One of these two is getting hospitalized, Emma thought as she reviewed the rules with Liz and Karen. Or maybe both.
The first two rounds flew by with nothing certain, except that both fighters were very angry.
Liz wanted to repeat her victory as soon and as painfully as possible. She struck Karen hard and frequently. The other blond dodged and blocked as effectively as she could, but learned retreat was a better tactic.
Late in the third, a flash punch hammered the right side of Liz's face. She walked into a wall of black and felt the sensation of stumbling. Liz was supported by Emma's arms when the wall fell away. Her legs were collapsed and feet dragging on the canvas.
"Where?" Liz murmured blankly to Emma, who successfully placed the fighter on her feet.
"What's your name?" asked Emma.
"It's Liz...I can fight!"
Emma studied Liz, asking the boxer three more questions. Emma signaled for the match to continue.

Karen tore into her rattled opponent, working her mid section until shifting to head shots. Worn down, Liz quickly found her strength draining and mental focus fragmenting. Liz eventually fell, crashing loudly at Karen's feet. Liz swam in blissful darkness.
Emma pointed to the neutral corner, where Karen strutted, fists raised in triumph even before the ten count began. Emma and Liz's second, Jasmine, carried the limp fighter to the recovery room.
When she returned to the conscious world, Liz saw she was laying on a bed.
"Shit!" she blurted.


Sunday, April 15, 2018

Kaylee and the Old Man

"Don't let him beat you like that!" Cathy told Kaylee, who sat in a folding chair in the corner of a boxing in the Amzonia Boxing Club.
Kaylee nodded, trying to catch her breath, not removing her eyes from Harlan, her opponent. Through the last three rounds, Kaylee had struggled against feeling overwhelmed by his presence. She felt it stir in her again as she awaited the fifth round bell. This emotion she didn't share with Cathy or Sonia, her other corner person.
"I know, keep moving, he'll tire out." Kaylee recited.
"He's an old man," Sonia chimed in. "Knock him the fuck out!"
Kaylee nodded again just in time for the bell's clang. She leaped from her chair.

Harlan, a tall, handsome man in his late forties threw punches at Kaylee when they were in mid ring. Then Kaylee back peddled, providing Harlan quarry to pursue.
All right!, Harlan decided, pressing Kaylee to the ropes. Time for Goldilocks to go Nighty-Night!
Connecting four effortless punches ended the match.
The first two, punishing body shots, immobilized the blond for the follow up, a right hook that drastically dimmed the lights in Kaylee's head. Kaylee's glassy eyes scouted listlessly for Harlan's fists.
He' out, drifted through her brain. He'
A right upper cut lifted the girl boxer inches from the ground. Kaylee went to sleep.
While Emma the Ref administered the ten count, Kaylee slumbered tranquilly on her back, one glove rising and falling with her ample chest. from a neutral corner, Harlan observed the count confidently.
A week earlier to the day, in the same ring, he transformed Jasmine, a friend of Kaylee's into Sleeping Beauty. A few days before that, Harlan did the same to his first challenger, Paula.

Emma the Ref felt a curious satisfaction seeing the loser removed from the ring to the recovery room. She had taken a serious disliking to Kaylee since her blatant attempt to steal Emma's boyfriend, Wes. Wes evaded capture, proving again he was one of the few men at the Amazonia who could be trusted.
"Nice job!" Emma told Harlan, who was removing his gloves. "I think she'll be out for the night!"
"Thanks." said Harlan. "It was easy."
"What are you doing tomorrow night?"
"Not much, Emma. Got any plans for me?"
"Like Italian?"
"Sure do!"

With her naked body pressed on Harlan's, Emma explained that their night together wouldn't be repeated. Harlan admired how Emma kept her three-way relationship with Wes and Katie going happily, but he was disappointed.
Emma felt right for Harlan. The Amazonia Boxing Club's full time referee was intelligent, easy going, in great shape, and had exactly the kind of ass that gave Harlan wood.

Since joining the Amazonia, Harlan had enjoyed many twenty something girls, the "Gym Bunnies." They found his paternal good looks impossible to resist. It struck Harlan that the Gym Bunnies were in competition to accumulate the most orgasms in one night.
The women in his age bracket (forty to fifty), who comprised the Cougar Clique, endlessly appreciated the experience Harlan brought to love making and the fact he could string two sentences together. But they wanted younger men for the same reason Harlan loved the Gym Bunnies: both groups wanted sex with older partners.
As they dressed, discussing where to go for breakfast, Harlan wondered, if the menage a trois was so tight, why did Emma fuck him all night like a crazy woman?

"You going to give Kaylee a try?" asked Emma.
The couple drank coffee while waiting for breakfast to arrive.
"Sure. If she wants to go again, I'll put her down for another nap."
"No, I meant are you going to try to fuck her?"
Harlan let out a resigned laugh. "I don't think I'll get far there. I beat her up before I knocked her cold."
"You don't know Kaylee, she's crazy as a cork screw."
"No doubt," agreed Harlan. "But most of the Amazonia's membership is crazy someway."
Emma laughed cynically. "Try it."
"That would take a serious pair on my part to even propose it?"
They were both momentarily silent as they waitress set breakfast in front of them. Emma began shaking pepper on her spinach omelette. "And I know that you've got them."

 He went with his instincts and apologized to Kaylee for roughing her up in the ring. Harlan wasn't sincere, but when Kaylee responded positively, he kept going to see what happened.
Kaylee was impressed with his strength and fighting skills.
"For a man so...mature..." she added, gently caressing the salt and pepper hair on Harlan's temples.

They fucked the next night. In the morning, Kaylee talked about a rematch.
"A lot of people think I can knock you out," Kaylee told Harlan. "Last fight, I was occupied with other things."
"So now the distraction is out of the way?"
"Pretty much!" she answered, giving him a kiss.
"Because in all honesty Kaylee, I have height and weight advantage on you. I'd probably put you out again."
"Not this time!" A bright anticipation burned in the blonde's eyes.

Harlan gave Kaylee three rounds to keep her dignity. She fought well, demonstrating what she could do. One perfectly executed shot to the blonde's chin put her to sleep in the fourth.
Standing in a neutral corner, Harlan watched Emma slowly count out Kaylee. He thought she was giving the downed fighter as much time as she could to recover and fight on. But Harlan had hammered Kaylee's sweeet spot, putting her out for five minutes at least.
The grin on Emma's face stretched as the count approached ten.
"Winer by a total knockout, Harlan!" Emma shouted, pointing Harlan's glove to the ceiling. "You made that little tramp sleep like a baby!"
"Uh...yeah!..." Harlan replied, watching the limp Kaylee carried from the ring. In his corner, Emma removed his boxing gloves.
"You were such a gentleman giving her three rounds to save face," Emma chirped. "That was so sexy!"
"Thanks, Emma."
"And then POW!! you sent her to Dreamland! I loved that part the best!" Emma's voice filled with excitement. "Are you doing anything Saturday night?"
"Gee Emma...I don't think..."
"I still love Italian!" Emma said.

Monday, April 2, 2018

Amelia and Alma

Amelia, Mark's girlfriend, was taking a beating from Alma, aged forty-nine. In his heart, Mark was aroused and elated.

He spent three rounds watching a pretty even match between the two. Now in the fourth, Alma asserted herself and set to work demolishing the much younger opponent.  Alma had Amelia pressed on the ropes, landing surgical punches. The black haired Amelia was physically spent and remained semiconscious by force of her will. If Amelia survived the next two minutes, Mark would really be impressed. She absorbed each of the recurring body shots with small, sharp grunts. Amelia felt numb from Alma's pummeling, pushing her closer to dreamland.

"Know why I'm working you over like this?" asked Alma, targeting Amelia's belly with a barrage of leather. The girl "uuff"ed softly. "Don't know? Because when I clobber a brat like you, they're useless in bed for a month!"
A right hook bounced Amelia off the ropes. The cougar steadied her victim and tilted her pert chin into the correct position. "" Amelia whispered.
Alma chuckled. "Maybe I can help Mark out during your convalescence?!"
A super nova went off in Amelia's skull, followed by a listless sigh. Amelia was out cold, but stood a few seconds before toppling at Alma's feet. Alma stared at Mark, whose eyes were wide with apprehension and lust.
"You wanna fuck her now, lover boy?!" jeered Alma. "You love Ms. Light Weight, right?"

Mark discovered older women in the summer of his junior year at Blake Mitchell University. One  night in late June, Mark participated in a monthly, all-comers mixed boxing match, conducted by his mother's best friend, Veronica Mitchell. Recently divorced, Mrs. Mitchell, as Mark knew her, selected a new boyfriend from the men she defeated in the backyard ring. She was undefeated.
Recognizing the unbridled lust in Mark's eyes, a feeling that burned in the young man since Mrs. Mitchell was his babysitter, she knocked him out directly. For the month of July, Mark spent every night making his teenage fantasies come true.
From then on, he was hooked. Mark bedded down a few more neighborhood women, in the forty and fifty age range, some married, some not. After graduation, he moved to the city, got a job and an apartment, and had a fling with Donna, who sponsored his membership with the Amazonia Boxing Club.

"No, you don't want her!" Alma said, removing her gloves and reclining on a turnbuckle, spreading her arms on the top ropes.
Mark walked past his unconscious lover and embraced Alma. The pair kissed for a rapturous minute and pulled off their garments. Mark was oblivious to reality, except for the pleasure of fucking Alma, his hands feeling up her well exercised ass and thighs. The fire of orgasm suddenly burned through both of them.
He slumped against Alma's bare chest, gasping for air, repeating "Oh, God!", while Alma told Mark how he satisfied her. Staggering back a few paces, Mark took in Alma's beautiful body. When their eyes met, Alma smiled maliciously. The bare knuckle upper cut put Mark out instantly.
Alma slowly redressed and put Mark's shirt and jeans back on him. She left him a few feet from Amelia, who was still touring dreamland.

"I'm going to injure that bitch!" Amelia swore days after the match.
Mark wanted to settle the score for the cheap shot he took from Alma after such a powerful
Being sore from Alma's beating disinclined Amelia to sex, as the warrioress promised. Mark knew Amelia's horniness would return and consoled himself with memories of his first encounter with Amelia.
She was boxing his ex girlfriend Jasmine and losing badly. Mark stood among the spectators as Amelia weathered the punishment Jasmine was handing out, but Mark was aware of how relentless Jasmine was in the ring. The young Asian girl finally went down, unconscious, like an abandoned rag doll. The vision of Amelia so vulnerable jolted Mark into falling in love. In a few weeks, they were a couple.

Alma was pleased with herself for knocking out Mark right after their quickie. It kept him coming back for more while his girl recuperated, but discouraged him from thinking any of Alma's emotions were involved.
After I finish Ms. Babe-in-the-Woods, Alma thought, I'll clobber that two timer!
As the third round of the rematch started, Alma believed it would be the last.

Amelia had learned from experience. She kept away from the older woman, striking only when she had the best chance to do damage.
"She's strong, but she'll get tired before me," she told Mark between rounds.
When one of the openings in Alma's defense appeared, Amelia hammered at her opponent's sides multiple times before pasting her chin hard as Alma twisted in pain. She followed Alma's retreat, attacking her belly and head with lightening punches. Amelia had lost all connection to reality, intent only on putting the other fighter down.
Alma wobbled from a right to her jaw, her vision smearing out of focus. A second blow shattered reality.
"Sleep, bitch!" Amelia sneered, smacking Alma's head back and forth, finishing with an upper cut. Weakness washed through Alma's body. Amelia, inches away, hurling punches, vanished. Alma did nothing to stop her body collapsing to the canvas. Going to sleep was so pleasurable.
Emma the Ref declared Amelia winner by a total knock out. Gloves reaching for the ceiling, Amelia did a victory dance around the ring.


Wednesday, March 14, 2018

About a Girl


Rachel was on the short side for a fighter, but her compact body was powerful. So much energy propelled her legs and hips, that she seemed to spring forward when attacking an opponent.
A twenty-one year old pre-med student at Blake Mitchell University, Rachel had a pert nose and hazel eyes that burned to consume reality completely. When talking with her, people often got lost in her gaze.The five men that Rachel boxed fell into that trap and got floored.

When Marc made Rachel sleep with a fourth round right hook, he caught her as she plummeted to the canvas.
"Well, she's out!" Emma the Ref observed, pushing Marc away from the spot where he set Rachel down. Emma had gone through the count to make it official- Marc was victor by a knockout.
"You planned this, of course." Emma taunted Marc as they carried Rachel into her dressing room. "You knew you could out fight Sleeping Beauty."
"No one gets in the ring expecting to lose!"
They placed Rachel on the recovery bed and Marc watched Emma remove Rachel's boxing gloves and loosen her top slightly.
Emma divided men at the Amazonia into two groups. The ones who took knock outs and the ones who dealt them out. In spite of his good manners and kind nature, she knew Marc was in the second group.
"You gave Rach her first defeat," Emma said, waving smelling salts under the girl's nose. Her face imploded momentarily and Rachel was conscious. Marc felt disappointed.

"What do you remember?"
"Just us fighting and then blackness, streaked with white flashes."
In the days since the match, Rachel struggled to recall how Marc had put her down. Baffled, she spoke to him about it.
"That must have been when I tagged your jaw." said Marc. "You went right out."
"Emma said you stopped me from hitting the canvas."
"Yeah..." Marc sounded modest.
"Emma said you looked at me like you were in love?"
"Yeah.. I did..."
Marc sounded less modest.

Almost nightly they fucked for three weeks at Marc's place. Most of the time, Marc didn't care where they did it, but eventually he asked Rachel if there was something wrong with her apartment.
"I've got a girlfriend!" she blurted.
Encountering bisexual women at the Amazonia Boxing Club was not out of the ordinary.
"Do I know her?" Marc asked.
"I knew it!"
Desiree was the wife of Peter, the Amazonia's chief trainer. She had only one male partner, her husband, and multiple female lovers. Judging by the glow in Rachel's eyes when she said "Desiree,"
Marc figured she was at the emotional arch of her current romance.
"Does Desiree know?"
Rachel shrugged. "She knows I've gone with men before. She's got Peter and those kids, so she's got no grounds for complaint."
Marc nodded his head in mild resignation. "No, does she know about us?"
"No, I haven't said anything. Desiree can be possessive."
This isn't going to be simple, Marc decided.

Desiree was not in a sharing mood after rumors about Rachel and Marc reached her. Desiree challenged him to ten rounds, KOs only. The loser dropped Rachel.
"All right, Dez, this is ridiculous!" Marc insisted, as the fighters stood face to face in the Amazonia's main ring. "It was just sex!"
"Yeah, you just having sex with my Rachel...that's the point!"
"Dez, you go through girlfriends like tissue paper! You're telling me that now you've fallen in love?"
"Rachel is mine!" Desiree insisted, as if explaining the obvious to a slow child.
"I ought to knock you out right here!"
Desiree snorted a laugh at Marc. "But you won't, you want Rachel enough to fight me for her!"
Desiree's skill as a fighter had increased since becoming a parent. She wanted to set an example for her daughter and son of what their mother could do, of how strong they could be. This was personal for her.
Brat! Marcus thought, watching Desiree's fine ass and toned legs, striding back to her corner.
"Peter needs to get control of you!' he called out to her.

Boxing with Desiree was actually stimulating for Marc, so he delayed the knock out he had planned until round four. For now, he thought, I'll just smack her around.
Desiree attacked early with rapid brutality, followed by retreats, leaving empty air for Marc to swing at. Rachel just outside the ring, along with ten other women, nervously watched the bout. Marc wondered who Rachel wanted win.
A phantom right collided with Marc's skull. He felt himself fall through black nothingness, landing on the canvas, collapsing through the ropes. Marc saw the ring sideways. Emma the Ref  was counting him out. Marc tried moving his limbs, but they only squirmed comically. Finally, he was able to control his arms and Marc used the ropes to slowly stand. By "EIGHT!" he was upright.
Feeling the ache in his jaw, Marc decided that Desiree was really in love with Rachel, which got him angry.

In the next round, Marc was on the offensive. He knew he was not in love with Rachel and that he was going to win her. Desiree understood Marc's goal and fought back, the feel of Rachel's naked body in her arms fueling her aggression. She blocked and counter punched, inflicting stabs of pain on Marc. He absorbed the hits. Desiree speed up her attack, desperate to bring down the wall she was battling.
Marc threw a punch into an opening between the piston-like thrusts of Desiree's arms, hitting dead center on her jaw, staggering the girl. Marc saw how much Desiree wanted to keep her eyes open. Her knees went to the canvas and Desiree spun downward. Marc stepped back from the motionless fighter as Emma the Ref started the count.
Marc looked from Desiree slumbering to a frantic Rachel, who was half inside the ring already. When Emma called out "TEN!" raised Marc's hand over his head, Rachel scrambled to her lover. Marc knew who Rachel was rooting for.